2955) Turkey Does Not Need Armenia To Prosper; But Armenia Desperately Needs Turkey To Survive

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One Turkish-American Response
ATAA, President-Elect, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Harut Sassounian article “Who Will Blink First, Armenia or Turkey?”, mirrored by The Huffington on Sept 2, 2009, is typical Dashnak propaganda and rhetoric: cold, calculating, selective, deceptive, incorrect, and insincere.

The irrefutable facts of the matter as I see it are quite different, plain and simple:

1) Turkey does not need Armenia to prosper; but Armenia desperately needs Turkey to survive.

2) Armenia was going bankrupt when Turkey gave it a “kiss of life” with the protocols. .

3) Azerbaijan will be insulted with this rapprochement when Armenia still militarily occupies Karabakh and seven regions surrounding it, all Azeri soil.

4) This move rewards Armenia for aggression, terrorism, and massacres.

5) There are still about a million Azeri refugees exiled from their home at gunpoint by Armenian thugs whom this move does not address.

6) Armenia refuse to recognize its neighbors’ sovereignty, in itself a cause for war according to international law. Armenia covets Javakheti region from Georgia, eastern Anatolia from Turkey, and Karabakh with surroundings from Azerbaijan. Compare that with the fact that America started a transatlantic war for much less than that in 1991 when Saddam’s Iraq invaded Kuwait, neither countries being neighbors of America or having anything in common. Compare also that America bombed Yugoslavia back to the stone age in 1998 when the Serbs had resorted to brutal aggression, senseless mayhem, and hateful ethnic cleansing in Bosnia and Kosovo. Armenia committed all of those heinous crimes and more in Azerbaijan in 1992-1994 and got American…uh…. aid! If this is not double standards, hypocrisy, bias, bigotry, and racial and/or religious discrimination, in full view, I don’t know what is.

7) Armenia still promotes a bogus claim of genocide, ignoring the complicity of the Armenian revolutionaries in propaganda, agitation, terror, raids, revolts, treason, territorial demands, civil war, Turkish dead and suffering at the hands of Armenians, and more, in that order, from 1877 Turkish-Russian war to 1920 Alexandretta (Gumru) agreement. Keeping archives sealed will not save Armenians from facing their past hate crimes before, during, and after the alleged genocide.


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