3094) Questions To All Of The Young Hasty-Premature Scholars

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Prematured freshmen scholars jumping in the shallow "genocide swiming pool"! See where and how you are jumping and watch your heads fellows!

Comment on posting 3091, Ugur Umit Ungor ( Armenians-1915.blogspot.com/2010/05/3091-young-turk-mass-violence-regime.html ) (Replies also Post."3092) An Octuple Problem Of Representation 147 Years After* Representation, Headache, And The Square Wheel By Ayda Erbal" ( Armenians-1915.blogspot.com/2010/05/3092-octuple-problem-of-representation.html ) & 3093) Basic Disconnect—On The Part Of Armenians And Turks—That Is The Product Of Ignorance )( Armenians-1915.blogspot.com/2010/05/3093-basic-disconnecton-part-of.html )

I have to congratulate “Armenian Weekly” for finding new Turkish faces, and post their articles as if they are new discoveries and evidence on the genocide fanfare, which is cadets first lesson. I do not know what drives these “very young Turks (?)” to join the genocide band so easily and demonstrate not how much, but how little they have studied their lessons.

The end notes of Ungor, has selected names such as Akcam and Dadrian, but leavs out the whole world of pro or anti-Armenian writers, and proves that he was biased and selective in his studies, which is unethical for any scholar. Why he has not read even pro-Armenian writers,( to name but a few, Katchaznuni, Nassibian, Lalaian, Derunian, Dasnabedian, Pastermadjian, James Grabill, neutral ones such as Jeremy Salt, Selahi Sonyel, Guenter Lewy, Heath Lowry, Edwar Tashji), or “denialists”(?) such as McCarthy, Lewis, Shaw, Weems, Ataov and others?

The writer indicates that he has read Erich J. Zurcher’s “Turkey a modern history” but makes no reference to page 119 describing the Armenian complicity with Russians or 121, where it states that Armenians could provide no authentic documents to prove any state involvement.

Without going too deep in the subject, I hereby request an explanation of the slander of “genocide done by Turks to Armenians” and ask him, who is wrong? Is it the U.S. State records and what is written in the archives, or what the “mythomaniacs fabricate” to support their lies?

A- From Arthur & Sutherland Report:

- “At first we were most incredulous of the stories told as, but the unanimity of the testimony of alt witnesses, the apparent eagerness with which they told of wrongs done them, their evident hatred of Armenians, and, strongest of all, the material evidence on the ground itself, have convinced as of the general truth of the facts, first, that Armenians massacred Musulmans on a large scale with many refinements of cruelty, and second that Armenians are responsible for most of the destruction done to towns and villages. The Russians and Armenians occupied the country for a considerable time together in 1915 and 1916, and during this period there was apparently little disorder, although doubtless there was damage committed by the Russians. In 1917 the Russian Army disbanded and left the Armenians alone in control. At this period bands of Armenian irregulars roamed the country pillaging and murdering the Musulman civilian population.” >

B- From General Harbord’s report page 35:

-” We entertain no unfriendly dispositions toward the Armenian Republic of which Erivan is the center. For the present the league has no relations with this State and is not interested in it. Our knowledge concerning it is derived from rumors and indirect information. We know, however, so much to be a fact that the Armenians in the new State are carrying on operations in view of exterminating the Mussulman element in obedience to orders from the Armenian corps commander. We have had copies of their orders under our eyes. That the Armenians of Erivan are following a policy of extermination against the Mussulman and this wave of sanguinary savagery has spread right up to our frontier is also established by the fact of the presence within our borders of numerous Mussulman fleeing from death on the other side. The government of Erivan has, on the other hand, resorted to direct acts of provocation such as the practice of gunfire this side of the border.

Although the course of
these events the English encouraged on the one hand the Armenians in the attitude adopted by them against the Mussulmen or even stirred them up to it and, on the other hand, enumerating to us the outrages of the former and describing them as unbearable, they urged us to retaliate by attacking the neighboring State.

But we, putting up with the Armenian provocations, turned a deaf ear to the indignations of the English, feeling sure that the truth would make it known soon enough. As a matter of fact we thought we could detect in the attitude of the English trying to launch us upon an attack against Armenia, the plan of creating a situation of which they would avail themselves to dispatch their own troops into that country. All these maneuvers of the English were started by their officers and representatives after they saw themselves obliged to evacuate Caucasia”-.

CONCLUSION: Questions To All Of The Young Hasty-Premature Scholars:

  1. Who is the culprit of genocide, if any? Who is wrong or lying?

  2. Would you prefer to be a parrot and talk what you are taught and fed for, or a “free bird” fighting for the truth, like this blog!

  3. What a paradox: “truth defending Armenians originally from Turkey, exhibit how prejudiced and wrong Turks from Turkey can truly become, because they don’t read and don’t have the instinct to defend TRUTH

Sukru S. Aya - Istanbul 27.05.2010

Further References Included In Our Collection (Thanks To Tomahawk's comment for this post)

Here you can find the Curriculum Vitae of Ugur Umit Ungor, with on page 2:
"Zoryan Institute, travel grant for € 600,-, March 2003."
"Zoryan Institute, research grant for € 500,-, August 2003."

Local Copy Of Ugur Umit Ungor's Curriculum Vitae

And in his older work “A Reign of Terror” (www.ermenisoykirimi.net/thesis.pdf) he thanked these Armenians for “everything”: “the staff at the Zoryan Institute for everything”.

Local Copy Of His Thesis Called “A Reign of Terror”



Tomahawk said...

What can you expect from another "Turk" paid by the Armenian Zoryan Institute? (compare Taner Akcam in http://armenians-1915.blogspot.com/2009/03/2777-minnesota-university-taner-akcams.html)

Here you can find the Curriculum Vitae of Ugur Umit Ungor, with on page 2:
"Zoryan Institute, travel grant for € 600,-, March 2003."
"Zoryan Institute, research grant for € 500,-, August 2003."

Found on http://www.home.uva.nl/uu.ungor/thesis.pdf (not available anymore, but you can download it from here:

And in his older work “A Reign of Terror” (www.ermenisoykirimi.net/thesis.pdf) he thanked these Armenians for “everthing”: “the staff at the Zoryan Institute for everything”.

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