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Dear Readers,

On the happy occasion of celebrating the Sixth Birthday of this friendly site (where every one can read and comment freely), I feel privileged (may be because of my age) to share a few sentiments by this message. Those who read my essays, or books or comments probably understood by now, that I do not enjoy arguments founded on racial, national, religious fanaticism and I am a lover and friend of every one with equal life philosophy and who can rid themselves of prejudices or propaganda including bitter past events, especially antagonism such as blood feuds or rages of revenge!

This site’s E-library is full of authentic documents with diverse beacons of light on the Turkish-American-Armenian relations and history in the past two centuries. If you read these authentic documents, I am sure you will have to agree with me that super powers that wanted to share the Ottoman Empire, used the Christian minorities and encouraged their pawns with aggressive but “ballast words” such as:

* “Bryce did not mince his words. He believed that the Turkish Government ‘deserves to die.” [1]
* “…barbarous misrule’ of Turkish Armenia.” [2]
* “Bryce even believed that the regeneration of Asia Minor ‘must devolve on the Armenia’.” [3]

(Of course he did not elaborate how Armenians who were not even 20% of the population can achieve this)!
. .

Although Armenians are flattered by the compliments of being the first nation who adopted Christianity, they and their supporters seem to override Christ’s teachings, such as “love even thy enemy, do not lie, the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil, beware of false prophets who come in sheep’s clothing ” etc! What’s even sadder is the fact that the Protestant (and some Catholic) “missionaries who came in large numbers in early 1800s to convert Moslems, but having failed concentrated on Gregorian Armenians, have been untruthful to the teachings of the Bible when commuting the “Gospel of the Savior”! There are tens of books in the E-library exposing the hypocrisy of those educated and devoted teachers, whose prime objective was “to get new converts in their branch of Christianity and thus prove their professional necessity”, even when their supreme goals made use of improper means! My sentiments on the subject were expressed in my books as well as posting 3250 with the bold observations of Edgar Allen Poe and Charles Dickens. Let us add two more clever remarks to the above:

* “It seems even more clear to me that higher levels of civilization must depend even more heavily on conscientious respect for the importance of honesty and clarity in determining what the facts are.” [4]
* “…it is the clear duty of men of science, and of all who value scientific knowledge to protest against the new forms of persecution rather than to congratulate themselves complacently upon the decay of the older forms.”
“New truth is often uncomfortable, especially to the holders of power: nevertheless, amid the long record of cruelty and bigotry it is the most important achievement of our intelligent but wayward species.” [5]

Special attention must be paid to the use of the very old card of religion (see posting 3285) and letting clergy lead the pivotal issues with their tale books, instead of logic, intelligence and realities! In this respect I wish to share a rubai of my idol Omar Khayyam:

"With those brave stupids, two or three,
Who in their follies are so wise
They know, what we scarce realize,
They only know the world, not we:

Thou'st better be an ass as well;
For they're so sunk in assishness
That they call every man, unless
He be an ass, an infidel!"
(or denialist ?) [6]

Now, let me add just a very few excerpts flood lighting the past:

* “Villages are in ruins, some being destroyed when the Armenians fled or were deported; some during the Russian advance; some on the retreat of the Armenian irregulars and Russians after the fall of the empire.” Second, the bulk of the adult population had perished during the war. “Not over twenty percent of the Turkish peasants who went to war have returned. The absence of men between the ages of twenty and thirty-five is very noticeable.” [7]

* “The Armenian is not guiltless of blood himself; his memory is long and reprisals are due, and will doubtless be made if opportunity offers.” [8]

Of course I am not saying that [since Turks were no Christians] turned their other cheek! Surely they retaliated to settle scores when they could do it because all their men were drafted! Between the years 1914 – 1922, Armenian Dashnakist revolutionaries fought three wars against Turks and they lost them all because their “big brothers did not want to pay more in money and particularly in life” and keep their palaver big promises! Accordingly the adventurist revolutionaries lost all wars (causing destruction of their innocent communities); Turks being more in numbers and fighting for their very last breath, succeeded in saving their independence!

It is hard to understand that (diaspora) Armenians are the only nation continuing to fight this “long time buried score” today, as if, a total population of not more than six millions dispersed Armenians, stand any chance against the economically and geo-strategically strong Turkish Republic with over seventy five million Turks! What more, Armenians are known to be the most capable artisans and traders. Strange enough the revolutionist inspirations dragged them in unsettled disputes and claims of land from all their three neighbors, instead of being the “smartest traders in the area” and taking their money as profit instead of grabbing land by force. Have you ever thought that if Hitler and Japanese had not wasted all their efforts and money on arms, but had expanded their leaderships in various industries, they could have purchased almost the whole world by now for sure! They erred by “grabbing and conquering” thus destroying everything plus over sixty million lives that died because of them. “Time is the enemy” and racist Armenian psyche is wasting this most valuable asset for blue birds in dreams!

As regards the status of real-politic, I should like to quote the first stanzas of a marching son which almost every Turk knows it by heart, since time it was penned on the tenth anniversary of the Turkish Republic.

The mountain peak breaks through clouds,
The silvery rivers flow with sounds;
The sun will rise at any moment,
Let us walk friends… with warm intent!

Finally for my friends who know me only from my writings, I wish to quote a rubai which talks to love and compassion, for those who wish to fill their hearts with logic instead of hatred!

“How lovely to halt and rest – and then to go on your way,
Not frozen nor muddled, to stay fresh by flowing away.
Yesterday is past and gone – so are your words of yesterday:
How lovely, to find for each new day something fresh to say.” [9]

Sukru Server Aya – Istanbul July 10, 2011

[1] [2] [3] “The Genocide of Truth” – Sukru Server Aya Istanbul Commerce Univ. 2008, P. 588
[4] “On Truth” Harry G. Frankfurt, Alfred Knopf p. 10
[5] “Religion and Science” Bertrand Russell, Oxford Univ. Press 1997, p.251-252-253
[6] “Omar Khayyam” by Prof. Athur J. Arberry, John Murray, London 1952, p. 128,
[7] General Harbord’s Report, p.8 (Posting # 2813)
[8] Ibid p. 18
[9] From - Mevlana Jalaludin Rumi – Translated by Prof. Talat S. Halman



( Conan, Noord-brabant, Netherlands said...

In the Balkans and Greece the Turks had been wiped out. Their enemies, sided by their vassals, tried to do the same in Anatolia, their last stronghold. They failed.

(Cyprus is another example of such a failure)

( Conan, Noord-brabant, Netherlands said...

It looks like Armenians are doomed since they turned themselves against the Turks.

Image what would have happened if the Armenians (and other former Ottoman citizens like the Greeks) were still cooperating with the Turks.

Turkey is now a rising power, but with them on their side, their nation would be one of the super powers today.

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