3258) AGHET The Movie With English Subtitles: Exposing Numerous Distortions & German Hypocracies: Reviewed by Sukru S. Aya

Updated 17 May 2011

People Being Interviewed: ..

Cem Ozdemir
Yusuf Halacoglu
Murat Bardakci
Hasan Cemal
Fethiye Cetin
Volkan Vural

AGHET [produced by NDR (German public television)] is a new documentary made by German filmmaker Eric Friedler using the actual words of 23 German, American and other nationals who witnessed the events with archival materials.

AGHET incorporates never-before-seen footage and documents - making it one of the best researched and presented documentaries. More than just a historic retelling of the Genocide...

AGHET was debuted on NDR in April, 2010. Friedler has assembled an impeccable cast, who bring to life the original texts of German and U.S. diplomatic dispatches and eyewitness accounts, interspersed with never-before-seen footage of the Genocide and its political aftermath.

The film, applauded by Nobel Prize laureate Gunter Grass, has sparked renewed debate throughout Europe

AGHET - With English Subtitles

AGHET Part 1

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Sukru Server Aya said...

Please watch the video and acquaint yourselves with several "(uninformed) but FAMOUS Turks" who do most harm, with their biased comments. The "humanist (?) wrong ellaborations" of Hasan Cemal, Volkan Vural, Cem Ozdemir and Murat Bardakc?'s [writing all history only from Talat Pasha's notebook] is noteworthy. The dramatization of H?rant Dink's murder and absolute silence of the murders of over 42 Turks in more than 250 acts of terror, are noteworthy.

As always we Turks [particularly thoose in top and responsible seats] shall do nothing and pretend as if nothing hapenned and these palavers were true!

Those who uttered these words to the German filmakers are not ashamed; but I am ashamed of their ignorance. Not even one of them reminded the German film makers of the articles of Liman von Sanders and Bronsart von Schellendorf or showed the secret agreement between Germany and the Ottoman Empire dated Aug.2, 1914, by which Liman von Sanders assumed the post of "Commander in Chief of the Ottoman Armies" and hence he is the very first person responsible for atrocities. It drives me mad that these famous xxxx have not read even Armenian sources or hundreds of dcouments detailing the Armenian savagery of their humpabets who caused the calamities and later fled to other countries... (Andranik, Pastermadjian, Dro...)

SSS (So - Sorrowfully & Sadly) SSA

( Stuttgart, Baden-wurttemberg, Germany said...

I doubt anyone else checks the details.

Most people are just like herds, they go along with what they are told unfortunately

Thank you for the corrections

( Gibsons, British Columbia, Canada said...

This AGhet movie looks like a big joke then

( Worcester, Massachusetts, United States said...

Such detailed coverage.

Somebody ought to respond to these review and I am waiting for it

Also thank you Mr Aya for the subtitles which I couldn't find in anywhere else

Betula Nelson, London, United Kingdom said...

Thank you for detailed explanations and correction Sukru AYa. Such a shame that many people will be unjustly influenced by this AGHET video because they will accept the propaganda statusco without looking into its accuracy.

Betula Nelson

Garbis Malhas ( Baldwin Park, California, United States said...

Shame on you for babysitting the Armenian Genocide with a lullaby.

You are committing an Academic Genocide

Sukru Server Aya said...

Answer to: ( Worcester, Massachusetts, United States said...
Somebody ought to respond to these reviews and I am waiting for it

I am also waiting for “logical – irrefutably documented” evidences to exhibit that my remarks are wrong and the grand-ma distortions tell the truth!

Respectfully and regretfully,
Sukru S. Aya - Istanbul

Calgary, Alberta, Canada said...

I wonder why these “famous Turks” never speak even one word about the Turks who were victims of Armenian terrorism! Why? Even the Dashnak organ Hairenik stated on 28 June 1918:

"Russia's policy of hostility toward Turkey emboldened the Armenians of the Caucasus; that is why the Caucasus Armenians were involved in clashes between two friendly races. Thank goodness that this situation did not last too long. Following the Russian Revolution, the Armenians of the Caucasus understood that their security could be achieved only by haying good relations with Turkey, and they stretched out their hands to Turkey. Turkey also wanted to forget the events of the past, and grasped the out stretched hand in friendship. We agree that the Armenian Question has been resolved and left to history. The mutual feelings of suspicion and enmity created by foreign agents have been eliminated. "44

These declarations make it clear that the Armenian Question was closed by the agreements concluded, following World War I; that the events that had taken place were the responsibility of the Russians and Armenians, not of the Turk, and that if anyone had been mistreated it was the Turks, no-one else.
It is true that the World War I settlement was reopened for a time by the Armenian Republic.

Despite the Dashnak declarations, Armenian bands began to raid into eastern Anatolia in the summer of 1918. On 28 May 1919, first anniversary of the foundation of the Armenian Republic by the Dashnaks, it declared that "Armenia has annexed Eastern Anatolia" thus laying claim to the territories of eastern Anatolia which had been returned to the Ottoman Empire following the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk. To examine the Armenian claims and recommend a settlement, American President Wilson sent an American investigation committee to Anatolia in the fall of 1919 under the leadership of General James G. Harbord. It toured through Anatolia during September and October, and then reported to Congress that:

"The Turks and Armenians lived in peace side by side for centuries; that the Turks suffered as much as the Armenians at the time of the deportations; that only 20% of the Turkish villagers who went to war would be able to return to their homes; that at the start of World War I and before the Armenians never had anything approaching a majority of the population in the territories called Armenia; they would not have a majority even if all the deported Armenians were returned; and the claims that returning Armenians would be in danger were not justified.”45

As a result of this report, in April 1920 the American Congress rejected the proposal which had been made to establish an American Mandate over Anatolia for the purpose of enabling the Armenians to establish their own state in the East.

American Observer said...

Thanks to the dauntless fighter against defamation of Turks and relentless researcher Sukru server Aya, the falsehoods and deceptions in the film Aghet are clear. Some Germans may be involved in this film purely out of frustration of being the only nation blamed with such a heinous crime as Holocaust of the Jews and would love to bring Turkey into the fold with baseless arguments for a bogus Armenian genocide. Sorry, Herrn Spinmeisters, but it will not work...

Unknown said...

Al this Turkish comments are like: I killed your family because your dog barked at my cat.
Espessially one from Calgary: turks suffered the same as Armenians... Oh yea! Turks suffered but Armenians got wiped out.... The Armenian subject from Turkey was eluminated- and that is because turks suffered as armenians. Do you Turks believe what you say? It is sad to know that such people live in a free world like Calgary and think in the same way as those Turkish almighty Gods that once carried out this horrible crime.

Sukru Server Aya said...

1. The commentator, instead of reading the postings and clearly explaining "what he found to be not true", has chosen the easy way of "slandering and cursing a nation or people he never met", with his racial or national built-in hatred. Both articles give clear reliable references. I am afraid that the commentator "has not taken the trouble to read and evaluate given facts", but has chosen to "excuse himself from being convincing". For such prejudiced persons, we can say nothing.

Everyone is free in believing in what he prefers to believe, which is not necessarily the truth. We are speaking of "documented facts" and no hearsays or imaginations.

2. If the commentator was in the habit of reading and learning, I would have suggested that he reads also postings 2429, 2920 and 2429 and inform the readers "which word or sentence" he finds to be fake.



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