1710) Letter To The Editor : Armenian genocide denial: The case against Turkey by Alan S. Rosenbaum and Follow Up

Dear Editor and Writer,
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Re: http://www.clevelandjewishnews.com/articles/2007/05/18/community/letters_opinion/arosenbaum0518.txt

I am indeed shocked to read above article in CJN, written by a Jewish scholar, who is guided only by the

undocumented, unproven, impossible genocide myths and grand-ma stories, and has carried his shallowness of knowledge to even speak of, Nazi Reich officers “got their early training by helping Turks”. The style of writing fits more the aggressiveness of certain Armenian writers, which may have inspired the writer.

Sir, although I am not a scholar, I have concluded considerable research on the genocide victimization fanfare, (disregarding the reputable Western scholars, who are labeled pro-Turk instead of pro-Truth) and based on the excerpts I have gathered, mostly from anti-Turkish missionary and other publications including some Armenians, I think that I can refute any valid – documented allegation any scholar can present.

I am aged 77, I am perfectly sane and because I am fed up with these fabrications and LIES, I have gone well deep in the matter. My book prepared in English, of course “cannot be printed in USA for obvious reasons”!

The irony Sir, is that “some Jews”, have become ardent advocates of the Dashnakist Armenians, forgetting totally that the Jewish minorities in Caucasus and Hakkari regions, were annihilated by no ones but Armenians

In the period 1918-21.

But the above is a tiny fact which a Jewish Center should of course know about, but the more dramatic fact is that you seem to be totally ignorant of the service given by Dashnakist Armenians serving in special battalions of Hitler, rounding up Jews in the countries under occupation.

Attached (# 1) I send you some pages from my book draft, which even has photos of Armenian soldiers receiving medals from Goebbels, their trainings, and the various battalions they formed, by adding the prisoner Russian Armenians, this time to fight Russian Armenians under German uniform and Armenian arm-band! I have also given some of the links, where you can read and refer these sources, to whomever wants to learn.

Another injustice your esteemed institute does, is to blame Turks for cooperating with Nazis, when they were risking their lives to save over 19.000 Jews from France. The short explanation is in (#1) draft, as well as the reference of Washington Post news. Ambassador Behic Erkin, was one of Ataturk’s right-hand officers and he had enough courage and knowledge of Germans, to pull Jews from or related to Turkey, out of the SS and French Laval’s soldiers, giving them Turkish ID papers and finally sending them to Turkey by several trains provided from Turkey. Sir, I am speaking facts written in black and white, whilst you write of unproven scenarios against Turks, protecting Armenians who were “instrumental in picking up Jews and sending them to death.” Your allegation is a fabrication, mine is a bitter reality you have to accept!

And finally, since you are an American – Jewish Institution, I attach (#2) another page of excerpts from Kevin Phillips Book, this time revealing the friendship of death merchants of USA with Nazi Germans, shortly after WWI and prior to WWII. If you disagree, please refer to the writer or the references he has given.

Sir, if I were in your place I would have either refuted all the documentary evidence herewith submitted

by me in a similar public article, or at least express your apologies to the Turkish nation, for the unjust and baseless accusations you have expressed, instead of tolerance and compassion if not appreciation.

Please refer to following current links on Turkey, and abstain from eroding further the warped relations between USA and Turkey, for reasons well explained in link http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/viewArticle.asp?articleID=27574


As regards HS 106 and distorted accussations, replies for all is readily available if you want to read or edit as a documented counter view/

Yours Cordially

Sukru S. Aya,
(An all time friend of Americans, Armenians, Jews and all other decent humans of any race-faith\ who would defend truths)

Istanbul, May 23, 2007

According to several sources, the number of Armenian volunteers fighting in ‘special units’ of Hitler‘s armies started off at around 8 000, but expanded rapidly with added prisoners to several battalions numbering over 20 000. Much that some Jewish scholars or U.S. politicians of Jewish ethnicity, nowadays are siding with the genocide fanfare, regretfully they are so ignorant or brainwashed, that they even do not know that several (Dashnakist Armenian arm banded) Nazi units were instrumental in ‘picking up Jews’ in occupied countries such as France, Poland and hence contributed to send Jewish convoys to death camps. The paradoxical reality was that while Dashnakist Armenians who had volunteered in the Nazi army, were sending Jews to death, the Turkish diplomats in countries under occupation were risking their own lives to save Jewish race humans, by giving them Turkish I.D. papers. An outstanding salvage operation was concluded in France under occupation and some 19 000 Jews, were saved and sent with special trains to Turkey. The Washington Post news goes unnoticed by US Politicians or Scholars of Jewish ethnicity The Armenians saved themselves from execution by their claim that they are of ARIAN RACE, whilst the JEWISH RACE deserved to be wiped off completely, as the Armenian papers of WWII were strongly advertising.

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(Showing German soldiers with three new soldiers in front of German flag, with right hands up in the Nazi salute) Photo taken August 5th, 1944 by German War Correspondent, Strohmeyer.

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Above: Armenians on Paul Leverkuen's staff visit Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Paul Goebbels before returning to Middle East to spread Nazi propaganda from base in Adana. (Photo: four soldiers facing Goebbels and Gen. Leverkuen) Below: Title: Armenian volunteers in Wehrmacht training before dispatch to join Nazi invasion of Soviet Union. (Photo shows some soldiers in a barbed wire battlefield in running status)

(Below excerpts added to bring additional information about the whereabouts of photos)

Cooperation between the Armenians and the Nazis:
During World War II, while the Turkish Government was giving asylum to many Jews from Hitler's tyranny, anti-Semitism engulfed the Armenian circles in the Nazi-occupied territories. A publication of the Armenian Information Service in New York, entitled ‘Dashnak collaboration with the Nazi regime’ purports the show that Armenian sympathies with racism had reached dangerous proportions. The following quotation from the August 19th – 21st, 1936 issues of Armenian daily Hairenik, exposes something much more than prejudice and bigotry.

In May, 1935, the Armenians of Bucharest attacked the Jews of that city, while the Greeks of Salonika attacked the Jews in the August of the same year. During World War II, Armenian volunteers, under the wings of Hitler's Germany, were used in rounding up Jews and other 'undesirables' destined for the Nazi concentration camps. The Armenians also published a German-language magazine, with fascist and anti-Semitic tendencies supporting Nazi doctrines directed to the extermination of 'inferior' races.

This is confirmed by one of the champions of Armenians, Christopher J. Walker, who admits that Armenians collaborated with Nazis. According to him, members of the Dashnak Party, when living the occupied areas, including a number of prominent persons, entertained pro-Axis sympathies. A report in an American magazine went so far as to claim that the Nazis had picked Dashnaktsutiun to do the fifth-column work, promising the party autonomous state for its cooperation. Walker goes on to state that relations between the Nazis and the Dashnakists living in the occupied areas were close and active. On Dec. 30th, 1941 an Armenian battalion was created by decision of the Army Command (Wehrmacht), known as the 'Armenian 812th Battalion'. It was commanded by Dro, a former Armenian guerilla leader, and was made up of a small number of committed recruits, and a larger number of Armenians from the prisoners of war, taken by the Nazis in their sweep eastwards. Early on, the total number of recruits was 8,000; this number later grew up to 20,000. The 812th Battalion was operational in the Crimea and North Caucasus.

A year later, on Dec. 15th, 1942, an 'Armenian National Council' was granted official recognition by Alfred Rosenberg, the German Minister of the occupied areas. The Council's president was Prof. Ardashes Abeghian, its vice-president Abraham Giulkhandanian, and it numbered among its members Mzdeh and Vahan Papazian. From that date until the end of 1944 it published a weekly journal, Armenien, edited by Viken Shant (son of Levon), who also broadcast on Radio Berlin. The whole idea was to prove to the Germans that the Armenians were 'Aryans', in order to save their skins, claims Walker. With the aid of Dr. Paul Rohrbach they seem to have achieved this as the Nazis did not persecute the Armenians in the occupied lands.” #3

“A First Hand Report on Conditions in Europe
(Arthur Derounian)
ARMENIAN AFFAIRS, A Journal on Armenian Studies, Winter, 1949-50 Vol. 1, No. 1

Three cheers for John Roy Carlson — the rare Armenian patriot (he believed in the "genocide," used terms like "Turkish yoke," and Christian code such as "Smyrna" and "Constantinople") who attempted to send a "red alert" to his fellow Armenians as to the mass infiltration of the fanatical, slimy Dashnaks, threatening to act as the one voice for the Armenian people. He tried to give the warning, but it was to no avail. The Dashnak mentality prevails today among the diaspora, at least among those who speak publicly.

Isn't that always the way? Where fanaticism and money lead, the masses follow. For example, American Moslems at this point don't want much to do with the fanatical Wahhabis... but it's their big, Saudi-oil money that is serving as great influence, behind the scenes. Similarly, the concept of Abraham Lincoln's Republican "conservatism" hasn't much to do with the fanatical, obscenely wealthy religious right that has taken over the Republican Party in recent years... doing a great job of brainwashing the American populace through their huge network of media outlets.
Carlson says it flat out: ‘the ARF assumed the leadership by its more fanatic appeal, and its policy of liquidating by terror all opposition.’ Today, it's these immoral, ‘the end justifies the means’ fanatics with no concern for truth or honor, that rule.

Even Armenian professors have adopted this mentality; the instant someone steps out of line from the standard propaganda-speak — even a little, as Vincent Lima or Ara Sarafian mildly blurted — the fanatics are quick to jump down their throats, making reputation-harming allegations (to the implied extent of being Turkish tools, in the aforementioned examples).

Carlson used the correct word in his article: INSIDIOUS. He describes the above technique, as used for financial extortion: ‘Another effected practice was the intimidation of prominent men in order to obtain financial support. Those who refused were 'put on the spot.' In fact, it was very similar to the underground methods of modern racketeering, except that its goal was noble.’ These terror tactics, including the time-honored fanatical Armenian smear campaign, are straight out of the gangster's rulebook.

This is a highly informative article that should open the eyes of many. Carlson — famed for going undercover to expose fascist organizations in the U.S. (such was the title of one of his books, Undercover) — spells it all out. The Dashnak collaboration with the Nazis, and the ‘racial superiority’ theories that caused so many Armenians (along with the reason of pure hatred, what too many have been systematically taught since childhood) to blindly engage themselves in mass murder during World War I, following bloody leaders such as ‘General Dro.’ Note Carlson's ‘Footnote 1’ regarding the inspiration for the Armenian Youth Federation, or the AYF. We also learn of the establishing forces behind what is today known as ANCA, the truth-challenged and financially powerful Armenian-American organization.

This conditioning of Dashnak hatred that is prevalent on the minds of too many brainwashed Armenians is the reality today, among the Armenian Diaspora. The ‘reasonable’ Armenians dare not speak as loudly as Carlson did; silence is compliance, and that is why Armenians are among the most monolithically-acting people in the world today. “

“The Armenian Displaced Persons:

A First Hand Report on Conditions in Europe

DISEMBARKING MONTHLY at New York and other piers are hundreds of ‘Armenian DPs ‘ mainly from Germany. They are arriving under the sponsorship of ANCHA (Armenian National Committee to Aid Homeless Armenians) which is representing itself as a purely humanitarian, non-political organization. But is this entirely true? Is ANCHA non-political? Is ANCHA a ‘national committee’ made up of representative Armenians --or is it politically sectarian? I charge that ANCHA is now supported by members, as well as the leadership of a political group of international ill-repute which has had a political axe to grind from 1890 to the present day. I visited the major Armenian DP camp in Germany during a trip in 1949. Although an investigation was far from my intention, what I saw so startled me that I spent several days making inquiries, and photographing the evidence...As a citizen it is my purpose to urge officials of the International Relief Organization (IRO), and our immigration and DP officials to make sure that these DPs come in the best interests of America, as worthy of citizenship. It is my purpose to insure our country against the entry of propaganda agents, or recruits to a political group whose misdeeds are a matter of record.

Through the expert publicity gained for it by a restaurateur, the work of ANCHA has been so well daubed with the paint of un-adulterated humanitarianism that in order to evaluate its work, it is imperative to go into the background of the sponsors. With this in view I’m compelled to present the reader first with a documented history of events which led to the founding of ANCHA in 1947. He is then in a position to determine for himself the merits of the enterprise as a whole.

By way of preface it might be stated that there are Americans and Americans. The good and the questionable. Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt is an American; so are Cardinal Spellman, Bishop Oxnam and Father Coughlin. Carl Sandburg, William Foster, Westbrook Pegler are Americans. Al Capone, Henry Wallace, Harry Truman, Gerald L. K. Smith, Lepke Buchalter of Murder, Inc.- all these are (or were, in the case of Al and Lepke) native-born Americans.

By the same token, there are Armenians and Armenians. There are Rouben Mamoulian and Hovsep Pushman. But there are also two Armenians of murderous persuasion who are condemned to life in prison.

Unfortunately, some timid souls are horrified at the exposure of Armenian prototypes of the Smiths, Capones, Buchalters. This attitude is based on the premise that our faults should remain unpublicized to “outsiders.” Why? Are we not at least as human as our native-born American brethren who themselves claim no monopoly on virtues? Are we Armenians ‘superior’ to all other ethnic groups? Are we a race apart, free of weakness? Denying that self-analysis is a virtue, the timid souls would even deny that our frailties are common to humanity everywhere.

By censuring unrepresentative Smiths, Capones and Buchalters, do we mean to besmirch the good name of all Smiths, all Italians, all Jews? Obviously not. And by censuring the political acts of unrepresentative Armenians abroad and unrepresentative Armenians here, no aspersion whatever is cast on the overwhelming majority of respectable Armenians everywhere. Nonetheless, we expect to be roundly denounced as anti-Armenian: first, by the milquetoasts, then by the guilty-minded partisans.
Samuel P. Orth, the sociologist, observed: “The Armenians especially are eager to become American citizens!” The record shows that we have an astonishingly small crime record. Our native-born generation is making phenomenal progress in the arts, medicine, science, business. Of these accomplishments we are justly proud.

Nonetheless, the questionable Armenians are hard at work. We believe their political chicaneries should be exposed. The cause of justice is best served by truth, and the cause of truth by the merciless exposure of those who, under the guise of patriotism, seek to pervert both truth and patriotism.

Photo, taken in March, 1949 [by John Roy Carlson], shows two Armenian DPs hoisting the red-blue-orange flag of the defunct Dashnak Government, over Funkerkaserne, Stuttgart, Germany, where the majority of the Armenian DPs were located.

There was once a man named Hitler who made lavish promises to labor and capital. After he had assumed power he betrayed both. Then he made lavish promises of independence to minorities of the Ukraine, Carpatho-Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, as well as the anti-British. Hitler subsidized Arabs like the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who either had a grievance against Britain, or had been kicked out of Soviet Union territory and wanted to get back at any price. Former director of the Office of War Information in Europe, Wallace Carroll, observes in an article in Life (Dec. 19th, 1949): ‘Hitler had authorized the creation of units from the lesser Soviet minorities — an Armenian legion, a Georgian legion....’And so, as the Wehrmacht marched eastward, it was followed by Fifth Column Ukrainians, White Russians, Arabs and other elements bent on regaining will-o-the-wisp independence under Hitler. As Nazi legions conquered Odessa and the Crimea, and edged their way along the shores of the Black Sea toward the Caucasus — where nestled the Republic of Soviet Armenia — ‘pro-Independence Armenians’ appeared in Europe. Formally they were known as the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, popularly called Dashnak…These European Dashnaks, with headquarters in Berlin, appealed to, and bargained with Hitler’s emissaries for an ‘independent’ Armenian state. That they had to boot-lick Nazi masters goes without saying. That, as potential officials of a puppet Nazi state, they would have assumed the infamous roles of the Paveliches, Antonescus, Lavals, Tisos or Vidkun Quislings was also a foregone conclusion. Once committed to it, there was no alternative to the price for ‘independence’ except subservience to Hitler.

By 1940, Dr. Alfred Rosenberg had been appointed Minister of Eastern Occupied Areas He was in constant touch with the Dashnak hierarchy in Germany, which by that time had formed the Armenian National Council. It was ‘Armenian’ only in the sense that Dashnak Armenians belonged to it. Far from being ‘national,’ it spoke only for certain Quisling minded Dashnaks of Europe, not for the overwhelming majority of Armenians the world over who were pro Ally, and fought valiantly for the Allied cause.

The Nazi-like Dashnak Council (not to be confused with the Armenian National Council of America) was comprised of Prof. Ardashes Abeghian, president; Abraham Gulhandanian, vice president; Harootiun Baghdasarian, secretary; members-at-large (meaning Dashnaks outside Germany) were: Der Tovmassian, Vahan Papazian, David Davidkhanian, Garegin Nejdeh, and a master of international intrigue known as General Dro Ganayan. The following are significant excerpts from the document — comprising 12 points — signed between Nazi Germany and the European Dashnak Council, with the above mentioned Dashnaks serving as its officers. It was made public on Feb. 15th, 1943:

1. The Armenian National Council was organized in Berlin under the patronage of the Ministry of the Eastern Occupied Areas on Dec. 15th, 1942. Thus, the Armenian National Council undertakes to become an agent between Germany and the Armenians....

3. In order to carry out these objectives and programs freely, to achieve and to establish them firmly, the Armenian National Council considers the political protection of the German Reich over Armenia the most secure guarantee...

7. The Armenian National Council is convinced that the efforts of its people should be crowned with success because Armenia, through the powerful help of the German Reich, will become a self-governing country and as such, will be built up...

8. The Armenian National Council will do everything to facilitate the work of its patron government, including the national wealth of the land, taking into consideration the economic reconstruction of Armenia and the interest of the two peoples....

9. Under the protection of the German Reich, Armenia, so far as she is able, will strive to strengthen the German influence in the Near East. In this connection, the Armenian National Council finds it imperative to evaluate the bitter disappointments and terrible misery which Russia and England have wrought on the Armenians in the course of history....

11. Realizing the historic, political, economic and cultural intimate ties between Great Germany and her protectorate, Armenia, the Armenian National Council will consider it its high duty to strengthen these mentioned ties and to render them unbreakable. For this purpose are already called, and hereafter will be called, those auxiliary Armenian forces which are now active and fighting with the Germans for final victory and liberation.

12. The Armenian National Council is an agent in the present period of transition. Its jurisdiction and activity cease the moment when, under the leadership of Germany and the help of the Armenian National Council, a new government is created in Armenia.

An avowed task of the Council was to select -with Nazi approval, of course- Russian-Armenian soldiers from the prisoners-of-war camps. Many of these later joined special units of the Wehrmacht composed of similar anti-Soviet minority troops. Whether there is any connection between their release and their joining Nazi units is a matter of speculation. Some were identifiable by an armband composed of the Dashnak colors: red-blue-orange. For example, Dashnak recruits from France bore the mark Légion Arménienne.

In the meanwhile, efforts of European Dashnaks for the "independent" state played deeper into Nazi hands. Dashnak henchmen appeared in every occupied country to collaborate with the Nazis. Here are a few specific instances. Nejdeh -who was once sponsored by Boston Dashnaks to organize a racist youth group in the U.S. called Tzeghagron (which meant to make religion of one’s race)- had organized an espionage network based in Nazi-occupied countries. Dashnak youth group was later changed to Armenian Youth Federation, or the AYF, as it is currently known.”

It was not only the 812th battalion; here is another interesting research on the same topic.

“It is worthwhile to note that the Armenians were never merciful with their Moslem and Jewish neighbors throughout the history. The Nazi Armenian collaborators had basically two organs, the Armenian National Council (Armenisches Nationalausschuss), a solely political body and the Armenian Liaison Staff (Armenisches Verbindungsstab), a military-political body. By the end of the war an Armenian National Committee (Armenisches Nationalkommittee) was in the forming. The 'Congressional Record' made public in Nov.1, 1945, the agreement that the Armenian National Council, an official mouthpiece for the ex-Soviet Armenian Government, had signed with Nazi Germany and that had first appeared (in the U.S.) in the Armenian Mirror Spectator, in Sept.1, 1945[Document 1]. Furthermore, in fall 1942, the Armenian infantry battalions 808 and 809 were formed, to be followed by battalions 810, 812 and 813 in spring 1943. In the second half of 1943 infantry battalions 814, 815 and 816 were created. These battalions together with other indigenous Caucasian units were attached to the infantry division (ID) 162…Also attached to ID 162 were the field battalions II/9, I/125 and I/198 which were formed between May, 1942 and May, 1943. Altogether 12 Armenian battalions served the Nazi army, if battalion II/73, which was not employed at any time, is to be included.[1] Most battalions were commanded by Nazi Armenian officers. Armenians wore German uniforms with an arm-band in the Dashnak colors red-blue-orange and the inscription 'Armenien’. In fact, shortly after the occupation of Warsaw and Paris, the German Abwehr (Secret Service) assumed ties with Nazi Armenians [See: Patrick von zur Muhlen (Muehlen), 'Zwischen Hakenkreuz und Sowjetstern', Droste Verlag Duesseldorf 1971, pg. 84]. General Dro (Drastamat Kanajan), the chief architect of the Armenian extermination of the entire Moslem population of Russian Armenia between 1914 - 18, began his working relationship with Hitler around that time. Extensive collaboration started after the German attack on the Soviet Union on June 22nd, 1941. More important was Garegin Nezhdeh, the founder of the Nazi Armenian organization 'Tzeghagrons' which was responsible for the genocide of the Moslem and Jewish people in 1914. He suggested that Germany should help him infiltrate Soviet Armenia together with 22 000 Nazi Armenians. He would then organize a widespread uprising of Armenians in the Caucasus for the extermination of the Moslem and Jewish people, similar to the Armenian extermination of the entire Moslem population of Russian Armenia. It is also interesting to note that Nazi Nezhdeh is still considered a hero by the Armenian people. I am still curious as to Armenians' feelings towards Hitler, though. [1] Joachim Hoffmann, Dies Ostlegionen 1941-43, Turkotataren, Kaukasier und Wolgafinned im deutschen Heer, (Verlag Rombach Freiburg 1976), pg. 172.“

There was also a news in “THE NEW YORK TIMES” of July 24, 1941 which read as follows: “By Ray Brock – Armenians in Iran inflamed by Nazis’ German agents operating in Tehran are attempting to foment disorders and inflame the Armenian population to sabotage and revolt against the present Iranian government, promising money now and territory later for ‘Greater Armenia’ after the war, according to disclosures by high diplomatic sources here today. Armenian irredentists are receiving promises of an independent Armenia composed of Azerbaijan and bits of former Armenia in Iran. Germans who provide the funds for the propaganda and for Armenian terrorists… Creation of disorders and frontier incidents, such as the one that occurred five days ago on Syrian-Turkish border.”

Right in those days when Armenien arm banded German soldiers were busy in rounding up Jews, the
following article appeared in “WASHINGTON POST”, June 17, 1943:


By Frank Brutto – Associated Press Staff Writer. Bern, Switzerland, June 17 :
Turkey has recalled Behic Erkin, its Ambassador to France, in protest against strong German restrictions on his embassy in Vichy, a Turkish diplomatic source said today.
Relations between Vichy and Ankara were reported very strained, with Turks especially angered at the Petain-Laval regime due to German interference. The German secret police were said to have instituted a close watch recently on the Turkish embassy at Vichy, forbidding its use of code messages. The embassy was allowed to continue the use of diplomatic pouch, but, according to this diplomatic source, the pouch was opened at the border and examined”.

The truth behind this newsbreak was as follows: Mr. Behic Erkin, one of the best friends of Ataturk, who had served in the Ottoman Army as a major, when Ataturk was a captain in Tripoli, later served as the liaison officer of logistic supplies during WWI and hence was in close contact and frequent confrontations with German high ranking officers in command of the Ottoman army. Although his being too much independent was not liked by the Germans, nevertheless his seriousness was so much admired that he was given the German Iron Cross of third degree first, which was followed by another Iron Cross medal of the first degree in 1918, signed by German Commander in Chief Liman von Sanders. First degree Iron Cross medals were very few and never given to those who were not German. After occupation of Istanbul by the Allied Forces, Col. Erkin was in charge of smuggling of ‘armistice stored arms’, to the Nationalist Forces in Anatolia, and soon he joined the Nationalistic Army, where he was put in charge of all Railways and logistic transport. After WWI and foundation of the new Republic, he served in the National Assembly, later as minister of Public Works, Transportation, and was famed for his seriousness and independence. After the death of Ataturk he was appointed as ambassador to France by Inonu, where he started on August 31, 1939, just before outbreak of WWII. There was a large Jewish community in France who had originally moved from the Balkan countries during WWI and also in 1930s due to the world recession, from Turkey. About 3500 of them kept their Turkish citizenship, others neglected and became French citizens. When the Nazi campaign against Jews started, and the puppet Petain-Laval government had to serve Hitler’s Jewish policies, Mr. Erkin protected all Jews who had kept their Turkish citizenship. This was a hard struggle with two small consulates in Marseilles and Paris, but the Nazis did not want to impair their relations with ‘neutral Turkey’ and through tiring diplomatic efforts, all ‘Turkish citizens’ (since there is no racist separatism in the Turkish rule and laws - those Jews) were saved from going to death camps. Later, other Jews who were once Turkish or was related with Turkey in one way or another, flooded Turkish Consulates which started to give them ID papers with Turkish insignia of crescent and star. The tiny Turkish delegation in France, which had close but delicate relations with the puppet French government was so much of ‘nagging nuisance’ to protect ‘all Turkish citizens’, that after a struggle of over three years that he was in service, he could save close to 20 000 Jews sending them with special trains to Turkey. Ambassador Erkin was almost untouchable, because he knew German mentality too well, he was courageous in the name of humanity and he had two very strong joker cards in his pocket. One was the ‘Legion d’Honneur’ medal given by French Marshal Petain, and the other was his First Degree Iron Cross given by Marshal Liman von Sanders. The true episode, (which was not revealed until the Ambassador’s grand son Emir Kivircik got some documents and researched for some eight years in various archives) was brought into light, by a documentary book printed by GOA– Istanbul in 2007. This book ‘Buyukelci’ (Ambassador) makes ‘Schindler’s List’ incomparable. The Germans and French could only got rid of Ambassador Erkin, after they let go all Jews who were given ‘some Turkish identity papers’ to Turkey by railcars sent from Turkey, in several batches after which they politely asked the Turkish Government to call back their Ambassador. Washington Post, of course could not speak of the true cause, since it would have hampered this WWII exodus of Jews via Turkey to several other countries.

The Dashnaks had saved their scalps from the Nazis, but their party again lost the war, and it was time to change the springboard once again. They put on the innocent sheep mantle of victims and it had to be done fast without letting the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal, which opened on Nov. 10th, 1945, hear about the “812th Armenian Wehrmacht Battalion”. Another ‘Andonian type’ documentation was needed. In The Times dated Nov. 24th, 1945, an article by an anonymous author appeared, claiming that Hitler had made a reference to Armenians in his speech prior to the occupation of Poland. (This, of course was another forgery, but Armenians played the victim role and submitted this article to the Nuremberg Court, which refused to take it into consideration, much like the Malta trials). However, this smart trickery of Armenian victimization, opened up new quotas of Armenians to go to U.S. and become U.S. citizens, to join the Dashnak force of Turk haters... However, ‘nothing is free for Dashnak service’ and they soon implemented their ‘care taking tax’, collecting funds from Armenians, not knowing where and how they end! I am inclined to believe that it is ‘this’ sweet, steady income which does not seriously affect the diaspora budgets, which fuels and keeps the ‘fires of hatred’ burning, while at the same time, incomes ‘flow in’. It seems like the old Ottoman poll-tax is changed by the Dashnaks, ‘as pay and shut-up’ tax. (For other examples, see also Chapter 30)

“American Dashnaks have consistently followed a course of opportunism and double-dealing:

Although Keshishian is at times quiet-spoken, the violence of his language is predictable. In Jerusalem, for example, he had said to me: ‘I can have you hanged for bringing a book like this to Palestine’ (a copy of Undercover). At the U.N., in October, 1949, after he had heard of a speech I had made commending Zionism, Keshishian first warned, then pleaded with me to say or write nothing detrimental to the Arab cause. Then he said, as a matter of fact: ‘You’ll never be able to return to any of the Arab countries. If you and I were there now I’d have you killed. Life is cheap in the Middle East. We do things manfully there. It’s not like here where you Americans live only for material comforts. I’d have you killed, I swear to it as God is my witness.’

‘You sound like an Arab terrorist agent,’ I said to him, laughingly. ‘Remember, this is America.’

Dashnaks rest their chief claims to ‘patriotism’ on their anti-Soviet attitude. That many of these claims are a sham is proved by the evidence of their own writings. They help support our thesis that their "anti-Soviet" attitude is largely opportunism.

Here are specific instances of our contention...American Dashnak policy, theretofore anti-Communist, underwent a change when the tide turned after the Soviets’ firm stand at Stalingrad. Both the English and Armenian editors of Hairenik began to reprint articles from the leftist Armenian journal Lraper, which both had previously denounced as ‘Communist.’ They reprinted from Sovetakan Hayastan, official organ of Soviet Armenia. When the Soviet Embassy Information Bulletin in Washington published Soviet Armenia and the Patriotic War, the panegyric appeared promptly in the lead position on the front page of the March 29th, 1944 issue of Hairenik Weekly. "These are happy days for the Soviet people,” it chortled. “The families of Red Army men also share in the warm solicitude of the Armenian people."…While on the one hand American Dashnak denounce Soviet Armenia, when the opportunistic spirit moves them, their readers in both languages, get a diet extolling certain aspects of Soviet Armenia. A case in point is an article on Yerevan, capital of Soviet Armenia. It’s reprinted from Sovetakan Hayastan in the Winter, 1948, issue of a Dashnak quarterly published in Boston. The logic of denouncing a political system, and praising it at the same time, escapes us.

When in 1944 Nazis began to face disaster, American Dashnaks zealously began to court the Armenian Left. Boston Dashnaks made open, unashamed overtures of peace to Lraper and others. Hairenik ran an editorial which completely repudiated its former attitude of anti-Sovietism, and urged all anti-Dashnak factions in the U.S. to please forget the past and effect a merger in a common cause. Surrendering its policy of an ‘independent Armenia’ the American Dashnaks’ new party line sought to identify itself with the ambitions of Soviet Russia — namely the wresting of the provinces of Kars and Ardahan from Turkish hands and their incorporation within Soviet Armenia. The appeal appeared first in a Hairenik editorial. It received added circulation in translated form in the Hairenik Weekly of May 19th, 1944:

The attitude of the Federation toward the Soviet Government in relation to the practical Armenian national policy was no different from theirs. Like them, the Federation looks to the Soviet Government... and is willing to make all possible sacrifices for the realization of that national aim. Like it, the Federation also admits that Soviet Armenia is the rightful political trustee of the Armenian cause.

That line, kept up for many months. An American Dashnak Armenian National Committee set up shop, published elaborate memoranda, sent delegations to the San Francisco Conference and agitated energetically for the merger of the strategic Turkish provinces with the Soviet Union.

There was a time when Dashnaks — who now denounce the repatriation of poverty stricken Armenians to Soviet Armenia — actually urged financial support of the scheme. They told their readers that it meant the ‘reunion of the Armenians.’ Those who went were ‘devoted to the reconstruction of the Fatherland.’ On Oct. 15th, 1941, Hairenik urged its befuddled readers to ‘do [their] utmost... to crown with brilliant success this undertaking’— namely help in collecting $1,000,000 to support repatriation. Thus the presumably ‘anti-Soviet’ Hairenik pleaded with the zeal of a convert:

‘Numbers make for strength. As the number of our people increases in our Fatherland, so will increase our political influence. A sparsely populated weak Armenia will never be taken into account. On the contrary, a densely populated, prosperous Armenia represents a great potential which merits the respect of both friend and foe. Repatriation or the reunion of Armenians means the strengthening of Armenia...
Every Armenian who participates in repatriation should know that he is sending a soldier for the defense of Armenia, or sends there an intellectual, or the deft hands of an artisan. Enthuse by this knowledge. We must give at least this year as much as we gave last year. We should not indulge in various small considerations in the matter of serving the Fatherland.’ “

To those who have followed the devious history of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, opportunistic changes in policy are no surprise. The ARF started in 1890 as ‘Socialist-Revolutionist’ with the worthy aim of liberating Armenia from the Turkish yoke and establishing its independence. Other Armenian groups — Ramgavar and Hunchag — were devoted to the same ideal. Of the three factions, the ARF assumed the leadership by its more fanatic appeal, and its policy of liquidating all opposition by terror. But with its failure to govern the independent state of Armenia (1918-20) toward which all three groups had sacrificed their manpower, and its eventual ouster by the ushering in of the Bolshevik regime, the Dashnak cause has degenerated into cold-blooded opportunism.

The Bolshevik character of the Dashnak Republic was undeniable.
In a proclamation of May 29th, 1919, the Dashnak Bureau in Yerevan declared: ‘Dashnaktzoutune, after realizing its political ideal, the establishment of a Democratic republic, and being true to its fundamental doctrine, socialism, will steer our ship consistently and with determination, through the channel of social reforms, to that haven of social justice, towards which the workers of all the nations are bound.’

I have the eyewitness testimony of an Armenian American in a highly responsible position in New York who said to me: ‘In the public halls during that period, [1918-20), many banners were inscribed in Armenian: 'Proletariats of the world, unite!’

H. Kachaznouni, another former prime minister (they changed often), in his book Dashnaktzoutune Has Nothing More to Do (Vienna, 1923, pg. 31-32),(next chapter) ‘Bolshevik system’ of the Dashnak Government in the following lucid terms:

‘In Armenia there was no Parliament; it was an empty form without content. The problems of state were being discussed and solved behind closed doors, in the rooms of the Dashnak faction, and then declared from the rostrum of the parliament. In reality, there was not even a parliamentary faction, because this latter was under the very strict supervision of the Dashnak Bureau, and was obliged to carry out its orders.

There was not a government either. This also was ruled by the Bureau; it was a kind of executive body for the Bureau in the state. This was the Bolshevistic system. But what the Bolshevists are doing openly and consistently, we were attempting to veil under democratic forms. The U.S. sent Gen. Harbord to investigate the ‘policies of the Armenian Government.’

The commission reported: ‘The policy is unfortunately affected by Dashnaktzoutune methods, which are always liable to precipitate trouble.’

When Dashnaks anywhere parade themselves as the spokesmen for all ‘Armenians’ they resort to nothing short of willful, deliberate misrepresentation.

Our quarrel is not with the idea of an ‘independent Armenia.’ All Armenians, except those on the Left, would welcome a truly independent and sovereign state — if it were feasible, if full protection were guaranteed from the bloody Turks, if it could be managed properly, which it wasn’t under Dashnak auspices. Our quarrel is with manifestations of Dashnak leadership then and now, the gamut of collaboration with Nazis, the duplicity, terror, treachery and opportunism it has manifested in its period of frustration, since 1920. Historically, the Dashnak ouster was the result of a combination of popular will and the promise of the Bolsheviks for "bread and peace." To a refugee population already massacred and decimated by the Turkish policy of genocide, and further persecuted by Kemal Ataturk’s fiendish army, Bolshevik promises were like manna from heaven. Ultimately the bedraggled Armenians revolted against Dashnak mismanagement and centralized bureaucracy. Dashnaks then became anything and everything to anyone — not excluding Nazi Rosenberg — who would restore their power…Dashnaks in America are now shunned by the overwhelming majority of respectable Armenian Americans. As a result Dashnaks have to set up their own fraternal, social, sport, literary, religious and other bodies. While some sympathy exists toward innocent Dashnak followers, contempt is the order for its leadership both here and abroad. On the other hand, persons like Mrs. Elizabeth Dilling, the Jew-baiting, raucous propagandist, has praised them as ‘patriotic.’

Shunned by Armenians who know them, many American Dashnaks have now resorted to promoting themselves before any non-Armenian who will take them at their word. They parade as ‘leaders’ of Armenian communities everywhere, magnifying their importance completely out of proportion to truth. With highly commendable zeal, which might be used to benefit the whole Armenian-American community instead of serving a narrow, partisan cause, they represent themselves as the custodians of the ‘Armenian question,’ ‘Armenian interests,’ etc. American, English and Arab officials are warned that the Armenian Revolutionary Federation speaks for, and represents only itself.

Its politics are its own. They do not reflect those of the overwhelming majority of the Armenian community in this country or elsewhere. When Dashnaks anywhere parade themselves as spokesmen for all ‘Armenians’ they resort to nothing short of willful, deliberate misrepresentation. Noteworthy is a letter written on March 26th, 1935, by Thomas E. Dewey, now Governor of New York but then a special assistant to the U. S. Attorney General’s office, to Herbert Lehman who was governor of New York:

‘For many years a very small group of fanatic zealots among the Armenian people have perpetrated murders and assaults upon the duly constituted authorities, in a campaign of terrorism... for the purpose of imposing the will of the few, upon the many. I believe it is correct to say that this group, the Dashnaks, does not constitute more than 5% of the Armenian population’.

Photo (taken in March, 1949 [by John Roy Carlson]) shows headquarters of the Homenetmen at Funkerkaserne. The unmistakable Dashnak character is indicated by three Dashnak flags, in addition to a photo (top left) of General Nazarbekoff, a Dashnak favorite. On the right is the photo of an unidentified military figure. The photograph in the middle is also unidentified. On the mantelpiece is a bust of Avedis Aharonian, first president of the now defunct Dashnak Government (1918-20), and a writer on Dashnak revolutionary themes. Just above (MISSING TEXT).... the Armenian Revolutionary Federation.

Prof. Ardashes Abeghian, president of the Naziesque Council alluded to by Archbishop Hahozian is now living comfortably in Stuttgart, and is hopefully waiting to emigrate from Germany. I visited him at his home, Zuffenhausen, Salzweg, 33. He teaches mathematics at the Armenian DP camp established under IRO auspices at Funkerkaserne in Stuttgart. I saw his daughter working in the Funkerkaserne office and spoke to her. About 1,400 Armenian DPs were stationed there as of May, 1949. About 40 were in Frankfurt, 25 in Heidelberg, 20 in Berlin. Settlements totalling about 500 were strewn about in Milan, Naples, Rome, Bari, Vienna and France. Harootiun Baghdasarian, former secretary of the Council, was living and working in Munich, awaiting emigration with 400 other DPs under IRO care. Other Dashnak leaders are scattered over Europe. It must be emphasized that all these Dashnaks are posing as "stateless." All -with but a few exceptions- have DP status, and are eligible for immigration to the U.S.

I visited Funkerkaserne in March of last year. The political-military character which this IRO camp had assumed is unforgettable. I found its atmosphere pervaded with an aura of conspiracy and stealth, such as I used to encounter in my investigations of undercover activity in the U.S. In contrast to other DP camps, a gang of tough-Iooking, unshaven, Dashnaks challenged me upon entrance. Accompanied by several guards, I was escorted to the office of Levon Beg Dilijan, commander of the camp. I introduced myself as an Armenian journalist, giving my correct name, and asked to be shown around. Dilijan and others who had surrounded me, first asked if I knew Darbinian, Vratzian or any other Dashnak chief in Boston. When I professed to know them all personally, no further questions were asked. I was taken into the fold.
‘We are in close touch with Boston,’ Levon Beg said. ‘We receive Hairenik and read it daily.’

’Do you know George Mardikian?’ someone asked. ‘He has helped a great deal.’ ’I know him,’ I said truthfully. ‘I’ve also eaten at his restaurant in San Francisco. Levon Beg and the other took me on a tour around the camp. A large, cold room with rough desks served as a Dashnak school. In the middle of the acre-square yard, I saw two young men hoisting the familiar Dashnak red-blue-orange flag of the defunct Armenian Republic of 1918 (see photographs). Other youths whom we met were members of Homenetmen, as Dashnak ‘Boy Scouts’ are called. They were more like young soldiers.

(Note: August, 1919 issue of National Geographic, on pg. 182, shows a group of boyish soldiers training with wooden rifles, the oldest being 12 years old; pg.183 shows two small boy soldiers of the Artemid Army and pg.184 Commander of Van presenting a wooden sword to the captain of the boyish Artemid Army. A century later, CRS No.349, 20 July 2006, in article by Gegham Vardanian in Yerervan, shows photo in military uniforms aged 11-12 yrs in School 99 in Yerevan. Sarkis: “We learn how to crawl round enemies and kill them”).

Indoctrinated in Dashnak ideology, they saluted Levon Beg stiffly. I was told they held drills regularly. We visited their headquarters. The room was lined with photographs and busts of Dashnak heroes. Dashnak flags, Dashnak inscriptions, Dashnak insignia were plastered all over (see photograph). It was obvious that no one could survive in that atmosphere without being a Dashnak or thoroughly subservient to them.
’You speak with different accents,’ I observed to Levon Beg and his companions. ‘Are you all from Russia?’

’Of course not,’ he confided. ‘Some of us are from Persia and Turkey. But we have all said we were from Russia so we could be classified as DPs and come to America. ‘But how did you manage that?’ I asked incredulously. ’That's our secret,’ Levon Beg said laughing.

I browsed around Funkerkaserne. One DP I met said he had left his family in Yerevan, Soviet Armenia. ‘I wish there would be a war so I could go back to my wife and child,’ he said.’How did you get to this camp?’ I asked another Armenian.’I am from Rostov,’ he answered. ‘Men from Zoravar (General) Dro’s army told us to come to Germany before the Russians recaptured Rostov. They told us it would be better, so we came.’

’Are you happier here than in Rostov?’ I asked.’I can’t say that I am. I am not a political man. I worked in a shoe factory. I worked harder than was good for me. Here I don’t work at all. I like this idleness less. But I can’t say I was unhappy in Rostov… Oh well, it is now too late. They have promised to send us to America. We shall see…’Speaking to a DP who said he was from Romania, I asked if he were Dashnak.
’Anshousht (of course),’ he answered stiffly. ‘We were very strong in Romania. We are now waiting to come to America. What is the status of Dashnaktzoutiune in America? Are they the leaders? ‘Why are the stores shut?’ I asked, pointing to a dozen boarded shops. ‘The American Military Police came the other day and closed them down,’ Mugurdich Mosigian, chief of the Homenetmen, answered.’Why?’ I asked. ‘Americans don’t usually interfere’. ’Oh, the police said we were doing black marketing,’ Mosigian explained, laughing.

Whether or not the police were right in this case, the fact is that many DPs are engaged in black market activity as a means of livelihood. The authorities overlook this except in cases of flagrant violations. In Stuttgart, some Dashnaks enjoyed a non-enviable reputation as proficient black-marketeers.

Photo (taken in March, 1949 [by John Roy Carlson]) shows DP shops inside Funkerkaserne closed and boarded by American Military Police for alleged black market activity. In front of the shops, at the extreme left, is Mugurdich Mosigian, chief of the Homenetmen, the name given to Dashnak ‘Boy Scouts,’ who is now in the U.S. At the extreme right is Levon Beg Dilijian, ‘ Mayor’ of Funkerkaserne.

After my visit to the Funkerkaserne, I visited Brig.-Cen. Haig Shekerjian at his home in Stuttgart. Shekerjian was an active American Army general. Now on the retired list, he was placed in charge of ANCHA activity in Europe by George Mardikian. ANCHA is an abbreviation for Armenian National Committee to Aid Homeless Armenians. George Mardikjan, the restaurateur, is founder and main promoter of ANCHA, which functions under IRO supervision.

As for Brig.-Gen. Shekerjian, he is an elderly man, of handsome blonde appearance, and with his wife lives in a well-furnished home, with a servant, private car and chauffeur. He travels around freely. Shekerjian gave me the impression that he had taken the job in order to keep busy in his retirement. He seemed completely naive politically and quite ignorant of the implications of having around such men as Baghdasarian, former secretary of the Armenian National Council of Nazi Berlin. As to its former president, Prof. Abeghian, I found him teaching mathematics in the same room where Mrs. Shekerjian taught English to the DPs. I did not get the impression that he had a deep feeling for his work. In one instance Shekerjian confided:
‘It has been difficult to interest other nations in these DPs. They are good workers, but most of them unfortunately make a bad appearance. Those who are eligible to be sent to Australia are first interviewed by a liaison officer of the mission. Some of these Armenians look so rough that they don’t leave a favorable impression.’

Brig.-Gen. Shekerjian admitted that affidavits .for-support had been slow in coming from America in the past two years, but since Dro Ganayan’s visit to the States last winter (1949), affidavits had been arriving regularly. He had hopes for the eventual emigration of nearly 2000 DPs from Germany alone. They were no longer referred to as ‘Armenians,’ Shekerjian pointed out, but as ‘Russians’

‘This is very helpful for a number of reasons,’ he explained. It seems that the designation of these Armenians as Russians overcomes the prejudice which their reputation has given them. It identifies them all as political refugees from the USSR. The psychological effect was better all around, the General pointed out.

Excerpt 2:

Excerpts from: American Dynasty, Kevin Phillips, Viking 2004 – ISBN 0-670-03264-6
(Re: USA’s or Bush family’s commercial relations with Germany (pro and post WW-1 & 2)

“This century of upward momentum brought a sequence of controversies, albeit ones that never gained critical mass – such as the exposure in 1942 of Prescott Bush’s corporate dictatorship links to wartime Germany, which harked back to overambitious 1920s investment banking: the Bush family’s longtime involvement with global armaments and the military-industrial complex; and a web of close connections to the CIA, which began decades before George Bush’s brief CIA dictatorship in 1976”. (Introduction p.2)

“Nor is it likely that George Herbert Walker, who had fingers in many European pies, ever personally routed rifles to German extremists of the early 1930s. Neither name Bush or Walker, appears in the popular literature on the so called Merchants of Death hearings begun in 1934 before rapt crowds by the U.S. Senate’s Nye committee” (p.178-179)

“Meanwhile in in 1919, National City Bank had also joined in setting up the new W.A. Harriman & Co., soon to be under George Walker’s presidency. Like Harriman and Walker, National City would do a lot of 1920s business in Germany.”…”In consequence Remington executives had to look to other major markets – for example Germany”. …

“The Special Senate Committee on the Investigation of the Munitions Industry –perhaps unfairly nicknamed ‘Merchants of Death’ investigation- never got too deeply into the major 1933-34 surge of U.S. military exports to Hitler’s Germany. Although the committee chaitman cited figures that exports to Germany by United Aircraft (Boeing Aircraft, Chance-Vought, and Pratt and Whitney had increased by 500 percent between 1933 and 1934, the State Department leaned on committee members to make no reference to secret reports about German rearmament. At any rate no documentation exists for how many Remington-made weapons reached Germany through Dutch barge routes or Thyseen transport.” (p.180-1)

“U.S. overseas investment didn’t end with Hitler’s accession to power. Capital continued to move to Germany during 1930s under the Third Reich. Reports by the U.S. Commerce Dept. showed the U.S. investment in Germany increased by 48.5% between 1929 and 1940, while declining almost everywhere else in continental Europe.

By 1939, many of these various units –manufacturing engines, armored chassis, and artificial rubber- were mainstays of the German war machine. As pricey, immobile assets that could not be repatriated, the large German subsidiaries were also important props of the valuations of many of the biggest U.S. companies. Instead of the obvious pro-Allied economic self-interest of 1917, many major corporations faced very different conundrum in 1939-41. Top executives and investment bankers uncertain about what they ought to do –or how they ought to take cover- hired lawyers like John Foster and Allen Dulles”. (p.187)

“The speed with which postwar U.S. military and intelligence officers welcomed anti-Soviet Germans who had worn Hitler’s insignia throughout the war reflected the historical preference for practicality over morality” (p.184)

Page 335

“Several Turkish diplomats serving In Paris, Marseille, Belgrade, Constanza, Rhodes, Prague, Budapest, Athens, Varna, and elsewhere did their best and succeeded in saving the lives of thousands of Jews who would have otherwise ended up in the Nazi concentration and extermination camps. To have a Turkish passport or to have been a former citizen of the Turkish Republic meant for a Jew in Europe the difference between life and death. Having diplomatic relations with Germany and with most of the German-occupied countries, Turkish diplomats frequently and insistently used their status on behalf of the Turkish Jews living or working in those countries. Some had married locally, acquired a new citizenship or failed to register with the Turkish consulates abroad. The Turkish diplomats encouraged them to register, issued false papers when necessary and even saved the lives of non-Turkish Jews as well. A Turkish diplomat was imprisoned, and his wife was killed In connection with that kind of activity. Turkey permitted the Jewish Agency to open up a rescue office In Istanbul. The Turkish frontier officials generally allowed Jews coming from neighbouring Greece, where life was one of the worst in the whole of Europe, to enter Turkish territory.”

Follow Up:

For the information of concerned:

Dear All,

1- Attached is a letter from my young friend Stuart Kline (an American fluent in Turkish living in Turkey for over ten years, married to a Turkish woman, and who helped my book’s proofreading) to CSU in reference to the letter I wrote them, which is self explanatory.

2- Those who have not read my previous letter and do not know what the argument is, may please refer to link http://armenians-1915.blogspot.com/2007/05/1710-letter-to-editor-armenian-genoide.html but before reading my above reaction and attached evidencing documentation, you may please read first

http://www.clevelandjewishnews.com/articles/2007/05/18/community/letter_opinion/arosenbaum0518.txt and acquaint yourself with the shallowness of Prof. Rosenbaum of Cleveland University. In the light of what he wrote and given replies, you may want to express your feelings, since Mr. Rosenbaum’s voluntary blowing of the genocide fanfare pipe, is totally contradictory to the friendly relations with (Sefarid Turkish) Jewish community, wherever they went, and have always acted faithfully in relations with their truest friends, the Turks! I have too many eye watering documents, extended over many centuries, showing the comfort of Jews living under Turkish rule and reciprocal amicable relations between Turks and Jews. Just a few examples, may be read in the attachments I provided above. I know for sure that many Jews in Israel or in Turkey who have founded the ‘500th Year Foundation, in 1991 would feel much embarrassed because of such naïve and wrong assessment of Cleveland Jewish Community. who could have consulted their community in Turkey.

The truth is that some of the documentation relating to “Dashnag – Nazi alliance” (to round up Jews and send them to death camps) was provided to me by some Turkish Jew friends, who are much more knowledgeable on WW1 & 2 Jewish sufferings and, who their all time friends or racist (anti-semite) antagonists, are! Readers of the attachments I have provided, or who would go in the google link given by Stuart Kline, can first learn some history, and agree with Stuart’s warning his fellow American scholars, to ‘do their home work before slandering a total nation,’ ironically propagating their past exterminators!

3- Our great friend Holdwater also sent a letter to Prof. Rosenbaum, teaching him some A-B-C thumb rules. I thank HW for sharing his private letter with me; may be some ‘closer friends’ would like to ask him directly, if intimate and interested

Let me hope that some other “defenders of truth” would take the same stance above two American gentlemen took in protest of the ridiculously biased article of a scholar (!) whose proficiency is stripped down in the light of ABC facts and not hearsays!

Best Regards
Sukru S. Aya

Attachment: Stewart’s short letter

From: stuart kline
Sent: May 25, 2007
To: certner@cjn.org; jwoomer@cjn.org; mrosenfield@cjn.org; cpatrizi@cjn.org; advertising@cjn.org; slash@cjn.org; stilson@cjn.org; mettinger@cjn.org; lmandell@cjn.org; pbram@cjn.org; agarson@cjn.org; mkirman@cjn.org; azimmerman@cjn.org; lmatto@cjn.org; blevine@cjn.org; rbrooker@cjn.org; art@cjn.org; rlevine@cjn.org; sschloss@cjn.org; slapine@cjn.org; bookkeeping@cjn.org; ebrown@cjn.org; dguth@cjn.org; circulation@cjn.org; admin@cjn.org; dpalmer@cjn.org; cdettelberk@cjn.org; mherwald@cjn.org; skahn@cjn.org; rnovello@cjn.org; jdery@cjn.org; sulsenheimer@cjn.org; rsear@cjn.org; culsenheimer@cjn.org; editorial@cjn.org; karfeld@cjn.org; jdaddario@cjn.og; efine@cjn.org; lhauft@cjn.org; sgarber@cjn.org; tzuckerman@cjn.org; lterman@cjn.org;

Subject: Rosenbaum's editorial

To All Staff Members at CJN (Cleveland Jewish News)

I received the following link from a Mr. Sukru Aya yesterday.

I cordially invite all of the addressees to review the following link, (preferably with someone who knows Turkish). Conduct the necessary research as to what extent the Ottomans went to save the lives of thousands of Jews during the Inquisition of 1492, the asylum of the best Jewish academicians who fled from Germany to the Republic of Turkey, the close to 20,000 Jewish lives saved by the Turkish Ambassador to France, Behic Erkin. In essence, before you slander whole peoples, and whole nations, you need to do your research folks! Do your homework! Go on! Get busy!


Then I would like to have Mr. Alan Rosenbaum, as well as the editorial and managerial staff of CJN, issue a public apology to the Republic of Turkey as well as all Turks living in the world today. In short, Rosenbaum's editorial includes no factual evidence to the so-called claims of "Genocide". That was a big no-no on the part of the editorial and managerial staff at the paper.

Hope to hear from you soon...


Stuart Kline / Istanbul


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