1291) French Moral Superiority: Account of Muslim Massacre

As we all know, the French are so morally superior, they (with the significant influence and wealth of their Armenian minority) try and criminalize the fact that there was no Armenian genocide. What is referred to as an Armenian genocide was, in fact, a situation created by France and her two wartime allies, Britain and Russia, provoking and getting the greedy Armenians on their side, so that the three powers could split Ottoman lands between themselves. Hypocrisy on such a level may not havebeen that bad, but how did the French behave while in control of Muslims themselves? (And we are not referring to the horrible way the French allowed their bloodthirsty Armenian Legion to be released upon the Ottoman Turkish and Muslim population in Adana, after the end of WWI.)

Here is a report from the American newspaper (in Indiana), The Fort Wayne Daily News (August 20, 1907; the first part from "Page 1" is missing, and TAT would appreciate the completion of this page; if available, please forward.) Unlike the testimony of biased Armenians and their Western allies that are behind the often invented "genocide" stories published without question in the bigoted Western press, this eyewitness does not appear to have had reason to exaggerate the tragic account.

Note this was less than a decade before the "genocide." And France had the audacity to lecture and threaten the Ottoman Turks on war crimes, on May 24, 1915. (Along with ally Russia, who was massacring loads of Jews and Muslims at the time, and Britain was doing its bit, as in 1919 Amritsar, India.)


(Continued From Page One.)

A "historical" depiction of Moors, the dark Muslim
people of Morocco, of Arabic-Berber stock. Under
Spanish rule in the 1880s, before France took over
most of Morocco in the early 1900s; Morocco
became independent in 1956.

There was no need for France to try to capture the town, for the Moors stood ready even to deliver the keys to France if they had been asked for, and to punish in any way agreeable to France the assassins of Europeans.

"But France landed less than 100 men, who tried to force their way Into Casablanca, and when the Moors resisted, began shooting. The whole affair was pre-arranged with the idea of making the Moors the aggressors, so that the French and Spanish soldiers could have the sport of killing defenseless men and women.

"When the French got control of Casablanca they let loose the foreign legion, whose ranks are composed of the worst criminals In Europe.

Unmentionable Crimes.

"Round up the usual suspects." Claude Rains as Louis,
French police chief in WWII Morocco, from the film
classic CASABLANCA. To show how lopsided the
"world of genocide" is, an image search on the Internet
for "French atrocities" or "French massacres" (in order
to help dress this page) came up relatively dry, and the
few graphic pictures were from the endless

"Many of the sights I saw committed by these soldiers are unprintable. I saw them looting everything takable [sic]; I saw them carrying away young Moorish girls, committing unmentionable crimes; I saw them massacre wounded and helpless natives.

"One Moor I saw emerge unarmed from a saint's tomb outside the city wall and try to escape, but he was shot down. While he was helpless on the ground a French soldier beat out his brains.

"Orders were issued that all natives carrying white flags must be safeguarded, but the order was useless, for the soldiers never looked for flags, but shot to kill every time they saw a moving human being. I saw one Moor run the gauntlet of forty bullets before he finally fell."

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