2797) Open Letter To 3 Articles Of "Los Angeles Times"

  • Jack Miles: Talking To Turkey, But Islam Is Listening
  • Paul Richter: Turkey, Armenia Are Likely To Ease Conflict
  • Laura King: Turkey Awaits Obama With Mixed Emotion

  • Dear Sirs and Miss King:

    Can you spare your time and mind, for what a Turkish citizen [aged 79, with many friends of American and Armenian and other ethnicities, traveling at least twice a year to USA to visit his son, wife and two grandsons now 22-24 years of age holding dual citizenships] wants to convey to all decent persons in the world?

    I am still (running at idle speed) distributorship of mostly U.S. made workshop equipment. I have been in most of the industrial (and vacation) cities throughout USA in the past 55 years! So I know USA better than my home country and 90% of her citizens!. I am a graduate of Robert College, [famous Missionary School founded in 1863] and have done “quite a bit of reading” (may be 50 – 80.000 pages) on some particular historical incidents. In the last ten years having concentrated on this famous “Armenian genocide fanfare of huge" distortions. I have written two books! So, if you have the courage and pleasure of learning how much you could have erred, I invite you (like me) to satisfy your curiosity and read the given connections, and “quit believing others, see irrefutable evidences” and think logically!

    a. My Ideals Can Be Viewed Here . You can go through my other articles in there, or some 2800 postings all on the Armenian case. So far, I have not received any remark "that I misquoted anything"!. Try it for yourself!

    b. Also See what the US Newspapers had written. Do not miss “Reno Evening Gazette”s Oct.15,1915, “PROPHECY”

    c. Read This Reputed Armenian Revolutionist Leader (later US Ambassador), their treason-braveries with photos!

    d. Read the braveries or treason of revolutionist Armenians, presented in official memorandum to Paris Conference in Feb. 1919!.

    Ask your logic a simple question: If 1.5 million Armenians were massacred, from where those alive, came?

    e. And if you want to see the huge blunder and scope of how easy to US Congress-Senate-White House and Media is “goaded in the wrong direction, take your time, and read # 192 US Congress-Senate report 22.04.1922, -Observe the signatures of many dignitaries, including Henry Morgenthau on the Executive Board, and try to answer these simple questions:

    1- Why there is no word of “genocide-massacres” but almost praise of help given for Relief to Christians only in this explicit long report!

    2- If 1.5 millions were killed in 1915, out of a total maximum population of 1.3 to 1.5 millions, how is it possible to unanimously resolve that a total of 1.414.000 Armenians were alive on 31.12.1921? Who is wrong? The Congress and White House who lived the events, or today's Congress?

    f- My level of knowledge on the matter, can be judged from my free E-book compiling some 2000 excerpts, none from Turkish or even “denialist ticketed” reputed scholar! All are from anti-Turkish neutral, Armenian-British-American and alike foreign sources. Readers are free to point out if they find any one, to be untrue!

    My findings and involvement of “theology” in subjects of “wisdom and objective science” are explained throughout my book and also in chapter 6, with references to Kevin Phillip’s excellent books American Dynasty and American Theocracy as well as many other quotes. It is indeed regretful that many politicians and rulers take refuge in similar myths and dogmas. A respected Armenian book writer Ara Baliozian, in one of his last essays said it beautifully for me as well: “And yet, the Greek effort to explain Reality makes as much sense today as the myths invented by the Jewish, Muslim and Christian theologians who have legitimized murder and massacre in the name of God!”

    Sukru Server Aya - Istanbul, April 5th, 2009

    Above message has been sent to:
    paul.richter@, jack.miles@, laura.king@
  • Jack Miles: Talking To Turkey, But Islam Is Listening
  • Paul Richter: Turkey, Armenia Are Likely To Ease Conflict
  • Laura King: Turkey Awaits Obama With Mixed Emotion


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