2992) Re: Armenia as Destitute, Yet Full of Hope : Sassounian's column of January 7, 2010

Reference: 2989) Prime Minister’s 1919 Letter Describes Armenia As Destitute, Yet Full Of Hope By Harut Sassounian & Counter-Comments By Sukru Server Aya

From: Sukru Server Aya (ssaya at superonline dot com)
To: 'Harut Sassounian' (sassoun at pacbell dot net)

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From: Harut Sassounian [sassoun at pacbell dot net]
Sent: Friday, January 08, 2010
To: SS Aya
Subject: Re: Armenia as Destitute, Yet Full of Hope : Sassounian's column of January 7, 2010

I usually don't respond to genocide denialists .
(Is this because you have no logical and factual response, or because you look down on people with a VISIBLE RACIST antagonism? Who authorized you to make a verdict/statement of "genocide or denialist"? The comments written by SS Aya are complete distortions of established historical facts that are well known to the whole world, (What most of the world may know or think is no evidence of factual and PROVEN TRUTH! I do not distort , and even cannot do because I convey what other anti-Turkish or neutral writers or documents state and I always give footnote references. There are almost 2000 excerpts in my book; prove one to be untrue, and I will declare myself a base liar! I am not a young child to be impressed by ballast or stuffing words such as "established historical facts" (without reference) which does not say a thing. "Whole World - denialist - hiding heads in sand" and alike screaming animosity against all Turks" proves nothing, but blind - imbedded hatred from top to bottom may be because of other "side benefits in merchandising hatred"! not just Armenians, but apparently unknown to denialists who want to hide their heads in the sand and ignore those realities. Those comments convince nobody else outside a limited circle of Turks.

My book has been open on the internet now for two years, other free E-books of prominent Armenian historians (Lalaian, Nassibian, Pastermadjian, Khatcaznuni Bucarest Manifest, Dasnabedian and some 140 authentic American-Armenian-French-British documents which you cannot slander with your shameful "denialist stamp", are all sitting there. Sooner or later the "carried away decent Armenians" will have to learn the TRUTHS that have been kept hidden and understand that there are quite a number of people and some groups, for which THE SHOW MUST GO ON! by selling hatred!The blog site "armenians-1915.blogspot.com" is an example of sincerity, decency, bilateral understanding and the need for basing matters NOT ON BALLAST words but on humane compassion, which lasted for a thousand year in this area until some adventurers dragged their nations in calamities, but saving themselves! Mr. Sassounian, "sends encouraging and flattering words from California to Armenians in Armenia or Turkey" and recommends "more resistance" , whilst he continues his wealthy life ,in USA. I wish continuation of his high standards of living, and may be 5% of it sent to Armenia instead of non-eatable stuffing words!

I have nothing nor any reason to hide anything. If I ever accidentally erred, I will express my apologies only then, and which will not lower my decency.

I remind that I have not used "any Turkish source or other well known schollars whom are easily degraded as "denialist"! It seems that now Mr. Sassounian will have to name Armenians and Americans in history and official documents as well as DENIALISTS, to escape the written evidences. I have no obligation "to convince any party", the facts are there, and the individual is free to believe in "visible documented facts or hearsay".

I never hated anyone or lied for any reason; no one will be able to call me a liar or denialist or alike...when I will be out of this world for ever. I convey my best and sincere wishes for all...

Lovingly and respectfully from Istanbul,

Sukru S. Aya

Best regards,

Harut Sassounian


Mustafa Atac said...

To: 'Sukru Server Aya'

What else can be said other than applaud for your excellent remarks Sir.

Full heartedly thanks and as always complements.

Truly yours


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