2615) Boycott These Blacklisted Businesses, The Supporters Of Dictatorship

Notification Sent To Blacklisted Businesses by the Union of Exiled Armenian Writers and Intellectuals
P. O. Box 251239 Glendale, CA 91225 . .

USA – Canada – Sweden – France, vernatun.wordpress.com,
October 17, 2008

Boycott against [name of establishment]

Dear Mr. – Ms. xxxxx:
Our organization, the Union of Exiled Armenian Writers and Intellectuals, has sent you three requests in the preceding months of August and September, in English and in Armenian, copies of which you can find on our web site, explaining to you that your sponsorship of certain Armenian media or newspapers through advertisements or other means has been indirectly contributing to the perpetuation of the dictatorial regime in Armenia with its consequent egregious human rights violations, shedding the blood of our compatriots, the persecution of dissident Armenian writers and intellectuals, and the plight of dozens of political prisoners.

Since you have ignored all three requests that we have sent you over a period of two months regarding this matter, we are left with no choice but to blacklist your business and ask our community to refrain from obtaining your services.

If this has been a result of negligence on your or any of your employees’ part, please let us know immediately in writing, and stop your ads in the media supporting the mafia and its terrorist acts, seeking the promotion of your business through other newspapers or channels.

Rest assured that upon receipt of a letter from you and the verification on our part that your ads have stopped running in the targeted media, we will at once delete your name from the list that will be subject to an all-out boycott.

Our site is visited by hundreds of Armenians and non-Armenians alike every day. We are sorry to iterate that the situation has reached this level of complication with respect to your business. Please understand that we have nothing personal against your business. We are gravely concerned that such a blasé attitude by you can cause an enormous suffering to our compatriots. We would be more than glad to remove your name from the list.

Union of Exiled Armenian Writers and Intellectuals

13 Sep FINAL NOTICE Re: Armenian Boycott

Union of Exiled Armenian Writers and Intellectuals
P. O. Box 251239 Glendale, CA 91225
USA – Canada – Sweden

vernatun.wordpress.com , September 22, 2008

Dear Sir - Madam:
We have twice notified your business in August of our all-out boycott against those newspapers and TV programs in Los Angeles that have become the spokespersons for the criminal junta that has usurped power through fraud, terror and massacre, and is illegally governing Armenia.

While a large number of the businesses that we have contacted have responded positively to our appeal, your business is still among those who have failed to take steps in terminating its relationship with the boycotted media for advertising purposes.

We do not have issues with your person or your business. We wish you success. However, we cannot, and will not, tolerate any business that thrives at the expense of the blood of our compatriots in Armenia, at the expense of the health and sanity of dozens of Armenian intellectuals and political activists who are left to be withered in Armenia’s notorious prisons.

You may be aware of the fact that on March 1, 2008, a group of cold-blooded assassins, sanctioned by Armenian’s last and present presidents, the army, and the police, have murdered 10 innocent demonstrators in Yerevan; that the junta is still holding 76 political prisoners; that the government is keeping in exile those writers who have seriously criticized the criminal activities of this regime and its appropriation of the national wealth in the tune of billions of dollars.

For a detailed review of the crimes of this regime against Armenian writers and the suppression of their books, please read our ALARM at www.vernatun.info, which was published in English, Armenian and French languages, and has been signed by about 120 intellectuals of 18 nations. You can also read the ALARM along with other relevant statements, and 5-minute video clips, in both English and Armenian, on the site with the address at the top of this page: vernatun.wordpress.com

Your business, advertently or not, by the mere fact of advertising through these media outlets, is contributing to the perpetuation of the criminal regime in Armenia.

We kindly urge you for a last time to stop advertising through these media and seek other channels for the promotion of your business. Those businesses that keep promoting these media that have persistently carried out the policies of Armenia’s junta to silence and subdue the Armenian Diaspora will be subjected to boycott until they go bankrupt.

Among the various actions that we plan to take against these businesses:

1) Organize a far-reaching boycott utilizing print, direct mail, television and the internet.

2) Report those businesses to the Internal Revenue Service (the I.R.S.) on which we have suspicions of tax evasion.

3) Send a comprehensive report to the F.B.I., which will include a list of the suspect businesses that are supporting in direct or indirect ways a criminal junta, or their supporting organizations in the Diaspora, involved in such crimes as international money laundering, domestic and international terrorism.

The boycotted media are: ARTN – Armenian Russian Television Network (Channel 288 in Glendale), Asbarez Daily, Horizon TV (Channel 285 in Glendale).

To these are also added two channels from the Republic of Armenia, which have been doing business in the United States: “H-1,” the official government channel of Armenia, and USArmenia (“Armenia TV” of the Republic of Armenia), currently airing on Channel 286 in Glendale. As a rule, all TV stations based in Armenia are, today, under the control of the mafia and Armenia’s autocrats.

The above channels and newspapers have also been instrumental in the persecution, persistent suppression, or character assassination of those Armenian writers and intellectuals who have been outspoken against the crimes of this vile regime.

We kindly urge you to terminate your business relationship with the above media within the next 10 days, and seek other avenues for advertisement. There are at least five other Armenian TV channels in Los Angeles, and over two dozen publications. We wish you the best of success in your business.

Union of Exiled Armenian Writers and Intellectuals


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