3206) Turkish Prime Minister Shoots Himself in the Foot Again by Harut Sassounian & Commentary by Sukru Server Aya

Commentary on another “Harut Sassounian big mouth TALK”!
by Sukru Server Aya

I don’t like to comment on articles stinking animosity or aimed to degrade the other side to uplift writer’s creditability and expose his shallowness in knowledge and documented facts! Hence, I will insert my short comments among the lines, which the writer will react “I do not speak to liars or denialists”! Of course this is a smart way to squeak and not to prove what you have said! The writer addresses Armenian community in USA’s and anything “that pleases their hate, works fine”!

© This content Mirrored From  http://armenians-1915.blogspot.com Turkish Prime Minister Shoots Himself in the Foot Again
January 20, 2011
By Harut Sassounian
Publisher, The California Courier

Erdogan embarrasses himself and his government just about every time he opens his mouth! His angry statements, often bewildering and insulting, give Turkey a black eye internationally and provide fresh ammunition to his domestic opponents.

Shouldn’t a domestic affair interest only the people who voted him into power? You seem to be the “good neighbor that becomes happy” when the neighbor is injured by accident!

A year ago, the Prime Minister threatened to deport 100,000 Armenians from Turkey, thereby reminding everyone around the world that Ankara’s present leaders are not much different from their bloodthirsty forefathers who deported and killed 1.5 million Armenians during the Genocide of 1915-23.

Mr. Sassounian has not the habit of reading any SERIOUS history books, he speaks with the old palaver fire! Did you read Nassibian, Dasnabedian, Pastermadjian, Lalaian, Katchaznuni, Vratzian or US Congress and Senate reports or have the courage through my over 2000 evidences on the internet since early 2008, in the blogsite of DECENT Turkish Armenians? If you had read, you could have understood that the Armenian Population in 1914 of 1.4 millions, after killing 1.5 millions (10.000 each day in five months for which you would need 150 stadium size graves dig with hand shovels but NONE ever found) and there is still a balance of 1.414.000 living Armenians on 31.12.1921 according to the US Senate unanimous decision on 22.4.1922!

I want an explanation how such a colossal number can be killed, when, why, where, who evidenced and saw it. But we have a report (US Archives 184.021/175) of Captain Emory Niles and Mr. Sutherland who traveled over 1500 km in the area and wrote down that it was the “Armenians who killed Moslems in large numbers with refinements of cruelty and the villages were destroyed by Armenians. If this is not enough I have more from General Harbord and many others. Who is lying Mr. Sassounian, you or the U.S. Senate? Stop the palavers and give a DECENT REPLY!
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