2716) Genocide Traders and Truths

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Şükrü bey is 78 years old, but he authored such a book, that it is impossible not to admire him.

The book has been published both in English and in Turkish under the name “Genocide Traders and Truths”. The English version has been already distributed overseas. The Turkish version was introduced the other day to Turkish readers.

The special effect of the book is that Sukru bey has not used documents from Turkish sources. He explains this as follows: . .

“My aim was to put the stranger in a shameful status, with his own words. Since foreigners do not know Turkish and prefer no to see the evidences presented to them, I tried to enlighten the matter with documents that they can show no excuse”.

Şükrü bey’s following lines are striking:

“Diaspora Armenians, make earnings by selling hatred to the whole world and declaring all Turks killers and bad persons

We cannot retaliate in the same ethical level, because of our humane tenderness.

However, this danger should make us aware of this danger, and encourage us to protect our citizens of Armenian ethnicity within our community. I tried to approach the incidents as a neutral and decent person and presented all that I knew to you”

This is a very important document published by “Derin Yayınevi” and prepared by Sukru Server Aya with long time efforts, belying the slander of “genocidal killers”, which the Armenian diaspora is trying to label on the Turkish nation.

Tufan Türenç Hürriyet 21.01.2009


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