3421) Video: Twisted Law Vs Documented History, 24.11.2013, London, Sukru Server Aya, Dr Pat Walsh, Prof Dr Belma Otus Baskett

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31 Dec 2013 Update Letter To The Doughty Street Chambers

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Charlie said...

Dear Mr Aya,
After having read what Mr Geoffrey "Hypothetical" (ought to be Hypocritical) Robertson QC purportedly wrote to you, in relation to your book launch "Twisted Law Vs Documented History", I felt the need to write to you. I felt the need most specifically as a result of Mr Robertson's statement (or that statement which was attributed to Mr Robertson) and I quote, "Although the pamphlet focuses on my work, I have not been asked to speak and I am offered no “right of reply”. So, I shall not be in attendance: last-minuteness of the invitation betrays its lack of sincerity."
That is the most hypocritical and despicable statement I have ever read from any member of the Bar in fact any Bar. Mr Robertson offer's no "Right of Reply" for the now deceased Ottoman Leadership in publishing his supposed Legal Opinion, I say supposed because as far as I can garner to date it is vastly more political than Legal in nature. I do not state that fact lightly as I am currently undertaking a review of his supposed Legal Opinion, which brings disgrace and disrepute onto the British and Australian Legal systems and most specifically the office of Queens Counsel and "Recorder."
It is my personal view that a complaint to the appropriate Bar Association and or Regulatory body, should be lodged in the United Kingdom in relation to his political opinion, the manner, text and context of which has been widely published, used and relied upon by politicians around the globe. As a I say as far as I am concerned he has brought disrepute onto the Legal Profession, the Judiciary of the United Kingdom and the Office of Queens Counsel. The basis of the complaint should be in relation to his political opinion and the fact that he uses his office as Queens Counsel and "Recorder" to add weight to what is a pure and utter Political Opinion and not a formal Legal one, in the standard, considered, measured traditional sense.
I attach for you a very raw first draft of my review of his political opinion which once complete I intend on publishing. You will note it has approximately 10 pages of information which has addressed effectively the first two pages only of Mr Robertson's political opinion.

Ataman Atlas
Barrister & Solicitor
Melbourne Australia.

Betula Nelson said...

Dear Blog administrator,

I would be grateful if you could publish my comment- I do not have a Google account and was not able to publish it myself.

SS Aya's book launch was received with great interest amongst many groups in London and generated a lively discussion at the meeting.

Unfortunately QC Robertson' s response via a written brief comment, delivered at the meeting with some insistence by his aide and a possible Armenian activist, seemed to be aimed at spoiling the event (their behavior broke all the rules of protocol explained by the chair).

Robertson's style of commenting are regrettably full of arrogance and at times down right insulting. It is evident that he has not taken the trouble of finding out about Prof. J McCharty's and Dr P Walsh's work, let alone Aya's wide range of documented historical accounts. Robertson's relentless attack on the credibility of Aya's work without disproving the reality of historical documents can only mean that this brief was written more with anger than a close study. What is clearly indisputable is the fact that there is a big difference between Robertson's bias and limited sources and Aya's wide range and mainly non-Turkish sources. One hopes that this is not the end of this discussion and people have the courage to question their limited knowledge and the influence of bias propaganda.

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