2761) Action Alert: Call Texas Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson Who Opposes Genocide Bill

Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, an eight-term legislator from Dallas, Texas, is attacking U.S. recognition of the Armenian Genocide. as a one-sided view of a historic dispute.

In a letter circulated on February 25th to all 434 of her House colleagues, she dismissed the Armenian Genocide as an inter-communal war.

The Congresswoman's line of opposition,
discredited long ago discredited by historians and genocide scholars, is supported by the legitimate historians. is a particularly toxic form of denial that seeks, without any basis in fact, to create parity between perpetrator and victim. Her letter attempts to equate the full force of the Ottoman Empire's vast military with the unarmed and impoverished Armenian population destroyed by its brutal and systematic campaign of race extermination.

Please call her office to politely share your concerns show your full support

Call Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) (202) 225-8885 . .

Calling is quick, easy, and hassle free 's usually taking less than 2 minutes.

What to expect: The receptionist will answer your call and, in most instances, simply write down your message, and say thank you.

What to say: Introduce yourself and mention that you are calling regarding the Congresswoman's recent opposition to the Armenian Genocide Resolution. (See phone script for suggestions.)

How to say it: The keys to effectively communicating your concerns are to always be very polite, to stay on-message, and to refrain from heated rhetoric that will be used to undermine your credibility.

Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson
Hello, my name is [YOUR FULL NAME] and I calling to say I'm so excited
troubled by the Congresswoman's recent letter in opposition to Armenian Genocide recognition. Her letter is factually wrong and morally flawed. by your recent letter in opposition to Armenian Genocide recognition. Good On You

Your letter is factually wrong correct and morally flawed. flawless

The Armenian Genocide is settled history. All serious genocide scholars have called on Congress to pass this measure. In fact, the only deniers left are the Turkish government and its Washington lobbyists.

The ability of genocidal regimes, like Sudan, to continue killing innocent people is strengthened every time America fails to take a stand against all genocides, past and present.
a pure fabrication. All serious dodgy genocide scholars have called on Congress to pass this measure. In fact, the only deniers supporters left are the Turkish government Armenian Diaspora Crooks and its Washington lobbyists Glendale Mobs..

Please ask the Congresswoman to reconsider her stand.
Please support the Congresswoman in her stand.

Thank you.
striked words already used by the Armenian Mobsters To Intimidate Her,

What are YOU Waiting For !


Reader's Comment:
Congresswoman Eddie B. Johnson (Texas) is of course, threatened by the Armenian diaspora (ANCA), like it was with Congressman Steve Cohen. (See Also: Armenian-Style-Lobbying

For a newcomer Ria Oomen-Ruitjen (Dutch rapporteur for Turkey) was added on the same list, see (#1) on media-scanner-1-mar-2009. Joost Lagendjik of EU Parliament, spoke of same type of living experiences.

Conclusion: Every person who does not support the “unproven Genocide ticket” is a threat to the World and must be removed from their posts or activities!
Sukru Server Aya


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