2808) I May Be Taken For A “Duped Reader” ! But Can Anyone In USA Answer These?

Dear All, With “Genocide Mental Infection”!

After Obama’s visit to Turkey, I am stunned at reading very shallow articles on the “Genocide Fanfare” and since humans by nature are tempted to speak immediately, for something, they have not learned in detail but simply heard from others or read only from a few attractive novels or scripts I ask you to share the followings. . .

I have no idea as regards how many would read this challenge, in which I will summarize a few abstracts from other documents, and invite the readers to prove that, any part of what I say or quote is wrong!

Many of you may not be aware that because of the fact that I had and still have many excellent friends of Armenian ethnicity (as well as other ethnicities and nationalities) and the fact that what I read was somewhat inconstant and paradoxical, I have compiled a book “The Genocide of Truth” which everyone can easily reach and download. The book was the result of some 50.000 pages of scanning in some 4-5 years! After its print, new documents have been discovered, (which you can all view at this blog site in the section of Free-E-Books or Innocent Armenians) and everything that has come up a new from Armenian, American and other anti-Turkish sources, reaffirm my first findings and comments in the book.

My respected mentor Ara Baliozian, in one of his many most ironic essays, said: “You cannot reason with the unreasonable”! I believe that “most of the Genocide addicts” take a great satisfaction by this “victimization episode, which covers up the several errors of the past leaders” and gives the joy of being RIGHT!

Well, unfortunately the “genocide brain washing” has been so successful that no one needs to ask his own conscience, “WHAT, IF I AM WRONG”? The cheers, shouting and writings are so many that the individual does not ask these simple questions: Any murder needs a cause or end benefit! Why should the Turks kill Armenians who were in charge of some of the state offices, and almost all other professions, doctors, pharmacy, builders, tailors, groceries, traders and practically everything that makes money and superior? Were the Turks able to fill up all these professions all of the sudden if they had eliminated them? Therefore, the element of “cause” has no explanation.

Likewise, any murder investigation needs few fundamentals such as: Date, time, place, numbers killed, murder tools, corpses, documents to prove such large-scale killings or at least neutral eyewitnesses with too many similar incidents at the same time, to arrive to such a conclusion. And after all these evidences are collected, we need a trial by an authorized tribunal, which is empowered with such an investigation, hearing the accusations and the defenses in the public. You cannot insult any person or nation with a charge that has not been proven legally that it really happened. Hearsays and assumptions sway away LOGIC and REASON and all of the sudden you become one of the lynch mob or stone throwers to the person who may be very innocent!

Ara Baliozian tells All In His Few But Wise in words : Let's Smoke Peace Nargileh & Forever After Live Like Brothers

To us, the Genocide is a tragedy.
To the Turks it’s an embarrassment.
To American politicians running for office, a cash cow! . . .

The rest of the essay is very enjoyable and teaching, for those who are not scared to “think and evaluate alone”.

First, we all must take into consideration that the element of “estimate” and “intentional or natural errors” will certainly apply for some events said to have happened about a century ago. Certainly, “there is no smoke, without a fire”, but the riddle is, “how much of smoke, how big or many fires, and who started them and who profited from destruction”!

As you will notice hereunder, the contradictions are so gigantic that it will be ridiculous for “any official mouth” to speak of any act of GENOCIDE, when THEIR OWN DOCUMENTS BELIE these blunders.

Step 1: Question: what was the Armenian population in 1914 in the Ottoman Empire:

1905– Ottoman State census 1.294.851
1912- British Blue Book 1.056.000
1913- L.D. Contenson 1.056.000
1914– (Mar 1) Joint French-Armenian Committee Report For Land Distribution 1.280.000
1915– (Oct 22) New York Times 1.200.000
1914- The Ottoman Army– David Nicole, Rafael Ruggeri (1994) 1.250.000
1915– Arnold Toynbee counts 1.511.000
1914- Encyclopedia Britannica 1.500.000

CONCLUSION: The estimate should be 1.300.000 but let’s be generous and accept 1.500.000

Step 2: What was the number of persons sent out from their houses by relocations:

a. According to Selahi Sonyel (Cypriot – British) 800.000
b. Bogos Nubar Pasha, Paris Delegation 1919 (Balance 390.000) sent 600 or 700.000
c. Talat Pasha Memoirs – M Bardakci (includes those relocated repeatedly) 924.000
d. Yusuf Halacoglu, relocated by names and registered records 450.000
e. Letter Feb 6, 1916 from Aleppo US Consul J.B. Jackson to H. Morgenthau 486.000

CONCLUSION: The estimate for relocated people out of their homes +- (subtract) 750.000

Step 3: What was the number of living people, after relocations?

a. Boghos Nubar, official annex to Paris Conference, 11.12.1918 390.000
b. US Istanbul Commissioner to State Dept. letter March 1, 1921 (in Turkey) 624.900
c. Outlet letter from W.H.Anderson to US State Dept. Nov. 1922 in Turkey 281.000
+ in Russia (Erivan Republic + Georgia, Azerbaıdjan, etc.) 2.195.000
d. Dr.F. Nansen, head of Leage of Nations, Emigrants Committee 1.080.000
e. Greek PM Venizelos to 1919 Paris Conference 880.000
f. British Armenian Relief Committee (Syria-Pales-Caucasus-Greece total) 750.000
+ Immigrated to Russia from Turkey choose one: 310.000 – 400.000 – 500.000 400.000
+ Fled to other countries after the 1918 Armistice + Egypt 370.000
g. Historian A.A. Lalaian in 1919 total 885.000 living – 195.000 dead by epidemics= 690.000 (1922)
h. to Lausanne Confer. 1923 (Caucasus-Syria-Greece-Bulgaria-Persia-orphans) 760.000
i. Joint US Congress-Senate Res. 192, 22.04.1922 Total living in the area 1.414.000

CONCLUSION: The estimate for casualties 1914-1920 under Turkish rules +- 300.000

Died due to epidemics and starvation Armen. Repub. 1919-1921 190.000

Quiz Question: If the total population was as under step 1, number of relocations was like under step 2, then which whole-head can claim that 1.500.000 were massacred en masse, but we have the balance number of living persons in Step 3. and the most outstanding is the 1.414.000

Official resolution of the U.S. Senate and Congress!
Will someone asks them for a simple REPLY?

Sukru S. Aya, Istanbul 16.04.2009


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