2006) An Honorable Armenian Troubled by Dashnaks & Terrorists

As I've been recently concentrating on the all-important question, where are the honorable Armenians who publicly speak out against the negative influences that have gotten hold of his people, here is one such brave Armenian (from Armenia). His name is Michael Danielian. The article, probably appearing in 2001, and apparently translated from Armenian (and not all that expertly; I slightly tinkered, to improve the English), evidently appeared in a forum of the Russian site, en.rtr-planeta.ru (but is not there anymore). The following was taken from karabakh-doc.azerall.info.

After the article, there is a postscript, and it is not a pretty one.

We Need Western Psychiatrists, not Values

Michael Danielian

“This is a strike not only on America, this is a strike on democracy and the whole civilized world” — said Armenian foreign minister Vardan Oskanian on September 12th. “Dashnaktsutiun," the Armenian Revolutionary Federation officials made an analogical statement on the same date. President Robert Kocharian paid his respects to the people of America. However, this is just by word of mouth. But in actual fact…
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Garabedian "was greeted with rapturous
applause by dozens of supporters in Yerevan," as
he promised to do his best "for the realization
of our goals." (The Armenian Reporter) To
read more about the terrorist, Varoujan
Garabedian, please turn to this page.

When he entered the hall to hold his first conference in Yerevan everybody met him with a storm of applause. The next day, he was received by the Armenian prime minister. He is neither a talented actor or famous politician, nor a well-known sportsman or popular singer. He is Varujan Karapetian, a terrorist and member of ASALA, the “Armenian secret army”. This organization is rooted in national-socialist movement “ARFD” (“Dashnaktsutiun”) and notorious for its terrorist acts in France, Canada, Portugal and many other countries where hundreds of innocent people were killed.

For his terrorist act in Orly airport (Paris) in 1985 Karapetian was sentenced to life imprisonment by the French jurors. But something changed later in French justice. On the 21st of April 2001, the French Court of Appeal remitted on terms of his immediate deportation to Armenia. According to the provisions of the verdict, Armenian authorities must provide Karapetian with political shelter (!), a job and accommodation.

In the Orly attack allegedly aimed at Turkish diplomats, 19 innocent men were killed. The victims were supposed to be more, however, the bomb exploded in the Turkish airline office, and not on the plane itself. Karapetian spent 18 years in jail and now he is recognized as a hero and even called a “political prisoner.”

Prime Minister A. Margarian, also an ex-political prisoner, said in his speech how Armenians appreciate Karapetian’s service and contribution to the Armenian “cause” and ordered the Healthcare Minister to undertake the terrorist’s medical rehabilitation. It’s a remarkable fact that Armenian authorities addressed French officials to revise Katapetian’s case in May 1998. Then according to president Kocharian’s decree, all ARFD (Armenian Revolutionary Federation Dashnaktsutiun) activists imprisoned for numerous terrorist attacks were released. Today ARFD is not just a political power – it is a ruling party of Armenia, and it dictates its own game directive.

In Armenia, terrorism is a state ideology. We have become the country who accepts terrorists with open arms. We are on friendly terms with China and Iran. We try to establish friendly terms with Iraq. We encourage dictatorship and condemn democracy. The chairman of a remedial organization, the fund named after A. Saharov and member of the president-established Human rights protection committee says: “I saw people running away from the place of the catastrophe on TV. Why didn’t these people [voice their opposition] when America bombed Yugoslavia…?”

Our people are perilously diseased. We need Western psychiatrists, not the values.

Holdwater: "In Armenia, terrorism is a state ideology." All too true. When Sam Weems titled his book, "Armenia -- Secrets of a 'Christian' Terrorist State," he was right on the money.

The Postscript

Brace yourselves; the following is most disturbing. It is taken from the forum at armeniandiaspora.com:

Yerevan Press Club Weekly Newsletter - 04/01/2004


On March 30, morning, Chairman of Armenian Helsinki Association, correspondent of "Prima" Russian news agency, Michael Danielian was attacked. Four unknown persons assaulted the human rights defender and journalist on his way to the house entrance when he was coming back after a walk with the dog.

With the bruises from heavy beating and possible brain concussion, Michael Danielian was transported to the neurosurgical department in one of Yerevan hospitals. According to the victim, the attack is provoked by his human rights activity and is to serve as of warning on the part of the authorities.

On the same day, March 30, Yerevan Press Club, Journalists Union of Armenia, Internews Armenia public organization and Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression presented a statement.

"On March 30, journalist and human rights defender, Michael Danielian was attacked and beaten by unknown persons. Condemning this display of violence, we assess it as a consequence of political intolerance in the country in recent days.

We express hope that law and order bodies will break the sad tradition of the last years and will find the culprits since only disclosing and punishing the perpetrators will prevent further spread of violence", the statement of the four journalistic organizations runs.

On March 31, RA President press service reported that RA President Robert Kocharian ordered General Prosecutor of Armenia Aghvan Hovsepian to study the circumstances of the attack at Michael Danielian and to take all necessary measures for finding the culprits.

Holdwater: In another account appearing at the Condition of Press Freedom in Caucasus' web site (cmic.aznet.org), we were told that "Danielian believes that this attack was provoked by his work."

Regarding the last paragraph of the article above, as if Dashnak President Kocharian would not have been pleased as punch over this development. I will try to restrain myself on further speculation, but you all know what I'm thinking.

What's heart-wrenching here is that an Internet search does not reveal much about Mr. Danielian after the year 2004. We can only hope that he is doing well...

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