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England intentionally incited Armenians to violence in eastern Anatolia to impede the formation of an alliance between Czarist Russia and the Ottomans that would create a new axis of power.

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+ 11.06.1925 n.st.
Ave xx.07.1917
1898 (1 p).

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Orthodox. Of the Nobles. Education has received in Voronezh real college. In 14.08.1890 entered service. He graduated from the military-uchilischny course at the Moscow success. yunkerskom College (1892). Issued in 14 - and grenada.

Georgian Regiment. Podporuchik (Art. 04.08.1892). Poruchik (Art. 05.08.1895).
Graduated Nikolaevskuyu Academy of General Staff (1898, to 1 - moo level). Shtabs-captain (Art. 17.05.1898).

Composed in Priamurskom VO. - The chief officer for orders with headquarters Priamurskogo VO (19.10.1899-19.02.1902). Captain (Art. 09.04.1900). . .

Participated in the Chinese 1900-01 campaign. - The chief officer for orders with headquarters Kvantunskoy area (in Port Arthur) (19.02.1902-05.09.1903). Tsenzovoe Command company served in 16 - m East Siberian P. Regiment (01.11.1902-08.11.1903). Art. adyutant headquarters Kvantunskoy region. (05.09.1903-28.01.1904). Lieutenant (Art. 06.12.1903). Participant Russian-Japanese war 1904-05. Art. adyutant Namestnika temporary headquarters in the Far East (28.01.-03.03.1904). Headquarters officer for equipment and assignments in the management of gene-quart. Namestnika field headquarters in the Far East (03.03.1904-05.08.1905).

Headquarters officer for special assignments with the Chief of Staff Chief general in the Far East (05.08.-24.08.1905). Headquarters officer for orders in the management of gene-quart. 1-th Manchzhurskoy Army (25.08.1905-05.07.1906). Produced in Polkovniki "fighting for differences" (1906; art. 10.07.1905). Clerical GUGSH (in the department of gene-quart.) (05.07.1906-20.02.1911). Tsenzovoe Command battalion served in 8 - m Finlyandskom P. Regiment (09.05.-01.09.1908). Since 20.02.1911 commander of 90 - of success. Onega Regiment.

Since 1911 employee of the "Military Encyclopedia". - Maj. Gen. (Art. 21.06.1914). Since 07.1914 gene-quart. Staff of the Caucasian Army. Since 31.01.1915 after the battle of Sarykamyshe etc. Army Chief of Staff of the Caucasus. Gen.. B. Yudenich not included in the field Caucasus army headquarters, where the post of Chief of Staff served gene. Tomilov. B. remained at the headquarters of regent in the Caucasus book. Vorontsov-Dashkova. In 06.1917 transferred to the West Front, made in gene-?????????? (07.1917) and appointed to command 1 - m arm. Corps (since 15.06.1917). In 1918 adopted the Red Army, where the number at the Higher Military Council, located at the headquarters of the Red Army Glavkoma North Caucasus. In class, with 08.1918 Ekaterinodara parts Dobrovolcheskoy army, to penetrate into the city, where his family lived and was arrested. Betrayed military court Dobrovolcheskoy army, which sentenced him to death. Gen.. Denikin razzhalovaniem court commuted the sentence in the ordinary, as B. which served in parts division Drozdovskoy approx. year. Over the differences in the fighting gene was restored. Denikin in rank. In early 1920 adopted the ataman of the Kuban gene.

Bukretova post of Minister of Kuban military government. During the retreat Kubanskoy army from Novorossiysk to the south and surrender part of advancing Red Army troops have managed to cross B. Sochi on ships in Crimea. In the Russian army gene. Wrangel held the post of Inspector classes Kuban Alekseevskogo military academy, which left at 11.1920 Crimea and, after stays in on. Lemnos, arrived in Tarnovo-Seymen in Bulgaria, where the inspector remained Kuban college classes until 1924. Later moved to the village of Harmanli, where and committed suicide. Buried in the local cemetery (at the request of the commander 6 - the first equestrian Bulgarian army regiment, Colonel Petko Zlatova). Gen.. Denikin believed that the cause of suicide B. article became former chief of the North Caucasus military headquarters revolutionary Vladimir Black (body Cubano-Black Sea obkoma RKP "Put Communism" book. 3, 1922), who headed the KGB in clandestine center of Kuban, in which he claimed That B. while in the midst Dobrovolcheskoy army, remained an agent of the KGB and served "... all our orders accurately and unconditionally". Some circles emigration embraced this version as reliably established fact.

Honours: Order of St. Stanislas 3 - y art. with swords and bow (1901); St. Al 3 - y art. with swords and bow (1901); St. Stanislaus 2 - and art. with swords (1901); St Vladimir 4 - and art. with swords and bow (1903); St. Anne's 2 - and art. with swords (1904); Golden arms (1906); St Vladimir 3 - y art. (13.01.1909).

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