3601) Free E-Book: Kurds And Armenians S Ximenez, 1852

It would be very difficult at the present time to clearly define the geographical boundaries of the Asiatic regions inhabited by closely intermixed Kurds and Armenians. By tracing a diagonal line from the Black Sea, in the neighbourhood of Batoum, to the Persian Gulf and passing through Suleimanieh, you will find Kurds on each side of that line. It seems as if the Kurdish population will not cease to spread until it finds no more territory before its path. It extends towards the Western part of Mesopotamia, it encroaches upon Syria, it is scattered all over the Plain of Koniah, reaching the neighbourhood of the Bosphorus. The Western and North- Western portions of Persia are belonging, as it were, to the Kurds, whilst on each side of the Turco-Persian frontier, between Suleimanieh and Bayazid, they form a compact mass which dwells over the whole boundary line, forming a zone which is lying between Persians and Osmanlis. Its propagating and assimilating power is immense.

At the beginning of the Seventeenth Century Shah Abbas Mirza Khan conceived the idea of implanting Kurdish colonies in Khorassan for the purpose of repelling the incursions of Turcomans, against whom the inhabitants were powerless. The 15,000 families sent there at that time have developed now into 45,000 families, which represent in round numbers 275,000 Kurds who are settled in the provinces of Boundjour, Dereghez, and Koutchan. As for the Ottoman Empire the Kurds are extending as far as the Lower Tigris, and are assimilated to the Turcoman tribes, especially the Hamawanes. In the Suleimanieh district the Arabs, who were the original settlers, have become Kurds, and use a Kurdish dialect, Kurdish customs and Kurdish various creeds, but it should be noticed that in regard to ethnography the Semitic type has absorbed the Iranian. The same phenomenon applies to the Tairanians, who, being dispersed over the Taurus table-land have become Kurds or semi-Kurds. . . .

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