3697) Book Review: Armenian Events Of Adana In 1909 - Cemal Pasa And Beyond by Yücel Güclü

The Armenian Events Of Adana In 1909 - Cemal Pasa And Beyond by Yücel Güclü

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Chapter One: Geographical and Economic Importance of the Province of Adana and its Vicinity
Chapter Two: Position Of Armenians in Adana at the Turn of the Twentieth Century
Chapter Three: Major Causes of the Outbreak, 1908–1909
Chapter Four: Dimensions Of The Disorder, April 1909
Chapter Five: Responsibility for the Outrages
Chapter Six: Reestablishing Order, May-August 1909
Chapter Seven: Cemal Paşa’s Governorship In Adana, August 1909–June 1911
Chapter Eight: Post-1911 Adana And Cemal Paşa
About the Author

The purpose of the book is twofold: first, to give an accurate and reasonably complete narrative account of the Armenian events of 1909 and their aftermath in the province of Adana and the developments leading up to and following them; and equally importantly, to provide an interpretive framework that makes some sense out of this episode in Ottoman history.

The book opens with an exposition of the geographical and economic importance of the province of Adana and its vicinity in the Ottoman Empire. This is followed by a broad demographical overview of the region. The position of the Armenians in Adana at the turn of the twentieth century, their linguistical and educational characteristics, their role in the economic and social life, and their schooling effort in the province are all examined. Further, the major causes of the outbreak in the area in 1908-1909, the dimensions of the disorders in April 1909, and the responsibility for the outrages are explored along with the reestablishing of order in the district in May-August 1909. A description and an analysis of Cemal Paşa’s work of humanitarian relief and reconstruction when he was provincial governor in Adana and a survey of post-1911 Adana and Cemal Paşa’s governorship at Baghdad are also included in this study..


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