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  • Esteemed Sir,

    I beg to be excused for wishing to draw your attention to below facts, based on your reply message to my close friend Mr. Yuksel Oktay on Dec.18, 2009, regarding Resolution 316.

    A- As a researcher and author, I call your attention to the reality that your proposal # 316, is completely contradictory to the previous joint US Senate-Congress Resolution no. 192, dated 22.4.1922, which you can readily reach at below link, and which does not bear a single word of atrocities committed by Turks and clearly confirms that 1.414.000 Armenians were alive on 31.12.1921.

    Given the fact that the Armenian population confirmed by French-Armenian authorities on 1.03.1914 was to be 1.280.000 in the Ottoman Empire, I would like to have a reasonable explanation as regards how you can have 1.500.000 people killed in 1915 and still have a balance of 1.414.000 alive at the end of 1921. See: Free-E-Book-Near-East-Relief
    . . .

    B. Your attention is also called to the Report of General Harbord resolved unanimously by the US Senate-Congress in 1920

    Your special attention is also called to the Annex of the subject report, “Atrocities” which you can find in US National Archives # 184.021/175 and bring an explanation to the following sentence written therein::

    “…Armenians massacred Mussulmans on large scale with many refinements of cruelty and Armenians are responsible for most of the destruction to towns and villages….”

    C. My book, which is a compilation of some 2000 excerpts from anti-Turkish or neutral sources, Can Be Readily Downloaded Here. If you would download and read the documents enlisted in the list of ANNEXES at the very bottom, you will need no further proof:

    Esteemed Senator, I am afraid that you have been mislead by distorted or fabricated grand-ma tales which have no historical, judicial or logical evidence. I and the blog site of “Turkish Armenians” are in an effort of exposing TRUTH and normalization of the “all time friendly relations between DECENT people, Turks and Armenians or others”.

    The interest of diaspora Armenians may not serve our purpose. Such an understanding may not serve their long time continued antagonism either.

    I will be pleased to hear from you, if you can prove where I am wrong, based on valid documents.

    I express my best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and hope that you will have the courage to look into the documents I herewith submit

    Cordially Yours,

    Sukru Server Aya - Istanbul - Turkey .


    Dussardier said...

    Since around 99 % of financial contributions to Mr. Menendez's political campaigns come from Armenian American individuals and PACs, including many peoples who live out of New Jersey (http://www.poligazette.com/2008/08/05/buying-policies/), there are few hopes that Mr. Menendez will change his speech. About Turkey and Armenian issue, he is nothing more than a parrot of ANCA.

    American Observer said...

    I congratulate Mr. Aya for bringing facts that refute HR 316 to Menendez's attention.

    Thanks to Aya, I, too, posted my protests at Menendez's website.

    But does he ever read?

    Would Menendez ever have the honor and decency to check out the other side of the story?


    University Of California, Irvine ( United States said...

    Senator Menendez and Senator Reid are getting campaign donations from Kirk Kirkorian Billionaire Vegas Casino owner,
    seems to me these senators are for sale for the highest bitter, they totally disregard their own countries interest and work for Foreign entities in this case Armenian lobby

    l call this a treason

    Qwest Communications ( Renton, Washington, United States said...

    Senator Menendez would be well advised to reconsider his alliance with these Diaspora Armenian Propagandists. I would be happy to reveal my name publicly but my past experience with them has shown that these Propagandists are full of hate and will stop at nothing for the furtherance of their spiteful campaign of disinformation.

    I am an American. I have Mr. Sukru Server Aya's book in my possession, having received it in person from him on one of my trips to Turkey in 2008. It is a thick book filled from cover to cover with references to primary sources which the best historians rely on for soundly establishing historical facts.

    There are many of us -now both Americans and Turks- who are determined that the continuation of this gross travesty by Armenian Propagandists against Turks must not be allowed to continue here on our American Soil. A more brief outline ( 5 pages ) of the situation and of our objection to the activities of the Armenian Propagandists may be found on the ATAA website :


    We sincerely hope that Senator Menendez will not have to learn the facts "the hard way" -through public exposure and embarrassment.

    S. Oktay said...

    Dear Senator Menendez:

    I am disappointed and more than disturbed for another senate bill to be introduced once again about the so-called Armenian Genocide. The bill is nothing but the “Genocide of Truth.” If in fact there had been such an event, it would have been settled by now after almost a century of shameful concoctions, forgeries and unfounded claims by the Armenian Diaspora.

    As is well known to those who know history well, to call the events of 1915 as genocide, and equate it with the Holocaust in Germany, one would have to assume that the Jews in Germany had been engaged in armed rebellion against the German state, collaborating with the Allies against Germany, that in the deportation order the cities of Hamburg and Berlin were exempted, the persons in the employment of the state were exempted, and their deportation only applied to the Jews of Germany proper and when they got to the pogroms they were welcomed into shelters by the Polish Jews. To say the least, that is absurd. If anything, that kind of parallelism does disservice to the memory of Holocaust. Nobody denies that the years around 1915 were dreadful times, and Turkey has all along acknowledged it and some intellectuals even apologized for it, but none from the Armenian side. It was not genocide if your standard of comparison is what happened to the European Jews, but diaspora Armenians will find it very hard to give up their claim that it was. Nevertheless, the grown-ups are now in charge both in Armenia and in Turkey, and amazing progress is being made.

    As you know, Turkey and Armenia recently signed Protocols that cover these issues. It would be a crime to history to torpedo or induce to torpedo such a rapprochement between two neighboring countries whose people have lived together in peace and harmony for centuries under the Ottoman policy of “live and let live.” In other words, we are at a juncture now where Yerevan Armenians- knowing better than their counterpart diaspora Armenians as to why and what really took place in 1915- are willing to reconcile their differences with the Turks and vice versa. Our very wise President Obama and his Secretary of State Clinton should be lauded for recognizing this very important development and encouraging the two parties to talk things over, and live with whatever conclusions that might come out of an impartial scientific examination of the historical records and archives to define existing problems and formulate recommendations stated in the recently signed protocols between them.

    As has been said many times before, it is not the politicians but historians who can help set the record straight. It would be a great disservice to everyone alike for politicians, especially at high places like yourself, to insert themselves into a dialogue between two parties who are trying to resolve a conflict among themselves which has been festering just for too long now. I think the least the US Senate can do is to encourage but not sabotage these recent very important developments between Armenia and Turkey. Otherwise, it will be the United States’ loss and not of Turkey, for the latter is trying to do its utmost best to resolve this issue once and for all. United States must also recognize that strategically Turkey holds the key to the eventual rapprochement between East and West as the center of gravity of world view is shifting from West to East. It would be a shame for the United States not to see the future for some vote getting politics of the present.

    Happy Holidays,

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