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Armenian Community Of Australia Calls On Federal Parliament To Recognize Genocide, PanARMENIAN.Net 30.03.2009
Armenian Rights Council of Australia thanked South Australian Parliament's Legislative Council for passing a motion recognizing Armenian Genocide as "one of the greatest crimes against humanity."

Motion introduced by Hon. Ridgway and seconded by Hon. Finnigan went through unopposed. South Australia's parliament joined NSW parliament in condemning "Genocide and all other acts of genocide".

"Recognition of Armenian Genocide by Australian Federal Government is an important objective for Armenian Rights Council and looks forward to the moment when Australian Parliament join NSW and officially recognize Armenian Genocide"

Reader’s Reply By Sukru Aya (Bold & Blue) . .

Armenian National Committee of Australia, March 25, 2009

ADELAIDE: An Armenian National Committee of Australia (ANC Australia) delegation was present as South Australian Parliament's Legislative Council passed a motion recognising the Armenian Genocide as "one of the greatest crimes against humanity".

The motion, introduced by the Hon. David Ridgway MLC (Leader of the Liberal Opposition in Legislative Council) and seconded by the Hon. Bernard Finnigan (Member of the Labor Government in Legislative Council) went through unopposed, and sees the Upper House of South Australia's parliament join the New South Wales parliament in condemning "the genocide of the Armenians and all other acts of genocide".

However this motion is unique, as it is the first to include recognition of recently-uncovered material detailing the significant humanitarian effort by the people of South Australia who aided the victims and survivors of the Armenian Genocide almost a century ago.

* Armenians in the city of Van Revolted and declared their own Republic in mid April 1915. Their (235) leaders in Istanbul was rounded up on April 24th (the day they commemorate as Genocide) and ANZAC landing started next day, on April 25th! Law of temporary relocation was enforced in late May and people in war zones or sections causing fifth column activities were sent to Southern provinces where there was no war. None was sent as south as Beirut where there was no war! Hence, Armenians in Beirut cannot claim any connection with relocation or victimization! There is no verdict or even a court case to name this past drama “genocide”. The parliament is fabricating a verdict by self-given authority!

“The administration committee at Beirut, until the recent Cilician exodus, has been free from the more pressing problems of general relief until has been able to place large numbers of orphans in homes, thereby reducing the number of orphans in Near East Relief institutions in Syrian area to 6.775.” ( p.9 Near East Relief Report, US Congress 22.04.1922 No.192)

South Australians, as part of the global Near East Relief effort, answered to calls for aid by donating clothing, money and infrastructure - an orphanage in Lebanon which housed the child survivors of the attempt by Ottoman Turkey to exterminate its Christian-Armenian minority.

* There were several RELIEF ORGANIZATIONS, the largest one being U.S. Near East Relief Organization. Excerpt proves that the orphans at Beirut, were those of the Armenians who were sent to Syria-Palestine, who did not die, and went back with the British and later French troops in 1919, some in soldier uniforms. New atrocities met resistance of the people and French armies had to make peace and evacuate the lands in Sept. 1920 signing peace with Nationalist Government. The orphans in Beirut are those mentioned in the Relief Report. They have no connection whatsoever with the relocation; they were the children of those who went back to resettle again to Turkey (estimated 150 to 300.000) but decided to leave with the French army. Beirut was the transfer port of those to several countries, Egypt, Greece, France, USA etc.

When introducing the motion a fortnight ago, a proud Mr. Ridgway said: "I would like to recognise South Australia's role in the first major international humanitarian relief effort. As was the case for the genocide itself, that effort was not broadly publicised."

It is ironic that Mr. Ridgway, does not remember why the ANZACS went to Gallipoli -to fight people they had no connection,- and die there, yet building a reciprocal sentiment of chivalry, respect and decency even under warfare. The Armenians successfully collected money from all countries, to buy arms, ammunition under excuse to save victims. (Reno Evening Gazette, Oct.15, 1915: "Professional beggars who have bled their own countrymen for years and now trying to induce kindly Americans to support them, not caring whether United States would or should not be embroiled with Turkey…" . The Armenian contribution to WW1 was to be one of the largest trouble mongers, exploiting the benevolence of all other Christian nations. ANZACS did not only donate money, but they lost their lives there for unjust cause, and not this vital part but the money part of the episode is remembered!

Mr. Ridgway added: "It goes without saying that such acts as the Armenian genocide epitomise prejudices against race, religion and culture. For most Australians those attitudes are difficult to comprehend but, unfortunately, they remain commonplace in many societies today."

The speaker has not read anything on the subject, other than what has been drafted to him by lobbyists and in doing so, he forgets the dramas and genocide executed to the Aborigines in their own homeland. The speaker is in no position to lecture other nations tens of thousands kilometers away. There was never any genocide or racial hatred! These charges are lie!

Mr. Finnigan also addressed the house in seconding the motion: "In light of growing international awareness of the Armenian genocide - and given the horrific nature of the genocide itself - it is time for we South Australians to do our part."

Mr. Finnigan speaks of “international awareness” but not of international law and justice and right of defense. He does the mistake of supporting a huge slander, to please some politicians of Armenian ethnicity who bring their old mythological grudges all the way to Australia, to provoke societies, spreading hatred instead of compassion and tolerance.

ANC Australia Political Relations Officer, Mr. Vache Kahramanian commended Mr. Ridgway, Mr. Finnigan and their Legislative Council colleagues for recognising what he described a "proud intertwining of histories for Armenian-Australians".

He said: "It is fitting that South Australia is the first to honour this significant moment in Australian history - the first time this great nation came to the aid of a needy people a whole world away."

These are cheap salesmanship talk. Did this person offer any condolence or respect for those ANZACS who lost their lives for no serious justification? No! Their concern has always been benefit – money for their own. Let others die, but pay!

Mr. Kahramanian added: "It is important for nations like Australia to recognise and condemn all acts of genocide, as some - like the Armenian Genocide - remain unpunished."

Mr. Kahramanian is selling a fabricated lie, not even scholarly argued for the truth essence in it. This person, like his forefathers is “selling victimization”, buttering others with polished words, as long as they serve ANC’s interests only!

Mr. Ridgway commended the Armenian-Australian community and ANC Australia for their excellent leadership.

"I am grateful to be in an ongoing working relationship with the Armenian community," he said. "The Armenian National Committee is dedicated to a campaign which advocates recognition of the genocide, and today's motion is also a tribute to its tireless efforts on behalf of the Armenian community."

Armenian Communities are famous for their Monuments and Museums for blood and hatred. Did they ever think of contributing anything or participating one of the remembrance days held every year in Gallipoli for the ANZAC martyrs? [From Reno Evening Gazette Oct.15,1915: ". . by apocryphal tales of outrages, have procured contributions from their Armenian countrymen abroad and in this country and have lived in luxury on the proceeds for the past 30 years."

From: Sukru Server Aya
To: senator.ferguson at aph.gov.au
Sent: Wednesday, April 01, 2009
Subject: New Armenian Allegations and references

Esteemed Senator,

a- My "thanks letter" to you dated March 20th, is posted here

b- It is my understanding that the Armenian diaspora, are pressing you to "apologize"! On the other hand, they managed to pass a resolution of "genocide" to which I had reacted and replied verbatim

c- Moreover, I did submit an application to the Turkish Embassy , together with an annex sheet of references, demanding that concerned Australian authorities or members (or any scholars in the world) either refute or accept!

You may read and download my application and annex memo sheet for your convenience for requesting the parties who ask you to apologize, to first refute the references given on the subject sheet. Please rest assured Sir, that these "charlatans have been in business now for over a century", and sustain themselves "with victimization stories, selling grudge and hatred" they carried to the continent of Australia... all the way from the Near East!

These persons, are principally Armenians of Australian Nationality. If they were faithful citizens, they should be Australians of Armenian ethnicity! Raised example of "benevolence - only" being remembered during WW1, when ANZACS paid their lives, is a shameful opportunism. ANZACS died and became "respected warriors at Gallipoli". Diaspora were beggars exploiting sentiments of Christians century ago, when Anzacs paid with their lives.first!.Your Armenian community offered not a word of condolence or remembering those who died bravely...and still helped the orphans of the "adventurist volunteers" who had attacked for the second turn.

I do hope sir, that the excerpts given in my ANNEX MEMO, if printed and kept, will be useful in future irresponsible declarations and demands.
I repeat my thanks and appreciation and remain, Yours cordially,

Sukru Server Aya - Istanbul

That this Council recognises that the Armenian Genocide is one of the greatest crimes against humanity and -

I. joins the members of the Armenian-Australian community in honouring the memory of the innocent men, women and children who fell victim to this genocide;

II. condemns the genocide of the Armenians and all other acts of genocide as the ultimate act of racial, religious and cultural intolerance;

III. recognises the importance of remembering and learning from such dark chapters in human history to ensure that such crimes against humanity are not allowed to be repeated;

IV. acknowledges the significant humanitarian contribution made by the people of South Australia to the victims and survivors of the Armenian Genocide; and

V. calls on the Commonwealth Government to officially condemn the genocide of the Armenians.

The details and justifications shown in this selfish motion, serves nothing to the interest of Australia. On the contrary it injects feud and hatred in the minds of “peaceful, well-wishing people” and exploits the Australian society's sense of benevolence and fairness.,

Copies Of The Above Comments Have Been Emailed To:
1) Hon David Ridgway (david.ridgway at parliament.sa.gov.au)
2) Hon Bernard Finnigan(finnigan at parliament.sa.gov.au)
This site will publish their messages here, if they care to respond

Agcc Announce April 2009 Commemorative Events
SYDNEY: The Armenian Genocide Commemorative Committee (AGCC) has announced events to commemorate the 94th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide next month.

The premier 'Commemoration Evening' will take place on Sunday, 19 April at the UTS Kuringai Campus' Greenhalgh Theatre. The special guest speaker will be Melbourne-based scholar, Dr. Paul Bartrop.

Dr. Bartrop is an Honorary Fellow in the Faculty of Arts and Education at Deakin Un iversity and Head of the Department of History at Bialik College, teaching subjects in History, International Studies, and Genocide Studies. He has previously been a Scholar-in-Residence at the Martin-Springer Institute for Teaching the Holocaust, Tolerance and Humanitarian Values at Northern Arizona University, and a Visiting Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Dr. Bartrop will also speak at the Australian Institute for Holocaust & Genocide Studies' annual NSW State Parliament Lecture on Friday, 24 April.

This year, the Armenian Youth Federation of Australia has organised a unique event; a panel discussion on the topic 'BEYOND RECOGNITION?', featuri ng expert panellists discussing questions from the community.

Please see FULL EVENTS SCHEDULE below or by clicking here.
Sydney Commemorative Events

Saturday, 18th April
Western Region Commemoration Evening
7:30pm, Wentworthville Church, 26 Garfield Street, Wentworthville

Sunday, 19th April
Commemoration Evening
5:30pm, University of Technology, Sydney, Kuring-gai Campus, Greenhalgh Theat re, Eton Road, Lindfield

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Paul Bartrop
Honorary Fellow in the Faculty of Arts and Education (Deakin University, Melbourne VIC)
Head of the Department of History (Bialik College, Melbourne VIC)

Tuesday, 21st April
Panel Discussion: Beyond Recognition
7:00pm, Urban Hotel
194 Pacific Highway (cnr Bellevue Ave & Pacific Highway)
St Leonards NSW 2065

ANC Australia's END THE CYCLE OF GENOCIDE poster exibition will also be on display

Friday, 24th April
Wreath Laying Ceremony & Armenian Genocide Commemorative Lecture
7pm, NSW State Parliament House, Macquarie Street, Sydney

Buses will depart Willoughby (Armenian Cultural Centre) and Ryde (Santa Rosa Park) at 6:15pm
Sunday, 26th April
Ryde Council Memorial
3pm, Meadow Crescent, Meadowbank
The Melbourne community's commemorative events are as follows:

Melbourne Commemorative Events

Sunday, 29th March
Movie Showing - “The Dawn is Peaceful in Artsakh”
Guest appearance by Director Aren Gaspar
7pm, Sahagian Pavillion, Freeway Reserve, Kernot Ave Mulgrave

Sunday, 19th April< br />Movie Showing - “The Lark Farm”
15+ (parental guidance recommended)
7pm, Sahagian Pavillion – Freeway Reserve, Kernot Ave Mulgrave

Thursday, 23rd April
St Marys Armenian Apostolic Church
7pm, 2 Norfolk Road Surrey Hills

Saturday, 25th April
Armenian Genocide Commemorative Evening
7:30pm, St Jude’s Community Centre, 49 George Street Scoresby

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Colin Tatz
Founding Director of the Australian Institute for Holocaust & Genocide Studies

Sunday, 26th April
Memorial Mass & Laying of Wreath
Guest - Prof. Colin Tatz
St Marys Armenian Apostolic Church, 2 Norfolk Rd Surrey Hills

ANC Australia Demands Senator Ferguson's Apology
SYDNEY: The Armenian National Committee of Australia (ANC Australia) has called on Senator Alan Ferguson (LIB South Australia) to apologise for labelling the Armenian and Pontian genocides "debatable"...[more]

Armenian Genocide Commemoration Evening (Flyer)
Panel Discussion: Beyond Recognition? (Flyer)
NSW State Parliament Genocide Lecture (Flyer)

Genocide Exhibition Headlines Canberra Visit, March 13, 2009, ANC
CANBERRA: Senator Glenn Sterle hosted an 'End The Cycle Of Genocide' poster exhibition at Parliament House, organised by the Armenian National Committee of Australia (ANC Australia) on their biannual visit to the nation's capital this week.

The exhibition included coverage of all genocides, including those suffered by the Armenians, Ukrainians, Jews, Cambodians, Rwandans and the people of Darfur. It was particularly noteworthy as February marked the 60th Anniversary of Australia's ratification of the United Nations Convention on Genocide.

ANC Australia President Mr. Varant Meguerditchian thanked Senator Sterle, who is the current Chairperson of the 'Australia-Armenia Parliamentary Friendship Group', for helping highlight such tragic events.

"'End The Cycle Of Genocide' was what we titled this exhibition because Darfur shows that genocides are still taking place in the 21st Century," said Mr. Meguerditchian. "While Darfur is rightly condemned, there are genocides which occurred in the 20th century, for which the perpetrators are yet to have been brought to account by the international community."

The ANC Australia delegation, which also included a representative of the Armenian Youth Federation of Australia (AYF Australia), met with over 40 legislators and covered topics including the Armenian Genocide, the Armenian Relief Fund of Australia, Nagorno Karabakh, the Armenian-Australian community, Armenian trade and Armenian history.

Mr. Meguerditchian added: "We were encouraged by the willingness of Senators and Members of Parliament to join the 'Australia-Armenia Parliamentary Friendship Group' and advocate issues of concern to our community."

Joint Attacks Made By The Greek (Pontic ?) Associations And Lobbies In Collaboration With The Armenian Lobbies: ABC Radio, Adelaide

Hear the slanders of the Greek and Armenian generations, as well as the concern of few Australian citizens and politicians who show their concern in the presentation of these subject to the Australian people a hundred years later, to break up the unity. They all complain of the work of Turkish Ambassador to defy these huge fabrications. They are used that no Turkish authorities or persons would comment anything in response and their slanders goes out as truth.

Even one man, can upset their scenarios! Ask your own selves, as regards whether all this defense should be left only to one man, or if we should support him and our rightness! You can listen to the interview in one of the two links below:


Protest The South Australian Parliamentarians For Passing A Defamatory Motion
Background (Preamble):
South Australian Parliament's Legislative Council passed a motion on 25 March 2009 recognizing the so-called “Armenian Genocide” as “one of the greatest crimes against humanity”.

The motion, which is based on groundless and debatable Armenian allegations, while condemning the events of 1915 as “the genocide of the Armenians” also calls on the Australian federal parliament “to officially condemn the genocide of the Armenians”.
We, the undersigned, declare that by passing such a motion the South Australian Parliament’s Legislative Council has been an instrument to the efforts of those who try to make use of distorted historical events for their political ambitions to the detriment of the multiethnic and multicultural harmony in our country, Australia.

We, the undersigned, also state that adjudging on a nation’s history through one-sided and defamatory allegations is none of a foreign state’s parliament’s business.

Therefore, we, the undersigned, request that the South Australian Parliament’s Legislative Council:

retract this ill-judged and unjustified motion at once,

apologize in the public forum to the Turkish community for offending respectful members of the multicultural Australian nation,

pass a new motion commending the achievements of the Turkish community contributing enthusiastically to the daily and economic life in Australia,

apologize in the public forum to the Turkish authorities for impudently jeopardizing the excellent relations between Turkey and Australia the special and inspiring spirit of which emanates from the battlefields of Gallipoli.

Sign The petition


Altan, Sydney, NSW, Australia said...

To those who do not know or study to learn the truth and the real truth:

There has never been an Armenian Genocide in history. The Armenians had gone to war against the Ottomans They themselves had killed innocent children, women and elderly, Ottomans moved them to Syria some of them Were killed on the way due to weather conditions do not understand what will the so called good Australians Would achieve by injecting wrong information and using Australian Government for their ill cause.

My advice to those is to read the history books that were written independent historians and then believe Such untrue stories and stir up the Australian community. What will such action benefit Australia Why don’t People keep their differences and political games to themselves. Please keep Australia clean of these political Games which is no benefit of the nation except gain few votes to some politicians. We do not want self infected Politicians in this country.

Please contact the Turkish Embassy in Canberra for more explicit and true information which are very well Documented before being used by such people.

This action by the Federal Government will be very unnatural and heart a great part of the Australian community.

(IP Address Logged)

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