3712) Between Host-Countries and Homeland Institutions, Politics and Identities in the Post-Genocide Armenian Diaspora (1920s to 1980s)

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Between Host-Countries and Homeland Institutions, Politics and Identities in the Post-Genocide Armenian Diaspora (1920s to 1980s)
by Vahe Sahakyan, University of Michigan, 2015

Table of Contents
 Chapter 1 Defining homeland 35
 Struggle  for  the  Homeland:  Armenia  in  the  Nineteenth  Century..  37
Homeland  Redefined? World  War  I, Loss  of  Ottoman  Armenia  and Republic  of  Armenia..  54

Chapter 2 Host-Country Conditions, Dispersion of Armenians and Prospects for Community Building in United States, France and Lebanon . 65
Armenians  in  the  United  States:  From  foreign  workers  to  Full -­-Fledged  Americans  68
Armenians  in  France:  From  Apatride  Refugees  to  Frenchmen.  99
Armenians  in  Lebanon:  From  Millets  to  Confessions.  121
From  Adjustment  to  Transnational  Activism: Compatriotic  Societies  and Projects  from  Afar..  142

Chapter 3 In Search of Armenia Between the Two World Wars 154
Homeland  Reconsidered: Sovietization  of  Armenia  and  Formation  of the  Pro  and  Anti-­-Soviet Attitudes  in Diaspora  157
Political  Rivalries  and Institutionalization  of  the  Armenian
Pro-­-Soviet  and  Anti -­-Soviet  Factions  in  Untied  States  and  France  187
Political  Rivalries  and  the  Forging  of  a  “Diasporic  Nation”  in  Lebanon  219

Chapter 4 From Exclusions and Violent Schismto Joint Commemorations of Genocide .. 241
Call  of  Homeland:  World  War  II, Soviet  Armenia  and the  Revival  of  the  Armenian  Question  243
‘Patriots’  vs.  ‘True  Armenians’ : Cold  War  and Triumphant Resurgence  of Dashnaktsutyun..  288
Dashnak  Anti -­-Communist  Offensive  and Transnational  Schism in  Armenian  Diaspora...  306
Towards  Reconciliation:  Soviet  Thaw, Genocide  Convention  and  Change  of  Political  Course  in Armenian  Diaspora.  329

Chapter 5 Divided in Unity: Armenian Factions, Diasporic Identities and Subethnic Communities in France and the United States 348
The  Campaign  for Armenian  Cause: Political  Lobbying, Transnational  Terrorism  and  Effects  on  Diasporic  Political  Factions  352
Debating  Armenianness:  Immigration  Flows, School  Movement  and the  Clash  of  Identities  in Diaspora..  379
Homeland  and  Diaspora Reconsidered. Crystallization  of Transnational  Political  Paradigms  in Post-­-Genocide  Armenian  Diaspora...  419

List of Maps
Map 1-1. Ottoman Armenian Provinces, 1878-191443
Map 1-2. Republic of Armenia (1918-1920) . 57
Map 1-3. The Boundary Between Turkey and Armenia, Prepared by Woodrow Wilson, 1920 .. 62
Map 2-1. The Armenian Diaspora in the United States (and Canada)69
Map 2-2. The Armenians in Northeast Atlantic States . 71
Map 2-3. The Armenians in Northern California . 72
Map 2-4. The Armenians in Southern California . 72
Map 2-5. The Armenians in Western Europe .. 112
Map 2-6. The Armenians in the Middle East ... 124
Map 3-1. Armenia in the Soviet Period (1921-1991) . 159  

. . .



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