2763) What Does ANCA Think Of U.S.A.’s Priorities ?

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ANCA’s Update 27/02/2009,
- Counter Comments From A “Neutral Reader!”!
Set the record straight
- (Is that ANCA’s straight or universally straight?)
Voices of Intolerance: Protesters Demand 'Armenians Out of Karabagh'
This week, anti-Karabagh protesters demonstrated in front of the Armenian Embassy calling for the forcible removal of Armenians from Karabagh.

- Comment: If Armenians protest it is VOICES of TOLERANCE!
If others protest against the forced occupation of Karabagh it is then named: “VOICES of INTOLERANCE” !
"Childish Logics in Politics ? "

Call Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson – Today
U.S. Representative from Texas Attacks Armenian Genocide Resolution
Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, an eight-term legislator from Dallas, Texas, is attacking U.S. recognition of the Armenian Genocide as a "one-sided" view of a "historic dispute."

In a letter circulated on February 25th to all 434 of her House colleagues, she dismissed the Armenian Genocide as an "inter-communal war."
Please take two minutes to call her office to politely share your concerns.

- Comment: Is it Congresswoman Johnson’s duty to recognize a never proven “genocide slander” to comfort only about 1% of the U.S.A. population for a dispute unknown and of NO INTEREST or BENEFIT to USA, to the extent of “damaging the relations with a 75 million strong ally” country, when Armenia is in close alliance with Russia and Iran?

ANCA Policy Memos Highlight Turkey-Sudan Axis of Genocide Warns of Turkish Weapons Flow to Khartoum Regime “The Turkey-Sudan Axis of Genocide”
- (Slander versus actual Russian – Armenia Arms Supply and Military Alliance!)

Why is Turkey Selling Weapons to Sudan?
- Why did poor Armenia buy large supplies of arms from Russia? CAN YOU PROVE SALE to SUDAN?

Commentary on the Turkey-Sudan Axis of Genocide
- [Either PROVE or else you are fabricating a shameless lie damaging interest of USA and TRUTH]

Turkey and Sudan Support Armenian Genocide Legislation
- (and damage USA’s self interests!)

Email your U.S. Representative to alert them of the Turkey-Sudan axis of genocide.
- Tell a LIE?

Call your U.S. Representative to be an early cosponsor of the Genocide resolution
- Betray US?

Email President Obama to support his promise to properly recognize the Armenian Genocide.
- Should Obama endorse slanders, when he MUST serve USA’s interest first?

WASHINGTON, DC - In a series of three policy memos circulated to Capitol Hill offices this week, the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) outlined for legislators how the Turkey-Sudan relationship is materially undermining international efforts to isolate Khartoum and end its genocide against the people Darfur.

As outlined in these policy memos, the Ankara and Khartoum regimes have grown markedly closer over the past two years, driven by Turkey's increasingly brazen efforts to undermine the international community's efforts to isolate Sudan's genocidal regime. The main three areas of cooperation between the two countries have been:
1) Turkey's sale of lethal weaponry directly to Sudan.

- Submit evidence – stop lying!

2) Turkish diplomatic support for the Sudanese government's genocide denials.
- Prove or stop lying!

3) Turkey's use of its UN Security Council seat to block anti-genocide efforts.
- Prove or stop base lies!

Turkey has, in recent weeks, come under international scrutiny for hosting Sudanese Vice-President Ali Osman Mohammed Taha, who, during a meeting with Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, asked Turkey to use its position on the UN Security Council to block any possible attempts to arrest Sudanese President Omer al-Bashir on charges of genocide.
- These are base mud-slinging slanders. Turkish President Gul paid a courtesy to visit Armenia and shook hands with “bigoted” neighbors! What right can ANCA have to comment on two independent countries, tens of thousands miles away?

- Disclaimer: "This message is distributed by ANCA to flame the anti-Turkish animosity in USA."
(Commented by a person of reason…)


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