2737) TurkishForum's Letter Of Facts To President Obama

We happen to have the full collection of the documents sent to President Obama. Aren't We A Resourceful Site ! Site Editors
PO. Box 1104 Marblehead MA 01945 USA

6 February 2009 cc:H.E James Jeffry Ambassador

The Honorable Barack H. Obama
President of the United States
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500, USA

Dear Mr. President:

Please accept our congratulations and best wishes, Mr. President, for a very fruitful and rewarding term at the White House. We sincerely hope that your presidency will bring the much needed change in the world political scene, away from polarizations and conflict, and towards compassion and peace. I am sure you will agree, that the great leader and founding father of Republic of Turkey in 1923, ATATURK’s immortal words may best guide us all into the anxious future: “Peace at Home, Peace in the World.”

We urge you to be fair in your dealings with all, but especially with Turkey, given the increased pressure the Armenian lobby has been applying on you recently. In this day and age of global village with internet and satellites, I am sure you will agree with me, Mr. President, that the old motto “all politics is local” is no longer valid. We sincerely hope that you will not offend and estrange Turkey on 24 April 2009 by using the term genocide to describe the human tragedy that affected all the people of Anatolia during WWI (Turks, Armenians, and others alike,) not just the Armenians.

Mr. President, you are the leader of the free world now with tremendous responsibility. You are no longer a candidate without any accountability. Whatever you promised Armenians when you were a candidate cannot be allowed to hold the great American interests hostage to nagging Armenian squabbling. An erroneous choice of words on your behalf can have lasting destructive effects on the United States-Turkey relations for many decades to come. I hope and trust that you realize the gravity of this situation. No internal politics is worth losing the confidence and support of one of the greatest allies of America in the last 50+ years.

The Turkish-Armenian conflict is one of inter-communal warfare fought by Muslim and Christian irregular forces against a backdrop of a world war. This issue cannot be explained without acknowledging the Armenian propaganda, agitation, terrorism, raids, rebellions, treason, territorial demands, and Turkish suffering and losses caused by all of these factors, in that order, from 1890 to 1921, where 1915 is a stop in that tragic journey.

We urge you, Mr. President, to be on the side of dialog and peace; not polarization and conflict. Please support more research, study, and debate on such complex historical events by impartial historians, not legislation of history by politicians. Principles of fairness prevent the settlement of this matter by partisan groups with vested interests. We support, therefore, Turkey’s 2005 offer to Armenia to establish a Joint Historical Commission which is, so far, rejected by Armenia.

As Turkish Forum, we look forward to meeting the challenges of a new chapter between the United States and Turkey and pledge to you our full support to improve and advance this relationship to the benefit of both of our nations.

Truthfully Yours,
Dr. Kaya Buyukataman, CEO

President & Founder Turkish Forum

Cc: Mr. M. Kaska, Chairman BOT
Mr.. Taner Ertunc, VP Turkish forum
Dr. Robert B. McKay Advisor to President
Mr. Sukru S. Aya Advisor to President
Mr. Ergun Kirlikovali, Advisor to President
BOD, Advisory Board, File, Members of Turkish Forum

1- (File / Folder) Compiled 6-parts of “Documents discovered “as follows

a- Book: “Why Armenia Should Be Free” Boston 1918 Auth: Arthur G. Pastermacian, Formerly terrorist in raiding Ottoman Bank, Elected representative of ERZURUM. Armenian revolution Lieder, USA ambassador for the Armenian Republic: Book outlines Armenian Massacres before the Relocation and prior to WWI, with references to General Dro, and Adranik administrated murders. Founding of free Armenian State under Ottoman protection. Armenian massacres to Ottomans Turks after the relocation.

b- “The Armenian Question Before The Peace Conference” Submitted By The Armenian Delegation Feb 26th 1929 (Clarification of all facts of treason, revolutions, braveries and asking in return more than half of Anatolia, (Free of non Christian people). [Question: Why are they asking Turkish lands if 1.5 million Armenian killed during relocation, who is going to occupy these lands“]. Also outlines previous formation of Free Armenian State by Ottomans, Their siding with Russia, and genocides committed by Armenian armed forces on Muslim population, after the formation Free Armenia by Ottomans.

c- Armenia And The Settlement Booklet for the minutes of Conference held in London on June 19th 1919 by prominent pro-Armenian Dignitaries, confessing anti-Turkism and support of British politicians. .. Booklet outlines how brave were Armenians in killing unarmed Muslim population, and how well they served Christian world.

d- “Near East Relief Report” Joint Resolution Of The U.S. Senate & Congress, accepted unanimously on April 22nd, 1922. The contents of these official documents believe the arguments and reasons enlisted in HS-106. Though many other references were made in HS-106, “this one was overlooked or by-passed. WHY?” Resolution states that 1410 000. Armenians were alive and living in the lands of (with majority being in) Armenia, Syria, and Turkey, and they need 72 Million Dollars financial aid. (Question: if 1.5 million Armenian killed during relocation, where these people did came from). The 72 Million dollars were released by U. S. and distributed among Armenian population, no other race were given any financial aid or any help by U.S. officials send to above lands for that purpose.

e- Documents: Adjustment of Payments due to United States by Turkey, Sept 1937 (No indemnity claims by USA is possible) Us requested originally 5 Million dollars and they settled 1 400 000 Dollars at The end. This was to cover all claims made by all U.S. citizens (MOSTLY ARMENIANS) from Turkish Government. “CASE CLOSED AND CANNOT BE OPENED AGAIN”.

f- Order Of The Court Case, European Court Of Justice Dec. 17th 2003. Court unanimously rejected an application for " paying of indemnities and refusals of Turkey’s acceptance into E.U. unless she accepts the “genocide allegation” based on a decision of the European Parliament back in 1987". Court resolved that 1987 resolution are political declarations that CAN CHANGE IN TIME. Cannot therefore have binding legal consequences for other institutions. Details are also posted in Turkish Forum web pages.

2- (Book) “The Genocide of Truth” (Jan. 2008) Istanbul Commerce Univ. Pub. No.25 ISBN 978-975-6576-24-9 This 702 pages book does contain large number documents from reliable and non Turkish sources including National Archives of various countries, Author: S. S. Aya


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