3521) Athens and Erivan . . . Lies of the Century

The atrocities and vicious torture applied by the Greeks to the Turkish peoples of both Thrace and Anatolia have not been recorded by history until now…

By Sükrü Server Aya, Author and Researcher, Jan 19, 2015

In addition to the internal and external malicious injustices imposed upon Mr. Dogu Perinçek, the improper social behavior shown towards the members of the Talat Pasha Committee who went to Athens lately, along with the unimaginable behavior of our own diplomats as well as the absurd ‘genocide’ claims of the Greeks and Armenians have reminded me the famous anecdote in Turkish folklore literature “ I wish the hell that the guy who accused me of wrong doing was an honest one…”

I got upset . . and I decided to share with you the original information and documentation most of which are available in the internet. It is impossible to clearly and justly explain the historical facts that took place about 100 years ago and turned into dramatic tales today by these two governments but I will submit, as much as possible, some of the truth, as either a translation from foreign sources or a borrowed fact from the trustworthy history books and references.


This year is the 100th anniversary of the landing of Anzacs to the Dardanelles. About 8,000 people . . .

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