1843) Celebrating Our 2nd Birthday - Born On The 1st Aug 2005

Dear Friends, We are celebrating Our Second Birthday on the Net today, and would like to thank you for your encouraging thoughts, valuable contributions and continual support. Please continue to contribute whatever you can as individuals to inform/discuss/share your resources by way of keeping an eye on the information where we may have missed, for further dissemination as each of us has access to infinite variety of different resources. Let's join our forces . . . All the Best Caretakers http://armenians-1915.blogspot.com
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Birthday Messages

When I was asked permission to have TAT articles reproduced on the "Armenian Genocide Resource Center" site, I had no idea about what kind of site it would evolve into; I simply had a good feeling about the sincerity of the person doing the asking. And what a wonderful surprise this site has turned out to be. One of my qualms is that the contra-genocide side of this extremely lopsided equation does not do enough. Turkish people generally lack the inner fire that drives the hateful zealots behind anti-Turkish propaganda, and as a result, even the Turks who try their hand in spreading the truth often give up after a few attempts. (Curiously, sometimes it has been the rare non-Turks who have emerged as the greater champions.) In light of this sad state of affairs, we can all express a deep appreciation for the very valuable service this site offers. Its tireless moderators have proven themselves to be extremely dedicated, and we have all benefited from the precious nuggets that have been reproduced in this site’s pages. Congratulations are deservedly in order, and may the people behind continue what can often be an all-too-thankless task; they have been filling a very-needed void. Best, Holdwater
How Time Flies! Today, it is the second birthday of the Armenian Genocide Resource Center website already… Can you believe that? Yet, it feels like it was only yesterday when I was asking myself who these people really were. Another propaganda site with a catchy name established by the omnipresent, fanatic falsifiers in the Armenian Diaspora? Or just another misinformation site with a deliberately misleading name sneaked into circulation by some incurable Turk-haters? To my surprise and delight, it was neither. What’s more, judging by the incredibly rich, diverse, and reliable contents of their searchable database, I must say, it turned out to be a formidable databank, still in the process of formation. The next phase will be growth, expansion and maturing. I must also admit that I am pleasantly startled at the professional attitude, perseverance, and great performance of this site’s managers. "Armenian Genocide Resource Center" website, a very happy birthday to you! Iyiki varsin! Ergun KIRLIKOVALI www.turkla.com
Happy 2nd Birthday ! I enjoy the neutrality and objectivity of the "Armenian Genocide Resource Center" web site and thank for their contributions for better understanding of truths and ethical values. Regretfully, some (too many) prefer to lock–in themselves, may be for better comfort of mind, under showers of nationality, citizenship, religion, race, color, ancestry, cultural habits, race, cast and similar dogmas offering better security when guided, goaded or being one inside the herd. Surely, any mega church or mosque/synagogue attendant, feels much more happy, secure and not alone seeing many others are feeling, thinking, chanting like him. In such chorus of spiritual togetherness, the individual can be easily bent not to use his own judgment (which may necessitate his own researches and evaluations), but do what the rest do, even if that action can be wrong altogether. A Turkish proverb says “A village in sight, needs not a guide!” The whole problem is that very few persons care to open their eyes and use them and their own evaluation. Your web site and comments of balanced intellectuals (like Ara Baliozian) feels like a rose garden for truths and opinions spoken politely and may contribute to compassion of mankind, for the values of each individual. Another Turkish proverb reads: ‘Each lamb is hanged from its own leg’! Compliments to all three of you. Sukru S. Aya (TR)
CONGRATULATIONS Promoting tolerance and mutual understanding has never been easy. That’s because the overwhelming majority of men, including Turks and Armenians (should I say, especially Turks and Armenians?) prefer to believe what they have been taught as children rather than what they read in a blog or, for that matter, in a book by a Nobel-prize winning writer. You have persevered for two years for which I say Bravo! May you persevere for many more years even when you see no light at the end of the tunnel. Ara Baliozian (Canada)
It is indeed a joy to celebrate the Second Birthday of the Turkish Armenians group on the net. I wish the group all the best and hope that it will serve the improvement of Turkish-Armenian relations. Mesrob II Armenian Patriarch of Istanbul & All Turkey
. . . Browsing through the web one evening, when I had nothing better to do, to my delightful surprise I happened onto “1021) How a Professor Trained as an Engineer Came to Write a History of Holocaust Survivors Who Found Refuge in Turkey” . By then I was beginning to get accustomed to the visibility my book TURKEY'S MODERNIZATION: Refugees from Nazism and Atatürk’s Vision was gaining in worldwide outlets including Turkey’s own. However this one was different and very special to me as it was recognition received from one of the Armenian Diaspora communities. (Incidentally there was another from the Armenian community in France). It showed to me that the people manning these two websites did not have the “if you are for them you are against us” mentality. This was very refreshing in these days where absolutism abounds. For that I do thank you and congratulate you on your second birthday. Arnold Reisman PhD PE (USA) Author of TURKEY'S MODERNIZATION: Refugees from Nazism and Ataturk's Vision . . .
It is with pleasure that I follow Turkish Armenians efforts in reconcialing the historical differences between the Turkish and Armenian communities. As said before and as I shall say so in the future, I am proud to have my fellow countrymen of whatever creed forcing through the truth, however painful it may be to either side. The time is now to talk of truth rather than racist laden fabrications and masterful propaganda. It is indeed time to remove extremists in our midst to allow ordinary people a say in the Turco-Armenian affairs. May God help us with emerging truth. Amen. Erdal Firinci (Mumbles-Swansea UK) CPTR - Committee Of British Turks
To the "Armenian Genocide Resource Center", I wish all contributors the best for the coming years you have added significantly to truth and justice, the world needs more honesty, transparency, integrity, honour and understanding, character traits which you all display at all times. If there were more people in the world possessing those character traits at the levels you have displayed world peace would be achievable. The site is marvelous, independent, impartial, and very informative; I truly appreciate all the hard work, effort, time, and energy that Murat, Lara, and Seda have put into the site. May all your dreams and wishes come true. From your friend Ataman
Dear Friends, I'm now running for the Turkish Parliament in order to voice the grievances of the Oppressed and the Excluded. The election is due for July 22nd. Their voices have only been heard in the streets up to now. From now on they'll be heard at the Parliament too. Kurds, homosexuals, Alevis, non-Muslims, the crippled, the poor, Socialists, Roma, women, Tcherkess, consciencious objectors, the environmentalists and the like... As the joint independent candidate of the left I'll be their voice. Let your Second Birthday be coloured with it. Baskin Oran (TR)


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