3454) Mr Fisk Is Such A Care Free Writer That He Is Not Even Aware Of Sir Eric Drummond's (League Of Nations Gen. Sec) 1920 Statatement

Mr. Fisk feels authorized to say that out of the 1.3 million Armenians in Turkey in 1914, 1.5 million were killed by Turks, but gives no place, cause or explanation as regards to how it were to be true if some 817.873 Armenian refugees from Turkey were alive in 1922 as per official USA documents. See This (P.121-130)

Mr. Fisk is not in the habit of showing authentic documents to support his otherwise, fabrications, underlining that Armenians were Christians and the case should be treated like the Jewish Holocaust which is the verdict of an intrernational tribunal whereby the "Genocide fanfare" has no "documented or /neutral support.". Mr.Fisk is such a care free writer that he is not even aware of Sir Eric Drummond's (League of Nations - Gen.Secretary) March 1, 1920 statatement that : - "Further, in Turkey, minorities were often oppressed and massacres carried out by irregular bands who were entirely outside the control of the central Turkish Government"-. . .Sukru Server Aya
. . .

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The Independent: 1915 Armenian Genocide: Finding A Fit Testament To A Timeless Crime

Update 12 Apr 2014

(Translated from German into Turkish ,into English... Excuse any slight differences)


Matters in Mesopotamia work like they do in Palestine.
Publications show, the strength of propaganda and spying at war time.
The Turkish Secret Service was created by its Lord Abdulhamid.
He found all Entente spies and caught them; all prisons were full.
The majority of spies were either Greek, Armenian or Jew. Turks were very few. There was no woman.
The only country in which the woman spies had no role, was Turkey. (*)
The punishments on spies were horrific.
The law for spying was inspired by the German draft law given to the German parliament, but not put into action.
At the beginning of the war, Turks were unaware of the delicacy of spying in military secrets. (*)
The help of the German soldiers and agents was needed.
It was necessary to have German soldiers in Turkey and a collaboration between both parties.
For this reason German officers were serving Turkish intelligence and Turkish officers were serving German intelligence.
Despite the language problem, this cooperation gave good results.
In both countries, armed attacks were planned against spies and this was not so common.
They had to extend from Anatolian shores to the Greek Islands and the spies in these places.
Turkish units under German officers went to the islands by boats and wiped off the Greek bands.
There was great communication difficulty in the Turkish army, because of the large distances between the war fronts; the lines were also inadequate.
Therefore every unit had its own independent system.
There was no Central system.
The Turkish political character had expanded through branches as far as Iran and the countries on the Caspian Sea shores, and more significant compared to the Turkish military character.
In Istanbul, the results were kept aside from German, since they already knew the German's lack of interest.

Notes (*)
1- This explanation of photo shows that it was not related to Armenian relocations at all. These are executions of spies in Haifa, Palestine,
where there were almost no Armenians. Hence, the photo supplied as evidence by Fisk is proven to be fake for the Armenian allegations.
2- We know that Ambassador Morgenthau, Lord Bryce and Embassy Dragoman Schimavonian had visited Aaron Aaronsohn (two brothers and a sister) in Haifa and spent a few days with him in early 1914 when visiting the Holy Lands. Aaron Arronsohn was an agronomist and was given great assistance by Djemal Pasha, since he was expected to develop insecticides against locust disasters dommon at that time in those lands.
3- We know that later Morgenthau made a transfer of money to Aaron Aronsohn, when the war had started in Europe. We do not know the amount and the original payee namely British-American or else. Two brothers (Aaron and Alexander) and sister Sarah had set us the "NILI" spying organization.
4- When Djemal Pasha's army of 12.000 crossed the Sinai desert on foot to attack the Suez Canal,in February 1915, the British were already expecting them. Turks were defeated and lost 2.000 men. No one knew, how and why Brits knew that Turks were to come?
5- Sarah was caught spying using pigeons. She committed suicide in prison. Alexader managed to go to USA on an American battleship. Aaron died in an airplane accident when he was flying from London to Paris to join the Peace Conference in early 1919.

Sukru Server Aya

Comments By Zekiye Aksoy, 13 April 2014

Dear Fisk,

Armenian thesis which is being advocated by you depends on forgeries and falsified documents (http://www.ataa.org/reference/index.html#armenian,

Here you will see the pictures of their crimes along with other forgeries in the following video
In Picture 1, you will see a woman presented by the Armenians as a woman slaughtered by the Turks. This picture indeed belongs to a Jewish woman butchered by Nazi Arrow Cross Men Party in Hungary (The Mazal Library)

The second picture shows heads decapatated allegedly by the Turks. This picture indeed belongs to White Rose activists who fought against Nazis in Germany during WW2. These activists were sentenced to death and killed via guillotine by Nazi Germany.

The third picture indeed depicts Turkish women and children slaughtered by Armenians in Subatan (in Ottoman Empire) on 25 April 1918. The Picture is being copied by Armenians in internet and is presented as a Picture of Armenian victims. The original photo is in Turkish Archives’ATASE Archive: Directory of Genelkurmay Military History and Strategic Studies Archive, The photograph collection of WWI, Album No: 4, photograph No: 123)


The fourth picture depicts woman and children that have been allegedly killed by the Turks. These women and children in the Picture are indeed Turkish women and children slaughtered by Armenians in Erzincan Vagarir (in Otoman Empire) on 16 February 1918. The original photo is in Turkish Archives’ATASE Archive: Directory of Genelkurmay Military History and Strategic Studies Archive, The photograph collection of WWI, Album No: 4, photograph No: 38)

The fifth Picture shows two male that has been killed allegedly by Turks. This photo belongs to two Turk killed by Armenians in Erzincan Odabas,? (in Otoman Empire). Their eyes have been craved off them before they died. Original photo is in Turkish Archives.

The sixth photo shows allegedly Armenians slaughtered by allegedly Otoman Armenians. The uniforms of the soldiers in the Picture belong to Russian soldiers fighting in Russian Civil War after WW1 and not to Otoman soldiers. This Picture is not related to either Ottomans or Armenians.

Here are other photograph forgeries of the Armenians, except those in the aforementioned ones:

1)The cover photograph of the book of Tessa Hoffmann: German Greek scholar Tessa Hoffmann WHO IS ONE OF THE SCHOLARS OF GENOCIDE OF THE ARMENIANS printed the painting of Russian artist Vasili Vereshchagin entitled ‘The Apotheosis of the Franco-Prussia War of 1871, depicting a mass of skulls which was probably painted after 1878, as if it were the photograph of 1915 Armenian genocide, in the cover of her book and had to admit her forgery during the trial of Dog(u Perinçek held in Switzerland in March 2007, in which she was listened as a wittness.

Interestingly, Tessa Hoffman is a scholar of genocide. "The Genocide of truth", (Sükrü Server Aya)

2) Atatürk’s photograph: The large poster with ‘FACE OF DENIAL-DOES NOT LIE’ related to a conference given by Dr Vahram Shemmasian, Ardashes Kassakhian and Dr Levon Marashlian, at UCLA on April 14, 2005, organized by Armenian Genocide Commemoration Committee of Alpha Epsilon Omega,

The photo depicts the founder of the Turkish Republic, Ataturk, sitting on a chair outside a house with the corpse of a young girl with her innards exposed to the elements. Soon, the original of this photo was found by the Turks: It was a photograph of Ataturk for his wife Latife Han?m as a souvenir, posing with some ‘cute dog puppies’ at his feet. Two photos were printed in the July 1, 2005 issue of Hurriyet
(http://webarsiv.hurriyet.com.tr/2005/07/01/665930.asp), as ‘a forgery scandal’.

Then, what UCLA’s ethical committee did was to erase the handwritten note and doctor a photo of Armin Wengler in place of the puppies. "The Genocide of truth", (Sükrü Server Aya)

It is another outstanding point that no dissenting comments were ever heard. What UCLA’s ethical committee did was to erase the handwritten note and doctor a photo of Armin Wengler in place of the puppies.

3) Photos of victims of Khojaly:
Nobert Yevdayev, editor-in-chief of New York-based Russian language newspaper “Noviy Rubezh” (‘New Frontier’) and chairman Azerbaijani Friendly Association AZEM spoke in an interview with Day.Az said : ‘Photos of victims of Khojaly genocide allegedly to be victims of so-called “genocide” of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire were published in the newspaper ‘In a New light’. We contacted the editor, invited him to the Mission of Azerbaijan to the UN where he had to apologize for the correspondent who resorted to such provocation’. Today az, 4 September 2009.
4) A photograph published in Donald Bloxham's The Great Game of Genocide (Oxford University Press published in 2005 and 2007) which shows a man in an unbuttoned jacket and tie standing in front of a circle of ragged children and one apparent adult with something in his hand, with the caption of: 'A Turkish official taunting starving Armenians with bread' was proven not to be a 'photograph' at all but a photographic soup, composed of bits and pieces taken from other photographs
Forging the past: OUP and the 'Armenian question',

The question which you should ask is why the Armenians and their advocates need these forgeries and why they refuse to discuss their thesis in historical joint commissions made of historians from all countries. I am afraid it is a question which should be answered by you too.


Z. Aksoy



Julia Gul Arslan ( Australia-Gallipoli Friendship Society inc) said...

Such a hypocrisy of the Western World!
To get the oil, provoke the locals, then blame Turkey!

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