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03 November 2009
2979) Türkiye’de Ermeniler-Cemaat-Birey-Yurttas,: Armenians in Turkey – Community-Individual-Citizen: Book Review By Sukru Server Aya

ISBN 978-805-399—095-6 Bilgi Univ. Publication No. 253, I.stanbul June 2009


If many of my past and present sincere friends were not to be of Armenian ethnicity and with all of them, I had experienced not even one thing unpleasant, other than bilateral love, understanding and sharing; I would have had no reason to make this research. The fact that the book authors are aged to be my children or grand children and they all have “scholar titles” made me to think it over, because our “mission is to pacify, intermix, avoid any complexes of superiority-inferiority or wealth, and is to complete this short lif....

Dear Readers,

Having enjoyed the warm friendship and loyalty of (almost all) Turkish Armenians, I was greatly irritated by the biased presentation of the above book (written in 8 years ? by too many), and for which several institutions (Swedish Consulate) gave open support. The book review in the above link, has been mailed to respective universities, authors and the Swedish Consulate and Embassy for their knowledge, and no objection or comment has been ever heard. Above book was composed by three (apologist) Turkish scholars (!) and a Turkish Armenian scholar. Documents hereby submitted, shows that these authors "did not write what they should have written for sure and hence gave half or quarter truths or distortions" which is a disrespect to the "knowledge and sense of humane decency of the readers", such as:


No.1 - *Sacrifice of Artin Penik: burns himself in 1982 protesting ASALA killings in Ankara, 8 dead, 72 wounds

*News of Lawyer Kegam Karabetyan beaten in Istanbul in 2005, for saying "I am Turk".

No.2 - Recent interviews of sincerity by several newspapers, warm reader comments on Kegam Karabetyan 2009

Istanbul Armenian blog site, openly supports Kegam Karabetyan, praises his speeches

No.3 - Newspaper SABAH, 7.11.2009 Armenian Patriarch thanks PM Erdogan for helping Armenians

No.4- *Book excerpts, about Prof. Arman Manukyan teaching over 50 years, but unknown to above writers

No.5- *Excerpts from June 2005 Magazine, about excellent relations between four Armenians and Ataturk

contributing much to modern reforms. (Book gave only two names and rather superficially).

(*) These older important news or incidents should have been emphasized in Armenian-Turkish relations.

I am open to positive-negative comments on this blog site, where we are defending the friendship of decent Armenians with all human beings, including or even preferring Turks and vice versa!

(Compiled and translated by Sukru S. Aya - Istanbul Jan.7, 2010)

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