3164) Armenian Photo Fakery Again (!) See The Background Image Of The ANCA Poster

Updated 11 May 2011

Updated Updated 15 Apr 2011 Here:
Fakery By ANCA Again: Photograph Shows Turks Slaughtered By Armenian Volunteers In Subatan, 1918

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See Below How ANCA Executive Director Aram Suren Hamparian ((1711 N St., NW
Washington, DC 20036) deletes a question when he is confronted with the origin of the background image at ANCA Countdown Logo

Aram Suren Hamparian cannot answer the origin of the question ( The background image was taken from the official Turkish Military Archives ) and deletes it

18 Nov 2010

We Love ANCA . . We Love ANCA . . .

20 Nov 2010

Added: 11 May 2011
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Shamelessness and habitual fakery, reaffirmed in this poster if ANCA.

The photograph in the background, are of Turkish boys and girls massacred by Armenian humpabets.

Shamelessness and habitual fakery by Armenians   © This content Mirrored From  http://armenians-1915.blogspot.com

S S Aya



(24.42.xx.xxx) Rego Park, New York, United States said...

Armenians are very talented indeed. Turkish Government should hire Armenians to fight back the crook Armenians.

You know what they say :

diamond cut diamond


Çivi çiviyi söker.

(85.105.xx.xxx) Istanbul, Turkey said...

I just laugh when I see such attempts.

Maybe they should enroll in photoshop classes?

How much longer will they deceit themselves?

(91.181.xx.xxx) Ingelmunster, West-vlaanderen, Belgium said...

I love the attempts of the desperadoes and admire the exposes of your site & Truckturkey's dedication.

Good onya for your rss feed too

(78.187.1xx.xxx) Ankara, Turkey said...


The photograph is another Armenian forgery. Because the women and children in the picture are indeed Turkish women and children slaughtered by Armenians in Subatan (in Ottoman Empire) on April 25, 1918. The Picture is being copied by Armenians in internet and is presented as a Picture of Armenian victims.

The original photo is in Turkish Archives’ATASE Archive: Directory of Genelkurmay Military History and Strategic Studies Archive, The photograph collection of WWI, Album No: 4, photograph No: 123)
In the following video in this blog, http://armenians-1915.blogspot.com/2008/10/2616-armenian-forgeries-exploitation-of.html, the six photos representing Armenian forgeries, including the aforementioned one, have been well presented
Here are other photograph forgeries of the Armenians, except those in the aforementioned video:

1)The cover photograph of the book of Tessa Hoffmann: German Greek scholar Tessa Hoffmann who is a scholar of genocide of the Armenians, printed the painting of Russian artist Vasili Vereshchagin entitled ‘The Apotheosis of the Franco-Prussia War of 1871, depicting a mass of skulls which was probably painted after 1878, as if it were the photograph of 1915 Armenian genocide, in the cover of her book and had to admit her forgery during the trial of Doğu Perinçek held in Switzerland in March 2007, in which she was listened as a witness.

Interestingly, Tessa Hoffman is a scholar of genocide. "The Genocide of truth", (Şükrü Server Aya)

2) Atatürk’s photograph: The large poster with ‘FACE OF DENIAL-DOES NOT LIE’ related to a conference given by Dr Vahram Shemmasian, Ardashes Kassakhian and Dr Levon Marashlian, at UCLA on April 14, 2005, organized by Armenian Genocide Commemoration Committee of Alpha Epsilon Omega, (www.genocideevents.com/cities/losangeles.html.

The photo depicts the founder of the Turkish Republic, Ataturk, sitting on a chair outside a house with the corpse of a young girl with her innards exposed to the elements. Soon, the original of this photo was found by the Turks: It was a photograph of Ataturk for his wife Latife Hanım as a souvenir, posing with some ‘cute dog puppies’ at his feet. Two photos were printed in the July 1, 2005 issue of Hurriyet (webarsiv.hurriyet.com.tr/2005/07/01/665930.asp), as ‘a forgery scandal’.

Then, what UCLA’s ethical committee did was to erase the handwritten note and doctor a photo of Armin Wengler in place of the puppies. "The Genocide of truth", (Şükrü Server Aya)

3) Photos of victims of Khojaly:
Nobert Yevdayev, editor-in-chief of New York-based Russian language newspaper “Noviy Rubezh” (‘New Frontier’) and chairman Azerbaijani Friendly Association AZEM spoke in an interview with Day.Az said : ‘Photos of victims of Khojaly genocide allegedly to be victims of so-called “genocide” of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire were published in the newspaper ‘In a New light’. We contacted the editor, invited him to the Mission of Azerbaijan to the UN where he had to apologize for the correspondent who resorted to such provocation’. Today az, 4 September 2009.

4) A photograph published in Donald Bloxham's The Great Game of Genocide (Oxford University Press published in 2005 and 2007) which shows a man in an unbuttoned jacket and tie standing in front of a circle of ragged children and one apparent adult with something in his hand, with the caption of: 'A Turkish official taunting starving Armenians with bread' was proven not to be a 'photograph' at all but a photographic soup, composed of bits and pieces taken from other photographs www.eurasiacritic.co.uk/articles/forging-past-oup-and-armenian-question, Forging the past: OUP and the 'Armenian question', www.tallarmeniantale.com/forgeries

(78.187.1xx.xxx) Ankara, Turkey said...


There are lots of literary and visual documents proving massacres of Armenian bandits numbering to 200 000 during WW1 when Ottoman Empire was fighting in three battles but these documents are either hidden or ignored. Here are evidences from English and Russian Archives which contradict with the Armenian allegations:

A report of a Dashnag officer, Aslem Varaam written in 1920, in Beyazit-Varan (Otoman Empire):

"I exterminated the Turkish population in Bashar-Gechar without making any exceptions. One some times feels the bullets shouldn't be wasted. So, the most effective way against these dogs is to collect the people who have survived the clashes and dump them in deep holes and crush them under heavy rocks pressed from above, not to let them inhabit this world any longer. So I did accordingly. I collected all the women, men and children and extinguished their lives in the deep holes I dumped them into, crushing them with rocks."

A.Lalayan, Revolutsionniy Vostok (Revolutionary East) No: 2-3, p.92 vd, Moscow, 1936; Istoricheskie Zapisky No 2, p.101, 1928

* 'The Armenians ejected sulfuric acid to the faces of the Turkish people, fired their houses and killed them using knife and bullet, in Gaziantep' (Report of English Ambassador Henry D. Barnhamof Aleppo –Halep-, dated 16 November 1895).

* In 1905, the Armenians killed all the Turks and Muslims who lived in Susha in Azarbaijan (Russian newspaper Novoye Obozrenye 6 September 1905).

* Armenian Soviet historian A.A.Lalayan stated that the Dashnaks displayed extreme
courage to massacre Turkish women, children and ill and old people (Contrarevolyutsionnıy 'Dasnaktsutyun' İ İmperialisti-cheskaya Voyna 1914-1918 gg.', Revolyutsionnıy Vostok, No.2-3, p.92, 1936).

* V.A. Gurko-Kryajin declared that the Muslim folk around Yerivan and Kars were eradicated and the districts Shuragel, Kağızman, Karakurt, Sarıkamış, Surmali were fired and destroyed so that the folk were forced to escape, in his book entitled 'Neareast and the States' (V.A. Gurko-Kryajin, Blijniy Vostov i Derjavı, p.93, Nauçnaya Assotsiatatsiya Vostokovedeniya Pri TsİK SSSR, Moscov, 1925).

* '150 000 Armenian volunteers in Russian Army were the only forces against Turks' told Armenian Boghos Nubar, in Paris (Times of London , 1919 Jan 30 Link:

*'The Turks who had been slaughtered like animals were buried in large holes in the Eastern Anatolia' writes Russian Lieutenant Colonel Twerdo-Khlebof in his diary

*T. Hachikoglyan, in a speech he delivered, told that the Dashnaks eradicated thousands of Turks with their bloody hands (T. Haçikoglyan, 10 Let Armyanskoy Sttrelkovoy Divizii,p4-6. İzdatelstvo Polit. Uprav. KKA, Tiflis, 1930).

* Ovanes Kachaznuni (the first prime minister of Armenia) admitted in his book ‘Dashnagzoutiun Has Nothing to do Anymore’ that they massacred the Moslem population and the Armenian terrorist acts were directed, at winning the Western public opinion and the British occupation aroused hopes of the Dashnaks. (This book is banned in Armenia)

TruckTurkey said...

This photo from Official Turkish Army Archives [ATASE ARCHIVE]. Not Armenian or West Country Archives.
Official Turkish Army Website

(78.187.1xx.xxx) Ankara, Turkey said...

What’s more, after the Ottoman State was defeated in the 1st World War in 1918, the French and English invaders arrested 144 high level Ottoman veteran or civil officials including the ex-prime ministers, ex-deputies, governors and many newspapermen, and banished them to Malta Island, claiming that they were responsible for the death of Armenians. The English seized all the Ottoman Archives and also all other archives in other cities, like those in Urfa Governer House. No evidence could be found neither in the Ottoman and English Archives.

The Americans, whom the English applied, failed to find any proof in American Archives and reports of American Orthodox church or missioners either. Nor could Damat Ferit Pasha, then the Ottoman Prime Minister who was in absolute collaboration with the English could find any evidence. And, they had to make all these 144 Ottomans free in 1921, since they could not find any proof to be able to verdict them.

Can you imagine a genocide planned by a government but no kind of proof can be found, even when the members of this government have been taken prisoners and when all her archives are under control of the invaders and under the directory of an Armenian official? If The Blue Book, the telegrams of Aram Andonian and the diary of Ambassador Morgenthau (which had already been published at that time) were reliable proofs, why did the English and French invaders and the Americans not accept them to give verdicts of those 144 Ottoman officials?

Additionally, during the trial in Berlin of the Armenian assassin Soghomon Tehlirian, who had murdered Talat Pasha in Berlin on March 15th, 1921, none of the Andonian documents was allowed to be entered into the court proceedings as evidence (Dashnakists’ book Justicier du Genocide, 1981, p.213).

(78.187.1xx.xxx) Ankara, Turkey said...

4) Falsified allegations of speeches attributed to Atatürk: The first claim about Atatürk was that he was one of the witnesses, who supported Armenians in the “Court Martials” in İstanbul.

In this claim, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was confused with the Chairman of the “Court Martials”, Mustafa Kemal, whose nickname was Nemrud. During the trials in İstanbul, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was in Ankara as a leader of the national struggle. James H. Tashjian, the Armenian editor of the Armenian periodic ‘The Armenian Review’ stated that Mustafa Kemal, then a Pasha, never appeared before such a tribunal, nor did he render such a statement (The Armenian Weekly Boston, Mass, USA, March 20, 1982 and The Armenian Review Volume thirty five, Autumn 1982); however James H. Tashjian was fired from his work later on.

The second claim was about the statement, which attributed to Atatürk, given to Los Angeles Examiner in 1926. However, it was proven that this claim, which was made by Armenians in various platforms, was false. There was no evidence that a Swiss journalist, who was called Emile Hilderband, came to Turkey. Moreover, it was not found a journalist named Hilderband in the documents of Swiss authorities.

The third claim about Atatürk was put forward in Yeni Binyıl newspaper on 8 October 2000. According to this claim in his speech in Turkish Grand National Assembly, on 24th of April 1920, Atatürk condemned the leaders of Jön Turks for their genocide policies. After the research of the speech records of Turkish Grand National Assembly in both open and secret sessions, it was proven that Mustafa Kemal did not make such speech.

One of the last claims about Atatürk was put forward by European Parliament, Foreign Affairs Committee’s report on Turkey on 22nd of November 2001. In the footnote of this report claimed that Mustafa Kemal gave a speech in Turkish Grand National Assembly on 10th of April 1921, in which he said Jön Turk regime followed genocide policy against Armenians in the First World War. After the research of the speech reports of Turkish Grand National Assembly, it was seen that Mustafa Kemal did not speak in Turkish Grand National Assembly in April 1920. He even did not attend any session of Assembly during April 1920.

(78.187.1xx.xxx) Ankara, Turkey said...

5) A quote attributed to Adolf Hitler in which he purportedly responded to a query about his planned annihilation of European Jewry, by quipping: ‘Who, after all, speaks today of the extermination of the Armenians?’, on August 22, 1939, a few days prior to his invasion of Poland (Obersalzberg speeches).

Contrary to Richard Hovannisian and other Armenians, the Nuremberg transcripts through their preservation of U.S.-29 (798-PS), U.S.-30 (1014-PS), and the notes of Admiral Boehm (which are corroborated by the relevant passages from the diary of General Halder), in no way authenticate the infamous Hitler quote.

On the contrary, by establishing the actual texts of Hitler’s Obersalzberg speeches they demonstrate that the statement is conspicuously absent from Hitler’s remarks. The assertion that Hitler made a reference to the Armenians in any context whatsoever is without foundation. (Heath W Lowry, The U.S. Congress and Adolf Hitler on the Armenians, Political Communication and Persuasion. Vol 3, No 2, 1985 Crane, Russak & Company Inc.


According to the Armenians the speech had been introduced as evidence to the Nuremberg Tribunal (L3 document, USA-28 document (www/cwporter/com/gl3.htm.) which was defined as ‘forgery’ (David Irving, ‘Nuremberg: The Last Battle’, 1996, p.100).

A certificate dated, 25 June 1948 signed by Paul A Joosten, General Secretary of the International Military Tribunal states that L3, USA-28 Photostat document submitted as evidence has been withdrawn, in accordance with Rule 10 of the Tribunal but held in the National Archives.

Mr Carlos Porter, who found these documents made the following important warning:

‘’Note: This translation attempts to retain the style and punctuation of the original, which is not correct in German: full space before colons and commas, no full space before following word. The document contains not one single sharp S (§ ) a standard letter in the German alphabet. C.Porter.

(78.187.1xx.xxx) Ankara, Turkey said...


6)The most dramatic lie is about the outcome of the Armenians who were relocated. Because the majority of these Armenians returned to their homes.

Because, on December 18, 1918, a law which let the Armenians return to their homes and claim their properties was issued by the Ottoman State. Here are non-Ottoman evidences:

*In a report prepared by the Armenian Patriarchate in 1921, the Armenians who lived on the Ottoman territory in Anatolia, Middle East and those who returned to their previous locations were shown as 644 900. It was added that the Armenians who became Muslim, who were hidden and who did not encourage to return their homes were not included but they were assumed to be 20 000 (US ARCHIVES NARA, Mikrofilm No.T1192, Roll8; Department of State Papers….,860).

*In an article published in Der Neue Orient Magazine, it was reported that the number of Armenians in Ottoman Armenia was thought to be 470 000 (including those who lived in İzmir and İstanbul but excluding the Armenians who escaped to Caucasia). Additionally more than 30 000 Armenians lived in Adana and 40 000 in Aleppo (Der Neue Orient May 1919, p.178)

*The Armenian population in Cilicia (Çukurova) was reported as 218 000 in a document dated July 1920 (US ARCHIVES NARA, Mikrofilm No: T 1192R 2;860J.01/395. Appendix. From Acting High Commissioner Dulles to the Foreign Minister).

* In a memorandum presented by Bogos Nubar Pasha, chief of the Armenian delegation in Paris Conference which started in December 1918, it was announced that 150 000 Armenians were given financial support and taken to Cilicia from Syria, by the French government (US ARCHIVES NARA T1192. Roll 4.860J.01/431).

(78.187.1xx.xxx) Ankara, Turkey said...


HERE ARE EVIDENCES ABOUT THE ARMENIANS WHO RETURNED THEIR HOUSES DID: These Armenians cooperated with the French and English armies and fought in these armies individually wearing their uniforms. Here are archive evidences:

*Boghos Nubar Pasha: ‘In 1919 and 1920, when the Kemalists attacked to the French soldiers, the Armenians made war for France in Maraş, Haçin, Pozantı and Sis. The French succeeded to take back Antep, by the help of the Armenians. Therefore, the Armenians are an ally of France’ (USARCHIVES NARA T1192. Roll 4.860J.01/431).

*A decision made by The American Committee for the Independence of Armenia which was presented to the Lausanne Conference on January 16, 1923: ‘As the minister Bellet declared, the Armenian legionelles (lejyonerler) joined to France after being promised that autonomy would be introduced to Cilicia and therefore they occupied Cilicia in 1918 (carrying the flag of France) . (US ARCHIVES NARA T1192. Roll 4. 860J.01/562).

*Boghos Nubar Pasha: ‘Since 1918, 40 000 Armenians lost their lives’ while fighting together with the French (US ARCHIVES NARA, 8605.01/438).

*A list of the Armenians who fought in the French Army and died had been displayed under the title of ‘The Armenians who died for France’. In the list, the cities where these soldiers were born were also stated and nearly all of them were Ottoman Armenians (www.geocities.com/Paris/Palais/2230/ww2.html)

*’The Armenians informed the Allies that they would establish an army of 150 000 soldiers and attempt to establish an independent Armenia in the east (From Berlin November 6, 1917; vorzulegen z.G.K.:W.L.R.Nadolny. German Archives of the Foreign Ministry, Bd.48,R.14097, No.7169).

*’ Armenians massacred many Turks, in the district of Erzincan and surroundings where the Russian retreated’ (The telegram sent by Kühlmann, German ambassador of İstanbul to German Foreign Ministry. German Archives of the Foreign Ministry, Bd. 47, R.14096, No.7165, No.591).

Entrogen (99.22.2xx.xxx) Thousand Oaks, California, United States said...

Your references are all from the Turkish government. They've been denying the genocide for almost a century, so why would anyone think that the photo archive is not biased.

Sure, Armenians killed Turks. They weren't going to stand around while the Ottoman empire eliminated all of the Armenians from their historic lands.

As far as using those images, I don't agree with ANCA using them. Armenians have plenty of genocide pictures and evidence, so I don't know why they ended up using those pictures as background.

68.144.xx.xx) Calgary, Alberta, Canada said...

If Turks are denying "genocide" as Armenians say, then these are my questions to you:

There has been no kind of court decision about what the Armenians call a ‘genocide’ nor has the Armenians ever applied to any court.WHY??

Why are they afraid of simply applying to the International Court of Justice instead of spending huge amounts of money to make the propaganda of their thesis?

Why are they afraid of discussing their thesis in historical joint commissions?

Why did they not open their archives up till now, while the Turkish archives are open?

New generations may not be aware of these facts. However, their parents and the Armenian authorities are aware of all these fact very well. Remember that in 2004, the Viennese Armenian-Turkish Platform (VAT) composed of Austrian, Turkish and Armenian historians was founded to exchange documents about the 1915 events. After receiving 100 Turkish documents, the Armenians abandoned the project refusing to continue to fulfill their commitments

(I. Press Release 11.1.2005 Viennese Armenian-Turkish Platform – VAT

The Viennese Armenian-Turkish Platform deeply regrets to announce that she will not carry through her starting initiative „The First Viennese Armenian-Turkish Round Table” (FVATR Vienna 2005) originally planned for spring 2005. The reason is that the Armenian partner has not provided us with the necessary confirmation as agreed in August 2004…….On the other hand, the Turkish partner accepted already to participate in the dialogue, in which each part was supposed to present 180 documents on the year 1915 showing their understanding of this delicate matter.


Also, beware that the parliaments who recognized your genocide thesis, did so, depending on the vote of the Armenians not on the historical documents which were presented them by the Armenians.

I am also wondering what Armenians think about their very first PMs confessions about the issue:

‘… The war with us was inevitable... We had not done all that was necessary for us to have done to evade war. We ought to have used peaceful language with the Turks...We had no information about the real strength of the Turks and relied on ours. This was the fundamental error. We were not afraid of war because we thought we could win... Our army was well fed and well armed and [clothed] but it did not fight. The troops were constantly retreating and deserting their positions ; they threw away their arms and dispersed in the villages. ...In spite of the fact that the Armenians had better material and better support, their armies lost. ..... the advancing Turks fought only against the regular soldiers ; they did not carry the battle to the civilian sector. ....the Turkish soldiers were well-disciplined and that there had not been any massacres…’

Source: The 1923 Bucharest Manifesto of Hovhannes Katchaznouni, the first PM of the Independent Armenian Republic, published by the Armenian Information Service Suite 7D, 471 Park Ave., New York 22 – 1955.

Armenians know if their bogus genocide claims are put to the scrutiny of the joint commission of historians, they will be discredited in view of the entire international community. Whereas in the political arena, the Armenians can get any resolution, no matter how incorrect or even ridiculous, passed by any political body with the lobbying, intimidation, and harassment machine they built in the last century. What would happen to all those resolutions, monuments, museums, films, and others then? How can they allow a huge “genocide industry” collapse? Where would the next paycheck of the Armenian falsifiers come?

Dr. Gwynne Dyer, a London-based independent journalist, put it best back in 1976:

“… The deafening drumbeat of the propaganda, and the sheer lack of sophistication in argument which comes from preaching decade after decade to a convinced and emotionally committed audience, are the major handicaps of Armenian historiography of the diaspora today…”

68.144.xx.xx) Calgary, Alberta, Canada said...

How about the quotes from Joseph Stalin where stated as: “The agents of the Allied Powers are exaggerating Turkey’s campaign in Transcaucasia, take it easy.” In the rest of the documents, he points out the large scale Armenian revolt against Ottoman military camping before the relocation. In past couple years, historians and their studies in Russia brought significant evidence from Bolshevik archives. armenians-1915.blogspot.com/2008/03/2389-logical-fallacies-of-armenian.html

There was an Armenian problem for the Turks created by the advance of the Russians, and also there was a population with an anti-Turkish sentiment in the Ottoman Empire who sought independence, and they overtly sympathized with the Russians advancing from the Caucasus. Also, there were Armenian bands, the Armenians bragged about their heroic exploits in resistance, and the Turks had trouble to maintain order under the prevailing war conditions. For the Turks it was necessary to take the punitive and preventive measure against a hostile population in a region threatened by foreign invasion. For the Armenians it was liberating their land.

However, both parties agree that the repression was geographically limited; for example, those measures did not affect the Armenians who lived in the other parts of the Ottoman Empire. www.armeniangenocidedebate.com/faq

‘Adolf Hitler: "Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?"

Now has anybody bothered to investigate it. No, of course. "It sounds like as if it is true, so why not believe it". Well fortunately there are still people who like investigating such stuff.

Read for example :
Heath W. Lowry
Washington, D.C.
Political Communication and Persuasion, Volume 3, Number 2 (1985)

Abstract This article traces the history of a purported Adolf Hitler quote which cites the perecent of the world's lack of reaction to the fate of Armenians during the First World War as a justification for his planned extermination of European Jewry in the course of the Second World War. By a detailed examination of the genesis of this quotation the author demonstrates that there is no historical basis for attributing such a statement to Hitler...
The latest British governments acceptance that the "blue book", which Armenian claims are based upon, have been declared by the government itself to be a WW1 time propaganda material. Yes you heard it right!


Ergun Kirlikovali said...

Falsification comes so easily to the Armenian lobby... Their whole narrative is one big falsification... Suffering? Yes, of course, plenty, but on all sides... Genocide? No, not even by a long shot!

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