2785) The Trial of Talaat Pasha by Armin T. Wegner

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Participants at court
Presiding Justice of the District Court: Dr. Lehmberg
Associate Justice of the District Court: Dr. Bathe
Associate Justice of the District Court: Dr. Lachs
Recording Secretary: Warmburg
District Attorney: Gollnick

Wilhelm Grau — mason, Nawen, near Berlin
Rudolf Grosser — merchant, Bernow (Mark)
Kurt Bartel — jeweler, Berlin
Adolf Kühne — landlord, Berlin — Bankov
Otto Ewald — landlord, Charlottenburg
Otto Wagner — roofer, Charlottenburg
Otto Binde — locksmith, Schönerlinde
Otto Reinecke — executive, Degel
Eugene de Price — painter, Wilmersdorf, Berlin
Albert Belling — pharmacist, Charlottenburg
Hermann Golde — locksmith, Charlottenburg
Robert Heise — brick manufacturer, Charlottenburg

Alternate Jurors
Julius Furch — landlord, Charlottenburg
August Bliesener — butcher, Degel

Defense Attorneys
Dr. Adolf von Gordon — privy legal counselor, Berlin
Dr. Johannes Werthauer — privy legal counselor, Berlin
Dr. Kurt Niemeyer — privy legal counselor, Professor of Law, Köln University

The Presiding Justice of the District Court, Justice Lehmberg, opened the proceedings at exactly 9:15 A .M. The presence of the three defense attorneys and the defendant was noted, and the two interpreters, Vahan Zakarian and Kevork Kaloustian, took the oath.

Subsequently, the jurors were chosen by balloting and each one took an oath stating that he would give his verdict as his conscience dictated.

Then, the presence of the witnesses and the expert witnesses was verified.
THE PRESIDING JUSTICE (addressing the witness and expert witnesses) — In this trial,
you will be heard as witnesses or as expert witnesses. The subject matter of this trial is already familiar to you. I would like, however, to bring to your attention the importance and the sanctity of taking the oath. You should be aware that our laws provide for severe punishment for those who either inadvertently or intentionally give false testimony after taking the oath. Furthermore, any information you give pertaining to the defendant or your association with him has to correspond to the truth.

Therefore, I will now ask you to leave this courtroom and wait to be called in. We will probably decide that some of the witnesses need not be present today; consequently I would request that you please stay close to the door.

All the witnesses exit from the courtroom. The following expert witnesses take their seats:

Dr. Thiel, regional assistant physician, Berlin - Friedenau.
Dr. Schmilinsky, privy sanitation counselor, Charlottenburg.
Dr. Schloss, physician, sanitary warden 7.
Dr. Störmer, court physician and privy medical counselor, Berlin.Dr. Hugo Liepmann, psychiatrist distinguished professor at Berlin. University,
and privy medical counselor, Berlin.
Dr. Richard Cassirer, neurologist and professor at Berlin University
Prof. Dr. Edmund Forster, psychiatrist and chief physician of the University
Neurological Clinic of Mercy Hospital, Berlin.
Dr. Bruno Haake, neurologist, Berlin.
Mr. Barella, royal gunsmith and expert on firearms, Berlin.
Dr. Phil P. Pfefer, French interpreter, Berlin — Friedenau.
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