2131) About Your Article “The Moral Case Against Armenian Genocide Resolution” by Barbara Lerner

Dear Miss/Mrs Lerner

I have read your article dated of Oct.18th, in the Turkish Armenians web site , as well as your article dated Sept.7th. I also have copy of the compliments letter sent by my (!)adopted grand son Gokalp Balkaci on Oct .24th, expressing his appreciation and inviting you to click on the connection he has given, where you can see a multitude of old U.S. newspapers, confirming exactly what you have so concisely put together and which can be related to the everybody that should learn a tiny bit about the truth. The reason of this message is two fold. First, it is very rare that such a long and distorted subject, can be neatly put in the short picture frame you have drawn with your knowledge. I guess you have received a hurricane of nasty letters from the Armenian diaspora community, because this is what they are told to know, and listen-read nothing else. Secondly, since I have written quite an explicit book, to come out before the end of year if course in Turkey, before no publisher would dare to print anything that does not endorse the Genocide fanfaronade!

So, please excuse and take it for my sincere good will, if I dare to add a few remarks, which most researchers miss.

a. Gokalp again discovered two old newspaper clips, and I attach the article of the 1916 Reno Evening Gazette which is a shocking prophecy, explaining yesterday and all that has been going more actively today. We also have copies of staggering amounts of tax returns in millions of Dollars, and it is not hard to guess that the present diaspora mafia is milking their community, with monthly dues, plus extra on-line calls (this year there were three) plus other bookkeeping benefits, which no IRS would dare to investigate. After all, their terrorist gang leader Murat Topalian, was put in prison only for 36 months, thanks to an Armenian Federal Judge! Actually, every US citizen and not only those in the Congress and Senate should read this observation, and ask themselves if they are not one of the referred dupes!

b. If you click on Here or Or Here and go through my previous writings, you may read Anatomy of A Genocide Explaining why there was no cause, no time, no means to plan any annihilation and that the CUP and Dashnaks were so friendly that the Dashnaks held their August 1914 Congress in Erzurum and were offered the autonomy they were fighting for decades, if the Armenians in Russia and Turkey would support the Ottoman army in the expected war with Russia.

It would be totally out of logic, for anyone to think “killing the ally, on which they count” for a big war! The whole thing is a huge distortion but the “show must go on so that they keep collecting money, distributing a little and swallowing the large portion.” If the Genocide show stops, all these people will lose their earnings, so it will never suit their aims! They dream of large reparations from Turkey and hit the Genocide Treasure!

c. About relocations, we have too many records that the new settlers were happy with Zor and their leader Bezjiyan spoke sit to Morgenthau, who was surprised to hear it.

d. Regarding Nazis and Turks, General Dro who butchered Turks during WWI, joined Hitler with several special Armenian battalions with arm-bands. These are all documented in above web site, as well as Holdwater’s web site. At the time Armenians were rounding Jews, the Turkish ambassador in Paris saved some 19.000 of them and sent them to Turkey with rail cars sent from Turkey. What happened then? With the fake Hitler palaver, those Nazi Armenians became “poor Russian Armenian war prisoners” and some 25.000 of them were given affidavits and immigrant status to enter and settle in USA, including the Nazi butcher General Dro Kanajan and Shekerjian. That fake article, typed in Germany on type-writer that did not have a German keyboard and was full of grammar errors, was the life savers for the Armenians doing black marketing in Berlin and being smuggled in from Russia.

e. For the huge size of the Armenian Organizations mainly ANCA and AAA which operate separately, please read the doctor degree paper of Heather S. Gregg of Harvard University and visualize the size of the machine which needs money to turn the wheel.

f. The importance of Turkey as ally, is another subject which I need not to argue. Here we are speaking of morals, and who is staining whom. The study that I made based on anti-Turkish sources, will display very shameful pages regarding the morals of American missionaries, churches and politicians, which prevail even stronger today. Too bad that there are no more Abraham Lincoln or Thomas Jefferson to kick the butts of those Evangelicals selling holy waters in their mega churches.! Isn’t it a shame by itself to invite the Gregorian Armenian Patriarch to the Congress and offer prayers (?) So much bias and bigotry, refutes the simplest logic and intelligence. I guess now it is the turn of USA to be milked by traitors, other than the tax paper moneys donated to Armenia, so that some of it can come back to support campaigns!

There is not a single article in HS 106 that stands on truth! With so many references to Morgenthau, one wonders how come that those who opened his drawer and documents, did not read his diary book contradicting his story book drafted by Andonian, written by Hendrick and checked by Lansing and has not seen in the same drawer the letter written in 1918 after the book came out by the Assoc. Press correspondent George Schreiner who was on the battlefields, may be the only American reporter on spot who was in frequent contact with Morgenthau. His letter to Morgenthau is so adverse that it puts him in the place of a liar and boasting charlatan.

How come that a man of my age nearing 80s and living in Turkey can find all these things by reading several books and papers, but those in USA and particularly those in the congress can prove themselves to be so much ignorant of everything, and trying to play a comedy-drama, which I watched in despise in the video show. If this is the “much praised democracy on top of the world at Capitol Hill”, imagine how it should be, in other smaller countries.

The web site Armenians-1915 have included Armen Garo’s book “Why Armenia Should be Free” printed in 1918 in Boston and while boasting he confesses all their braveries. There are plenty of photographs of the “Innocent Armenians” in several battalions, performing their acts of heroism. It is all there, so that it can be shown to those still not reading their own old papers, archival records.

In case you have any particular question on any detail relating to the this Genocide palaver, I or my better knowing friend Holdwater, hope to have the answers clear, loud and totally documented, without using Turkish archives, and even the reputed scholars who are labeled as “denialists” because they are not “conformists” of swindlers.

Thanks again for having studied the matter objectively and putting it down promptly.

Kind regards

Sukru S. Aya


Below editorial which appeared in the “Reno Evening Gazette”, Oct.14, 1915 under the heading AMERICA and the ARMENIANS gave a full picture of not only yesterday, but also this very day:
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"Having imposed a committee of well meaning but admittedly prejudiced American Missionaries, the same agencies that have been engaging in reporting Armenian outrages which never had been committed are now trying to mislead Christian charity in America and Switzerland into furnishing funds for the relief of the supposed victims of the unspeakable Turk.

It would not matter, so far as the country at large is concerned, but unfortunately there is danger that a self-sufficient person like President Wilson will accept these stories of atrocities as truth, with no further evidence than the statements of Armenians who are directly interested in raising money for the support of themselves. Professional beggars who have bled their own countrymen for years are now trying to induce kindly Americans to support them, not caring whether United States would or should not be embroiled with Turkey and through Turkey with Germany. Ambassador Morgenthau appears to have fallen a ready victim to the smooth rascals that, by apocryphal tales of outrages, have procured contributions from their Armenian countrymen abroad and in this country and have lived in luxury on the proceeds for the last 30 years.

The Ambassador seriously notified the state department that the Turks had slaughtered the “majority of the Armenians of Asia Minor”. This “majority” now turns out to be 32.000 known to be hostile to Turkey and, therefore, dispossessed of their homes in Erzerum and Zeitun and interned in a district where they could be watched by Turkish troops – not killed, nor even dying. The English have done no more with German residents and even with English subjects of German birth and the Germans have done the same with English residents of the German states.

If this country, therefore, does not want to appear foolish before the whole world, it will refuse to be duped by impossible tales and will let the Armenians severely alone."

NOTE – Reply in 2007: The whole world is duped, they believe in those impossible stories and American Armenians plus taxpayers, contribute to support those in luxury!


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