3153) Globalization? Yes, But Of Ethics, First! By Sukru Aya

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Speech At International Blue Black Sea Congress On Politics, Economics And Society
Oct. 11-112 - 13 Sakarya University - Adapazari (120 Km To Istanbul)

Esteemed Ladies and Gentlemen

I thank Sakarya University for inviting me to this foresighted organization and attempt to establish strong and beneficial relations for all of the people living in the Black Sea region, based on reciprocal respect, confidence and happiness.

Gentlemen, who will not wish to have a decent, good natured neighbor? A friend send me a photograph of a house on sale in USA. It said “HOUSE FOR SALE, MY NEIGHBOR IS AN …HOLE!
. .

Nowadays, living in apartments or condos, good neighbors and visits, neighbor to neighbor trust and help in bad days remain a memory or a tale that never happened! But we all try to have good friends we can trust, and if he is a neighbor, it is much better and nice. In old days people trusted their families, children, valuables to each other when going on a trip! Nowadays we use steel doors with more than one lock. Why?

By this time and age, we all know that the golden rule is that the law and justice is made by the one who has the money and the power. This is very true and most all political relations are subject to this rule and in other words, alliances or friendships are based on “nothing but interest” and generally it serves more the interest of the stronger or the richer one.

The underdeveloped countries expect and trust saviors that they will bring them “democracy, human rights, justice, equality in sharing national benefits” and some persons leading such countries either sincerely believe or they are given good shares to believe in these utopist promises. But, those who do not read history and think that they are “wise because they can cheat the less wise ones” forget that such spiral rings have been all broken in the history and the “bravest man is the one who has nothing left to lose but his life…"

I have seen or read a few ones in my life time, starting with WW2, Korean War, French and Americans fighting in Vietnam and the resistance of the other destitute nations against imperialism. We all know the Berlin Wall, the collapse of the Soviet Union , and the injustices before and after certain regimes.

May be it is because of the peaceful balance established by the Montreux Treaty, spared the riparian countries of the Black Sea of such conflicts, the Black Sea region has brought no serious frictions among the neighbors surrounding this sea.

However, we see that the potential of the economic union of the Black Sea Countries which Turgut Ozal had forseen several years ago had very limited progress. This invites the attention of the “Big Powers” who usually give a lot of advice, a little money and take too much, even liberties when they deem necessary.

Because of my addiction to decency and truth, in the past decade I have done tens of thousands of pages of reading on the incidents of WW1 and in particular the Armenian allegations.

Don’t get me wrong, some of my best friends in my personal high school, business and social life happened to be Armenians from Turkey . I have compiled a book two years ago, titled “The Genocide of Truth” which quotes over 2000 verbatim excerpts from official documents or anti-Turkish documents, mostly Armenian, American, British etc.

It is unbelievable how many scholars and politicians who give speeches from the drafts put in their hands, do not take any interest to make sure that what they are talking reflects the truth and if that is in compliance with minimal basics of truth and decency. I have hundreds of pages of “promises given by powers which were not kept, causing deaths of millions”.

For example Lloyd George when he was reminded of his words, he said “I do not think that we should be responsible for what we said”. Well, I do not have to give the story of what happened in our area and is still happening because of some persons who think they are smart by pick-pocketing or land grabbing, cannot realize how much they are losing on the other hand. An excellent example is our naughty neighbor Armenia ruled by adventurers, terrorists and long time opportunists.

I do not believe that ethical values should be standards for nations or faiths, but I do believe that these values should be standards for the individuals who would rather stay poorer but prouder, instead of some richer ones who do not know what “shame or honor is”.

It is ironic that the largest assistance I had and I am having for the past five years in the world of internet communication, is from a group of three young Armenians from Turkey that fear to present themselves in person to me. Of course they live overseas. So, it is a fight of the “few decent and truthful ones” against the majority of “shameless liars and swindlers”.

I am preparing my second book and in the chapter which I named “Fake and Shake History by Teachers of Cheaters”

I give granite strong and heavy documents proving the involvement of even universities and scholars in acts of lying and brainwashing by strong propaganda and diverse support.

You cannot believe to what level such duplicity or plain lying goes! A Turkish writer received a Nobel prize simply because he said that “Turks killed one million Armenians”. But my logic says, to kill 1 million in 100 days, you have to kill 10.000 persons every day, and you have to dig stadium size graves every day to dispose of the bodies and you cannot find that daily muscle power. Is this physically possible (disregarding all other documentary evidences that it was never intended or happened) to kill so many, by what, bullets or knives? Not even Hitler could kill so many every day in his several death camps for wholesale or mass annihilation.

Fake Quote of Hitler in the Holocaust Museum

Speaking of Hitler, you know that there is an alleged quote which he supposedly said and which is on the wall of the Holocaust Museum in Washington. But Hitler never had a reason or ever said such words! These were written on an ordinary blank paper with a typewriter which was not of German keyboard, full of punctual mistakes and stupid stories that Goering got drunk and danced over tables. Anyway this document can be seen on the internet, it was classified by FBI as fake, the Nuremberg court refused to consider it, so it is a complete LIE but that has jumped many scholarly attention and is posted on the “Presidential U.S. Museum of Holocaust”. This museum was intended only for the Jewish holocaust in Germany but seome smart guys made promises etc. and this fabrication is put there and cannot be removed although the Museum by now is fully aware that this is fake. In reading the backstage story, you learn that some decent scholars objected this distortion for political benefits and they honorably resigned from their chairs. But the new comers found an excuse to say YES and accept the “fait accomplice” or force major, openly sacrificing museum and scholarship ethics, laws, oaths and the confidence people placed in them. A friend of mine who has been following this scandalous episode pressed the Museum Management and they wrote back in the year 2002 that they “are looking wrote back into the accuracy of the Hitler quote…I cannot give an indication when it will be completed”… Eight years have passed and they are still looking into the matter but do not wish to see the fake documents posted on the internet, nor previous reservations of their own committee members, some of which had resigned.” Truth, justice and ethics have been sacrificed, as if it was a lamb!

Well gentlemen, why did I give these few examples? It so happens that those at governance can lie themselves or be forced to execute unethical orders, the same way Nazis picked up the Jews (incidentally there was 22.000 Armenian legion soldiers in Hitler’s armies and 4.800 of them were special SS troops, but those who organized committees and wrote books with photos of Jews rounded up in Amsterdam, did not know that the Armenian Legion did most of the job there since it was their region. We have no confirmation if the promised donations was ever paid by Armenians, but Jews had put the inscription on the wall and they have no one to complain to. What more, those who are righting history “declared the Nazi Armenian soldiers” not as criminals of their ancestors, but “poor victims whose fathers were killed by Turks in 1915 and the Jewish museum was to serve as the place of confirmation.

I can hear you say, “Well Sir, what persons in our position can really do to avoid such happenings in our present or future cooperation in this area?

I am a practical businessman and when I was young I traveled most countries on business and made friends with many different color, nationality and race. Our “common principles” was “keep your promise and do not lie or cheat to each other.”

Now, how such a principle can be expanded for such a large group of countries and people with different standards of knowledge or capital is the core of everything. If you start cooperation on slippery ice or mud, sooner or later you or your partner is bound to fall and when he fells you lose a good friend, customer or help, whatever you name it.

In the Kapal?cars? or closed Bazaar, there is an old habit among all shopkeepers that is working like a click clock for decades that I have known. The system is simple but depends on reciprocal confidence. When a tourist comes to buy something but cannot find it in that shop, the shop keeper would assist the customer to go to some other places he knows and have a satisfied tourist. If the buyer is helped and buys what he wanted in the other shop, he goes home happy. And here comes the system of solidarity. The shop that has made the final sale, reserves a commission or share from his profit, which is about 10 to 15%. So, the little shopkeeper who sold nothing but helped his neighbor gets a little share of the turnover.

I think that this too is an old invention by Armenians and the name is “annut” in Turkish HANUT.

Gentlemen, the worst thing that can happen and jeopardize the interest of all Black Sea region countries, is to have “competition with each other” instead of solidarity and share of interest. When “united under share of interest” the Black Sea countries can become a power to be able to take joint decisions so that they do not deprive each other’s interest. Each neighbor has something to exchange with his neighbor. How such a large cooperation can be established and on what principles namely, such as length of shore lines, or amount of capital invested, technology etc is the job of those who have to boil a large enough kettle, so that all neighbors can have some of the soup. The politicians or administrators and entrepreneurs better put their chef’s caps and worry about what goes in the stew to feed all, by some decent – no one cheats his friend – system.

Let me finish my speech, with another Turkish proverb:

“When something is cooking at my neighbor, may be a little comes my way”

Unfortunately, most poor countries fight over the empty kettles instead of thinking how to fill and cook and have something to share instead of fighting for.

I wish a large enough kettle, with vegetables and meat from neighboring countries, kept full and feeding all in good health, prosperity and hope for a better future for all of us.

Two last wishes:

1- Increase cultural relations between individuals so they come to understand each other and see how much they are alike.

2- Keep the clergy people in their own churches, mosques, synagogues let them do their sermons in there and not outside where we need science and intelligence and not thousand years tales!

Thank you all for your patience and my best wishes for all guest speakers and audience. I wish you all better days than what we are enjoying today!

Sukru Server Aya, 11.10.2010

ssaya01 at gmail dot com

Note: Those who want to free load or take PDF copies of my English book: “The Genocide of Truth” click on: (I have more than 300 articles in there may take you some years to read them all)

“The Genocide of Truth”


B.N. (109.156.xxx.xxx) London, United Kingdom said...

Very illuminating.

Have learned yet more falsehoods!

Shall pass it onto the organisers of a similar conference coming up in London.


C.D. (79.81.xx.xxx) Montréal La Cluse, Rhone-alpes, France said...

I read the article where there was a mention of the fake quote of Hitler in the Holocaust Museum.

A friend of mine had made a photo of it (he told me he was going to Washington, so I asked him to make pictures of that). I’ve asked his permission to mail that photo to your site so you can use it in that article.

Kindly regards,

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