2717) Lies Of The Armenian Diaspora: Documents And Sources Based On Neutral Or Anti-Turkish Evidences

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Nowadays, we are seeing better, that there is some type of “settling accounts” between our public organizations because of different reasons. Sometimes, few settle accounts totally on behalf of overseas centers and forget the benefits of their own country. In particular the investigation of Umraniye, uncovered this reality. Public organizations are supposed to be, parts complimenting the same body and not competing with each other. However, since the policy of the state, usually changes according to who holds the power and the fact that politicians change the bureaucrats in public administrations for simple political accounts, has turned the system very upside down! The separation as left and right nowadays has expanded with global or surrendering and/or local or national differentiations. Furthermore, the ridiculous protections made for the sake of being fellow citizens, the race between those elected and those appointed, is among our social ailments. The ex-president of YOK (High Education System) Kemal Guruz’s confession when he was inquired on Umraniye investigation, that “I am pro-American; American imperialism is a palaver” shows that such an important position are entrusted to very wrong persons. The statement of this person that “Turkish is not a scholastic language” and his praise for education in foreign languages, therefore should be no surprise.

Actually, I want to speak about a book presentation meeting. The book “The Genocide of Truth” which was published in English last year is now published in Turkish under the name “Genocide Traders and Truths”.

Sükrü Server Aya, being one of those “Crazy Turks”, has made it his duty to discover the truths, as an intelligent researcher, with ideals and worries about national values; therefore it is our duty to thank him. He has fulfilled his duty of citizenship, conscious of his Turkish identity when preparing his book; he has referred objectively to various documents and sources, and has displayed the lies of the Armenian diaspora based on neutral or anti-Turkish evidences. Istanbul Commerce University and DERIN Publishing house have supported these works.

During the meeting of book launching, there were several members of academia, retired persons from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, newspapermen, businesspersons, writers and persons from various professions. Those who are a shame for our community, who have souls of sufferings and offer apologies with support from outside, are not seen strolling around! It was explained, how some persons from this group had created barriers in USA avoiding the speeches of Yusuf Halacoglu and Gunduz Aktan, who died lately. It is understood that the presidency of Obama, will bring on the agenda, these superficial genocide claims. However, the writings of several US men on duty in the area around 1910 contradict these claims and the U.S. Senate has shown with a resolution accepted in 1922 that there was no genocide. USA Congress records are open. In 2004, Armenian groups have opened a court case in the European Court of Justice. This case was rejected by the court and the application for correction of the decision has been also refused. The decision taken by the E.U. parliament in 1998 is political and not been accepted by judicial authorities. It should not be forgotten, that the acceptance of Turkey into E.U. depends on the acceptance of genocide.

During the meeting a respected Turkish citizen, lawyer Kegam Karabetyan made an important speech. He said that he is proud being a Turk and a citizen of this homeland. Probably, his affection for his country was in excess of various persons who call themselves “from Turkey” and have no homeland or national identity. We have to refrain from simple and easy generalizations.

Everyone complains of each other for failing in performing duties, but the majority is unaware of what the other party is doing. Several young scholars, cannot voice realities in foreign publications because their articles are not printed. We cannot say that the press, as an important section, are doing their duty. During the meeting a retired ambassador who was in service of the Foreign Affairs, said that the U.S.A. Embassy has an important budget for normalizations of relations between Turkey and Armenia. However, he said that the U.S. Embassy in Armenia had no budget foreseen for this purpose. It was also stated that the books writing truths, are being stolen from overseas libraries, or purchased and burned.

Prof.Dr. Mustafa E. Erkal Yenicag Newspaper 25.01.2009


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