2802) Video: Lincoln McCurdy, TCA President (C-SPAN-Interview)

Lincoln McCurdy ( President, Turkish Coalition of America) goes over the President’s trip to Turkey on Monday, as well as relations between the countries. .

Watch The Video Now: Lincoln McCurdy, TCA President (C-SPAN-Interview) half-hour TV interview

(Updated Video)

Dear Mr. Curdy, Istanbul, April 8th, 2009

I am thankful to a younger Robert College graduate, for having forwarded your video interview, which I am forwarding to some friends to spread the information and acquaint ourselves with your valuable contribution. I will try to make my “definitely friendly remarks", as short as possible, which may guide you into “treasures of concrete information”, which no one, so far in the Washington area and on this important issue “cared to look” and take any serious notice at all.

1. I am sorry that I did not come to know you when you were stationed in Istanbul, when I was one of the most active distributor importer-agent of various U.S. origin workshop and auto-service equipment. As a matter of fact, I was one of the most known and continued exhibitors in the Izmir Fair USA pavilion, from 1961 through 1983! Then I had to quit Izmir Fair, due to the drastic changes in our economy at that time. Of course I have known older Commercial attaches, when imports were restrained and I have lived through the economic and political tensions of the times. That is history, and now I am totally forgotten!

2. I have watched the video carefully, and thank you for your success to come on C-Span and the “rounded answers” you have given to anti-Turkish multitude of ignorant. The reason of this message is to remind you Sir, that like the rest of the Washington community, (advertised names, titles, Associations etc., the persons who are the “fore runners, legal consultants, speakers for the community”) base their claims on general information only! They do not follow what is written in other Armenian-connected places, they do not read even the MOST IMPORTANT news sent to them, nor the books, nor latest discoveries, etc.

I am not at an age to do “salesmanship of my book” which was printed in restricted copies and distributed by the University! “The Genocide of Truth” which took me four years to compile, has been on the free-E-book library of Turkish Armenians for more than a year, and you may possibly find some 10 copies somewhere in the Embassy and Consulates, mailed to them by Istanbul Commerce University, which NO ONE WAS INTERESTED to see the contents! Sir, for those disinterested in learning, there is no way to communicate, and all the valuable information goes waste, and some in the deep-freeze!

Frankly, I am quite disturbed by the “different groups” of Turkish Associations, and lack unavailability of storage of data, exchange of information, possible cooperation instead of competition. Sir, I do get the news bulletins of TCA, ATAA and few others and comparing the contents with the full coverage of Turkish-Armenians (which Turks are not even aware of the huge coverage and support in writing nor the gigantic library of free E books, or some 50.000 pages of postings in the past 4 years. I have heard most of the names, I do read what they say, but I am afraid that they are somewhat snobbish not to read what is sent to them, or what they should find, follow and read! These persons, run an important errand, but short of the most important and vital element KNOWLEDGE! They do not have any reaction, so in return I have lost my interest in their way of unilateral operation or figure skating, without knowing the solidness of their ground. [I had mailed personally a book, since he did not even care to send a thank you message]. In short I am totally discouraged in being able to communicate with Turks, who are the flag bearers. You will also note when reading my book, that I oppose any attachment with theologies, when dealing with matters of science or history!

I am on the advisory board of Turkish Forum, which of course goes unnoticed by TCA or ATAA, and which I do not care! A few months ago, Kaya Buyukataman presented my English book plus a file of the supporting documentary evidence, which I attach (below) the top presentation sheet! If you were to be aware of any of these coffin nails, you would have spoken more differently and answer the Genocide addicts more solidly so that they can hear that they are dead wrong with their own official documents! If you have the modesty to see your shortages and be happy for a friend reminding you of the availability of all this information, I hope that you may find better opportunities to put these documents on table and ask if these or the myth-o-maniac fabrications are true.

If you are serious in convincing yourself (like I did) about the TRUTH on this subject, I am afraid that you will have to do few months reading, from what is already presented on open internet to you.

As an elderly friend, in-an-out of USA, at least twice a year and a family in USA, let me expect you to be more modest than the other “import names”(!) and start discovering the knowledge chest sitting on the internet! All these great guys had to do, was just to be curious and see what “others pro or against have to say”! Once you go in the blogsite, you can scan through my over 170 past articles, fights with press in other countries, book reviews I made, or other book reviews on me, but most important of all the availability of all authentic documents that not even White House or Congress or any sane person can deny!

Well, the farthest thing we could do as Turkish Forum, was to present the book (and documents which surfaced later) to the Ankara Embassy and also to the Istanbul Consulate1 So, at least we could find someone to address in US Embassy and Consulate, BUT NOT IN THE TURKISH EMBASSY AND ASSOCIATED ORGANIZATIONS! While I am thankful to you for the voluntary service you have undertaken to defend TRUTH, I ask you to take your time and judge for yourself how much more you could and should have known. The blogsite of “Turkish Armenians” is the fastest, most comprehensive blogsite and they are on the side of TRUTH. If you read my London Conference and other articles, you will see that I am not a defender of Turkish ness or any religion or nationality and I was sorry to notice the continuous impact in the questions placed to you on Christianity or ethnicity! Why does the humans are not concerned with other humans, if they are not of the same race or religious stupidity!


Thanks again for your excellent mission and I wish you more success to BLOW UP THIS BALLOON of money swindlers marketing hatred and milking victimization tales believers.

Sincerely Sukru S. Aya
(Special Annex File for): “DOCUMENTS DISCOVERED APTER PUBLISHING OF "THE GENOCIDE OF TRUTH" I5BN 9789 756516249 - by Sukru Server Aya

Part 1: Book: ‘WHY ARMENIA SHOULD BE FREE” Boston 1918 Author: 6.Pastermadjian Formerly terrorist involved in the raiding of the Ottoman Bank in Istanbul in 1896; returned to Turkey after change of Constitution, elected as Congressman of Erzurum, later revolted and became one of the top Revolution leaders, ran away to U5A after Armenia was Sovietized, wrote this book as record of braveries, later became the U5A ambassador for the Armenian Republic founded as Protectorate of The Ottoman Empire in early 1919. (Plenty excerpts plus actual photos)

Part 2: ‘THE ARMENIAN QUESTION Before the Peace Conference
Submitted by the Armenian delegation on Feb. 26th, 1929. (Clarification of all acts of treason, revolutions, braveries and asking in return more than half of Anatolia, free of non-Christian elements].

Part 3: ‘ARMENIA and the Settlement” Booklet for the minutes of a Conference held in London on June 19, 1919 by prominent pro-Armenian Dignitaries, confessing anti-Turkism and support of British politicians.

Part 4: ‘NEAR EAST RELIEF REPORT Joint resolution of the U. S. Senate & Congress, accepted unanimously on April 22, 1922.

The contents of this official document belies the arguments and reasons enlisted in HS-106. Though many other references were made in HS-106, “this one was overlooked or by-passed Why7’

Port 5: Documents: Adjustment of Payments due to United States by Turkey, Sept.1937. (No indemnity claims by USA is possible)

Part 6: Order of the Court Case European Court of Justice Dec. 17.2003
Court unanimously rejected an application for < paying of indemnities and refusal of Turkey’s acceptance into E.U. unless she accepts the “genocide allegation”, based on a decision of the European Parliament back in 1987>. Court resolved that 1987 resolution are political declarations that can change in time. Cannot therefore have binding legal consequences for other institutions.

[ 27.01. 2009 ] - [Compiled by Sukru Server Aya,]


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