2768) Read Armenian Cruelty From Armenian Committee Members

Today, I want to talk to you about “a first” at the world of Turkish publications: Reading Armenian cruelty also from the owner of the Armenian cruelty; in another word, from the pen of the Armenian Committee members. . . Our historians, especially the Turkish historians (like Esat Uras) who know the Armenian language and can read Armenian sources, can identify this matter very well. However, “a first” at the world of Turkish publications has occurred for us, the Turks who do not know Armenian language and who are not historians. Armenian Committee members have published a book in English and told about their treachery in an exaggerated way. Now I dedicate this article to those “traitors, who apologize”. I suggest them to read it thoroughly and withdraw their apology.

Let’s Understand Turkish Documents First

Many documents at the Ottoman archives put forward clearly how Armenians cut Ottoman Muslims, whom were mostly Turkish people during 1890-1921.

The most detailed incidents, names, dates and list are available in the following study:

“documents Of The Massacre That Are Committed By The Armenians”

The following are the addresses:


The particular work includes the phases of translating the Ottoman documents from Ottoman language into Turkish and then into English. In this context, every foreign historian acquired the opportunity of examining the Ottoman records by themselves. I sincerely congratulate the personnel of the Ottoman Archives Department of the Turkish Republic Prime Ministry State Archives General Directorate. [1]

The ones, who would like to read these matters as a dairy, should read the memories of Kazım Karabekir. It would appear to them as a shock treatment.

The ones, who would like to read them in English, should definitely read “The Armenian Rebellion at Van” (The University of Utah Press, Salt lake City, USA, 2006) of Justin McCarthy, Esat Arslan, Cemalettin Taşkıran, Ömer Turan.

However, the above mentioned are generally based on Turkish and foreign documents: these do rarely include Armenian documents.

All right, why the Armenian documents are rarely found?

Why the Armenian archives are still closed?

If Armenians are right, and Turks are so wrong, then the Armenians should open their archives in a second. They should open them and finish Turks. Can’t they think of that?

Of Course, they can.

But they cannot do it. If they do, then their game and lies will be brought into day light. They will be disgraced. They will be “murderers and forgers” instead of being “proud and victim”, which are extremely ethical.

Or, can’t the minds, which are clever enough to think of squeezing money out of insurance companies with strange cases after 90 years from the insurance premiums belonging to 1915, think of invalidating Turkish thesis for the last time and until eternity by opening Armenian archives?

Of Course they can think of that, however, the inside story is different. The Armenians can maintain their creditability in the world public opinion as long as they keep their archives [2] closed. Their claims will become invalid when they open their archives.

If you think that these cannot happen, then hold yourselves fast! Armenian gangsters, and even some religious leaders, who have weapons in their hands, are killing women and children; intrigue, forgery, raids, uprisings, terrorists, the ones, who finance the terrorist activities, the ones, who turn a blind eye at the terrorist activities…Everything but everything will be brought into day light. Therefore, Armenian archives cannot be opened…

The following can surprise you.

Now The Armenian Documents
They prepared a glittering album in Armenian language in 1990, which contains pictures, maps in the honor of the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (EDF). And the young Armenians talk about how “they cut Turkish people” in order to continue with their claim (?) and be proud of their ancestors

Which weapons were used in what ways; where the money and the weapons were acquired from; at which date, which points and how those were brought into the Ottoman lands; at which raids and under whose control those weapons were used; how many Turks had died; how many members of committee had died; Were there any Armenian priests among them; and etc…

This book was not sold to the public; it was distributed by the way of donations and it was ensured that each copy of the book was kept in the Armenian society. Since if the public knew about it then perhaps its opinion over the Armenians would change. While acting as a poor, hungry, miserable, murdered Armenian in front of the world on one hand; on the other, telling the Armenian youth how their grandfathers fought against the Turks by getting organized and armed clandestinely and how they had cut them…

What is this? You are either a victim; you were massacred, or a hero; you had committed genocide… Can both happen at the same time? Both dry and wet at the same time? Hot and cold together? Both true and wrong at the same time? Being a victim and a hero at the same time? Well, it is not possible… Of Course, this fact is also known by the Armenians and they are not opening their archives and they never will…

It was 2008, until we were aware of these studies. First, Armenians published the English version of the book in 2006 and they also sold it via donation. We found it by chance.

There is a familiar situation in the USA: “Estate sales”. If hereditary owners desire the house they inherited to be sold, the house can be sold via public auction with the stuff within. In order to obtain profit the buyer sells the furniture to one person, carpets, and books, to another and earns tons of money. By this way, even the most special possessions of a person are all of a sudden on the market. Book-sellers, who buy the books at a reduced price, announce the list of old or used books in his possessions. In this way, a rare book is incredibly at the market. You should rush to buy it. So, that’s what I did and although I was living California, I found this book from a bookstore at Arizona and I ordered it. There were so many things in it! It is a missed opportunity for the ones, who believe the Armenian genocide story! It should be the cause of shyness and disgrace for the ones, who apologize… I found myself thinking: “I wish I could get it before the apology campaign.”

The Name of the Book: HOUSHAMATYAN OF THE ARMENIAN REVOLUTIONARY FEDERATION, CENTENNIAL, ALBUM-ATLAS, VOLUME I, EPIC BATTLES, 1890-1914 (The Next Day Color Printing, Inc., Glendale, CA, U.S.A., 2006) 261 pages, full with many pictures, maps, and graphics.

I will be quoting from this book in the future. However, for the time being, I will only introduce you two pages:

Page 30: “…while the founder of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (EDF) was in an effort of spreading the party ideology, freedom fighters were fighting for freedom…”

Note: Attention; the word “war” is being used.

“…Armenian ‘Guard’ Movement started after Arobo and freedom fighters were martyred…”

Note: “Martyrdom” is suggested for the Armenian rebels, who fought against the Turks and died.

“… Guards were the Armenian fighters, who had sacrificed themselves for their nation and fatherland. This movement had become more than a passion; it had turned into an illness. ‘Raya’ or the exploited Armenians had also learned to use weapons for defending their lives, honor, homeland and their state…”

Note: Passion and illness? If I write those, then they would cry as: “Ergün is a racist”. Here you are; these people are writing all by themselves. Then, when we, the Turks, have ever longed to possess the honor and lives of the Armenians during the 1000 years of co-existence? What does “land” means? There was only one land: that should be the Ottoman Empire. Then, what is “State”? Of Course we can talk about Armenian nation, but can we talk about Armenian state? Have a heart!

Page 241: “…since 1893 Armenian Guards has started to use Russian “Mosin” rifles…While the bullet of the “Martin”, “Kapaklı” and “Berdan” rifles, which are used by Turks and Kurds reached at 1,200 meters, the bullets of the “Mosin” rifles, which are used by the Armenians reached at 2,700 meters…Mosins were short. They had a sharp noise but they did not have any smokes. However, the noise and the smoke of the other rifles revealed the point where the shot was made…According to Nikol Duman, the secret of Armenian success at the wars occurred at the Derik Monastry lied at these silent and smokeless rifles. 20-25 Armenian Guards, who were equipped with these rifles, could resist the attack of 100 Turks. In addition to this fact, they could manage the transport of human, weapon and ammunition owing to the strategic position of the Monastry, which was situated at the Iranian-Turkey border….” .

Note: Now, can you see the traces of the Armenian victims here, who are mentioned by the apology campaigners? Can you find even slightest information, which would support the literature of “the poor Armenian victims”, which is insisted by genocide choir at the West? It is not possible. It is dedicated to the ones who apologize… So the mask they used for covering the excuse that was invented by them to display hostility against Turkey, is dropped…

Now did you understand why Armenians insist for keeping their archives closed?

[1] T.R. Prime Ministry State Archives General Management, the personnel of the Ottoman Department: Project Manager: Dr. Yusuf SARINAY, State Archives General Manager; Project Managers: Necati AKTAŞ State Archives Deputy General Manager; Necati GÜLTEPE, State Archives Deputy General Manager; Mustafa KAPLAN, Department Chief of the Ottoman Archives. By: Uğurhan DEMİRBAŞ Ahmet ÖZKILINÇ, Ali Osman ÇINAR Mücahit DEMIREL, Seher DILBER Recep KARACAKAYA, Nuran KOLTUK Muhammet SAFI, Ali Haydar GEÇINIR Hacı Osman YILDIRIM, Vahdettin ATIK Murat CEBECIOĞLU, Ali COSKUN Mustafa SERIN, Ümmühani CERRAHI Abdullah SIVRIDAĞ, Murat YÜZBASIOĞLU Osman USLU and English Translation: M. Fethi ATAY

[2] Armenian documents are everywhere: Patriarchate (Istanbul,) Catholicons (Ecmiyadzin,) Armenia (Yerevan,) Mekitaristler (Venice,) Armenian Church (Kudus), Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Boston, Michigan University, Zoryan Institute, Toronto), Hınchaks (Geneva, Paris) and others. The whole list may cover the page. And can you imagine? None of them are open. They are not open because all the murders, raids, are clearly written name by name, day by day. How can they open them? Is it possible? Would the Armenians hang themselves? It is easier, cheaper safer and more productive to keep them closed and put pressure on Turkey…

Note: We thank TurkishForum Director KIRLIKOVALI in the name of GenocideReality Web Site Management for his above message



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