1920) Sari Gelin Documentry - Diaspora Against Sari Gelin - Analysis

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1st Part : Blood Feud of the Century
Content: The actions of Fanatic Armenian Nationalists to distort the Armenian Issue and Armenian revolts in Anatolia are told in the first part of Sarı Gelin Documentary.

Topics of the Fist Part:
* Esenboga, Paris Orly Airport raids and the raids performed against Paris Embassy, Kapalıçarşı and Armenian Parliament,
* The reportage with Levon Ekmekciyan, member of ASALA Organization performing Esenboga Airport Attack,
* Kevork Guzelyan, member of ASALA organization making Paris Embassy Attack.
* The assassination of Danis Tunalıgil, Vienna Turkish Ambassador, Diplomat Zeki Kuneralp, Mehmet Baydar, Los Angeles Consul General and Assistant Consul Bahadır Demir and Coşkun Kırca, Retired Ambassador.

2nd Part: Identity gained with assassinations
Content: In this part of the documentary, the massacres of Armenians are told. Unilateral policies of Diaspora Armenians and the efforts of Armenian militants to gain identity with the assassinations are among the subjects of this part.

The topics of the 2nd part are as follows;
* Robert Koçaryan, Armenian President joining the genocide memorial ceremony.
* Taşnak Party Building?s Pictures;
* Reportage of Gegham Manukyan, Spokesman of Taşnak Party.
* Assassinations of Abdulhamid IInd , Talat Pasha, Cemal Pasha, Nazım Pasha,
* Bilal N.Simsir, Retired Diplomat and Historian concerning the assassinations
* The reportages of Prof.Dr. Arslan Terzioğlu, from Moscow State University Prof.Dr. Kallerya Bellova
* Asala organization and the assassinations of the organization in Europe,
* The reportage of Prof. Dr. Vamık Volkan from Virginia University about mutual sacrifices. .
* Interesting explanations of Prof.Levon Maraslıyan from California Glendale University.
* Reportages of Samuel A.Weems, Retired Judge and Bruce Fein, International Law Expert.
* Reportage of Henri Papazion. Owner of Armenian Radio of France.
* Reportage of Hrant Dink, Chief Editor of Agos Armenian Newspaper,
* Reportage of Prof.Dr. Mim Kemal Öke,
* Documents obtained first time from the secret Archive of Russia National Communist Party Central Committee.
* Treaties of Lausanne and Sevres,
* Excavation made in Hakmehmet and Oba villages in Iğdır and Alacakoy in Erzurum
* Reportage of Prof. Dr. Stefano Trinchese from Chieti University who has joined the excavation works.
* Reportages of the witnesses of massacres.
* The view of the Mountain Ağrı,
* Monuments put in the memory of Turks.

The topics of the 3rd Part are as follows:
* Ottoman tolerance system;
* Reportage of Prof. Dr. İlber Ortaylı and former USA President George Bush on the issue,
* The UK Public Record Office?s and the Prime Ministry?s. Ottoman archive documents,
* The documents published first time that are obtained from secret Archive of Russian National Communist Party Central Committee
* zerbaijan archive documents and the reportage of Atahan Pasayev, General Director of Azerbaijan State Archives.
* Secret report of French General Staff,
* Researchers using the Prime Ministry Ottoman Archives,
* Ara Sarafian, Armenian Historian and Hilmar Kaiser, German researcher, Reportage of Ass.Prof.Dr. Yusuf Sarınay, General Director of the Prime Ministry State Archives.
* Ottoman and Armenian population according to census,
* Reportages of Prof.Dr. Justin McCartthy and Prof.Dr. Leman Maraslıyan on the issue,
* he effects of the western countries on the Ottoman Empire Reportage of Prof. Dr. Salahi Sonyel on the issue,
* French Parliament Reportage of Patrick Devejian, deputy of Armenian origin on the issue.
* Reportage of Prof.Dr. Andrew Mango on the Armenian revolts,
* Hocalı massacre in which thousands of Azerbaijan Turks were murdered, Reportage of Latvian Journalist Tatyana Caladze on the issue,
* Zeytun Asker Rock where Turkish soldiers were murdered, interesting explanation of Ass. Prof.Dr. Radick Martirossian, Yerevan State University Rector on the issue.
Azerbaijani Turkish young on whose chest the cross was drown
The UK Public Record Office

4th part : Permission granted for the Massacre
Content: The activities of Armenian terrorist groups and the west?s approach constitute the main topic of the fourth part. Historical works carried off by Armenians from Anatolia and the claims of Armenians for land are discussed in this part.

The topics of this part are as follows:
# Revolts and provocation activities,Reportage with Prof.Dr. Jeffrey Lewis from Oxford University and Prof.Dr. Stefano Trinchese from Chieti University on the issue.
# The claims of Armenians for land,Reportage with Aleppo Catolic Church Archbishop Bedros Minatian and Retired Judge Samuel A.Weems,
# Gaziantep, Adana, Kozan, Saimbeyli Massacres,Reportage on the issue made with the witnesses of the massacres
# The edict of Fatih Sultan Mehmet for the establishment of Armenian Patriarchate.Reportage with Armenian Patriarch of Turkey Mesrof II MUTAFYAN on the issue.
# Rights and freedoms given to Armenians today.Reportage with Beyoğlu Ja Horan Church?s Priest Der Daron, Turkish citizen of Armenian origin Garo Mafyan and Lutist Harold Hogopyan,
# Deputy of Amenian origin Patrick Devejian who has prepared the Genocide Draft for French Parliament and reportages with UDF Ministers Rene Mangin, Bernadette Isaac Sibille.

5th Part: Sharing a Common Faith
Content: Armenians incited against Turks by the Western Countries and the Law on Relocation and Settlement and putting the law into practice constitute the main topic of the fifth part. Common faith of Turks and Armenian and their common lives, unbelievable story of Berc Keresteciyan and Agop Dilacar from Karabetyan Organization too are told in this part

The topics of the fifth part are as follows:
* Berc Keresteciyan and Agop Dilacar from Karabetyan Organization.Reportage with Historian Cemal Kutay on the issue.
* Common lives of the Turks and Armenian.Reportage with Melik Karakovan, Armenian Desk Officer and Majak Cakır, Turkish citizen of Armenian origin on the issue.
* Provocations of Armenians against Turks.Reportage with Prof. Dr. Enver Konukcu, History Department Head of Erzurum Atatürk University and Prof. Dr. Yusuf Halacoğlu, Turkish History Institution Head.
* Law on Relocation and Settlement and putting the law into practice
* Documents obtained from the Prime Ministry Ottoman Archive on the issue,Reportage with Armenians in Armenia and Aleppo about the Law on Relocation and Settlement.
* The massacres made by Armenians, the witnesses of the massacres,The memories of Russian Artilleryman Lieutenant colonel Twerdo Khlebof, Russian General Odiselidze, and Tatyana Karameli charged in Russian Red Cross from the students of Moscow Medicine Faculty,
* Reportage made with the witnesses in Erzincan, Kars, Ağrı.

6th part: Reminding friendship
Content: In the last part of Sarı Gelin, the Armenian claims and the responses to these claims are told. The telegraphs claimed to be written by Talat Pasha, Blue Book, Forty days of Musa Dagh, Reports of Morgenthau and Admiral Bristol, speeches attributed to Hitler and unbelievable story of the oil painting of Vasili Verasagin called as ?Harms of the war? are among the sixth part?s topics.

The topics of the sixth part are as follows;
* Blue book,
* Telegraphs attributed to Talat Pasha,
* Forty days of Musa Dagh, Reports of Mongentham,
* Reportage in the Newspaper L.A.Examiner that is wished to be claimed to be of Atatürk,
* Speeches claimed to be of Hitler,
* Oil painting of Vasili Verasagin called as ?Harms of the war?
* Reportages with Prof.Dr. Turkkaya Ataov, Armenian issue officer Hagop Havatyan, Historian ? Researcher Erich Feigl, Prof. Dr. Levon Maraslıyan from Glendale University, International Law Expert Bruce Fein and Retired Ambassador Kamuran Gurun,
* Kars " Ani Ruins in Armenia " Turkey border.


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