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By David Holthouse, Intelligence Report, Summer 2008
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An OPEN LETTER To Southern Poverty Law Center and in Particular Mr David Holthouse

Prof Guenter Lewy Sues Southern Poverty Law Center And David Holthouse

To: David Holthouse and the Alabama Bar
Subject: Formal Complaint Mr David Holthouse and the firm Southern Poverty Law Center, Montgomery, AL 361

Dear Sir or Madam,

I wish to lodge a formal complaint about the unethical conduct of Mr David Holthouse but more importantly the firm of lawyers trading under the name of Southern Poverty Law Centre.

The subject of my complaint is that this firm publishes on the world wide web (on their Official Website) highly felonious and defamatory material relating to several individuals. The ethics of this firm must be questionable, if the lawyers practising within this firm have sworn an oath and subscribed to the Alabama Lawyers Creed then they are clearly in breach of their sworn oath and the creed.

The articles relate to the fallacious Armenian Genocide Claims, I reproduce for you a letter forwarded on by me to Mr Holthouse and the firm which will better describe the nature and details of the complaint I make. All lawyers in a civilised society MUST uphold the concept of 'The Rule of Law' which this firm in publishing such outrageous comments do not. .

I look forward to your reply at your convenience.

Charlie Atlas

I have recently been made aware of your 'Genocide Denial Website' Article

referring to the fallacious Armenian Genocide claims and articles by Mr David Holthouse.

In one article he states,
'English-language websites are a key part of the arsenal of those who would deny the Turkish genocide of the Armenians

There are dozens of English-language Armenian genocide denial websites. Their content ranges from video clips of lectures by prominent academic deniers to photos and home addresses of U.S. scholars who affirm the genocide to bigoted anti- Armenian screeds.

example: ARMENIANS 1915

This blog features the writings of Yuksel Oktay, a Turkish-American energy consultant and power plant designer who has lived in Turkey since 1995 and is a prolific Armenian genocide denier. It's also the primary online promoter of the increasingly popular conspiracy theory among Turkish ultranationalists that affirming the Armenian genocide is the first stage in a secret Armenian plot to assume control of Turkish lands, similar to the 'reconquista' conspiracy theory held by many U.S. anti-immigration extremists who believe Mexico is plotting to 'reconquer' the Southwestern United States.'


In another article he states,
'State of Denial
Many countries outlaw the denial of Turkey's genocide of the Armenians. But in the U.S., Turkey spends millions to entice scholars to cover up the slaughter.'


I wish to make a formal complaint and I now inform you that I will also be making a formal complaint to the Alabama State Bar in relation to your official website.

Mr Holthouse in those articles defames several individuals whom I intend to contact personally with a view of informing them that they have been defamed by Mr Holthouse as well as your firm by publishing his outrageous comments. I hope that those individuals will commence legal proceedings against not only Mr Holthouse but your firm as well.

The fallacious Armenian Genocide allegations are just that, FALLACIOUS. Never in history has the Ottoman Government during the material times nor the Republic of Turkey as the successor Government been convicted of any type of indictment remotely similar to 'Genocide' or 'Crimes Against Humanity'. The US and many other nations are all signatories to various International Treaties, Conventions and Agreements. If Mr Holthouse believes that the highly felonious and defamatory Armenian allegations are in fact true I would urge him to push his Government to commence action against the Republic of Turkey. The Republic of Turkey has stated that they will stand in place of the former Ottoman Government in relation to any indictment that may be pursued, and waive the defence of retrospectivity.

Mr Holthouse and many LIARS like him always tend to forget about the Turkish victims of Armenian aggression during the material times. Calling a Civil War or what may be more appropriately called a 'Blood Feud' a Genocide is insulting and degrading to the millions of Turkish dead at the hands of Armenians. I remind your firm as well as Mr Holthouse of the 'Malta Tribunals' as well as a Telegraph from the United States to the British during the material times stating that they (YOUR GOVERNMENT) had NO EVIDENCE with which to use against the 144 Ottoman Officials falsely arrested and conveyed to Malta by the British and their accomplices certain Armenian citizens of the Former Ottoman Empire.

I would love for Mr Holthouse to sue me for defamation for calling him a Liar, Cheat and a Fraud because it would be my utmost pleasure in defending such a case. That way this Armenian allegation may actually see the inside of a court room and be examined by objective Jurists.

If you require my details I will be more than happy to provide you with them.

I suspect that at least one or perhaps other individuals that Mr Holthouse has defamed may actually sue Mr Holthouse so these matters can be aired once and for all since the Republic of Armenia, France, Switzerland and the US are all to afraid to commence litigation against the Republic of Turkey in a properly convened International Tribunal or Court. I also reproduce for your information part of a Judgement from the Court of Criminal Appeal of Victoria Australia.

In Demirian (1988) 33 A Crim R 441, the Court of Criminal Appeal in Victoria heard, inter alia, an application for leave to appeal against the sentence imposed on Demirian for conspiracy to cause an explosion likely to endanger life or cause serious injury arising out of an incident at the Turkish Consulate in Melbourne, in 1986.

53 On a Sunday in November of that year, a large bomb which had been placed in the rear of a Holden Torana, exploded in the car park below a building at 44 Caroline Street, South Yarra, causing very substantial damage to that building and to other premises in the vicinity. 44 Caroline Street was used for business purposes. The Turkish Consulate occupied the first floor. Presumably because the offence was committed on a Sunday, the Consulate was unoccupied. There was only one person in the building. He was injured, but not seriously.

54 After the explosion, human remains were found close to the vehicle. It emerged from a detailed scientific investigation that a man had probably been standing alongside the driver's door when the bomb exploded, apparently, prematurely.

55 Demirian was charged with conspiracy and with the murder of the deceased. The Crown case was that Demirian was a party to the agreement with the deceased, and perhaps others, to place and explode the bomb so that it would blow up the building containing the Turkish Consulate.

56 Demirian was convicted of both conspiracy and murder. On appeal, the conviction for conspiracy was upheld and that for murder was quashed. The only remaining issue was whether the sentence imposed on Demirian for the conspiracy was excessive: a sentence of 10 years' imprisonment, with no minimum term.

57 In a joint judgment, McGarvie and O'Bryan JJ said:

“The type of activity engaged in by the applicant and others is rare in this country but terrorist acts are commonplace in the country from whence the applicant emigrated to Australia. Unless courts in this country are vigilant in imposing condign sentences for such conduct evil-minded persons might seek to emulate this conduct. The conduct of the applicant in conspiring with others to endanger life and cause serious injury to property by detonating an explosive substance beneath the Consulate brought shame to this country when the bomb exploded. The Turkish nation is a friendly power and members of the Turkish community now assimilated into Australian society were affronted by this evil deed. The heinousness of the crime is accentuated by the fact that the applicant abused the sanctuary this country offered him.

When a crime of such notoriety and heinousness is committed in the name of a political cause this Court is not required to fix a minimum term. The political nature of the offence and its seriousness render the fixing of such a term inappropriate. A sentence imposed in these circumstances should be exceptional to mark the seriousness with which the crime is viewed and therefore no minimum term should be fixed.” (1988 33 A Crim R at p 474)

58 Tadgell J agreed, in relation to that aspect of the appeal (at p 481).

59 The maximum penalty for the offence of which Demirian was convicted was 15 years' imprisonment. The sentence imposed on him was therefore two-thirds of the maximum.

As Lawyers all of you should be ashamed of yourselves, The Rule of Law concept is fundamental it is Justice for ALL not just Armenian Christians.

Charlie Atlas

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Prof Guenter Lewy Sues Southern Poverty Law Center And David Holthouse

State of Denial, Turkey Spends Millions to Cover Up Armenian Genocide By David Holthouse, Intelligence Report, Summer 2008


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