3053) "Roadmap to Nowhere or New Delay Tactic: Genocide Recognition in 2015?" By Harut Sassounian And Reader's Comments By Sukru Server Aya

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Faced with deadlock in ratifying the Armenia-Turkey Protocols, the major powers are desperately looking for a face-saving way out of the current dilemma. France, Russia and the United States have invested far too much time and effort to walk away from the negotiated and signed, but not ratified, “deal of the century.”

Reader's Comments:
That was a secret rush affair by outside fixation, and was bound to be a miscarriage from the start!

At the time of writing this column, the President of Armenia and the Prime Minister of Turkey had been summoned to Washington by Pres. Obama for a last ditch effort to rescue the Protocols or at a minimum create an illusion of progress in the reconciliation process. The slightest gesture or even the promise of an improvement in Armenia-Turkey relations or the Artsakh (Karabagh) conflict would give Pres. Obama the required fig leaf to cover up his broken promise on the Armenian Genocide.

The writer must define if Obama is the President of Armenia or America, and if Mr. Sassounian treasures his Armenian ethnicity over and above the nationality of the country he is a citizen of. Or is it a repetition of the old A.R.F. habit to betray the benefactors! . . .

It will soon be clear if White House pressure on Armenia and Turkey would result in any positive movement, such as limited opening of the Armenia-Turkey border, before ratifying the Protocols. Azerbaijan’s President was deliberately left out of the Washington Summit in order to prevent him from undermining U.S. mediating efforts. In the event of Turkish recalcitrance, Armenia’s President would have no choice but to withdraw his country’s signature from the Protocols, blaming Turkey for putting preconditions and demanding that Artsakh be handed to Azerbaijan.

No comment...A.R.F's ambitions for land grabbing and logic of ownership goes back to Noah's Ark, and therefore is only a myth!

In an attempt to break the deadlock, Thomas de Waal, Senior Associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, issued a “Policy Brief” on April 9, just before the start of the Washington Summit. The report, “Armenia and Turkey: Bridging the Gap,” suggests five “goodwill gestures” that Turkey needs to make in order to keep reconciliation with Armenia alive.

Turkey is sick and tired of these circulating lies and DOES NOT NEED ARMENIA or reconciliation other than normal neighborly relations which cannot be established because of the PROVOCATION of DIASPORA and the pipe blowers such as the author and some turncoats!

– An opening of the Armenia-Turkey border for noncommercial travelers;

Armenians are free to enter Turkey by air and travel wherever they wish. They are given a 90 days entry visa, but manage to stay for years, get jobs, send their children to Armenian schools which are all unlawful but an unilateral (stupid) gesture of the government!

– A limited opening of a zone next to the Armenia-Turkey border that contains the medieval Armenian city of Ani, now just inside Turkish territory. This would allow Armenian tourists to visit the ancient site.

The Armenian tourists are allowed to visit the ancient site but they have to enter Turkey by air, until such time that they stop aggression and land grabbing of neighbors. Do Armenia intend to shut up the rock-quarry only 1.5 mile from the ancient city, which is damaged every time dynamite explodes in the quarry and resonance shakes the ancient site!?

– A Turkish initiative to fully open and digitize the Ottoman archives containing the official Ottoman records of the events of 1915 to 1921.

Ottoman archives are classified and open for many years. Ask Ara Sarafian! Who was ever refused from research in Turkish archives, where, when? Do you have any intention or face or courage to open the Boston ARF archives in return? Or would you be embarrassed when the detailed stories of "refinement of cruelties and Armenians braveries - massacres" become more readable. The documents already in the E-library of this blog site, leaves no further need for Ottoman or Armenian archival material. Everything that is on official record on this blog and other OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS IN ENGLISH needs no interpretation or committee or arbiter or judges! ALL IS OPEN to those who want to see and have the courage to read!

– A Turkish government initiative to invite diaspora Armenians to visit the ancient Armenian heritage sites of Anatolia.

Why? Diaspora Armenians already can travel every where they want in Turkey! Do they need free hospitality or bribing to silence their provocations? Why not the poor Armenians of Armenia but the rich Armenians of diaspora would benefit from the hospitality?

– The opening of a Turkish Airlines route between Istanbul and Yerevan.

Aren't you exceeding your limits of courtesy by telling Turkish Airlines where to open the air route? Next, it will be the type of aircraft and the menu on board suggested by the author, for the sake of "pleasing-buttering the spoiled diaspora"!

In return, de Waal suggests that Armenia pledge “to end the isolation of Nakhichevan once the Turkish-Armenian border opens.”

That is for Azerbaijan to settle with Armenia, the aggressive naughty neighbor but good friends only with Iran and Russia!

After offering the aforementioned simplistic ideas, de Waal turns to the Armenian Genocide recognition issue and tries to come up with a long-term solution to the perennial Armenian-American lobbying efforts which “hobble” the United States. He calls the confrontation in Congress on this issue between Armenians and Turks, “grubby political bargaining.”

Apparently Mr. de Waal does not have the faintest knowledge of Armenian-American and international records, books and documents and lectures based on hearsays and not on facts.

According to de Waal, Pres. Obama’s broken promise on the Armenian Genocide and his use of “Meds Yeghern” (Great Calamity) as a substitute for Genocide is “a dignified formula.”

May be the promise was made before he TOOK AN OATH TO SERVE U.S.A. first. There is no GENOCIDE, there was no time, no reason, no place, no numbers, no murder tools, no corpses, no mass graves, no documents, no neutral eyewitnesses! The author is so brainwashed that he will not divide 1.5 millions in 150 days that the relocation process was carried on, to see that you need to kill 10.000 persons every day and you have to dig graves of stadium sizes to dispose these bodies every day! Come on Sir, be serious use your logic and quit this trouble mongering... if you are really thinking the well being of Armenia and not the diaspora!

Here is what de Waal suggests:
“In order to move away from this annual agony, it makes sense to reframe the Armenian-Turkish issue within a longer perspective. The coming centenary of the Armenian holocaust in five years’ time in 2015 and the growing debate within Turkey on the ‘Armenian question’ gives impetus to this approach. In 2015 — whether the Turks like it or not — the world will mark the anniversary of the Armenian tragedy. The president could deliver a message on April 24, 2010, in which he notes that the centenary commemorations are now five years away and pledges that, if still in office, he will join in those events (perhaps even in Yerevan), but in which he also promises the Turks a little peace until then by affirming his faith in the internal debate in Turkey. Obama could say, ‘We hope to mark this tragic date with our Turkish friends, and not without them,’ and aspire to be a catalyst for Armenian–Turkish reconciliation.”

What de Waal is suggesting is simply a ploy to bury the Armenian Genocide issue for another 5 years, while creating a breathing space for the ratification of the defunct Protocols.

Mr. de Waal and others are already making movie films, writing books based on hearsays and imaginations, but this does not speak the TRUTH which must be uncovered! If the Armenian side has the courage to open their records and sit to talk friendly and bury the past bilateral brutalities and much more than by the "humpabets", this can be done in a week's time!. Diaspora has objected and will sabotage all efforts of any reconciliation because they have a large business which needs hostilities in order that it survives and all get paid and made happy with empty words! I bet Mr. Sassunian does not even know that (U.S. citizen) Armenians can not claim any reparations from Turkey, because the matter was settled back in 1937 by official agreement. So, there is NO TREASURE ISLAND gentlemen....

Before Pres. Obama could be trusted to keep any new promises, he needs to uphold the ones that he has already made and broken. Besides, what guarantees do we have that the President will be re-elected for a second term, and even if he is, that he will keep his pledge!

With best wishes to all Armenians in the world, hoping that they will read enough their own historians to understand how much they are being derailed by teachings of revolutionist associations, clergies and their followers. Mr. Sassounian will have no answer and will say that he "does not answer denailists"(!) and will use the same garbage or "ballast" words. It is a pity, he looks to be a very good looking gentleman but so far he could not enter the "frequency of truth" forgetting the past dramas and building new generations of happiness!

Sukru S. Aya - Istanbul 13.04.2010



Elif Savas said...

Very Well Said Mr Sukru Aya:
Keep up the good work

Shame on you Mr Harut Sassounian:
You sound like you are just feeding your fans, so that you could justify your share of the money collected from Armenian Circles.
You and others expect to be spoonfed as if you are some chosen ones.

Observer2009 said...

Bravo, Mr. Sukru Server Aya, for a wonderful response to a racist and dishonest Armenian writer. The truth is not in what Armenian propagandists say, but in what they don;t say. They never talk about the six T's: tumult(revolts), terrorism, treason, territorial demands, Turkish dead and suffering, and TERESET (temporary resettlement.) Van Revolt of April 15, 1915, was the Ottoman equivalent of 9/11. April 24, 1915 was the Ottoman Guantanamo. And TERESET was the Ottoman war on Armenian terorism. How can defending your home,family, and country be genocide?

Ergun Kirlikovali

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