3714) Armenian Genocide Is On The Netflix Series - Another Life

A reflection on the Armenian Genocide by one of the episodes of Netflix's science fiction series 'Another Life' has angered Turkey.

In the episode, one of the characters in the series speaks of her Armenian origin and tells that her grandmother crossed deserts with her children to survive the Armenian Genocide, Ermenihaber reports.

The Turkish Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTUK) has accused the company of openly propagating the Armenian Genocide topic.

The council was also upset by the fact that Netflix has so far failed to provide any clarification or explanation on the issue raised by them. . . .


ulkubbassoy said...

It is painful to hear the tragic event, yet it is "episode" as the piece of news described it. Then the questions " how did she know that" it was "genocide"_

ulkubbassoy said...

I don"t understand the reason why such a genocide "episode" caused Turkey's anger. Besides it was part of an incredulous science-fiction series!
U. Basoy

Unknown said...

Armenian black propaganda is coming up even in the movies. I wonder how much they paid for this promulgation! Their systematic black propaganda is really working very good in all ways to disrupt the real history. The movie makers and scenerists should watch the facts directly from the sincere and honest Armenians before letting some black lies get viewed on their movies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIRzPxafeXQ&t=10s
The real facts of the histlory tells the opposite of some Armenians' tales that unfortunately some evil-minded Armenians killed their Turkish neigbours in the WW-I in the eastern part of Turkey by getting benefit from the French and Russian invasion through the Turkish land by wearing French and Russian army uniforms. In this regard, I'd like to present a diary of a Russian lieutenent colonel Twerdo Khleboff, he was in the Second Russian Garrison Artillery Regiment stationed in Erzurum (province in the eeastern part of Turkey) to reveal the historical facts and with a wish that the honest hearts may commemorate one of the writers of the real history as it is from a Russian army officer, by keeping in mind once more that some evil-minded Armenians were wearing their (Russian army) uniforms to execute massacre against Turkish people in the region: http://www.tallarmeniantale.com/russian-diary.htm
I humbly commemorate lieutenent colonel Mr. Twerdo Khleboff with respect since he has left a light behind him sincerely to illuminate the history which has been tried to be darkened by the evil-minded children of the past.
"If the historiographers (history writers) do not remain loyal to the history makers, the unchanging truth becomes an astonishing complexion for the humanity" M.K. Ataturk.
In our current tech era in which the media is considered as the 4th power, the scenarists are as much responsible as the historiographers, so that they may either choose to burn the hatred flames between the next generations by some invented lies or they may choose to stay standing with the peace by carrying the light of the truthes!

Truth said...

The Armenian genocide at the hands of the ottoman/Turks is an undeniable fact. The term Genocide was coined by Lemkin to describe the mass annihilation of three quarters of the Armenian population in the occupied Western Armenian lands by Ottoman Turks at the turn of the 20th century. Turkey continues to try to deny this fact because it’s a horrible legacy to be burdened with and will open doors for restitutions and reparations. Shame on those Turkish people who chose to perpetuate such an ugly denialist agenda by their government. Remember .... AND THE TURTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!

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