3286) The Times Newspaper Articles 1896-1897 Concerning-The-Armenian-Question

© This content Mirrored From  http://armenians-1915.blogspot.com The articles concerning Armenian Question in The Times between the years 1896 and 1897 published. England had an important role in Armenian Question had been a big problem for both the Republic of Turkey and Ottoman Empire.

The articles published The Times give us important details about this subject. Because of this reason, these articles are considered well worth researching.

The subject of this research is the published news in the Times between 1896 and 1897 about Armenian Question. This news included the actions of the British Government and public.

The news included the actions of British Government and people at the beginning of this question and also their attitudes towards the intervention of the other European countries to this question. The articles mentioned in this theses show us the general view of the British Government, priests, politicians and Armenians in England.

The articles used this research were written in old English. That is they consist of long complex sentences and old fashioned lexicon. While these sentences were being translated, the long and complex ones were turned into simple and more comprehensible sentences. There was no change in the place name historical idioms.

During research, it was found that the demonstration in England and the money collected as endowment for Armenians were one of the most crucial factors in the expansion of the Armenian Question. We can understand that British Government used this question as a tool for the unity and togetherness of British people an also in the international area, she tried to indicate that Britain was the protector of Christianity and British people are acting for the benefits of humanity. It’s clear that all the articles published in the Times were in favor of Britain and without objectiveness. Britain started to use this question in order to get some area in Anatolia. She took the side of Armenians against Ottoman Empire and blamed Ottoman Government and Sultan Abdulhamid for all every time. There wasn’t any news about the mistreatment of the Muslims in the Times. England made every effort to turn Armenian Question into a general problem of Europe and actually she managed to do this.

The news published in the Times during the question, became the most important documents of England’s Armenian politics. . .

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