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Although I love my good buddy Holdwater to death, I must pull his ear and take issue with one point : Dropping a dime on a devious, deceitful terrorist is NOT "snitching." Au contraire, mon ami. It is the patriotic duty of all Americans. . . Do not the good folks at our Dept. of Homeland Security constantly exhort Americans : If you see something, SAY something? Well? The other day in London, an ambulance driver prevented terrible devastation by "snitching" on terrorist hoodlums. This snitch will get a medal - deservedly so.

We, in the U.S., do not want our government to import Kurd terrorists from Germany. Let Germany give Kurd terrorists refuge on its own soil. Let Taner Akcam go back to Germany to the tutelage of that rabble-rousing Tessa Hofman. Let him join that other Kurd swindler and scoundrel, Yelda Ozcan. You will recall that this PKK abettor, Yelda, is a one-trick-pony. Her only schtick, which has gotten tiresome, is to go around pretending to be Turkish and repeating the mantra, "I am ashamed to be Turkish." Hadi ordan, serseri. Cocuk mu kandiriyorsun? Biz biliriz sizleri. By now, we all know about this flimflammery and Europe's complicity in this odious game. You know how it goes : When an accomplished writer like Yasar Kemal is mentioned, Europe hails him as a great "Kurdish" writer. But when a Kurd hoodlum, heroine and prostitution kingpin is arrested, the European press market this Kurd gangster as a "Turkish national." The same thing with the so-called honor killings. They all know that this vile, barbaric practice is a tradition mainly of Neanderthal Kurds, which the ethically-challenged Euro press delight in presenting them as Turkish. Hadi canim sende... Sizi gidi hokkabazlar sizi... Eger sizde zerre kadar, haya, ar, seref var ise, benim adim Keenan Pars.

Again, we do not need to import Kurd terrorists into this country - be they Kurd terrorists from Turkey, or be they transplanted Kurd terrorists from Germany. I want to see ICE start deportation proceedings against all Kurd terrorists who have lied their way into the U.S.. We have enough of our own home-grown terrorists here - Dashnak terrorists like Mourad Topalian and Hampig Sassounian. Although these two Dashnak goons were nabbed and thrown into the clink, not a single Dashnak hoodlum has been arrested for the murder of Orhan Gunduz in Massachusetts in 1982.

Taner Akcam is a "notorious denialist." He must face his history. He must own up to his past criminal deeds - his anti-American, anti NATO, pro-Soviet activities. He cannot whitewash his criminal past by "denialism." Only by facing history can he go forward and join the community of decent humanity. Jesus teaches us to hate the sin but love the sinner. We love Taner but hate his sins.

If ever banality and mediocrity were personified, it is Taner Akcam. This ne'er-do-well, this former wannabe Che Guevara, this metemadiyen-karni-agriyan zibidi, is only half-way good at one thing, that is, self-aggrandizement, as is testified to by people who have known him, including the PKK terror chief, Abdul Ocalan. But the jig is up. Taner is up the Firat Creek without a paddle. This time he has been clever-by-half. He has become a liability for his Dashnak Armenian handlers and paymasters. By rabble-rousing and by pointing Armenian Dashnak terrorists toward Holdwater, Taner has engineered his own downfall. He has fallen into the grave he has been busily digging for others. Such is poetic justice. Taner should have heeded the admonishment of that great English thinker, Guido Sarducci : "O what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive."

Of course, since we were not born yesterday, we do not believe that this "exposing" of Holdwater is entirely Taner's undertaking. In all probability, his Dashnak handlers just dictated to him the text of what was run in Agos - just as it was the brilliant idea of the same Dashnaks to dictate to that other shameless lackey, Muge Gocek, the message to us, threatening us with "legal action." Same old, same old, the same despicable intimidation tactics. Hadi ordan, Serseriyan Cambazyan... Burasi Armenia degil, burasi Amerika. Hodri meydan! Haydi mahkemeye! It appears, just like Taner, the Dashnak slicks have once again fallen into the grave which they dig for others. I am starting to believe in God. She may bring justice to earth after all.

I can't imagine that Taner's Dashnak puppet masters will be happy with the results. This latest, inane undertaking of Taner and his handlers have brought to fore the occasion to focus and highlight Armenian terrorism. The Armenian slicks have been desperate to bury and cover up the vicious terrorism of ASALA and their myriad cohort Dashnak punks in America. Some twenty years ago, Armenians had become universally known as terrorists. Indeed, the words, "Armenians" and "terrorists" had become synonymous. Since then, the Dashnak lobby has been busy trying to rewrite history and erase the chapter of savage Armenian terrorism. They never learn. The thick, psychopathic Dashnak skull does not comprehend that repeating the same steps over and over, expecting different results, is insanity.

The Agos piece of Taner, designed to target and sic the Dashnak terrorist dogs on Holdwater will backfire. Thanks to that piece, now we can focus on and discuss and reemphasize Armenian terrorism and intimidation tactics, which tactics these slicks are loathe to see exposed. There is justice after all! Hak yerini buluyor.

If I were Taner, I would keep my German passport and Tessa Hofman's phone number handy. His connections to his old comrades in Marxist-Leninist-Maoist-Stalinist terror organizations would be of use as well, that is if Taner has not burned the bridges behind him. Taner would do well to keep in mind that Dashnaks have a unique way of dealing with "useful idiots" who are no longer of use to them. In fact, since Taner's Agos article has backfired and brought to the forefront the issue of Armenian terrorism, I would not be surprised if the Dashnaks are beginning to suspect that Taner is a plant, a mole working for MIT (Turkish CIA.) To the Dashnak mind, this would not be a farfetched notion. After all, this convicted felon, this seemingly rabidly anti-Turkish cretin travels back and forth to Turkey very easily. How comes it? Hell, being of sound mind and sound health and sound reason, even I am beginning to smell something rotten in the State of Copenhagen. Just imagine how much more the noses of the Dashnakyan Pinokyans can detect.

Oh, before I forget, please indulge and scroll down. There, you will find another slimy attack on Holdwater by another ignoramus-extraordinaire of the ilk of Ismet Berkan who writes for the ragshheet that is Radikal. Her name is Perihan Magden and she writes for the same ragsheet. This pathetic, ugly caricature of the distaff sector deems to call Holdwater a coward. But amazingly, she herself seems to be devoid of the courage to display her e-mail address with her column. Because of her cowardice in hiding her e-mail address, I could not respond to her inane, disgusting, ignorant comments. Therefore, I ask her colleague Ismet Berkan to relay my message to her.

Jul 2, 2007


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