2994) Saviors And Shipwrecked by Denis Donikian

© This content Mirrored From  http://armenians-1915.blogspot.com The Armenians are divided into two categories: the saviors of the nation and the survivors of that nation. Saviors unrepentant and being shipwrecked shipwreck, that is. Fortunately, the former are less numerous than the latter. But do not believe that there are no saviors among intermittent sinking. There is not even that. Among them, the next savior is asleep.

Occasionally, fever amount on their heads, their minds as their savior bore boredom shipwrecked and returned to the surface. Then after a while, this same fever falls and the savior returns to sinking. This does not prevent him from living elsewhere. He lives very well. But he drags with him constantly this ambiguous feeling of loss and humiliation.
. . . Especially when he hears about the saviors, the true and active savers, those who want to save the Western Armenian language, land Western Armenian, Western Armenian children, the school also Western Armenian, the beurek Armenian, Armenian Genocide The trauma of Armenia, the ruins of Ani and others, the book Armenian who does not read the Armenian dance which is danced more, the Armenian Diaspora continues to disperse and to tell all of Armenia with its Ararat inside preference. I know something, because I am one. When I write, is to save. When I eat, but also to save. When I fart, it is to save more. I dream of saving the Armenians themselves. But fortunately, I have my limits. I get tired very quickly. Wanting to save, fatigue, yes. Then I sank. Therefore I have boundless admiration for those working 24 hours on 24 to save us. Their brain is a machine to save. They enjoy it, it looks as saviors. This Christological narcissistic enjoyment is their essence, I mean their nature and their fuel.

The Armenian nation in this sense is provided. We found upwards of a sociological level, since those improvised themselves as saviors to those of other saviors they have elected to save us.

The three presidents of the third republic of Armenia are a good example. They all managed to save the sinking of the disaster. Indeed, the only thing that the three presidents of Armenia have managed to save, the save-for-himself. Citizens prefer swamp being saved elsewhere in Armenia. As the Prime Minister's third president, he wants to save the corrupt corrupt nation. He did not say he had also saved the Ararat's snow. He has too much wisdom. Neither Dodi Gago its fat gagolitique.

Neither the chairman of its military past. All our presidential saviors have at least managed to save themselves, unable to save their people.

For example Kocharian was saved in a sumptuous villa after having saved the sinking chronic Armenians moral collapse, while qu'Arpineh still lives underground in Ashtarak. Besides, they put three chairs, all in their cottage enjoying a comfort to the euro, to succeed in not being able to accommodate all the survivors of the earthquake of 1988 in dwellings to meet human standards. Recently, the last of these presidents, visiting the construction site, was transformed into infinite inspector work, in finding that he was still missing something, a valve, a gas ... However, it does not alter the fact that Armenians are great builders of churches. But we're not going to throw stones at our dedicated officials who do everything that the Armenians do not go to become slaves in Europe or pariahs in Turkey. Is it not in Armenia, and Armenia alone, their mother country, they may have the chance to escape the condition of slaves and outcasts? It would be indecent to be confused with those saviors angel who made history by defeating our nation. Once, we had six at once, which became nineteen. But because they can save us, they saved themselves. Then it was the sinking of seven thousand deaths. A shipwreck of blood. Moreover, all the Armenian political parties are parties intended to save the Armenian people. Normal, you will say. But supporters of salvation are so entered on this obsession to save us at any price they ended up getting an ideological chronic constipation. Try to think freely when you have your ass plugged. However, it should not take our messiahs for lanterns. Our saviors really illuminate the path of our nation, one that allows everyone to follow his in a little while forgetting that. But how, you ask, forgetting that a little while? Yes, because a castaway who wants it saves 24 hours 24 gets tired quickly. He needs to have fun, get lost, and who knows sometimes to désarméniser in ambient air. The rescuers themselves hoarse, gesticulating. But what can they do against the air? Nothing. But beware. Ambient air is not the Armenian equivalent of Air France. The ambient air, it is France, which is inhabited by the French. Therefore, our saviors have much merit. More ambient air increases, more rescuers believe our duty to save us. Periodically, they throw big speeches, they paddle, paddling against the tide, they struggle like hell. But the air, enticing as a whore Threepenny acted with malice of an octopus using its suction cups on any misplaced. And there's going to tear your castaway to such arms. But faith is faith. Faith of coal or good faith, whatever. The key is to remember the survivors of the duty to leave the wreck. I can already see who criticize me for being a pseudo-savior who does not believe that the disaster. He must believe they are right.

Everything goes. It wrecked my next speaker. It is true that if we were not already shipwrecked, we would not need saviors. And we must believe that a nation that creates so many saviors, amateur or professional, is already a nation who feels the sinking. We must believe ... But pétons and rouspétons as you like, glassy sea or ocean storm, the bulk is not rowing?

http://denisdonikian.wordpress.com/2009/12/28/sauveurs-et-naufrages .


Turk Telekom ( Istanbul, Turkey said...

Enjoyed reading Donikian's sense of humor and hitting the nails, more or less like Ara Baliozian!

If it would not harm the effects, I would like to compliment the writer and his well explained irony.

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