3710) Let An ARF Leader Speak: Drasramat Kanayan

By E. Serbest

Regarding the so called "Armenian Genocide", which is one of the most prominent historic lies propagated by the Armenians...

Just Let an Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Leader Speak:
"My name is Drastamat "Dro" Kanayan. I'm also known as "Butcher Dro" for I am famously responsible for butchering, rape, and displacement of thousands of Ottoman Muslims and Jews across Eastern Anatolia and Caucuses.

I was born in 1884 in Igdir in Ottoman Empire. Inspired by stories of General Andranik's "triumphs" in the Ottoman Empire and the spread of nationalism by the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, I joined a secret youth movement that promoted Armenian nationalism. . . .

With my vicious nature, I soon became a leader in ARF.

My forces played crucial roles in wide spread massacres carried out in the Eastern Anatolian provinces, particularly the Van rebellion of 1915 where we burned the whole city to the ground and decimated its Muslim population, which became the major reason of the mass relocation of Armenians.

In appreciation of my brutal war crimes, my comrades made me the Defense Minister of the First Republic of Armenia in 1920. But the Russians soon took over our Republic.
I served under the Russian Army and helped them to cleanse ethnic Muslim and Turkic population across the Caucuses. Tens of thousands were butchered by my hands, by my orders. Countless more that survived my massacres were raped, tortured and displaced.

Being known for a ruthless butcher, Nazis recruited me in 1942 and I spearheaded the 812th Armenian Battalion of Wehrmacht. I had 18,000 soldiers under my command mostly my Armenian comrades.

We helped Nazis exterminate countless Jews across Caucuses. We rounded up and sent countless Jews to Nazi extermination camps by wagon loads.

Just like my role model, General Andranik, i became a CIA spy against the Russians I once fought with.

I died in Boston, MA in 1956 where I was buried in full honors by my comrades here in the US.

My remains were later exhumed and brought back to Yerevan "genocide memorial" where they erected a pyramid in honor of my "heroic" war crimes.

I am resting here all right, for I have not seen a day of trial for all the war crimes I committed. You kill one man, they call you a murderer. You kill people by tens of thousands, they call you a hero.

Is this enough? Need I say more?"
1. Drastamat Kanayan on Wikipedia
2. Kapriel Serope Papazian,Patriotism Perverted , Boston Baker Press, 1934,
3. Garekin Pastermajian "Why Armenia Should Be Free", 1918 Boston.


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