3699) Russian And Turkish Historians Have Condemned Armenia For The Glorification Of The ASALA Terrorist - EXCLUSIVE

Russian and Turkish historians have condemned Armenia for the glorification of the ASALA terrorist - EXCLUSIVE

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03 MAY 2019

The figure of Gurgen or Garegin Yanikian is truly significant in the history of transnational Armenian terrorism and the entire Armenian nationalist movement, since it can be considered the ideological inspirer of the revival of the terrorist activities of Armenian nationalists in the last quarter of the twentieth century.

Armiya.az was told about this by the well-known Russian historian Oleg Kuznetsov, commenting on earlier information that the remains of Gurgen Yanikian, ASALA's “spiritual father”, had been transported to Yerevan. Recall that the remains of Yanikyan will be buried at the Yerablur Pantheon on May 5.

- On January 27, 1973, 77-year-old Yanikyan applied to the Turkish consulate in Santa Barbara, California, USA with a proposal to transfer cultural assets that had previously belonged to the Ottoman Empire to the government and people of the Turkish Republic and, under this pretext, lured the Turkish Consul General to the Baltimore Hotel Mehmet Baidur and his deputy Bahadur Demir, whom he killed with pistol shots. At the time of the crime, he was a cancer patient in the third stage of the disease, a lonely old man who did not gain either riches or fame for his literary opuses, therefore he decided to go down in history by committing a terrorist act. He was sentenced to life imprisonment as a lone terrorist, although he tried to give the court process a political appearance, declaring that he committed the murder out of revenge for the notorious “Armenian genocide” in the Ottoman Empire during the First World War. But American justice condemned him not as an avenger, but as a cold-blooded and calculating killer. . .

At first, his name was used as a banner by the ideologists of Armenian nationalism and was assigned to a terrorist organization, which later became notoriously known as the Armenian Secret Liberation Army of Armenia or ASALA. Today, few people remember that this group made its first terrorist acts, calling itself the “Group of prisoner Gurgen Yanikyan”, and one of the first objects of its attack was the building of the World Council of Churches in Beirut, Lebanon. And only when it became clear that the American justice would not bend under the demands of the Armenian nationalists and would not conduct a re-trial to reconsider Yanikyan’s sentence in order not to turn justice into a political show, in 1976 this group adopted a new name for itself, under which it entered in the history of their terrorist crimes, - said the Russian historian.

According to him, Gurgen Yanikyan, released shortly before his death from prison to die free, ended his days in physical suffering in the municipal hospice for the poor and was buried at public expense in complete obscurity in accordance with who he was in real life - alone a sick old man whose literary efforts turned out to be useless to anyone because of mediocrity and graphomania.

“However, 34 years have passed since his death, and they decided to shake off the American dust from the remains in order to put Armenian dust in its place. The remains of Yanikian decided to dig out from the grave at the California municipal cemetery, where they had lain for the third century in complete obscurity, not needed by anyone, and put them in the pantheon of “national heroes” of modern Armenia, which he had no relation to for the rest of his life.
I will not comment on the moral side of this whole farce to turn a lonely cancer patient into a national hero - this is the headache of the authorities and the political elite of Armenia. It would be better if they cared so much for the living, and not for the dead, especially for those whose bones had long since decayed. I will focus my attention on a purely political aspect: in the pantheon of national heroes of Armenia, the ashes of another international terrorist are brought in the truest sense of the word. Every sensible person understands that this step reflects the essence of the state ideology of this country: when the Armenian authorities consider terrorists as their national heroes, then we can talk about the terrorist essence of this government and this society. After the change of figures on the political Olympus - Sargsyan was, Pashinyan became - the essence of the state ideology did not change: Armenia was and remains a country for which Turkophobia, international terrorism, nationalism and preaching of national exclusivity remain permanent ideological dominants, turning into outright Nazism.
From now on, all the masks are torn off, the face of Armenia before the whole world remains unchanged, no matter how many layers of political powder and makeup it is covered. Aggression and terrorism are two distinguishing features of the Armenian political mentality. Everybody should always remember this. Yanikian's reburial is just a reason to refresh his own memory, said Oleg Kuznetsov.

In turn, the Turkish historian Mehmet Perinchek noted that the burial with honors of the terrorist who shot the consul of Turkey and his assistant indicates cynicism and duplicity of Yerevan.

- Of course, this is a big scandal. On the one hand, the Armenian authorities speak of a “desire” to normalize relations with Turkey, and on the other hand, they call the heroes of Armenia criminals and terrorists who have killed innocent Turkish diplomats. And even more, with great honors they are buried in Yerevan. However, this does not surprise me - we all know well that in the center of Yerevan a monument has been erected to the fascist Nzhdeh, who calmly killed the peaceful Turkish and Azerbaijani people. Everyone also knows that he actively collaborated with the German fascists. And now in modern Armenia a monument is erected in the center of the capital.

This once again proves that the Armenians themselves are to blame for the problems between Armenia and Turkey. They do not want the normalization of relations between our countries. If Armenia really would like to normalize relations, it should first of all declare its rejection of territorial claims against Turkey, return the occupied territories to Azerbaijan and stop distorting history. In the meantime, we do not see from their side. On the contrary, they bury a terrorist with honors, ”said M. Perincek.

Bahram Batyev

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