3150) Fake And Shake History By Teachers Of Cheaters

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In “The Genocide of Truth” (Vol.1) book, ( Armenians-1915.blogspot.com/2008/04/2429-new-e-book-genocide-of-truth-based.html )

I had elaborated in Chapter 16, “Propaganda Fabrications” (about 30 pages) on the various fabrications in press and in particular the “Blue Book” by British Propaganda Division
. . “The Wellington House”, and also the famous book of Ambassador Morgenthau, plus a wide selection of some 30 pages of “distortions and fabrications”, . .

That was not enough, so in another (20 pages) Chapter 17, I had explained the forged documents discovered so far, starting with the Andonian Documents, the Vereschagen painting, the Ataturk photo’s forgery and the new refutation of the document attributed to Hitler’s speech, with relative internet links for viewing some of the documents.

However, some scholars and reputed universities continued to use the forged documents. Hence, this new chapter with some pictures is being added to those already given in Volume 1, with some personal remarks about the shamelessness of these forgeries and involvement of reputed professors or scholars in such acts of deceit, counterfeit and forgery under the cover of a university!
. .



Name and identifiable details withheld, Aafes/barracks (207.xx.xxx) Newport, Rhode Island, United States said...

It is a common psychology that people will believe what they want to believe. especially in the case of desperado Armenians where the number of needy is more than the half of the population.

they surely see what the vested interest is. wouldn't you

They'll do anything and everything to get whatever they can, in other words, just like beggars, cheat, lie, and believe what other cheaters tell them which creates a vacuum of the same mindset.

Why I am writing this?

simply because I've seen the level of the poverty and the eyes of the desperate people in Armenia

Leon, (63.201.xx.xx) Reno, Nevada, United States said...

the whole world is on our side

we'll get the land reparation and restitution

no matter what

very soon if not now

full stop

Hunchakian, University Of Minnesota (134.xx.x.xx), Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States said...

Mr Aya

your argument about the past fake images created by the individuals do not prove that the genocide did not take place.

If I search for it, I'll find hundreds of fake arguments by individual Turks, right?

Sukru S Aya said...

Reply to Comment 1:
I agree but it is the "rich Armenians outside of Armenia" who do the most begging, showing the destitute ones as a cause, but then they take the lion's share to themselves and give crumbles and plenty advice to the needy ones.

Reply to Leon:
"The World may be on your side" (because they are fed up and have no interest to know the truth) but TRUTH is NOT on your side! If this means nothing to you, I have nothing I can say because we are of contradictory ethical principles.

More than a century ago, "adventurist Armenians from Russia", dragged the rich "creme de la creme class of Ottoman citizens, the Armenians" to calamities, with great impossible dreams.

They depended on the super powers who were after their own interest and not the Armenians's. The well to do relatively innocent Ottoman Armenians had to suffer and dearly paid.! The humpabets who did the fighting and killings all escaped to Europe when things went bad (Antranik, Drastamat, Pastermadjian).

History teaches only those who read and want to learn, and those who do not learn suffer again because they use their egos instead of their intelligence and facts.

We do not need heroes or martyrs, we need peace and cooperation on earth.

May be you should stay away from "gambling on others' lives".

Enjoy your fantasies and dreams!

Reply to Hunchakian:

I personally do not argue, I simply share "authentic document" that I discover and most of which are available to all on this blog,(for those who try hard not to make mistakes). If you EVER FIND any FAKERY in my excerpts proving that I have used any such false evidence, PLEASE do the FAVOR of EXPOSING THEM on this blog site and prove that I am a liar myself .

My documents are "all official documents, mostly from Armenian and neutral sources" (almost none from Turkish sources). You said that you can find a few hundreds, please DO and SHOW BUT ONE to readers and put me in shame.

I fail to understand the logic that "I have the right to cheat or steal, because somebody else does the same thing".

In my country (or the world, I have not met any crooked Armenian, but I know that the "few bad ones are truly capable". This blog is dedicated to TRUTH seekers and speakers and if you try to put "ethics in the narrow moulds of nationalism" then, you are not speaking sense and the calamities brought by Hunchakists and Dashnakists have no place in this "century of knowledge and compulsory compassion"

Suit yourself, and be "your own hero" and gamble for yourself only! Good luck!

Sukru S. Aya

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