3320) 2011 Website Visitors Survey Preliminary Report

29 Oct 2011 Update© This content Mirrored From  http://armenians-1915.blogspot.com Answers And Options Were Optional, So Not All Participants Answered Every Question

How often do you visit Armenians-1915.blogspot.com ?
Several times a week      48%  
Once a week 15%
Several times a month 8%
Once a month or less often 5%
This is my first visit 24%

How did you first hear about Armenians-1915.blogspot.com ?
 Search engine  58%  
Another website 7%
Friend 21%
Dont know/dont remember 13%

Will You:
1.Return to Armenians-1915.blogspot.com again? Yes 100%
2.Recommend Armenians-1915.blogspot.com to your friends? Yes 100%

What is your current occupation?
Retired         29%  
Not Employed 18%
Other (Please Type Your Current Occupation In) 53%
Some Typed In Responses:
(Sales Marketing, Researcher, Politician, Architect,
Medical Doctor, Academician, Civil Servant, Journalist,
Legal, Student, Chemist, Automobile Tec.)

What is your gender?
Male 76%  
Female 24%

What is your age group?
18-35 14%  
36-45 21%
46-55 39%
56-65 7%
65+ 19%

What is your level of education?
High School  7%  
College/Uni 42%
Postgraduate 51%

Country of Residence At Present: (Not All participants Answered)
USA, Armenia,  UK, Iran, Egypt, Turkey, France, The Netherlands,  
United Arab Emirates, Austria, Russia, Australia, Switzerland,
Canada, Italy, Ireland, Mexico

What specific features influenced you to continue using this website? (Not All participants Answered)
Scholarship, Honesty, Objectivity, Downloading Pdf Books, 
History, Almost Everything, Editorial Content Search, Learning
More About History, Digging In Lost Truth The Details,
The Truth And The History, Convincingly Written With Proof,
My Research, Maps, The Approach Is Scientific And More
Refined Than Most Other Sites, I Got A Lot Of Real Information
Rather Than Repetition Of Adverbs And Adjectives, Openness,
Diversity, Informative, Original Documents,
Comprehensive Resources, Intellectual Honesty and Fairness,
Information Nowhere Else To Find (Unique), Truth

What Specific Areas About This Site That You Like To See Improved? (Not All participants Answered)
Sometimes Materials Are Hard To Download, Articles 
About Relation Between Both Inside And Out Of Armenia Youth,
Focus On Real Mentality Of Armenians With Regards To Genocide,
Don't Know If There Is A List Of Contents; If There Is Not,
There Should Be A List Of Contents Describes All The References
Contained Therein, Historical Photos, Classification Of
Documents To Ease Research For Layman. It is a very valuable
encyclopedia; however it is hard to follow every valuable topic,
in spite of that the 10 important topics are continually presented.
Perhaps an index and a contents section made up of chapters
with headings and subheadings may be more helpful for the reader,
Contents' List Searchable By Name, Date, Event, Other
Cats Are Too Much. Minimize It,
You Are Doing God Job. Keep Going

What specific changes or additional specific features you suggest for this website? (Not All participants Answered)
Academic Studies As Phd, Ottoman Studies And Pdf Ottoman 
Document, Havent Seen Anything That Beats You, Information
About The Current Status Of The Talks Between The Republic
Of Turkey And The Armenian Governments Would Be Very Useful
To Know, A Section For Beginners, feasibility to transform
this Internet source to an electronic journal. If not all,
an annual index and a contents section under main headings
or chapters are mandatory in my opinion, More Videos, Artifacts, Visuals,
Size Of Letters/Words Too Small/Difficult To Read,
It Is Not Attractive For People Look. Hard To Find Information.

Only 12 % Of The People Visited The Survey Page Completed The Survey So Far

We'll Keep The Survey Open For New Participants :
Website Visitors Survey 2011

Dear Friends,
We are continually improving our website to make it as useful to you as possible.
Please take a few moments to review this site. It takes about [3] minutes.
No name or email address needed
Please Click Here For The Visitors Survey

Kind Regards
Preliminary Analysis of Our Website Evaluation Survey For 2009:

Duration: 26 Apr-8 Jun (45 Days)

Viewed: 10% of the total visitors of our site
Started: 25% Of the "Viewed"
Completed: 25% Of the "Viewed"
Completion Rate: 100%
Drop Outs (After Starting) 0
Average time taken to complete: 4 minutes

How often do you visit our site?
Several times a week 30%
Once a week 26%
Several times a month 9%
This is my first visit 34%

How did you first hear about this site?
Search engine 33%
Another website 14%
Friend 33%
Dont know/dont remember 14%
Other 4%

Will You: Return to this Web site?
Yes 100%

Will You: Recommend this Web site?
Yes 85%
No 14%

What is your current occupation?
Student 12%
Retired 30%
Not Employed 8%
Professional/Other 47%

What is your gender?
Male 79%
Female 20%

What is your age?
18-34 15%
35-49 38%
50-64 29%
65 or older 17%

What is your level of education?
High School 4%
College / University 50%
Postgraduate 45%

The frustrating part of the survey for the site management:
Only 10% of our site visitors Clicked On the Survey Link

And Out of those, Only 25 % completed the Survey,
which also means only 2.5 percent of our website visitors completed the survey

Outcome 1:
We now have a first hand experience that our site visitors in general cannot spare even 5 minutes to help us to improve our site.
i.e. : 97.5% our visitors are takers/not givers

Outcome 2:
Those who completed the survey, have provided very valuable evaluation and confirmed some of our thoughts as well as given us new ideas for improvement.

End Of The Survey 2009 Results


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