2661) To Joe Hockey, MP & Sen. Chris Ellison, Australian Parliament House

From: Sukru Aya
To: J dot Hockey dot MP at aph dot gov dot au ; senator dot ellison at aph dot gov dot au ; maxinemckewmp ; Malcolm dot Turnbull dot MP at aph dot gov dot au ; Bronwyn dot Bishop dot MP at aph dot gov dot au ; S dot Crean dot MP at aph dot gov dot au ; Julia dot Gillard dot MP at aph dot gov dot au ; Bob dot Katter dot MP at aph dot gov dot au ; senator dot coonan at aph dot gov dot au ; senator dot sterle at aph dot gov dot au ; senator dot faulkner at aph dot gov dot au; Turkish Embassy; Turkish Media; TFAB; . . .
Sent: Thursday, November 27, 2008

Annex to mail letter of Ataman Atlas dated 27.11.08 on the Fallacious Armenian Genocide Speeches :

Dear Messrs. Hockey and Allison, . .

1. Despite my direct and clear letter to Mr. Hockey on Nov.9th, [Annex 1]

I sincerely regret that you have not taken notice of my counter comments or the evidencing documents I have submitted! WHY SIR? IF YOU DID NOT CARE TO READ, this is a true fallacy !

2. “Neutral, Responsible and Serious persons” do not have the right of delivering monologue speeches, without learning and considering the counter-comments and evidence. Hence, I hereby object to your slanders and invite you to belie the comments already sent plus the attached (Annex.2) working paper submitting herewith direct references from OFFICIAL STATE DOCUMENTS, NOT EVEN YOUR GOOD SELVES CAN DENY!

3. For my proficiency on the subject, you may please refer to my free-E-Book on the internet or more than 140 articles in the web site of “Turkish Armenians” who are the “decent Armenians”.

Gentlemen, you have no right to slander a nation and propagate lies that never did or could have happened. [See Annex 3] History and justice is made on “valid documents” and not by biased, undocumented dramatized scenarios from your parliamentary sanctuary.

I hope that you will at least demonstrate the manhood to read this message and provided annexes and openly declare what or where you found any wrong! Your premature statement or “indifference to read – reply or consider a serious reply” backed by pyramidal evidence, in your own language is not a democratic merit!

Dear Sirs, unless you justify your statements, in the light of provided historical documents in annex 1 & 2 & 3

I am afraid that I will lose my complete minimal confidence in the seriousness of your esteemed Parliament or some of the members, disrespectful to realities and misguiding fellow members.

Yours cordially,

Sukru Server Aya - Istanbul
(Author of the book - THE GENOCIDE OF TRUTH)

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America and the Armenians
The Reno Evening Gazette
November 14, 1915

Having imposed upon a committee of well-meaning but admittedly prejudiced American missionaries, the same agencies that have been engaged in reporting Armenian outrages which never had been committed are now trying to mislead Christian charity in America and Switzerland into furnishing funds for the relief of the supposed victims of the unspeakable Turk.

It would not matter, so far as the country at large is concerned, but unfortunately there is danger that a self-sufficient person like President Woodrow Wilson will accept these stories of atrocities as truth, with no further evidence than the statements of Armenians who are directly interested in raising money for the support of themselves. Professional beggars who have bled their own countrymen for years are now trying to to induce kindly Americans to support them, not caring for whether the United States would or should not be imbroiled with Turkey and through Turkey with Germany. Ambassador Morgenthau appears to have fallen a ready victim to the same smooth rascals that, by apocryphal tales of outrages, have procured contributions from their Armenian countrymen abroad and in this country and have lived in luxury on the proceeds for the last 30 years.

The ambassador seriously notified the state department that the Turks had slaughtered "the majority of the Armenians of Asia Minor." This "majority" now turns out to be 32,000 known to be hostile to Turkey and, therefore, dispossessed of their homes in Erzerum and Zeitun and interned in a district where they could be watched by Turkish troops — not killed, nor even dying. The English have done no more with German residents and even with English subjects of German birth and the Germans have done the same with English residents of the German states.

If this country, therefore, does not want to appear foolish before the whole world it will refuse to be duped by impossible tales and will let the Armenians severely alone.


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