3146) Book Review “Secrets Of A Christian Terrorist State Armenia”

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Armenian Diaspora in particular in USA and France, are so influential, that it is almost impossible to have any article or editorial critical of the Armenian claims of genocide published. On May 19, 1985, the New York Times and Washington Post newspapers published a full-page signed statement by sixty-nine North American scholars, researches, and experts on the Turkish-Armenians conflict and the history of the Middle East, refuting the “genocide allegation”. They told the world that the evidence available so far pointed to an inter-communal warfare between Christian and Muslim irregular forces and that politicians should not
. . attempt to write history by a show of hands. They said: "Statesmen and politicians make history, and scholars write it. For this process to work scholars must be given access to the written records of the statesmen and politicians of the past... By passing the resolution Congress will be attempting to determine by legislation which side of the historical question is correct. Such a resolution, based on historically questionable assumptions, can only damage the cause of honest historical inquiry, and damage the credibility of the American legislative process."



Observer2009 said...

Sukru Server Aya, one of the most prolific researchers on the issue of Turkish-Armenian conflict, has done it again. His analysis is balanced, sources of data respectable, message poignant, fair, and clear. Those who still believe the myth of "poor, starving Armenian victims" should read Aya's review of Sam Weems' book. For visual aid to enhance Aya's message, one is referred to photos at www.ethocide.com. Congratulations, Mr. Aya, you have achieved what most scholars have not been able to: you have raised global awareness of one of the most persistent myths of the 20th Century: the bogus genociude claims of Armenian falsifiers and Turk-haters.

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