27 July 2008

2545) An OPEN LETTER To Southern Poverty Law Center and in Particular Mr David Holthouse

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Update: Southern Poverty Law Center Apologizes To Professor Guenter Lewy Over Armenian Genocide Charges

Ref: State of Denial, Turkey Spends Millions to Cover Up Armenian Genocide By David Holthouse, Intelligence Report, Summer 2008

Dear Mr David Holthouse,
I have sent you a brief e-mail (address David.Holthouse at splcenter.org, which I obtained whilst searching for your contact details). I have also sent the same message through 2 different contact forms on the Southern Poverty Law Center Website, couple of weeks ago, and I haven't received any reply from you or the SPLC to date. . .

Whilst looking for your contact details at the SPLC, a quick internet search revealed some interesting articles. However, before I go into the articles which drew my attention, I would like you to answer the following questions;-

In your article you mention that "a network of American scholars are financed by hundreds of thousands of dollars each year from the government of Turkey who promote the denial of the Armenian genocide". What inquiries have you conducted to ascertain and corroborate that allegation ?

In one of your articles you mention our Turkish Armenians site as denial site and a primary online promoter of the increasingly popular conspiracy theory, you imply that we are promoting propaganda and misinformation. Will you now please advise us of what inquiries you conducted and the results of those inquiries which make you believe that is the case ?

You see Mr Holthouse, I believe that, it is in fact you, that is defaming individuals and organisations without the proper evidence to back up your claims. I would be more than happy to host any evidence that you may have to establish your outrageous claims and also any evidence about any of those individual scholars you have so clearly defamed. I look forward to your reply.

In the interim, perhaps you could also explain to our readers the background to those interesting articles I mention above. I believe it is in the public interest that people reading your articles and outrageous claims also know about your background and motivation behind your articles. I would be most obliged if you would or in fact could clarify any of the above and especially the following;
  1. David Holthouse, ...was molested at the age of 7 by a 14-year-old boy at his home... His recently abandoned plans to belatedly kill his now grown-up attacker: "I was going to watch him writhe like a poisoned cockroach for a few seconds, then kick him onto his stomach and put three bullets in the back of his head...I had a gun, and a silencer, and a plan..."

  2. David Holthouse received Mentally-Unstable Hypocrite Award 3 Mar 2008 ...

  3. SPLC Sends Psycho Reporter David Holthouse To MSUA, Michigan State University police are going to attend this event so ...

Kind Regards
Seda Goulizar

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Utah, Sandy, United States said...

To Seda Goulizar,

David is some character. isn't he?

I don't think he could answer your letter honestly.

He doesn't have any evidence. He must have been duped by some whining, crying Armenians and felt sorry for them which is usually the case.

On one hand, he should have contacted you privately but on the other hand he just cannot.

Some Armenians must have bullied him too.

His hands tied, guys

His credibility heads straight down the hill, as far as anyone can see.

(IP Address Logged)

Distrito Federal, Caracas, Venezuela said...

David is right. You are a turkish government backed denialist. Even the swiss judge pierre-henri winzap stated that the denial of the accepted historical fact of the armenian genocide was an arrogant provocation.

The land-usurping denialists like you know that such truthful statements will eventually lead to the return of these stolen and forcibly turkified lands of western armenia to the Armenians

You are the mouthpiece of turkish denialists and occupiers who practice "fanaticism and short-sightedness."

(IP Address Logged)

F Colpan said...

To: Caracas Cry Baby:

What's wrong with you?

and what's wrong with the denying a fabricated genocide lie?

Are you hoping some compensation or pat on your shoulder to feel better?

Whoever objects Armenian thesis are labeled as ‘deniers’, ‘agents of Turkish government’, or ‘disingenuous scholars/authorities’. And, here are the names of Armenians who comply with the these terms:

“Garo Pasdermichan (Pastirmaciyan), the Ottoman deputy of Erzurum and commander of all the Armenian Officials and soldiers the Third Army to join the Russian Army in 1914, was the main denier. Because, he wrote in his book ‘Why Armenia Should Be Free’ (Boston, Dec.1918, Hairenik Publishing Company p. 16-17) that annual Congress of Dashnagzoutiun in August 1914 was held in Erzurum, before the war broke, and Turkish emissaries offered Dashnaks an autonomous Armenia (made up of Russian Armenia and the three Turkish vilayets of Erzurum, Van and Bitlis) under the suzerainty of the Ottoman Empire’, when they joined the Turkish side and stopped supporting the Russians, but the executive committee of the Dashnagzoutiun rejected the proposal!

The Armenian members of this parley were the well-known publicist E.Aknouni, the representative from Van, A.Vramian, and the director of the Armenian schools in the district of Erzurum, Mr Rostom.

Another main denier was Boghos Noubar Pasha, the Armenian National Delegation President in The Paris Peace Conference 1919 who also stated that the Turks offered them autonomy in August 1914, much before the deportation, but they rejected this proposal and placed themselves without hesitation on the side of the Entente Powers from whom they expected liberation Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States The Paris Peace Conference 1919 (United States Government Printing Office, 1948, Cilt IV, s 139-157).

Armenian Boghos Nubar, who told that ‘150 000 Armenian volunteers in Russian Army were the only forces against Turks’ (Times of London , 1919 Jan 30 Link: http://armenians-1915.blogspot.com/2007/10/2013-150-000-armenian-volunteers-in.html) was obviously a denier and agent of Turkish government.

Hovannes Katchaznouni, the first prime-minister of the Armenian state founded in 1918 and the prime authority of the Dashnagzoutiun Party who wrote a book ‘Dashnagzoutiun Has Nothing to do Anymore’ was also another chief denier. Because, in his book which is banned in Armenia, he stated that *it was a mistake to establish the volunteer units. *They were unconditionally allied with Russia, *They massacred the Moslem population, *The Armenian terrorist acts were directed, at winning the Western public opinion. *British occupation aroused hopes of the Dashnaks, They were provoked by imperial Sea to Sea land demand, *They had not taken into consideration Turkey’s power, * They should have used a peaceful language towards the Turks but they (Armenian Dashnaks) rejected the Turks who suggested to negotiate with them and they went on making war (KS Papazian the writer of ‘Patriotism Perverted’ published in 1934, in Boston, also confirms this Turkish suggestion. Note that ‘Patriotism Perverted’ is banned in Armenia).
*The decision of the deportation of Armenians was a rightful measure taken by Turks. *Turkey had acted with an instinct of self-defence. *Their government was a Dashnak dictatorship. *The fault was within the Dashnak Party. They should commit suicide. They had nothing to do.

Vratsyan, the last prime minister of Dashnaks who wrote in an article published in December 3 1920 issue of Araç, that they transformed Armenia to an arena of endless wars with its neighbours for the Entente Powers (RGASPİ fond 80, liste 4, dosya 83, yaprak 136)

The Armenian Soviet historian A.A.Lalayan who stated that the Dashnaks displayed extreme courage to massacre Turkish women, children and ill and old people (Contrarevolyutsionnıy ‘Daşnaktsutyun’ İ İmperialisti-çeskaya Voyna 1914-1918 gg.’, Revolyutsionnıy Vostok, No.2-3, p.92, 1936) was an Armenian denier and he was also hired by the Turkish government even before its establishment (1923).

Armenian T. Haçikoğlyan who told that the Dashnaks eradicated thousands of Turks with their bloody hands (T. Haçikoglyan, 10 Let Armyanskoy Sttrelkovoy Divizii,p4-6. İzdatelstvo Polit. Uprav. KKA, Tiflis, 1930) was also a denier and agent of Turkish government….

KS Papazian, the writer of ‘Patriotism Perverted’ published in 1934, in Boston was also a denier. Because:

Papazian critized A. Khatisian and the then prime minister S.Vratzian for not publishing the text of Treaty of Gümrü which they signed on December 2, 1920 to put an end to the war between Turkey and the Armenian Republic on December 2, 1920, which coincided with the entrance of Bolsheviks in Armenia.

And told that the Armenian prime minister Simon Vratzian applied to the Turkish government on March 18, 1921 and asked military help of the Turks against the Bolsheviks!

Of course, even these few examples give great harm to the present Armenian thesis and lead people to question the Armenian’s innocence, their predominance in Ottoman population, and most importantly their genocide thesis. Of course, the fact that Turks offered the Dashnaks an autonomous Armenia (made up of Russian Armenia and the three Turkish vilayets of Erzurum, Van and Bitlis) under the suzerainty of the Ottoman Empire’, when they joined the Turkish side and stopped supporting the Russians, but the executive committee of the Dashnagzoutiun rejected the proposal in August 1914 before the war broke and offered negotiations during WWI too, are the major points that are not wanted by the Armenians to be known (Garo Pastırmacıan, Why Armenia Should be Free?, Boston, Dec.1918, Hairenik Publishing Company p. 16-17 and Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States The Paris Peace Conference 1919 , United States Government Printing Office, 1948, Cilt IV, s 139-157)….

Of course they fear a question of why the Turks did offer autonomy to Armenians if they decided to eradicate them.

And they fear the question of why and how the Armenian prime minister Simon Vratzian applied the Turkish government on March 18, 1921 and asked military help of the Turks against the Bolsheviks, in spite of the fact that the Turks committed a (so-called) genocide and murdered 1.5 million Armenians!

That is, the Armenian ancestors who created their history and the Armenian historians who witnessed this period are the main deniers! Who are they: The top representatives of the Otoman Armenians, Dashnags and prime ministers of Armenia!.

So, it is not surprising that both the book of Hovannes Katchaznouni, the first prime-minister of the Armenian state, ‘Dashnagzoutiun Has Nothing to do Anymore’ and the book of K.S.Papazian ‘Patriotism Perverted’ are banned in Armenia. It is also a fact that all the copies of the book of Hovannes Katchaznouni, in all languages were collected from the libraries in Europe by Dashnags. The book is included in the catalogs but no copies can be found in the racks.

Yes, they can ban the books of the makers of their history, they can effect politicians by their votes and pass resolutions from parliaments, but they can never ban scholar thought and silent the historians of the world!

C'mon now, get real, will you!

(IP Address Logged)

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