2921) Ethnic Lobbies And US Foreign Policy, David M. Paul & Rachel Anderson Paul

1 Introduction
2 Ethnic Groups in the United States
3 Lobbying Strategies
4 Accounting for Varying Levels of Clout
5 The Most Influential Ethnic Lobbies
6 The Comparative Influence of Ethnic Groups
7 Reassessing the Power of Ethnic American Lobbies
A: Interview Questions
B: Population Data Collection Information
C: Coding of Ethnic Websites
D: Coding of Issue Goals in Relation to the Status Quo
Bibliography, Index, About the Book
. .

NATO expansion of these three states and the eventual expansion to include more Central European, Eastern European, and Baltic states would seem to be a clear example of ethnic American groups driving US foreign policy. Over the past several decades, the ability and power of ethnic interest groups to influence US foreign policy have become accepted as fact by scholars, journalists, and analysts. For example, Samuel Huntington argues that, in addition to commercial interests, “transnational and nonnational ethnic interests have come to dominate foreign policy” (1997). Likewise, the late George F. Kennan asserted that there have been numerous instances since World War II where “ethnic minorities have brought pressures with a . .

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Ethnic Lobbies And Us Foreign Policy David M. Paul And Rachel Anderson Paul



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