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Updated: 20 August, 2011

Mary Mikaelyan,
July 27, 2011,
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75 year-old Ara Baliozian is an author, translator, and critic, born in Athens, Greece. He received his education at the Mekhitarist College of Moorat-Raphael in Venice, where he also studied economics and political science at the University of Ca Foscari.

Readers will not be able to find any of his works in Armenia, despite the author's efforts to the contrary. He has authored over 30 works in both Armenian and English.

He now lives in Ontario, Canada, where he devotes his full time to writing. He now mostly posts his works on different Armenian internet discussion boards.

I had the opportunity to converse with the iconoclast writer and thinker via the internet.

You have written and thought about our culture for years. What is your general opinion regarding our culture?
. . .

This is my answer. Since I refuse to reproduce Armenian propaganda, I have become an undesirable, a dreaded 'non-person', a traitor.

Your works were published in scores of Armenian periodicals. Why did they turn against you?

Because I began to think independently, in opposition to the propaganda path they held dear.

They hate you in Armenia. Is it that you are extremely anti-Armenian and pro-Turkish, or are we, here in Armenia, so intolerant?

I am a supporter of justice. As ottomanized and sovietized Armenians, we have a tendency to be intolerant.

What, in your opinion, are the views that have made you enemies?

Probably because I have exposed the insincerity and incompetence of our leaders.

How does it feel to be forsaken in the fatherland?

It just an ordinary experience; like any other. At different times all Armenian writers have been wrongly accused of various crimes that they never committed.

You claim that we are living in a situation where strong propaganda reigns. What particular aspects do you see as a result of this propaganda?

Well, let's take the fact that we are obliged to write the word God with a capital letter and it's anathema to say anything against God. Then there is our Turko-centrific side – the belief that our destiny remains in the hands of the Turks.

It appears that there are certain themes that are off-limits in Armenia. Perhaps in the same way as the Orhan Pamuk incident in Turkey.

The Turks are way ahead of us. Just the fact that they've had a Nobel Prize winner attests to this.

How do you work with literary agents in Canada?

Canadian and American literary agents are only interested in books that will make money. My writings have no such value.

What does it mean to be a writer of Armenian descent?

It means to belong to a community that has always fallen victim to foreign and domestic dictators.

What can you say about Armenian literature?

We've had literary giants but treated them like tiny mosquitoes.

Do Armenians in the diaspora avoid your critiques?

Armenians only agree on one thing – manufactured propaganda, including that of the enemy.

Can one be patriotic but not fascist?

There is an element of fascism in all Armenian patriotism and nationalism.

Do you see any salvation on the horizon or are we doomed?

To write signifies to hold out hope.

So you have hope that Armenia will somehow change its attitude towards you one day?

I hope so but I wouldn't bet on it.

20 August, 2011 Update
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Nubar - 27 July, 2011
If this man was in Turkey and referred to Turkish attitudes as "propaganda" he would have been jailed by Turks for insulting Turkishness. Ara lacks creativity, his inclination is toward the left and Armenians will remember him for thousands years to come as --Better we had not had one like him among us. He did some good translation of literary works but that its is, the rest of his essays are empty of any value and they are provocations toward Armenians; some Armenian literary and spiritual figures encouraged and praised him in hope that someday he will discover he had a heart beating inside his chest but alas he never did. Even he has been rejected from some forums for his nonsense babbling at his old age.

Gary - 27 July, 2011
There is an element of fascism in all Armenian patriotism and nationalism I agree with that statement. Armenian nationalism is coupled with race superiority. Meanwhile morality and values are almost absent. Try searching Armenian news in any major newspaper without encountering number of articles about Armenian fraud. As far as propaganda I don't think Armenians are any different from others, it's every where.

hovsep - 27 July, 2011
It takes intelect to penetrate the soul of A.B. All those that read his writings in a fleeting manner are either "beyond repair dupes", or worse, do not have what it takes to understand his message. No one is perfect, except the Lord!!

ara zeibarian - 27 July, 2011
i am shocked all he does is write what's on his mind. we're people too. he has a fine voice and i hope many armenians come to realize his words and thoughts as valuable to not just armenian life but human values.

LG- 27 July, 2011
Nubar, of all the comments, yours was the only sane one. It is not surprising that a self-hating Armenian like baliozian would get an interview from an anti-Armenian outlet like hetq, and that 75% of comments from readers would support this man's senile views.

rahageets - 27 July, 2011
And what about non-conformists like Gostan Zarian? They too are little known in present-day Armenia, even among the so-called "intellectual" class. But that's not to say that they are widely read outside of Armenia. Nevertheless, a majority of the current crop of patriotic writings today in Armenia (let's forget the diaspora in this discussion) contain a good dose of christian superiority and national elitism. It's the bain of our Armenian consciousness.

Ano - nimbus - 27 July, 2011
* True friends who like reading Ara's satire, appreciate and compliment his idealism and free thinking, despite outside pressures he faces!
* Did Orhan Pamuk deserve the honor or was he rewarded in return of ... kissing? "This is the question!"
* Nubar breaths nationalism and fanatacism instead of oxygen, which apparently keeps his heart beating to defame independent scholars. Many persons prefer tolerance and compassion instead of hatred and grudge. Looks like that the Armenian identity is Nubar's top priority but he uses the passport of another homeland country.

cholo - 27 July, 2011
I'm interested to know if Baliozian responded in western or eastern Armenian. Also, when, if ever, was the last time he visited Armenia and what were his impressions?

John - 28 July, 2011
"How to win an argument Turkish style: Make yourself so absurd and repellent that your adversary will give up in disgust." "Talaat appears to be the role model of all war criminals. First they run away to a foreign country (as I write there are thirty of them in Canada alone) and when they are identified,arrested, and brought to justice, they plead not guilty. They see themselves as patriots, not killers. Like wolves, they view the slaughter of sheep as an inevitable result of evolution." These are just two of the "pro-Turkish" musings of Baliozian on his webpage http://baliozian.blogspot.com/

Bedros- 28 July, 2011
"I look forward to the day when I will be objective enough to view Armenia as a foreign country and my fellow Armenians not as my brothers but as foreigners." Sensible words if we ever want to seriously tackle the ills that are bleeding Armenia dry today.

Vahe - 28 July, 2011
I have once read one of the books of this "author" and the first lines were referring to his sexual experiences with a Greek tutor. I cast the book into the trash and never looked back. If I wished to read porno bullshit. I would have picked one. Baliozian had thrown the Armenian Genocide into the trash bin of history, and he is the first man the Turks wish to see as a great author and leader of Armenians.

Armen_yan - 28 July, 2011
I guess just like nature mixes up sometimes with gays and puts woman's soul in man's body he got Turkish soul in Armenian body)). He showed not a bit of love or care for his people and country in his words. Just sour words of criticism and blame of others. Typical victim mentality.

Bedros Kojian - 28 July, 2011
I agree with most of Mr. Baliozian comments about Armenia, Turkey and humanity. He is a realist not an idialist.Yes I also wish that we were far better than what we really are, but we have to look at the facts. When Armenia became independant I was ecstatic and proud that I "witnessed", the independence and that it happened in my lifetime, but after experiencing and seeing what is going on, I am extremly disappointed, sad and sorry. I have always blamed our ancestors for what and where we are now, I don't accept all the ludicrous justifications, explanation and excuses about why we are such a small landlocked country and nation. And I am sure that we will be one of those generations that the future generation of Armenians will blame for "helping to destroy" Armenia with our actions or inactions. Bedros

rahageets - 28 July, 2011
@ Vahe, Maybe you should have actually opened the book, read a paragraph or two, and then decided whether to buy it or not. By the way what was the name of this book?

Ani - 28 July, 2011
I do not know what there is of the fascists, but in a district that is known to hate it, it's a fact: some people have about characterized as fascism Dignity So if the Turks massacred us, our lands are taken, we require our lands, we are fascist, but I think it is a natural phenomenon: man only thachutyan feeling aroused me, and I'm not saying lragroghii question: if we have hatred towards the Turks, it is natural, but that their own people hate you and your nmannern raised to what it is, fascism is the dadrek everything fashsit say: shame shame.

robert - 28 July, 2011
George Orwell wrote in 1944 that "the word 'Fascism' is almost entirely meaningless ... almost any English person would accept 'bully' as a synonym for 'Fascist'. Given that the term is so widely interpreted, the reporter should have asked Baliozian what he meant exactly. Perhaps Baliozian should have employed the concept of "national superiority" when speaking about some manifestations of Armenian patriotism...

turco - 28 July, 2011
This man at first seemed interesting to me, I visited his blog, he criticizes Armenians for being 'turkocentric', how ironic is that he is the most 'turkocentric' armenian I have ever read. While insulting Armenians he does it using his views about Turks, trying to show that Armenians became like Turks in many aspects. No one can hide behind the genocide to act this way.

bedo - 30 July, 2011
@turco, Yes.."turco-centric in the sense that Armenians prefer to find fault with others rather than looking within and see in their own shortcomings and hang-ups.

Vahe - 30 July, 2011
I cannot remember the book name but you can read what this shameless sold-out "author" wrote in the Turkish press (http://www.todayszaman.com/news-241830-april-24-can-we-start-over-again-by-markar-esayan.html) Read the comment section with his name. Shame on you Ara Baliozian. You are not Armenian.

Mary Mikaelyan - 30 July, 2011
to Cholo: Neither western nor eastern Armenian, the interview was conducted in English.

cholo - 31 July, 2011
@Baron, Why are you surprised that 18 people wrote comments in English? Just goes to show that Armenians who might not write the language are more concerned with "national matters" than those who can read and write Armenian. Or is this an unfounded assumption on my part?

Vahe - 31 July, 2011
Cholo you are absolutely right. I know Armenian but I do not know the keyboard letters in Armenian, maybe I should learn soon and writing Armenian in latin letters defeats the purpose.

ara baliozian - 31 July, 2011
the following is dedicated to my critics who believe their attacks and insults are justified as well as infallible:
July 31, 2011
As the number of blunders goes up, so do assertions of infallibility. * The greatest mistake is to think we are right and those who disagree with us wrong. * Prove an infallible man wrong and make an enemy for life. * Infallible men don’t learn because they are in the business of teaching. * On the Genocide issue Americans see Turks as reflections of themselves and Armenians as white niggers. * Our political and religious leaders praise solidarity with words and bury it with actions. * Nothing can be transparently more dishonest than to expose the crimes of our enemies and to cover up our own blunders. * One of the most important functions of all educational systems is to identify the enemy. * What holds a nation together is the threatening presence of the enemy? * If the enemy dies, so does the glue that holds the nation together. * The unspoken aim of all organized religions and ideologies is to legitimize double-talk: to say one thing and do the opposite. * I don’t write for the enjoyment of the reader. Neither do I write to flatter. I write to point out the fact that no one is infallible, we all make mistakes, and the beginning of all wisdom is acknowledging them. #

Mr - 31 July, 2011
I do not understand why people do so, that their actions or their elements in biological amratner not be Voghjamtutyunn, and especially thinking ansahamanpak, and perhaps this allows me to make a comment about the fact that each of ansahamanapak. without limiting itself to at least be understandable ansahmanapakutyune: fascism is certainly a need for making judgments about the nature of intuitive, rather than any human being to understand the concept of translation or interpretation, moreover, in the etymological dictionary of them: Each is deprived of is to think and express his thinking on this one way or another, but rather shall be limited or does it provide forms and goals. Who does not agree, let them raise, I will tell you more, I go to a man, so man is I let her think she is thinking about the Turks, to let them think, if thinking about him, hardly, but I think he thinks more about himself and has some depth, but unknown to us about the problem. If ara baliozian-do is a summary of what it is for its intended purpose, one can understand that there are a few options: 1. wait, that will soon die of any illness / if dzer to / 2. wait, that will randomly or in a disaster and lose in speaking, writing, or thinking ability, (3) in any manner prohibited by law, be crabby fashisntnere avenge him / God forbid, I do not give advice / 4. read as an alternative way of thinking and trying to put his gratsnere place, ignore it, 5. At the end of confession, that he wrote under the old psikhoz hivnadutyan / perhaps test it / 6 agreed with his words and find something positive in it for at least a glimpse of 'Protocols and I will suggest this limited elections / 6 except the location / selection enabled ara baliozian-on: he may say what he dzer give you that one day his statue to stop this or it's big and small city or suburb, a place to put it one day will come to me and my peseri grandson or great grandson vayrenabar not destroy it, but carefully dismantled, and send the museum / the name of the nation against the expressed will of the historical museum, where there will also be craft artsrunineri restoration, / and his gratsnere care crease in the same way, and send state or community archives, that the nation's next enduring generations to read and be aware of his own nation, "product" for the good and bad about each and every one I know will be around for a moment that instantly the whole life and I try to view a form of accelerated kinozhapaveni I megha come, why not be proud of, but what made God judge us.

Vahagn - 31 July, 2011
I have to tell you something: What do you enter a komentits more koment write and then they say, highlights our weaknesses on a log and write one, let the person you want to live in old age: You are the dew to me like , and the soundness of his gratsnere expression of MP in here for personal, pecuniary interest in the MP is not printing properly, if not, then you ara baliozian-in mardikn you want to lsetsnel anyone or any country people who , came to the conclusion that, did not say this or this or this or that person is not the case, although Mr. Baliozyan?: It seems to me `Baliozyan-upward correction of the sharp-cut female sex is a part of that, I do not know. The representative of the female sex by anargvel Turkish band, and he remained in the blood pure, but its future generation of blood left by the Turkish tseghin suit the characteristics of the gene, they say, a certain time after the blood is cleaned and the characteristics of a dominant gene Finally Overcome the other genes with khachaserume: PS Accept that he "Ian" in the name of the Turkish nation, kho not going to kill him.

john - 1 August, 2011
With the mental "geniuses" we have here like Marine and Vahagn, no wonder the nation is going down the drain. These mental midgets just love to name call and label people because it is Easy TO DO SO. These people represent Armenian mediocrity at its best; which translates into the practical "worst".

Garabed - 1 August, 2011
John I think you are babbling in about daytime. Marine and Vahagn are right and I agree with them 100%. You present no proof of your rhetoric and therefore you are the labeler and name caller. Plus even if they are name callers I could care less because they are Patriots. What is it that you wish to have? Sell out Armenia? Forget the Genocide and bend over in front of our enemies? Give Artsakh back? No wonders sickos are like yourselves are talking.

Garabed - 1 August, 2011
ara baliozian - if we all make mistakes as you say - are you exempt of your assertion, or are you the divine judge who could see all faults without looking at oneself?

Varaz Syuni (Amsterdam) - 1 August, 2011
Yes HAMADZAYN em hetevyalin :..... In particular, you believe that aspektnern Propaganda result :..... "We are obliged to write a capital letter name of God, and we can not say anything against God, as well as our turkakentronutyune the idea that our destiny is still in the hands of the Turks."

Varaz Syuni (Amsterdam)- 1 August, 2011
I do not agree with everything/every single thing he said in the interview, but, generally/in bigger lines, Ara Baliozian tells the truth- at least to me........I do think that the Diaspora has a deepening identity crisis: that's why most of them take extreme attitudes/views and do not tolerate people who think differently, as they are afraid to lose the/that mask of identity. But the truth always sets you free, and only after accepting the truth you can really begin to heal.

john - 1 August, 2011
Patriotism ... for rulers is nothing else than a tool for achieving their power-hungry and money-hungry goals, and for the ruled it means renouncing their human dignity, reason, conscience, and slavish submission to those in power. ... Patriotism is slavery. Leo Tolstoy, in his pamphlet Christianity and Patriotism (1894,omment...

Vahagn - 1 August, 2011
Who here agrees. Turkish nation on earth should that be?: Who will be the first to you, say that the presence of the Turkish nation to the world civilization? Who is to say, he's a pure "Malenkiy" john, you know I have the Turkish nation "masterpieces"? I have one question for you and your peserin. When a bug in your apartment - bloch - "square toes" appears, what do you do? Do not squeeze your foot and "satkatsnum" forever, or leave the session and reproduced in and create your bazmotsnerin katse, kitchen apsenerin or asleep during your Turkish descent "big and ungainly nose," Now that your version is about the 'Malenkiy " John? I feel like throwing a Turkish word, but I do not consider me a fascist, I was brought up to hate and abhor the Turks, inknadastiarakvel I inknapahpanvelis, destroy the Turks, including his new born sec. OR's, Ts. K. and N. vO K . B. O f in balekin: You came here to make you known fascist, name, propaganda, did zvartoren singing-dancing Christ. I. K.. ti go. Rise up into the form to your's, you listen v. anchornineri paragon's followers: cool: There is a mental institution for the morbid zarantsankneri where kmeghmen consequences of your illness, I do not know these talented people to the ara baliozian-in or not, but I question "promekh" is given.

Mr - 1 August, 2011
Hetq-am-on-my gratse why do not you print that you have the support of Turkish nationality, and its trmatsknerin offended and felt that the Turks bad things I have written: Tell us, know.

Garabed - 1 August, 2011
John, enough of your garbage. You go and tell that crap to your Turkish and Azerbaijani leaders. Let them read Tolstoy in the Turkish or Azeri army, parliaments and people. I am against corruption with heart and soul, but Patriotism is the blood of our nation since the beginning of Armenian history.

Garabed - 1 August, 2011
Varaz Syuni, the Armenian Diaspora does not have any masks, our identity is strongly Armenian, other than those who leave their faith, language, intermarry and assimilate. You don't have any right to generalize demographics as it is a disease with some Armenians to paint the whole wall with one color.

Vahe - 1 August, 2011
Varaz @ 31, what "truth" you are jabbering about? The words of 'truth saving people' are the exact words of Jesus from the Bible. For a black-belt sworn ATHEIST with extremist views that you are, you need to see matters objectively rather than attacking anything that spells faith.

ara baliozian - 1 August, 2011
Readers who know nothing about me assume just because I criticize Turks I must be pro-Armenian; or, again, just because I criticize Armenians I must be pro-Turkish. These readers appear to live in a one-dimensional either/or universe in which the dominant colors are black and white. It never even occurs to them that criticism may be motivated more by an objective assessment of facts and less by means of nationalist bias. * If you tell me you know and understand all you need to know and understand, you give me no choice but to conclude that your needs must be extremely narrow. If you tell me reality is an open book to you, you will corner me into saying that may be because you read nothing but comic books. There are more shadows than light in life, and more shades of gray than black and white. * Whenever a historian asserts he has figured out the past and how it works, he is immediately attacked by other historians as well as philosophers, sociologists, anthropologists, and theologians who inform him in no uncertain terms that his facts are all wrong, his assumptions unjustified, and his conclusions misguided. * For more on this subject, see Arnold J. Toynbee’s RECONSIDERATIONS, volume xii of his STUDY OF HISTORY. See also the critical fire aimed at Oswald Spengler by, among others, Toynbee himself in the opus cited above. * To my uninformed readers, may I add that Spengler and Toynbee are two of the greatest historians of the past century. May I also add that public opinion is shaped less by great historians and more by politicians, propagandists, and ghazetajis who operate on the assumption that a nation’s own version of its past is the only true one. #

ara baliozian - 1 August, 2011
as for speaking the truth: i leave that to sermonizers and theologians. my job is exposing contradictions.

Armen 13 - 1 August, 2011
Vahagn (33). dear brother ... in my heart that what I thought as saying you esir. attaboy you, patriotic chakatd hamburem.

Vahagn - 2 August, 2011
Mr. Baliozian, that when I read your gratsnere, I realize that a lot of good writing, and read your writing style is very unique and spectacular view of philological science, why not also attractive literate and educated reader, even here you have to modify the same quality because only the words of Homer and the selected alignment, and in that first hayatskitsugheghin pleasant, but not always an enjoyable and accessible to the brain in terms of its semantic content: I do not understand your mission: I do not judge all in the name: I do not have a stranglehold desire, but if you do that propaganda and agitation and to make known the love of my age, and so dastiarakvogh known and admirer of my blue-eyed and blond girl, then here's a loving and giving people's names to keep him away, and forced the Turkish case by chanargvelu I'll be out of the way of the world's most criminal code amenamanrakrkit features and aggravating circumstances, all combined to make a crime, that is, tortured to destroy this man: I do not allow even the possibility that even a flicker or be likely to know that there's who would like to have or hnavarutyun outraging my God daughter and yesterday, and tomorrow esorva Turk was such, always with an eye on his property, the Turk has never been, never will I explain what I came here tales of your top-level knowledge: Understand khelko very intelligent person and you have your energy in other directions banetsrek, which have known benefits.

john - 2 August, 2011
Ahh, the armchair "patriotism" of our so-called nationalsts in the West. What a comforting thought that the destiny of the nation is in such capable hands...

john - 2 August, 2011
To those in need of enlightenment on the subject of diaspora-Armenia "relations', may I suggest Denis Donikian's "The Armenian Diaspora or the Cuckolds of Armenia" (http://www.keghart.com/Donikian_Diaspora)

rahageets - 2 August, 2011
I just couldn't pass up copying this short essay from Baliozian's blog. I would also suggest that our English speaking Armenian patriots also check out some of his writings before blindly labelling the man a traitor. A note on genocide recognition I grew up among survivors in Greece. None of them ever mentioned turkish recognition of the genocide. They knew instinctively that a nation that can commit massacres, can also lie to fellow imperialist nations that are themselves guilty of massacres. This whole concept of turkish recognition is a clumsy way to avoid recognizing our own failures, contradictions, complexes, and phobias. And what is even more objectionable to me as an armenian: it places us once more in the position of victims,,,victims of turks, of all people! We are asked to believe that we are once more dependent on turkish goodwill. Result: even as we depopulate Yerevan, we demand the return of Kars and Ardahan!

Varaz Syuni (Amsterdam) - 2 August, 2011
Vahe (37)- You are AGAIN insulting my PERSON- off content, which I refuse to tolerate. I am NOT an atheist and/or extremist..... Can not you just say what you want/need to say WITHOUT insulting others or calling names JUST BECAUSE that other person does not believe in the words of Jesus from the Bible? So, who is here the extremist?

Varaz Syuni (Amsterdam) - 2 August, 2011
Yes SHAT em zarmatsel vor comment 33-y tpvel e.

Vahe - 2 August, 2011
Varaz not only you're an extremist but also a dumb one also, Judging by the old saying, "What you don't know can't hurt you," you're practically invulnerable. Why don't you take two hours to read your comments about attacking other people's faiths and calling us gypsies? You got your answer for you mental excretion on the other page. For since we are gypsies for you, you are a Turk! Fair game is fair game.

Garabed - 2 August, 2011
To John, I have read the article of Donikian, it seems that a toad like you never read it. The man analyses and supports the same basic political and national aspirations of the Armenian Diaspora against the tidal wave of the Armenian Government corruption and its every effort to benefit out of all ends, just to give them the middle finger at the end. If we nationalists are the armchair Armenians for you, you are the bent over, screwed, dead, buried and forgotten "Armenians" for us, who would sell Yerevan for a sack of potatoes or a comfy life. Did you John or your types had even one day of Armenian lobbying in Washington, against the Turkish Government Juggernaut? Did you pay even two pennies from your pocket to have the Genocide recognized by the bastards of Washington and the world? Did you raise even ten Armenian youth to be nationally cognizant of their Armenian issues, rather than bother with Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and drugs, sex and rock and roll? It's so easy for you and old farts like you who could and would easily criticize the Diaspora for it's just demands of the Genocide recognition. However it is so hard for you even to put yourself up against an a micron of their work. That is the difference between us! Even Azerbaijani youth could put you to shame with their incessant rising nationalism and war against Armenia with all methods, including historical revisionism and twist at the forefront, and you are coming here with your worthless rotten ideas to tell 'read books against patriotism' I don't give a flying f*** about what you think about the Diaspora.

Garabed - 2 August, 2011
rahageets, I really don't know what kind of Armenians you are talking about in Greece, but where I was brought up in Lebanon, the collective demand to have the Genocide recognition was spread all over among Armenians. Yes we Armenians have contradictions, failures, complexes etc. Whoever told you that we are people who wouldn't make mistakes... But to mix our sacred cause with mistakes of parties, groups and communities or families is to throw the baby out with the bath water. I will outright dismiss the unproven rotten theory that the 'Genocide is a mask for us in the Diaspora to mask our failures'. No Jew had ever questioned the Holocaust for the failures of Israel or the Jewish Diaspora. No sound minded Armenian could blame the descendants of the Genocide and its sacred victims of Turkish Tyranny for demanding justice since Armenia is not Israel nor, Cambodia, not Rwanda nor Bosnia and we have to fight for our rights by ourselves against all the odds pro-Turkish lobbyists of Washington and masonic-lodge billionaires around the world. The Jews got paid more than 72 Billion so far and yet they still portray themselves as the victims of Nazism. For your information, Pan-Turkism and Azerbaijani potential aggression is not something of the past, but standing at the doors of the Armenian Republic, too bad that you forget the threatening words of Aliyev, Erdogan, Ecevit, and Ozal to wipe Armenia off the map. I have no problems to be viewed as the indefinite victim of Turkish Turanic, Kemalist and now neo-Ottomanist tyranny which is a threat not only to Armenia, but also to Greece, Cyprus, Syria, Iraq and Kurds. We should address our internal national problems, yes, but throwing out your sacred cause means that you throw out the most important part of Armenian History, painful yet strengthening us to go on to face the unending war with Turkish genocidal aspirations.

Samvel - 2 August, 2011
I read and wonder ..... There are spirits that were .... and that there were not alone .... name ................................ Eskan evil is to forget our sons, they known the whole world read reproach.

Armen - 2 August, 2011
All "amenaget", "developing", "hamashkharhaynatsats" Armenians read aysoruan reading the news. Http://www.aztagdaily.com/?p=22796

Vahagn - 2 August, 2011
Varaz Syuni-46 komentid occasion I write zgatsir insulted "hayrenakitsnerid" for insulting? Or ushadrutyund gaytakghvets parunakvats offensive speech is the content?

Mr - 2 August, 2011
Mr. Baliozian, now that you wrote that "the" most educated, and raised me to be "patriotic" dog's son for being a fascist, you are partially correct on my part and your part can explain why and konkretatsnem Armenian I got my education, not you and the education you received, perhaps better than me, but I can not say that in your training. And I wonder why I "in" quotation marks in education had started for him that you read about Nzhdeh, Dro, A., George, and their nmanneri Chaushi about I do not doubt it is that I raised are patriot, but not the dog's son: Why do not you have the words in quotation marks: Maybe you want to aynmardkants to offend those who do not like you, and you do not understand how they are raised, but of course such assumptions, but I can not chbardzradzaynel about it: What does it mean to "every nation has at its disposal a young, inexperienced brain, whose cells are critical does not awake, and even after this distorted metsanaluts poor souls remain in their biased position, a little bit not being able to own reflection in "the camp" to see ", you want to fill you brains of inexperienced goal? I wish you the answers to these questions, I do not understand why you do not dream, "akatsianerun brilliance of" would ride our Sassoun, Mush and other occupied territories and antskatsneik your summer: Although you can probably do without it next time kkarenak us: I am an Armenian Syunik I know my son and the Syunik Highland Council and the secrets of survival: If your definition of a fascist me name, I agree with it, but a Turkish and Azeri fashistnern havasaretsrek me and I want to be revenge, not of their own pleasure I do not understand how you took the time, when a Turkish tsankanar stipulating and destroy your family, what would? Call him a fascist and quiet glukhnerd kdneid under his sword, or other body knvireik him? Stop me if you're not suddenly appear in a book An bookstore, then I promise you personally how I varem poghs taking enough time so that chsparem their votes to 0.

ara baliozian August 02, 2011
Some Turks appear to be obsessed with what they did to Armenians during World War I as surely as some Armenians are. They are Armenocentric to the same degree that some Armenians are Turcocentric. * I have a Turkish friend (he may no longer consider me a friend, but I do) who has written a big book – the biggest I know on the subject – in which he attempts to prove that Armenians have not only invented a genocide and believed in it for almost a century but they have also somehow succeeded in convincing an important fraction of the civilized world, including one of the greatest historian of all time and several Nobel-Prize winners (among them a Turkish one). * This friend of mine believes Talaat was the best friend Armenians had; and Kemal was a great statesman who was never wrong (in his own words: “he was right 99% of the time”). * By contrast, I was brought up to believe Talaat was to Armenians what Hitler was to Jews. All wrong! my Turkish friend is eager to inform me. The only reason Talaat did what he did is that Armenians returned his friendship by trying to assassinate him. But since (I assume) he could not arrest the perpetrators, he took it out on defenseless civilians. If attempted assassination were sufficient ground for genocide, we would have genocides as frequently as soups du jour. * As for Kemal being a universally admired statesman about whom even western historians have written voluminous biographies: my good friend may not be aware of the fact that western historians have also written voluminous biographies of Hitler and Stalin. * To my Turkish friend I say, if I continue to call you a friend it’s because (one) I don’t consider disagreement sufficient ground for divorce; (two) I believe with Gandhi that no man is beyond redemption; and (three) convictions, even belief systems, are subject to error and change. So that I for one will not be surprised in the least if we become friends once more. #

Garabed - 3 August, 2011
Vahakn, Suren from Athens is not making fun of you, he is with you and so am I. Let me suggest a good way for you to get rid of Baliozian books (I meant bullshit). Never spend one luma or dram. Get a bucket of toilet water and pour it on them. You will fell much better trust me!

Garabed - 3 August, 2011
Baliozian, from your last post of Turkish friend I got no doubt that you are an ardent supporter of Armenian Turkish reconciliation, with no conditions. Let me tell YOU something... You will NEVER see that even in your dreams. No Justice for the Genocide Victims, No peace with the two legged satanic bastards on this planet. DO YOU HEAR ME? I don't care what philosophical crap you bring up from your ass. I WILL NEVER reconcile with any Genocide Denying Turk. ....... From your words I am gathering that you are getting paid by the Turkish Government agents, but for how much did you sell our sacred cause for?, that I don't know....

Ahmet - 3 August, 2011
Mr. Baliozian is right, Turkiye and Ermenistan must forget the lies of the Armenians and must come together to make peace. Ermenistan must withdraw from Azerbaijan lands. Azerbaijan was there, when there was no Armenia. Good job Mr. Baliozian. you are our good friend that we need more so you can wake up the Armenians from their lies.

Tamar Gasparian - 3 August, 2011
Great interview! Thank you Hetq for posting all these comments, especially of those who fear that it will not be posted. I feel sorry for those who are unable to understand what this great thinker is trying to communicate. And I am not going to bother explaining myself or what I think he is trying to say. I am a “hater” and let all these “Armenians” who think they are the real deal die of the hatred and self demolishing psychology of a victim they are so comfortably situated in and would rather breathe their last breath than brake through and restore their identity and brighten their future. “Menq kitch enq, sakayn mez HAY en asum.” And even though it’s not many of us recognizing the truth and not leaving in somebody else’s dream, we will survive. The generation will change; the white massacre will end as well. If my son or daughter marries a Turk, I will be honest, I will feel discomfort, but I wish that will be the case.

Mehmet Belozoglu - 3 August, 2011
Tamar, I would love to marry an Armenian girl. Enough with those Armenian haters, let us convince the people that there can be peace without so-called 'genocide' lies. Your words are excellent and Mr. Baliozian should be congratulated. Thanks.

someonefromturkey - 3 August, 2011
Thank you for pubishing this interview, which allows this discussion to grow. As a Turk, I already knew not all Turks think in the way as the propaganda machine lead them to do so, I now see the same applies to Armenians, they have their own propaganda machine. The fact that Armenians lost much and much more than Turks did 100 years ago does not change the truth. Thank you Tamar for your wise comment, and Ahmet you donot make any contributions to reconciliation between two nations with your crap here.

Varaz Syuni (Amsterdam) - 3 August, 2011
Ahmet (59)- What are you talking about,man? I think you MISSED the whole point of the interview.

Varaz Syuni (Amsterdam) - 3 August, 2011
I think Ara Baliozian tries to say that we should NOT be ANTI-Turkish, but PRO-Armenian.....If he does not say it, then I want to say it: "We should NOT be anti-Turkish, but PRO-Armenian. As by being anti-Turkish we only make Turks/Turkey stronger............And one FUNDAMENTAL point: We (Armenians) are NOT against the Turkish PEOPLE as such, BUT against the DENIAL policy of the Turkish STATE/Administration. Bacause being againt the Turks/Turkish PEOPLE is a strategic huge MISTAKE, because you can NEVER win a battle/war against a PEOPLE in general.......Of course, Armenians and Turks CAN be and one day even should be friends, BUT it MUST be based on mutual respect and honesty. As, at the end, We NEED Turkish cooperation to solve the (Western) Armenian/Genocide issue.......So, I DO believe that we must be HARD and tough on Genocide recognition, BUT, at the same time, SHOW the Turks and the World that We have NOTHING against the modern day Turkish PEOPLE in general.

rahageets - 3 August, 2011
@Ahmet, I think you have the preconceived notion that Baliozian, like yourself, is a Genocide denier. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just take the time to read what he says and you'll see he has as much contempt for Genocide deniers as he does for the perpetrators themselves.

Vahagn- 3 August, 2011
Mehmet Belozoglu - How old are you? Are you e turkish or a hybrid of any nations? And please copy and send us the reference on your sound mental ability, can you?

Vahagn - 3 August, 2011
Hetq.am-MP to the Turks, and especially in the 62 th komentum what a "603" thank you's to: Tell him, please, or again hamatsek and Mary Mikaelian on the fact, that the Prime Minister for "the best journalist Prize "will not give it to the Turkish government so that my gift will be determined as if they taste like" kind "there shall defray: Turkish vayrahachotsneri propagandists you listen to?

Vahagn - 3 August, 2011
Hetq.am-MP, I once again appeal to you: I am the "bad language" I knew your khmbagrapete or Karabakh or Gharabaghtsu rooted: Tell him that he is not worthy of the Karabakh indirectly allows for a B's earnings an abnormality in writing, on several of the puppy starts to make propaganda and were pro-Turkish vayrahachotsnere. Durnerd comes Ahmet-March 59 komente that `Mehmet Belozoglu-the irrepressible desire to marry the girl with the direction that you Mary was asked to-day or khandznararek, Mehmet Belozoglu-specific trends demonstrate the will to carry out its struggle for? Mr. MP's editor and personally ask for your instructions to your respective units or persons authorized to remove and destroy your whole page to this article: What is a few people here are illiterate vayrahachotsnere good, and that jogel, from the "journal yeresits" this article.

Tamar Gasparian - 3 August, 2011
Vahagn, Ahmet, Mehmet, you and I have the right to express our own opinion. Hetq.am may and must publish any interview or article they want to. The freedom of speech is our constitutional right and you must not demand for this article to be taken down. Please examine your anger, understand where it’s coming from. It is not your fault, you were raised to hate the Turks and Gharabaghtsi’s and your own neighbors. The government, both Turkish and Armenian has brainwashed us. People like Ahmet are the victims of vicious government propaganda. My comment came right after his. Did you wonder why I didn’t refer to him? He is an unsatisfied human being, blinded by the hatred his country planted in him without him giving his agreement. He is a lost man so and will be you if you don’t change yourself. Stop for a minute in front of a mirror today and ask yourself - Who am I? Why do I have so much anger and hatred? What did I get from it so far and where will it take me? When I was little I was told horrible things about Turks and I was exposed to the most terrifying images a child must never see. I was scared; I was not a healthy human being. Every single Armenian, including YOU can not possible be so strong to take all that horror, all the stories we heard and stay mentally healthy and calm. I am sorry you don’t probably have the resources to help you heal, it took me two years, but my therapist and I worked the issues out. It wasn’t easy, but I am the happiest and most successful women now and I am working on a research that will help Armenia and Armenians progress. The minute you stop hating people your life becomes colorful. But all you see now is black and white and nothing in between. Turks are not black and we are not white. The government MUST recognize the Armenian Genocide and I think one day they will, when a new generation grows and understands they have to do it in order to brake through from that guilt. Even though they are NOT responsible for what happened almost 100 years ago. I don’t want to sound like a preacher, but I want to tell YOU and all the others who think like you to forgive your parents, forgive yourself and you will be able to forgive your enemy.

Garabed - 3 August, 2011
Tamar you are indeed a colorful person, I am indeed amazed that you are presenting yourself as an Armenian when being an Armenian is something completely different from what you are preaching to us. You as you are saying a colorful person, that point is well taken and we know exactly what you mean (L).... it would be fine with me to have someone like you to have a therapy done on your brain to suck out any form of national pride from you. But the reality missy is this.. that the Turks are the BLACK and the Armenians are the WHITE when it comes to the Armenian Genocide and I rally do not care how much you or the other Turks could bark at us, or people like you could get paid or laid..... the reality will stay as clear as the sun in the sky. You can move to Turkey and get all the sausage you need. We will keep our doors shut from any kind of sold out, low life, slutty, slimy, brainless, traitor bastards and bitches out of Armenia. I promise you that on my honor.

Garabed - 3 August, 2011
Ahmet & Mehmet.. Let me tell you something.. Ahmet, There is not such thing as Ermenistan, that is in your turkified mentality and puniness, There is an ARMENIA which was GENOCIDED by your Ottoman Turkish Government and it is denied until now by a brainwahed kid like you. Mehmet, for you I have an "Armenian" girl to marry.. she is rottweiler and she just dares you to approach her.. give me your number and I will arrange your honeymoon with her where you will see what she does to you in three seconds...

Sako- 3 August, 2011
NO JUSTICE.. NO PEACE.... everyone else can go to hell

Garabed - 3 August, 2011
Varaz Syuni, your trash is the carbon copy of what Turkey's leadership wants to hear from Armenians, and I am not amazed that a spineless creature like you dared to crawl in here and spew garbage all over the pages here. Listen here.. not only what you are saying is total garbage as far as anyone making money out of Genocide recognition, but the ANCA spends close to millions each year in order to lobby the politicians in Washington o stand on our side. Read before you fart from your mouth. Turkey is our neighbor, but we want them to see the truth, and as Armenians in America we are determined to make it see the truth as are hundreds of Turkish authors, publishers, university teachers and others and if you are an Armenian, which I duly doubt, you wouldn't write the crap that you just written as your last statement. I you are a ignorant person about facts, at least shut up.

Armen - 3 August, 2011
Ehhh, whether Siamanto come here .... read nationalities not see black and white. the other in black and white ...... hayun Who is human righteousness, let your forehead said I tknem great poet hundred years ago .... I am a human being and in ?,........ Who should I tknem human stornutiwn your patuin.

Armen - 3 August, 2011
Mejberum ..... Who leaves Religion, andznaspanoren cutting its spiritual zarkerake one day be the trkutean their Armenian identity, but not engaged by the bend in front of partueluts later, but her knees gave, after beating ... Zoravar of RPA.

Armen - 3 August, 2011
defendant AGHAOGHLUN supplementations .... http://www.aztagdaily.com/?p=22783 .................................... .. Armenian Genocide will continue ..........

ara baliozian August 03, 2011
Them and us is a misleading classification ...because there is a great deal of us in them and vice versa. * To say that a question is unanswerable is also an answer. * To convert to a religion or ideology is to legitimize one’s status as a dupe. * The rich defend their privileges with the same intensity as the starving search for food. * The difference between being infallible and 99% right is about the same as the difference between charity and a loan for 99 years.

Someonefromturkey- 3 August, 2011
Garabed, stop acting like the Sultan here, barking at and insulting people. Most of what you wrote is actually crap, a direct consequence of your radicalism. The people you attack (Varaz, Tamar)does not deny genocide or insult Armenians. What you are doing here is trying to shut their mouths up. You can not hide your hatred, maybe you dont want to.

Armenian Soldier - 3 August, 2011
Among us there is a generation of spineless people who render lip service to the Turks and Azeris, and their lustful thoughts, oblivious to history, worse than slaves ground blojneri image disgusting and repugnant to, I'll say simply that my tuke time to spare your nmannerin, and nae say that it is not even in the so-called stornutyune that reflects some Armenians in Azerbaijan there is a nationalist spirit and the enemy is us, will win at any cost, which drsevorvum the Turks by the effrontery to bring the ground, even less should be I think that is something that a single Armenian Genocide victims dead in things, yevte new life should have new shoes, car, bamada's go on vacation, so I had to fill them good money ******, jebere the tuna is filled, your money will garshelinerid Azerbaijan fired from snipers with precision nahatakvum the first lines of defense attorney of a soldier, and his pure blood effusion in our native land ....

ara baliozian
3 August, 2011
The solutions to our problems are not hidden from us. To state a problem clearly means to have its solution staring back at us. * We are divided: Solidarity is the solution. We are weak: There is strength in unity. Our divisions are rooted in ancient dogmas and prejudices: Teaching tolerance should be a priority in our schools. We are at the mercy of corrupt and incompetent leaders: It is our duty to hold them accountable and to question their competence and integrity in letters to the editor, phone calls to their secretaries, hirelings, assorted brown-nosers and hangers on; and most important of all, to withhold our support by returning all letters that end with Panchoonie’s punch line: “Mi kich pogh oughargetsek” (Send us a little money). * Turning the other cheek to someone who is morally irresponsible is a waste of time. * To say God is great and to do the Devil’s work is to blaspheme. God is great exactly because He has endowed us with a brain with which to think for ourselves. * The Decalogue of a contemporary Moses would repeat ten times the commandment: “Don’t be a dupe.” #

Vahe - 3 August, 2011
Ara, ara just STFU Baliozoglu.

Garabed- 3 August, 2011
SomeonefromTurkey, (79) I do not need to shut their filthy mouth, their mouth by history, because you in your Nazi country can bribe historians all the time, but you can never bribe history. If you want to see a Sultan, go and see ErDOGan's face, he is the neo-Ottomanist Sultan of Turkey, and Davutoglu, or sikeroglu is his first vezier. As far as varaz and Tamar, I've come across decomposed bodies that are less offensive than you or them. You and our trash eaters deserve each other. Go and eff yourselves. But you or your kind can go and drink all the cestpools in Turkey before you see one rock from Karabagh given to you.

Suren- 3 August, 2011
Armenian soldier, khoskerd stunning country who are concerned with all the heart, I bow to your home office, and the women of our lousy or indifferent to their kavatneri Turkey sasinski shlangits eat and drink water.

Garabed - 3 August, 2011
Hay Zinvor.. You brought tears to my eyes.. I take my hat off for you. Please accept the love and respect of a loving Armenian from the USA to all our brothers in arms there. I will make sure that we support you here day and night by media, lobbying, news, and money and all means. Abris toun, yev mer polor zinvornere, tser pazouge misht zoravor mna.

Vahe - 3 August, 2011
Hay Zinvor, I couldn't have put it better in words. I was touched by your comment and also by Vahakn, Armen, Garabed, Suren and Armenians like you. hazar abris, gyankt yeergar hay zinvor.
87. someonefromturkey22:04 - 3 August, 2011
Ahh Garabed, you are talking about pears when the subject is apples, you are answering an imaginary Turk in your small brain, not me. Your success in using Turkish swearings is worth appreciation by the way.

Tamar Gasparian - 4 August, 2011
I have no doubt if this conversation wasn’t happening online and if I wasn’t the brave and smart Armenian woman who knows her rights and can protect herself Garabed would rape me then burn me while making me dance, just like the Turkish soldiers did during the Genocide. I don’t see any difference between people like you and an animal that follows its instincts, but God gave us the ability to think and re-think. WE are not animals. Kill the animal in you and live in peace with your inner self. You are an unsatisfied man with the psychology of a loser who lost his homeland and now his dignity. Please read my previous comment and stand in front of the mirror and look into your own eyes – Do you see the DEVIL? Kill him and you will be free.

Garabed - 4 August, 2011
When I read your lines Turco Tamar, I see the Devil who raped your soul. Speaking about animals, my dog has more honor than you. Why don't you apply for a position in the Turkish Foreign Ministry, they will best use the talents of a Turkish trollop barmpot like you to entomb Armenia and its people.

Garabed - 4 August, 2011
Hey you from Turkey, I have taken a piss on berks like you before. Speaking about pears, why don't you show up and I will give you a pair of pears???

Daniel - 4 August, 2011
I agree with Tamar. People like Garbed and other “Armenians” who probably have never even been to Armenia are selfish, self-centered people who are unable to evaluate the past and recognize their ambition’s true roots. If you are that very good Armenian why you won’t leave you cozy home in the U.S. and go live in Armenia, work there and deal with the corrupt government that is killing its people day by day. People are dying from hunger and diseases. Forget that the U.S. will ever recognize the Armenian genocide. Armenian mafia has recently stole millions of dollars from the U.S. government and, guess what; the Armenian government officials were very well aware of this and enjoyed their part of the money by using it for purchases of luxury cars and houses. Do you think the U.S. Congress is stupid? Instead of giving money to ANCA give to organizations that actually make a difference in the lives of Armenians and can help them to change their country to better. The Congressmen will promise to help you, (and my friend is one of them, they need your vote) but they will never, never do anything. And even if the U.S. will recognize the Genocide nothing will change. Armenians must first stop killing and insulting each other and then talk about justice for the crimes made by people who are dead. Armenia needs an open border with Turkey. Armenian men must first learn how to respect their women and how to take care of their children. Those in the U.S. and the Diaspora in large, I strongly recommend you to go to your ancestor’s graves (if you can find them) and tell their ghosts to leave you alone. There is nothing you can do to reverse the history. If you are a TRUE ARMENIAN go to Armenia, live there and try to change that corrupt country that is massacring its own civilians.

Tamar Gasparian 2 - 4 August, 2011

Karo- 4 August, 2011
well, well, well... what do we have here?? A bunch of turkophile cucumbers and a feculent strawberry fruitcake who calls herself a brave and smart "Armenian" woman... ha ha ha ha ha what is the next practical joke, that Abdullah Gul is Armenian, or is Gas-parian smartass overripe has sullied and taken too much gas out of your airless head?

Garabed - 4 August, 2011
It doesn't take a genius to figure that Daniel, Tamar, and another jacker from Turkey most likely Varaz Kyuni, is the same person, with the same fashion, syntax, grammar and idiocy.... play another game idiot.

Garabed - 4 August, 2011
Listen Jerko, I really don't care what you call yourself, Daniel, Tamar, John, someonefromTurkey,, Varaz Syuni or Kyuni, or Myuni. You are one hell of a Turkified brainless, soulless, sold out bugger. Most likely working for the Government of Turkey. I gotta ask you a few questions to understand your outright "knowledge" in Armenian politics. 1) Where are the villages, homes and people in Armenia where the people are dying of hunger and disease, can you show me some names as well as pictures?, 2) Who is the Government official who is massacring his civilians in Armenia, give me his name, or else shut your face and don't defame. 3) Why are you so envious about my US home? I worked hard for it, so why don't you work your ass out too instead of doping with words? Tell you a better solution? ask the Azerbaijani Government it will give you one in the heart of Baku. 4) Where did you read that the Armenian Government stole millions from the US Treasury, did they say it on CNN, MSNBC, FOX, or did it come of Azeri TV or your CNN Turk? And if an unsubstantiated lie is founded, who the F*** are you, a US Federal Government lawyer? 5) Why shouldn't I give my money to the ANCA, who shall I give it to, to wankers like you? so that you can speak trash your own people? Name me a better organization than the ANCA, just name it!, 6) Surely for Turkified, soulless, empty headed person like you the Armenian Genocide victims are dead people, not worth mentioning. But for us they never die, they will never die. You are the pig who forgets millions of men, women and children, who were not given a chance to live in this world, and I see no bigger murderer of Armenian history than a dweeb flake freak like you, I know where my ancestor's graves are, you never will find out, no go on get the F*** out of here, and I don't care how many new screen names you can come up with. The same soulless, aimless, idiot, who is better off living inside Turkey and who is not even worth the shit of a dog. I would only wish to see a person like you go into any Armenian society, club, organization, church, outing or party and say the garbage that you just said. They would take you out in a box set, ready for 7 foot under.

The - 4 August, 2011
I have many things to say here's the good and ***** *** **** vonnerin to say but I am sure that if they did not approve Hetq.

Armen - 4 August, 2011
Turkish-Armenian dzevatsnogh Daniel Tso you you, now Karapet or Vahagn ese chese, but I must say, if yerkrid feet first demkere fallen to the Turks that. .. ... They do not. ermeni ha, Oh, I ... but a few things to listen, sank back tuek issue, mortsek genocide. meghaspanutiwn. in the past ... then nstink ghartashlar bread to eat with each other, and their mitken aweltsnen (v. keavo?wr keavur hakhen me?nk come .. your dog ...) I think that because our people are allowed hamozuats gives that every time you want one He nuastatsnen, stornatsnen, and I nerek artayaytuteans, rape and place is evident from the donkey after you bring them about what yargelu chyargelu border chbanalu key word. srbutiwn is no rest, no faith, no martyrs yargank not chshmartutiwn ... ... People like you Trial humiliate our nation srbaznagoyn after the Turks had k?uzek us chstoratsne: People like you and our nation in khlrtuk moratsutiwn sovereignty after the genocide, and Turks had k?uzek our genocide forgot chmatne, what was left for the Turks they should not work ... I think that is just shuarats greatest enemies of Turkey. ... The Turks, it was like you ... ..

Armen - 4 August, 2011
Tseghoren aninknachanach still koyr amidst the depths of the soul, and therefore anzor meroreay problems, we as a nation, we continue to nuast and martyr, when the world needs to be inknayarg and yargank degree of strong force and that is why our people will continue to give their tribal aninknachanachutean arnot: of RPA

Armen - 4 August, 2011
World amenaserakentron people to the Turk, whose shnabaroyutiwne Gender and pokhadruats to heaven, but such anaselioren Anar a: So what did I say, the Turks may ariwtsashun, ariwtsakapik kid, but never, ariwts: An yawitenakanutean feeling is inevitable retreat of the Turks and partutean , something that caused his heart to the Prophet fabulous ktake, which would batsui Osman Koran after the race shijanelen: barbarian at the Turks, but barbarian said tgitutiwn, anbaroyutiwn and vakhkotutiwn: backward and barbaric, it tarberuteamb that he did not run away, but yardzakwum its vakhen: pain because he has a strong tendency, sadist, and his psychological type that is always scary as a crime back to the Turks, he is a coward and a slave is aware, grain, and subjugate katarelapes becoming a slave, of the RPA

Armen - 4 August, 2011
"Tsov people: How are ye out the waves of the sea the whole dynamics of the zorutiwne, so that people do not consume it amene aroreakan manragortsutiwnnere that takes place deep in their soul. Hogebanoren anhayrenik is he who is not ready to die every minutes his homeland for the Armenian people, suspicious hayrenasirutiwnd if goyuteand droshake hayrenikd meaning and not country and I - we ltsorduats each other as soul and body, such as goal and means. The supreme goal, that means of the RPA

Bedo - 4 August, 2011
That the U.S will or won't recognize the Genocide is besides the point. We are like beggars at the altar of these western nations that spoke in grandiose terms of helping Armenia after 1915. THEY DID SQUAT, NADA,VOCH MI BAN. For the last decade, Armenians have been spending millions in resources trying to woo these double-faced natiosn and beat them at their own game. I would have thought that the best way for Armenians, especially descendants of Genocide survivors, to get their "revenge" was to work towards a strong and vibrant homeland and to ensure its continued survivability. For wasn't the aim of our enemies to wipe the name of Armenia off the map. Let's get real here. They suceeded in large part. 80% of the Armenian people are on the road to extinction in the diaspora. FACT! Instead of seeing to it that the little of what remains doesn't meet the same fate, our chest-beating patriots would rather close their eyes to our myriad faults and continue down the dead-end path of appeasing the west, the same west that screwed us in the past and maintains its hegemony over western Armenia, vis-a-vis their Turkish overlords. Believe me, I'd rather sit down and talk to Ankara rather than the duplicitous governments of Washington, Paris or London.

Garabed- 4 August, 2011
Then go Bedo.. Don't stop. Go and talk to Ankara, see what they tell you. Incidently, didn't we do that before after your so called "football diplomacy"? What did Erdogan say to Armenia? Can your tell us? Would you give Karabagh back and deny the Armenian Genocide?

Garabed - 4 August, 2011
Hakim, I am glad that you arrived to talk about your Turkish helpers in this forum, but don't get too excited. It's only one, or two or three here (playing multiple screen name games) that would gladly bend over and kiss your Turkish ass. While there are millions of us out there, like real Araratian warriors who would kick the living crap out of you and your types in real life.

Bedo - 4 August, 2011
Naturally, boobs like Garabed in the States conveniently disregards the thrust of my comment that pseudo-patriots like him would rather pour money down the endless pit of Genocide recognition by western powers; including his much-beloved Washington DC. Go ahead and waste your precious $$$ in propping up self-perpetuating organizations like the ANCA. Again, I'd rather use those funds to assist civic groups in Armenia who are actually doing something tangible in making the homeland a better place for average Armenians to stay and work. And I said "talk" to Ankara directly rather than going through the corrupt and conniving politicos in America or Europe. Yes, Yerevan did talk to Ankara and Turkey balked. They were the ones who came out of the process discredited and perceived as "non-conformists". Ankara showed their true colors as opposed to Washington who likes to play games by promising American-Armenians this and that but screwing them again and again. I guess some people like to get screwed till it no longer hurts.

Mr - 4 August, 2011
Varaz Syuni-to-listen Oh boy, your 69th barbajankid under you without your opinion and to ask one important amendment to insert two akanjnerid hoop do even without Rings I c 7 thoughts authors even doubt its denial in 100 before meratsner years, there have been more brutally killed, so I say, that 100 years ago mernoghe spanvatse your people or not, your grandfather and grandmother were not man-creature was not so thou, I say that Christ "died 2000 years ago Jew "should not come in, and if I come, my eyes shown to work, havakir the chunetsatsd and S. ... Be the Netherlands, hear them, I uruglukh human termatsk's follower Bernid k.a.k. STDs tapeluts a heavy and Heavy-duty motor do, and not only the Armenian Soldier 80 komente read and memorized do, so "Our Father" - such as every time krknir If you it would, I am your marmnid, clothes and free open-air parts of tattooing in the Soldier's 80 komenti description: Try the contrary, convinced the boy, whose father is ours.

Varaz Syuni (Amsterdam) - 4 August, 2011
According to HETQ information, ??????/Vahagn/Baron are using the SAME computer IP, as, according to the latter, they work IN THE SAME office-room of a company which belongs to Armenian OLIGRACHIC MP Vahe Hakobian from the town KAJARAN/Syunik......That's why this ??????/Vahagn/Baron ALWAYS attacks MY PERSON-whatever I say, because I critisized their master: MP-oligarch Vahe Hakobian.

someonefromturkey - 4 August, 2011
As a Turk I have nothing against the Armenian people. I always want them to live in prosperity and peace. I always wanted the justice to prevail, because Armenians lost so much in my country's history. I always told the folks that their prejudices against the Armenians were wrong. I know most people won't believe me just because I am a Turk, they're welcome. I am not trying to present myself sympathetic to anyone. Just I won't intervene this discussion, because I see that haters expoit what I say.

Tamar Gasparian - 4 August, 2011
Dear Varaz Syuni, I already stopped commenting and wasting my intelligence on these people. It’s not worth it. As if they don’t know what happened in Yerevan when the civilians were killed during the peaceful protest a couple of years ago and as if they don’t know that the entire government is corrupt and is stilling from its own people. My own grandfather is a Genocide survivor and just like you I never said we should forget about the Genocide and the millions brutally killed. We just need to focus on Armenia right now and the people leaving there. We need to make the country stronger. We need to teach people respect the low and believe that it is possible to have a normal life without stilling and cheating. I have no idea who Daniel and the others are but I am extremely happy to see there are people who think like us. That means there is still HOPE. And to the little minded, unsatisfied failures can keep commenting and commenting. I just smile to their facees and ignore them. Strongly recommend you do the same. :) :) :)

Garabed - 4 August, 2011
Bedo, only for blind paedo bores like you, I can be a “pseudo”-Patriot. I help organizations in USA, Canada and Armenia. No one said that we guaranteed Genocide Recognition by the Washington Genocide denying bastards. But to sit your ass down and do nothing is even worse. There are Armenian, Greek, Cypriot, Kurdish, Arabic organizations lobbying in Washington, as well as Turkish, Azerbaijani and Jewish organizations working in conflicting interests, something that a goose like you does not understand. In a few years time the Azerbaijani lobby in Washington will be very strong, and Armenians from California, to New York, to Canada, will have to confront, for the best of Armenia. Visit the page of the ANCA (www.anca.org) to know the mighty work that the ANCA is doing for Armenia. In Armenia the people are fighting the enemy physically, in the USA the war against the enemy is by lobbying, including the Armenian Genocide into the history textbooks in the states and many other helps like the recent lobbying to return the Christian Churches inside Turkey to the Armenian/Greek churches. You said “talk” to Turkey, Turkey TOLD YOU to return Karabagh back to Azerbaijan and forget the Armenian Genocide. I hate the US Government denyalists as I hate the Turkish denyalists, and speaking about screwing, why don’t you go and screw yourself, since you are doing nothing for Armenia other than opening that big back of noise bag on your mouth. I am PROUD to have raised young patriotic sons like VAHE and KARO and ARMEN who is my first cousin. So, as much as we are having time “wasted” in Washington, go and started having your time wasted in Ankara and Baku, soon you will find out who is the meathead in trusting the relentless enemy, who is ready to erase Armenia from the map, instead of talking to her.

Daniel - 4 August, 2011

I feel sorry for Vahe, Karo and Armen. Your dear father brainwashed you. HATE is what started the Genocide and you are haters = potential murderers that can kill an unarmed person if they hate him or her. You have to understand that your Garabed is using you. You were probably born in the U.S. and never been to Armenia. Ask yourself a question, is it really worth poisoning your life with HATE and MISERY? Don’t you have a house, family and friends that love you? Can’t you just live in peace and actually do what you are doing without curses, anger and hate? You can still lobby and ask for justice but don’t HATE people. Otherwise you are not any different than a brainless animal that the master can train to attack and kill, as he wishes. You just repeat and repeat and repeat what you have heard from generations. You are Americans; you have nothing to do with Armenia or its history. The world has changed, the times have changed. You either will have to be smart and change you attitude or be stupid and continue HATING and your inner poison will kill you before you can get to me or the Turks

Armen - 4 August, 2011
Armenia's 20th anniversary of the great and splendid parade will be given for those prepared to show where tshnamiin of power, and there will toghantsen ... (http://www.armworld.am/detail.php?paperid=1253&pageid=42777&lang =) (http://www.armtown.com/news/am/168/20110611/28197/) CA-yl ago, the name to your soldiers, and this is a new, live 'presentation it deserves: CA-yl ago, the name of your soldiers, your country in the hands of their CV in. CV of brave army. CV of conscious patriotic people. Let them ever dare to live by our country and nation.

Armen - 4 August, 2011
Daniel why hartsumnerus chpataskhanetsir, is already clear that ztariwn TURKISH I no there is no one here except your glkhaluatsuats srikaneren Turkish government, which was mentioned only in the language you will understand that your Bozkurt wolves. pampushti. K?ertas and mullah karozd Atrpeychantsinerun did you read?

Armen - 4 August, 2011
"the times have changed"??? Did you live through 1988-1994, do you know what happened??? Get you head out of ass and go to see what Azerbaijan is doing TODAYYYY.

Garabed - 4 August, 2011
Listen you faceless coward craphead... you can make new farting names all you want... someonfromTurkey, then Tamar Gasparyan, then Daniel, then Bedo, then G*** then ???? any new names for "proving" your delinquent limey pooter cause???? I really don't give a rat's tail to what a loser gas bag like you thinks, we ARMENIANS can take your ideas, step all over, spit, piss all over it and give it back to you.

Garabed - 4 August, 2011
Before I am an American or Canadian citizens, I and my family members are only ARMENIAN, HAY YEV MIYAYN HAY! HASGTSAR?

ara baliozian - 4 August, 2011
* I know my critics are wrong when they say what I used to think thirty years ago. As for critics who speak in the name of God and Country, they are never right – or they are wrong 99% of the time. * Some of the most dangerous criminals in the history of mankind were political leaders who were thought of as infallible – or 99% right. * Bishops, imams, rabbis: witch doctors with a college education. #

ara baliozian - 4 August, 2011
to Garabed & Co. Gentlemen, gentlemen!

Garabed - 4 August, 2011
Tamar Gasparian, I think you perhaps did already marry your daughter to a Turk, or you are hoping to marry your daughter to a Turk and enjoy your Turkish pesa and his pijer. Kezi hay esoghin. ...... ......

Garabed - 4 August, 2011
Ara Baliozian... First read my comment 29 that I asked. YOU have nothing to tell us.. your words is more worthless than the garbage we throw out every Wednesday. Do me a favor and MOVE TO TURKEY.

Garabed - 4 August, 2011
SomeonefromTurkey (110) Why aren't you admitting to the truth of Genocide?, then I will be the first to be your friend.

Tamar Gasparian - 5 August, 2011
Turks are human beings, just like us. There is good and bad in every nation. All I ask you people stop hating each other. It is my daughter's business and only hers, who she will marry. In spite of you I don't push my ideas to my children, I allow them shape their own identity and have their own opinion.

Daniel - 5 August, 2011
Oh poor someonefromturek you don't need a friend like him. He will say his is your friend, then stab you in your sleep.

Gary - 5 August, 2011
Blind and purely emotion patriotism leads to self distraction. What Ara is talking about is a human condition that applies to all, including Turks but has personalized in great deal in Armenian life. That is hate all under the Genocide cover. This is what Vahagn wrote #: Isn’t that what the Turks thought about us, then why are we condemning it if we live and breath the same. The truth is Armenia has no good relations with any of it’s neighbors including Georgians who are Christian. Hating and demanding from Turks became a national identity for us. Armenian national and economic corruption and intolerance is a much bigger issue now then preaching hate under patriotism.

Garabed - 5 August, 2011
I did not ask you Daniel you answer Armen in 116... I asked the Turk there in 110 a serious question, and I need serious answer..... to Tamar, ........Braaaaavooooooooooo, when war breaks out tomorrow between Armenia and Azerbaijan/Turkey, I know which side you and your children are supporting....

Garabed - 5 August, 2011
Gary (127) thanks for proving my answer for you (same singular person) is my comment in (118) PLEASEEEEEE don't open my mouth about "Christian" Georgia.. OK pinhead? Since when was politics based on Religion?

Tamar Gasparian - 5 August, 2011
Thank you Gary, Thank you! Did we get anywhere by hating Turks and all our neighbors for such a long time? Not really. So why won't we try something different. I don't understand, are these people really so blind? Don’t they see that maybe it’s our fault that everybody hates us and the big nations are just using us. The blood that spilled during the Genocide now came and flooded your eyes and brains. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! As long as there are people like you more Genocides will happen and more nations will be diminished. Thank you Gary, Thank you! Did we get anywhere by hating Turks and all our neighbors for such a long time? Not really. So why won't we try something different. I don't understand, are these people really so blind? Don’t they see that maybe it’s our fault that everybody hates us and the big nations are just using us. The blood that spilled during the Genocide now came and flooded your eyes and brains. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! As long as there are people like you more Genocides will happen and more nations will be diminished. P.S. I ask all the people here, whose opinion is similar to my, Please, Please, do not use any bad remarks against people who have a different opinion. For some reason they all think it’s one person writing. And I don’t want to be associated with any bad/low comments. And I am truly sorry to inform our critics. There more than just one of us and I am so happy to see I am not alone.

Armen - 5 August, 2011
Tamar, Tamar yuzuir a very, very ... I yuzuis I sin ... I already artsunkners tapin ...., what this beautiful Tragedy sarketsir Oops Mom knucklebone as Hayastantsinere my mother bright sun ....... Lse I lachar. The metstsur aghjiknerud go first ... the end of him from people in sermons. Daniel and chmornas (other anunid) leg and kiss me, then drinking water and a water lualu thanked divine trkasiruteand. Koyr you look in the mirror to see them go for you?

Suppository Vardanyan - 5 August, 2011
Baliozeann says. You probably noticed that Charents his most famous poem called "my sweet Armenia" As far as I know, the poet does not write anything "I was in my sweet," said the simple reason that the mountains - choler sireln easier than Armenians do not agree, you are the Armenians, you love each other: If you love what you do for each other is bad, what do you swallow corrosion: Marriage makes you, you can do at the end of fighting each other threatens you, you are cursing each other's head making you: Find the future of Armenia do not you ktsum: They do not cheat the elections will not take a bribe: a hip, clever you are. millennial culture have c. You were sitting pretty teghnerd, the Turks were genocide did your state, you probably lost for centuries because of our enemies, yes. giaour you: Maybe there is a kindness to the environment, and I am mistaken, I believe that any rich environment a spleen /'s only a question of those who do not agree with almost all the questions / patriots, dear, go on your youth and showing your patriotism convince that way if they do not avoid the army, the army and preparing to go unnamed war that the army is not going to say, I had my own army, brought to me: Go to your tax bill showing explain that not amount to a cool, dark accounts have to be a more appropriate state taxes should have a house. If tax policy is bad policy, enpisi members choose, think about the people that are and are so intelligent that they can enpisi laws that people do not complain. Gayichniknere that kangnatsnum are jebnere a khotek money, that does not go to the state treasury , it appears that a one pocket, and he gives her a superior, and you trade for a promotion system works: Look kshek, rules kshek wrong doing is punished, we know that the result of careful chkshelu karak pose a threat to the life of another human Do not drink a lot of random New Year and enkek streets, thinking that this drunken joy - this is a keprshkvelu, share your joys with others so, to what extent, that people hacheliya I Go, odanavakani the doors close, and do not let that go to the country, but by virtue of azdek enpisi your leadership on that I gnatsoghneri improve life, and thank you, that you shut the doors of the airport: Go to your Oops - dasatunerin and teachers say that at school they do not receive a salary, but also the future of service The state pays for your surrounding at least one person every mekd convince them that life is secure in that hesa elections came, not to khtskven your private life: God, God, kaysrine, Kayseri, and not if the form is alive me and my surroundings: the people are patriots here, that know me and prove that in the future, let him answer, I leave the disease in this country - go on, if people would be khayhoyen, in which there is one common thing is that say, who would not want my good ... What the 68 komenti day - I do not know who I am a Turk lamuki written komente prompt you to give me the editor, author handzanari or problem, what do you wrong I've done I komente writing, which I will have time to think appropriate koment writing on it, I'm not threatening you, but let hayrenasirutyund never become a reason that people who do not have a right to offend no one nor KARAS kyankumd have offended, because a big world, maybe meet, and in front of the trouble with asatsnerid for the answer: Thank you.

Gary - 5 August, 2011
Viscously attacking the opponents’ persona and not his/her ideas is another national trend that we suffer from.

Armen - 5 August, 2011
Suppository, the first time, I also read gratsnerd, but this time andzid, and even a tour to show you what the transcript to prove that all the errors pointed out by ... Second, our full here tsetsuats niwte different, and everyone here at mangaghd woman who heads a take or what, where, in what is told.

Varaz Syuni (Amsterdam) - 5 August, 2011
Tamar Gasparian (111) - true...............Garabed- I have 4 words for you: You are in denial.

Noushik Mikayelian - 5 August, 2011
This page is just a tragedy. ... The tragedy happened in our crowd mentality, which is beyond anything we want to see ... The author's thoughts amenayndeps human caring thoughts are thinking ... We can agree or disagree, it is ... the essential thing is not the essential thing is our attitude in general with the ability to think on me assure you that the brain in addition to being square and flat, as well as other forms and may have more in-depth gathers, one of which is to be reckoned with. reprimand or even spank your own baby, the baby still does not mean to hate us because of our greatest tragedies tgitutyunn always been our indifference and lack of self-knowledge and the absence of the love itself, drsevorman many ways and not always shoyeln love and paghaksheln availability of coverage.

Reader - 5 August, 2011
I was surprised to read this stupid yoduatse a few days ago, but thought would pass, that this is a special druats that English vayrahachen lines? Baghdasarean not good, not good hech question about the free word is law, the problem is, that I'm sure this "Trkakstik", "silakstik" one or two writers are very good you see you, write a computer, as you all square in the second. Why Lettered yoduatsi under all write in English. Baliozeanin in H. "ayastanum not receive you, and in diaspora in the" Who is this man's day tserutiwn tpagruets these articles, a couple of people had your chance name to listen to what I relate to it so far Charents banasteghtsuteane in Literature that does not even understand that this is an banasteghtsutiwn, the human small verlutsutiwn. "Arevaham I love the word" mountain and the word chol is artahaytoghnere are the words "I love to dance and Nairyan girls hezachkun" Stones do not dance the dance, but the people. "Narek, Quchak soon as" the people are mountain and chol Narekatsi Quchak not: "Our old sazi voghbanuag cord" I saze stone and desert; not play any musical instruments, but the people here with the writer about what khosenk tramabanutiwnn this nmannerun we say "Turkish balance" but the same is surprised by the people who are English writing, even if you are having the arzhanapatwutiwn mejnere, you do not understand that anglerern initiative Baliozeanin in writing, that he has money, one has to translate on the AMD chtsakhsi a word nets hachoykov Baliozeanin and nmanneru chaktin the zarnei, the ground is prei And Varaz Syuniin not say I was good with the Turkish men are happy to write to the Netherlands :)))/ Mesrobian ughghagruteamb a convenient and very easy /

Reader - 5 August, 2011
Nushik Mikaelian, and you're the man / his nmannerd / handurzhoghakanutiwn in broad daylight, no, sorry, love you sow unto the Turks and the fascist in me, that I just need the Turks to accept his guilt, but it hamarwum a fascist, a half million Turks that meku Armenians were massacred, pupush, we are a fascist, so tolerant chorektataner / e neard left, the tat / germanatsinre of the Jewish Holocaust, died for, but Jews are still new things in the middle, do not rest, they are more poken. Turks do not even accept their sin, and you already head of the vot, chokel you down before the one you have a question tolerant "m" compatriot Nushik Mikaelian / Nushiki dzer vot falling by the way it is, that Baliozeann Sun blog husky is tuel , so that the writer believes that Nushike I have not read, I do not know what he / it Nushik. If your child comes in tand kill you to withdraw money from home is even, go to another home to live a few years after the killer neroghutiwn it chokes you ask: I understand that these are my grandfathers were killed by a U.S. What a miserable way of thinking is what khaytarakutiwn is: Yes, let me kochuem fascist, turkn my enemy, as long as did not accept his guilt and something that you did not listen to your favorite's yeloytnere. Dawutoghlu eight-hundred-page masterpiece, you do not Read l, as you are not ashamed. mtek the ground. "trace" graknnutiwn some things I would rate this tolerantnern been removed, we make them rap iskakanits, become a fascist.

someonefromturkey - 5 August, 2011
I believe that it is a genocide. Your condition for being friends with a Turk shows you can't be a real friend with a Turk. As far as I understand from your comments "A Turk is always a Turk" for you.

Noushig - 5 August, 2011
Comment ... The interpretation of the # 140 Author: I am surprised that I even wrote a line of opinion - a comment not able to understand complex language ... so I do not think I write ... Please, my answer was: http://www.azg.am/AM/2011051105

Reader - 5 August, 2011
Sorry Nushik, but I can not read your article before baroykan victory kadratsi just moan and cry in your article: It's what you do, do it yourself: What does that relate to SPORT, there there is no moral victory, this silly notion Council Union patmagirnern are mejtegh throw us uwzum were dawanapokh do, succeeded, failed, then it is not a moral victory, but victory is one second. Who is crying and kotsum tseghaspanutiune the contrary, we generally do not khosum genocide issue as there is film is drawn in, what we're doing, but one thing: genocide and bewailment not cry, but a struggle: Yes, we need to fight and We reach the truth: As Turkey does not recognize and compensate, we do not have the right to live: I understood your and your interpretation is very well written, I understand: You say that Baliozeann says his view, listen to his words, that he is chshmartutiwnn our face, she is, but listen: I an an end in mind, time is running out of the Turks at the end in mind to forget the genocide, I only have an chaktin receive over atelutemb he's taught me. Hech to be seen. I do not believe, lie in: if I die today, my children, hamozuats I was five years old, twenty years after the hated Turks, because he knows that revenge would solve the Turks, not solve it, conquering the blood of our forefathers our shoulders, good, whatever anein Turks, or is still doing, some were so dull. Vardan Petrosyan has a good druag, I would turn to stand before the Turk, that mortueen: Bravo Vardan Petrosyan: If you that you're the grandchildren of the Baleozeane should at least be afraid, "akhre" motetsel, and the human "akhre" kher should be, let it at least make toghutiwn sins.

Mr - 5 August, 2011
Suppository Vardanyan - was - Mr. Vardanyan is, I did not understand clearly your mind, so the only guess I can do what I mostly avoid, but to give its explanation, please read again 68 komente, and the concrete, which was your offense, or if you still see the harm in it, I tell you whom they are addressed, then I'll answer your other questions, perhaps I should say at once that your 132 komentum, more specifically mentioned in the preface that I agree 139 komentum reader "Little analysis" with the idea of the Other in order I'll answer when you kkonkretatsnenk above my request for contents.

Garabed - 5 August, 2011
SOFT (141) you just don't understand where do we stand, I can be a friend to any Turks IF THEY admit to the fact that the Armenian Genocide was committed by the Turkish Government and that Turks today are denying it. For us the "Turks that are always Turks" are the people who deny the truth, continue the Cultural Genocide of our monuments and churches left in Western Armenia, and continue aggression against the Armenian nation and people until today.

Garabed - 5 August, 2011
Untertsogh, your comments 139 and 140 VERY TRUE, we agree 100% and that's what we are saying for 100 years, for the dumbasses among us.

Garabed - 5 August, 2011
I loved these lines from Unterstsogh: "If your child comes tand it kill you to withdraw money from home is even, go to another home to live a few years after the killer neroghutiwn it chokes you ask: I understand that these My grandfathers were killed in this miserable way of thinking is what is what khaytarakutiwn is: Yes, let me kochuem fascist, turkn my enemy, as long as did not accept his guilt and something that you did not listen to your favorite's yeloytnere. Dawutoghlu eight-hundred-page masterpiece, you do not read you as you do not feel ashamed. mtek the ground. "trace" graknnutiwn some things I would rate this tolerantnern been removed, we make them rap iskakanits that the Nazi's turn: "Why are there people without brains, talking talking and talking, was ever the wrong corrected? Did the Turks admit to the crime and apologize? Did their enmity and aggression ever subside? that you are casting down all human dignity and truth. With your action you are kissing the feet of the criminal who killed your nation.

Armen - 5 August, 2011
Reader (139) No dear brother or sister, not even the vayrakagh meghkoghin in diaspora, the historical truth that make up kokhan khtsbtsoghin I am happy that even the Soviet years, the writers had the wisdom to reject trkakan drum zarnoghnerun as the experience that they forgot over the Armenian Genocide fact, something that Varaz Siwnii, Tamara, and other mind bopiktsats and otaramars hayakhos otarnerun no sense and has no idea and summary of domestic protection. Milionawor fascism would be if the demand for justice for our victims, so ARMENIAN PEOPLE fascist is a Latin word ( Fasces) means that it is connected, the Armenians must spannui his homeland koghoptui, brnabaruin its women, its churches, schools and cultural centers all kanduin and widow, and his yerkhazarameay yeghtsui magaghatnere hroy charak become history, and over all us zlatsui Justice to the right .... Armenians in the first .... if you datetsek

Garabed - 5 August, 2011
I will say for 100% guarantee that (Tamar Gasparyan, Daniel, Gary) is the same person. Hetq. please verify the IP addresses!

Armen - 5 August, 2011
I read a long thin Nushik written yoduatsd. Yes correct, I have many questions. Krtsats I present the issues of Armenia and the Diaspora, but not always straight hogebanuteamb, where he himself is also absent from the table back hartserud proposed lutsumnerd ... inchevitse. Why do not you verlutsutiwn the questions of direction, Turkey and Azerbaijan if they are doing that well until today, this ropen banetsnen clearly an anti-genocide policy, and if you koyr I pretended Pan Turanizmi Armenia by what social security is an absolute reality was evident from yete condition, gortsazrkutiwn and other issues even when the eye in Yerevan Azerbaijan on: Why a journalist chpataskhanetsir Ergun last question to you the reader by kzi solution is go in and kissed his feet, the National patiw kochuatse Questions regarding you. . Why did not your slogans in Armenia Fight, fight to the end, and as in, sharp-cut teeth to eat meat each other tsankuteamb insatiable, and when the issue of Turkey shall Yandznuil, partuil until the end, and a cat in front of our darawor tshnamiin veratsuik. anpatiw by you in a country that forgot its history tuogh.

Garabed- 5 August, 2011
Someone.. (141) I wrote my answer, which is not approved by Hetq. I can be a friend to any Turk who admits to the Armenian Genocide that took place in Western Armenia between 1894-1896, 1909 and 1915-1922. Millions of people were brutally killed to rid the Ottoman Empire from its Armenian population. Today's Turks are not participants in the Genocide as murderers, but They ARE participants in denying the truth. I as any Armenian would be a friend, IF Turkey and its people stop the denial of its crime, and pay the redemption to the Armenian people, IF they respect our nation, people and history, and its up to you not to believe me, as I sometimes don't believe any Turks who say they admit, and later they deny.

Armen - 5 August, 2011
Gary is one we take this one tsndabanutiwnd Verjin 10 + tarinerum turqi het chenq paterazmel baiz Haiastani vichk @ naiek, Iskapes. I'm serious. Azerbaijan as well as a soldier nahatakuetsan ardzakuats bullets until today, I yishes oi out on yardzakume. Yishes's leadership is up to the war in any case this week that Turkey would krui hnchetsutsatse Azerbaijan's side, and when I khosis burglary, robbery, domestic unenviable life of Armenia , and the main reason why your baroyakanutenen keanken far ellale and Armenia, and spiritual care at any soverenutean ellale now and then. Armenia Internal Affairs because of his issues kawutean nokhaz a foreign make. Turks also want to correct that.

Armen - 5 August, 2011
The day that the Armenian Genocide in the mornay. would deny that the Armenian Diaspora as its homeland, and his new Hayrenkner pntre. I have already had to pore Armenia grave and criminal genocidal enemies as you notice the world as well as the people of the world zoraworagoyn spannogh and mortsnel tuogh.

ara baliozian - 5 August, 2011
Both Turks and Armenians share in common an aversion to reality. Turks believe all talk of genocide to be fiction. When repeatedly warned of the coming catastrophe, Armenians reacted with disbelief. “Zohrab effendi is exaggerating,” was a typical reaction. Even after the cold-blooded murder of our ablest men in Soviet Armenia, our “chic Bolsheviks” in the Diaspora went on repeating the slogan “Russians are our big brothers.” Closer to home, when I speak of our reality objectively today, I am told to “Shut the f*** up!” #

Garabed - 5 August, 2011
Ara Balioz... Your words are absolute nonsense, trash, YOU are the one living in the past. You write "Turks believe all talk of genocide to be fiction........" That was perhaps the time when you were smoking hooka with them.. But now you are ignoring facts that Turksih scholars like Taner Akcam, Halil Berktay, Ali Ertem, Ragip Zrakoglu, Fatma Muge Kocek, Nobel Price winner Orhan Pamuk, Yigit Bener, Ahmet Altan, Elif Shafak -to name afew- who have dared to cross the denialist “rubicon” in clear defiance of their Turkish denialist government. Are they Turks or not? I read their books which put your trash to shame. There are millions of Turks who know the Genocide is a FACT, maybe you are the one who is living in a past time, in a room of sponge.

Noushik Mikayelian - 6 August, 2011
I speak the opinion of the author and Armen No. 144: First, I am surprised that being so "strong" patriotic, even until the end you do not read the newspaper today published Within, which was placed on this page, in response to your rather shallow embrnumnerin, to our opinion with: I would advise voreve do down to, if this debate will lose its meaning. Incheve, it is your type of post I am surprised that the Turkish forgive chnerelu What you say something about which I can not express in one word ... can not be forgiven of course talked about the time ... and I repeat, Within a much broader concept down you might have read in my words about Armen say that I personally, in recognition of the many I have taken and continue to make it work what people do not believe it ... I, who love tmbkaharel their work carried on, but if you really interested in my personality and my work, you will see that they are things that have no basis batsardzakapes One might also karmrek and embarrassed. Ameayndeps, later haskatsoghneri for a repeat - I am sure that all of these opinions to the interview which Ara Paliozeani how it sounds extreme, but his nation and people concerned with issues of human speech, with which, even if the lose, should have at least I try to understand myself as a point of view I have lived abroad so long as the good I know our people zuyts teverin, and believe me, years, interaction with different people, intellectuals, politicians, partisan or neutral, and I saw him in a different kind ... of the family name "Jan" or "yean" is only the tip of his objections, and besides, a terrible indifference to indifference. ... It is our real enemy and it is very must fight the Ara, foot, head buried in his nation's most complex problems and being a writer, put forward his own views, by the way, no one is chpartatrelov: I respect him as a human intellectual capital letter, many of its I do not agree with, but it never does not mean that we should appoint tshnamanal and disagree freely, but all those who makersayin and square, once more I can say without exception that all the years of genocide that killed a family tragedy and a child bearer and it and only it, we need to impose a more prudent to be more open and more respectfully towards each other, understand each other and never apologize for the recognition of famous people, who with so much hatred and so full of his blood. anmiaban against. apology to us and our people deserve compensation kasvi will receive only the day when our country will become really strong and when the world will strengthen our role and position so that the knsten with us.

Varaz Syuni (Amsterdam) - 6 August, 2011
- We all know (although many do not admit it in public) that Turkey, on STATE level (officially), wil NEVER admit the Genocide on Christian minorities......It is painful, BUT it is the reality as it is.....So, what are YOU going to do? What is YOUR strategy-tactics-plan-action? Yes, in that order.

Reader - 6 August, 2011
Nushik read Donikian "tararatsin" I loved it very much "remarkable" job:) What I relate to my being square and shallow, so let me kochvem, or "strong" patriotic, you have to say in this cosmopolitan, that is, the victim's next, a dozen killed in July in the nation yotanasunhingamya old man, was very close to the money, but do not have cruelty killed. Eskan something conclusions, I leave you: I love all the Armenians. people who are trying to unite us and not criticism but a love child it is something like beating dastaiarakelu why Donikian, Baleozyani nmannern are worthless for me, but it was too shallow, superficial people that are in the "moral victory" into the term achkners: Show me the Soviet Union a historiographic work, which used a "moral victory" notion.

Vahagn - 6 August, 2011
Varaz Syuni (Amsterdam) - If you saw that I wrote a few articles I published in the Netherlands, the site turned out that reading, I know what to write. Kases?

ara baliozian - 6 August, 2011
REPLY TO GARABED & COMPANY. ******************************************** My critics are my best source of inspiration. They are my bread and butter. * Once upon a time we were a progressive nation. But we lost that under the Sultans and the Soviets. * To say all problems can be solved except ours might as well be a suicide note. * Charlatans will prosper as long as there are dupes; and honest men will be persecuted as long as there are charlatans. * To be smart and to be a dupe are mutually exclusive concept. * To divide and rule has been the foreign policy of all imperial powers. As long as we remain divided we implement the foreign policy of our enemies. * Our dividers are as unaware of their genocidal intent as Turkish denialists. * When I was young I sought the approval of my superiors until I realized they were the scum of the earth. * I cannot change the past; neither can I resurrect the dead. No one can. * To expose present blunders is to prevent future catastrophes. That’s why I prefer to write about our reality today as opposed to past deeds that cannot be undone. *

ara baliozian - 6 August, 2011
Garabed / 159: please note that i said "turks believe." i didn't say "I believe." and when i say "turks" i mean the regime not its dissidents. perhaps from now on i should have a footnote for every line i write.

Armen - 6 August, 2011
Nushik , to the information you read all yoduatsd veren down, but noren I repeat, there was no table of any materials put hartserud offering basic logical solution, but I found an error hogebanuteamb written lines that come out of the Armenian Genocide zgatsoghutean marmnatsumen, and cause forgot to give our national tsawe, which by the way it remains our national tsawe, in spite of all chpapakoghnerun or chezokatsnoghnerun. Yoduatsid in line with a time there was no trkakan active, and no one datapartutiwn and pahanjatirutiwn: I was born in Aleppo and in the zarmanam that metstsats , and his takn paghe seen you like and even GZV College talented (and beautiful) with the words of a teacher in Christian History and playing with your yoduatsov terahawat brnazbosik motetsumov Read wrote banasteghtsutiwnnerd, mitkerd and yoduatsnerd, but I would ask that partially recognized nerashkharhd without any basis of the words chnetes a?yn people who know very well that what I write, I recognized gratsnered good, apris, vastakd long, but not turned red and kaputtsay, just happy and encourage you, but please be careful that the cure word ellas people who are well have no idea about any of Literature and dprutiwn, genocide, and write before they enter the psychological pay your motetsumd common ground (standard) is because all Hayashkharhi long, me and my nmannerus for srbutiwn sanctorum of the Armenian Genocide, an aesthetic , poetic, psychological, logical, cultural, religious, political or other materials prior to the genocide issue, and I think that I am not kaghakaget and pastapan or zinuorakan.

Armen - 6 August, 2011
• As Ara Paliozeanin, his words will not be voiced extreme, but the meaning of the word, and anti-trkakan atrpeychanakan propagandistic machine and water letsnogh: A. You are yarges, and I was hamarem his veronsheal gratsnere waste when you consider our pahanjatirutiwne fascism, and especially karozchutiwn. Inc. will not tolerate, and even without knowing that first Hayun Atelutiwne what atelutiwne, cool k?atenk why katenk, and how to end this process, if left to its concern about Turkin away, then saskagoyns the error, we can not away from, Did you know that any rational person as pan-turanizmi yeot vovkeanosneru front and not the danger, but the entry and sahmannerun. Paliozeane probably not gitaktsir that will continue today Tseghaspanuteane spannuteamb individuals in our churches, vankeru anendhant destruction, and gerezmanneru through, the name jnjmamb Turkey in noynsik animals names change, there's always the danger of him, remains the need for and to be vigilant and not yimarabanutiwn zgon fascist that we produce, Natsi are intolerant to, or what gitnam what ghzulghurt Paliozeane good k?ener if we ... Kanatayi its tunen beyond nster Pamuk, the Turkish penal code, and Perktayi mtaworakanneru so clean with his hawakuats tighme against him in Turkey: an intellectual person if the first is not intellectual, but dawachan, this is only my khosks many other Armenian and Armenian Diaspora mtaworakanneru , writers, poets, as well as your paragayid k?eses writer and a man who knke tughtd does not work with words. Antarberutean anmiabanutean about you, and I fully agree, but when connected to our nation over the centuries that is connected to one : Anik tsawali our nation and its deadly jokes azgakitsin towards the terminally ill in our hazarameay tkaruteants reason, and I ? is anmiabanutean that yarajatsutsats to tkarutiwne, endless chains of a ...

Garabed- 6 August, 2011
Then why didn't you write "official Ankara", "Turkish Government policy dictates", "Turkish Regime"? Yes, maybe you should add a footnote on lines so that people understand what you are saying. As there are Turks who believe that the Armenian Genocide is a fact, there are Armenians like you who think that we are Fascists. Right or wrong? You never answered my question on comment 29, are you above mistake or your writings pertain to others, not to you?

Garabed - 6 August, 2011
You wrote: "I cannot change the past; neither can I resurrect the dead. No one can." Who told you that the aim of Genocide recognition is to resurrect the dead or changing the past?? One more mistake about the resurrection, God can resurrect them, a completely different subject I am sure that neither of us don't want to get into Mr. Anti-Fascist.

Noushik Mikayelian - 6 August, 2011
Opinion No. 163 First Author: ... Sorry, that name did not apply, as your name, place me in some squares are no letters of ... ... As this debate has already started the drag, I say inappropriate, because only that you keep yours, without reading the others' words, but in this case it is impossible to continue voreve interesting conversation, I prefers to give you a few question, whose answer, perhaps some new layers, go to your before I have to repeat again hetevyale Location emerged in your mind, that I had to forgive a man for this one: As far as I remember, I thought my comments do not express such an voreve Second, I think your shallow approach, because you did not read down and Within read together, do you allow you to comment ... Third, when you say that your daughter is 20 years that will be resolved by ati Turks and revenge, but at least you know what that character will have revenge ... So, as you can imagine that the form should be ... in revenge, the Turks, sorry do not have expectations other than that your only goal is apologizing for listening to the word ... If your expectations, return the lands associated with the You and your daughter is ready to go and you live on this land ... I want to give answers to this question romantik and unreal, but to suggest realistic solutions. ... Fifth, you now where you live. ... Sixth, our independent emigration from the homeland is unthinkable today ... in broad daylight in recent years amidst the streets, was killed in broad daylight. ... lapum and grab each other in broad daylight killing our culture is Turkish and Arab klklotsnerov our yeternern and daily rinse amenaanmakardak shows and datarkabanutyamb ... interesting ... this yerevuytnere are made today, at this very moment, our Motherland ... ... you put the solution to the pardon of you ... Vrezh ... you fight, please Let me know what you are doing ... And if I should say, outdoor and indoor situations that do not connect with each other, then there is the very beginning of our makeresaynutyune, because until the chuzheghanank , whilst the chkayanank, whilst chzarganank inside, outside and it would be senseless to speak about it and I once more khastatem me for something that always comes to the sound of empty buckets, and our most difficult problems gorgoralov say those who avoid their right under the nose of the tasks of the Genocide of Armenians in the diaspora to speak, step up to fist in the air, singing the fight songs, wedding songs will complete the revolution, moved, kurtskn it, the house will go on view Masis , and so on ... but when it comes to country living, the answers to many questions ... chanem ... there are a lot of meat ... we do not uter in America, but here the meat is put on the table. varzhuats the law we live, not Live ... We are the law here, so .... if we were your fists u?r vo?wr's patriotism ... maybe ... a dream that seems so far that It is the great-great .... My words speak only of one thing, a piece that let you live the Motherland so good and so strengthened, that tomorrow or the next day, when the world really would be beneficial to our cause more serious diplomacy address, and when we will really hzoratsats that our voice will really place, not revenge be solved like a Turk, a sword and sword, on the other's important role in our world, and will also face victories and I hope that now more proficient in I do not need to have ANY MORE.

Suppository Vardanyan - 6 August, 2011
145 on Vahagn Grigoryan, instead prolong I understand it is my meyln `momik.vardanyan @ gmail.com: Written contacts, I will say that the offense, will understand and answer the way you give?

GARY - 6 August, 2011
It's ironic when you guys attack Baliozian even when he shows Turkish state hypocrisy. You can't have it both way. Bottom line is no one advocates denunciation of the genocide however it shouldn't be the focal point of our identity either. It reflects everywhere in our culture: music, liturgy, temper, foreign policy... I don't think people are fleeing the homeland because of the genocide but our inability to establish and live by decent values. One of which by the way is freedom of speech and respect for others which Baliozian deserves too.

bedo - 6 August, 2011
@ Nushik ... Janem, quietly left us in diaspora aproghnerus .. we must step up to sing and bruntsernis ... This is our holy struggle. Stampule will be blood the sea, all the kriw will start soon .. blah, blah ..

Garabed- 6 August, 2011
Bedo, Janem.... leave people alone and don't mix past songs sung 100 years ago, with modern day St. Joseph Hospital working gynecologist like you. Singers are what you only see, work is done underground which you cannot see Mr. Gynecologist.

Mr - 6 August, 2011
Suppository Vardanyan - When I read the second part, I clearly understand that the author directly to the public to what is written, in which there are direct attacks as you can see how my 68 th attacks and there are no previous komentnerum , literally, as such, the first author of the article, as his mind of all other persons, even without the attention that it is obvious that the education received by each dog's son, is called fascist, chauvinist fanatik, distorted poor souls. , the strip is equal to quackery, etc., etc. Here are my thoughts, I do not even try to insult other people, only those representatives who arhamarvats our civilization and the world, although with some goals that take into account the fact that and felt that my reaction was the author of Propaganda, which participate in the discussion of the Turkish nation, and that the amount of joy and happiness in seeing the border, have their help and support for / why is the writers / I will not insult And if you pay attention, I use my letter, which capitalized on the name, which I wanted to write a "contribution" equal to the metaphorical word hated by the Turkish nation, and the letter, which is minuscule in the first analysis of this komentum, then "puppy" word, which immediately followed, and then continued to say it, what they were doing or saying certain representatives of the Turkish nation, such as `Ahmet-, or` Mehmet Belozoglu-on to emphasize that their participation is not observed Also, in the appropriate field for them to speak on any subject of their own, even if it were a prudent share their thoughts and intentions of the author: I am directed to insult the Turkish nation, which I do not avoid the obvious even to write but never known, which is even tailored to support the Turks would never insult the author, and if you read my previous komentnere you will see that their attacks are aimed at the very beginning of his address: The article has its own mission, its publication has its own mission, which had the displeasure , first you just disobey a single, which speaks against an charagortsats against the Turks and Armenians, and then a few of which agree on this point: I think that all of us there is a mass, which is extremist, radical ideas, and each time will always remain in his opinion, therefore I do not understand the purpose of publication is to show people how bad we are, what we really fascist, according to some notion of meknabanoghneri this: Maybe it is just about khosale but never the delivery of the Turkish nation: If you pay attention to the Armenian authorities did not write, but English in order to reach, not only Armenians but also Turks, this is also responded to a few people here as to the purpose of Article I inknaparaktum, inknakhaytarakum and inknapakharakum, although the I thought about it at aylakartsik not discuss all the shortcomings that exist in our country in this part of my handimanutyund that there is no need to prompt or from Hetq, exporting or leaving, but zayruyts to get it, consider it unacceptable to let my brain: Four What happened between the wall should not go beyond the beyond, but his solution is to get under it was my request to: Let me know where my specific offense.

Mr - 6 August, 2011
Suppository Vardanyan, I wrote my answer and I think I understand, I understand your offense like the essence of the word, and because I do not offend anyone, I do not do, so I do not see the need to know my kontaknern yet.

bedo - 7 August, 2011
Garabed...Underground work,how exciting. Sshhhh,please don't reveal any of you strategic secrets...the enemy might be evesdropping on your little ARF cell somewhere in the suburbs of Glendale. Have you ever been diagnosed as self-delusional?

Garabed - 7 August, 2011
Dr. Bedo, pah.. don't worry we won't say anything to the "enemy".. :) :) With a perfect Haka-Tashnak like you, who needs one? I am fine and well, but have you been diagnosed for brain damage?

Garabed - 7 August, 2011
Dr. Bedo I see that your aim is not the subject here but to attack the ARF like you people usually do.. If you wish insult us let me know..!!

rahageets - 7 August, 2011
To all our self=proclaimed patriots in the West - why don't you take a real stand an stop paying taxes to your respective governments. The same governments who have provided billions in military and economic assistance to Turkey ever since WWII? Wouldn't you agree this would better serve your aims rather than funding genocide lobbying groups who think they can reverse the strategic interests of these same governments? And if the impossible happens and Washington one day relents and states publicly that it does indeed recognize the 1915 events as a "Genocide" will you sleep better at nights even though the military and economic aid will continue to flow to the west's partners in crime in Ankara? I'd really like to know. I won't even bring up the disturbing fact that it was the West that squashed the only real chance to regain a sliver of western Armenian territory (ANI) from Turkey right after WWII. You people will probably respond that we lacked a professional lobby back then..

bedo - 7 August, 2011
I knew it, I had a funny chill up and down my spine. The ubiquitous ARF is busy concoting yet another scheme to save the Armenian nation from the unbelievers and naysayers. Haratch nahatak tseghi anmahner.....

Garabed - 7 August, 2011
Dr. Bedo Kojian.. go and check stinking p---y instead of having a funny chill up and down your ass! Why are you making fun of others? When Haratch Nahadag is for the sporting HMEM and I see you hate scouting children too. Feel ashamed of yourself. Amot zka baron Pzhishk.

Garabed - 7 August, 2011
Let me continue it for you.. Medz peranov anbotch turki dzakhvadzner. Now you are hating little scouting armenian children in HMEM? , Amot zka, mr. Dr. Bedros Kojian. KONE TURKEROUN ARCHEV aboush perant mi panar.

Noushik Mikayelian - 7 August, 2011
I speak Armen: Dear, you can find my articles in a single line, where the Armenian Genocide. ... If there is pain anzgaynatsnelu voreve review carefully, then I just said to me, that is, some readers will think that I am in favor of solving this problem hetadzgmane, etc. .. you remember that line ... On the contrary, I'm talking about the resolution adopted by our FORMS, which are often unrealistic and based on the net zgatsakanutyan I will immediately I connect with these days, which should terrify us. ... This article is much more objective analysis of the Armenian Genocide has never been, but that the psychological hetevanknern teveri three people and our current situation is not going to translate my gratse again, but haskatsoghnere understand and believe that this will be quite large both in Armenia and the Diaspora in the set up time and ... Incheve inknagovergutyamb ... ... My only goal I have to say is that we very often under our nose and solutions to the problems of our day to correct the mistakes, instead of clinging only to the question, forgetting that if we just mind our own history and lessons chkaghenk Public opinion, our heads are definitely going to be new genocides, of which only protect our current form strengthening the homeland, and our role in the global diplomatic stage for improvement and enhancement. If we fail to prevent migration of the Week lrjoren shown, even if living and creating in his homeland on the Armenian language and immoral attitude towards our antarberutyann give the end, if our culture chpahpanenk ashkharhaynatsumits and distortion If education reform chgnank, if, if, if, then surely know that the Turks did not even need to organize a new genocide, because very soon, we will turn into a suicide in the nation, which still does not understand about this and similar problems. urgency of a man who has a very sick, or helpless child, and before the first treatment that a child must deal with the cruel fate of his children and shnchogh chnmanvi living, but we all need to care for this child.

Reader - 7 August, 2011
Nushik hartserd so much, I try to answer: I do not like to write long, short, short work to write it. Turks must accept genocide, neroghutiwn problem, lands must be returned, as well as monetary compensation for the international court to decide what the PM resumed, but this does not mean that we must live the dream: must pursue until the appropriate moment is created, and to reach our persevere: This dream is not meki Twenty years ago, had never accepted the Soviet pit kandui it. does not mean that everything should be left only tseghaspanutan raise the issue, but because we must always pursue and achieve above-mentioned keterin generation to generation must convey this mean that my daughter would say ati: If you are up to twenty years Becoming yet solved lose genocide, the return of the land, is right for our generations to continue the struggle: I live in Beirut. What I do is I'm doing, but probably not mention it publicly although I can put links, I do not know "footprint" refers to the square It is not Aysoruay aylandakutiwnneri I was not fighting, Imagine This is where I struggle, but I can not say that publicly, if hetarkrum by e-namakd write, I manramasnem next. After getting to go back there to live on the bardzratsoghneri I wonder: Now you can show to the world at least one Azerbaijani, which displays the issue: "After taking issue with who should go live there" even if mikroskopov gtnek. ku warm sound of this very masnramasn Ara Papeannn has written, read, and that I do go, that is: Yes, you go, it's always running. Noyniks tell you where I am going to live to be possible if I do go Balou / sponsored / This is not romantic artayaytutiwn: I do not know that not all hartserid answered, and something too. I agree with you completely, so that our country needs to strengthen the instrument becomes a factor, but it does not mean that the genocide issue should be put next to, let's say you're one remains here, we have strengthened the resolve of your questions: the issue of genocide and our country. uzheghanale not harm each other, nor khanagarogh are eskan thing: Surface person, surface to bring up my daughter I was atelutiwn do not sow, but the atmosphere it creates, just one time I asked: Who are the Turks, said, "are aghdotner "I was glad it was good mama I would asek Now, I hamozuats" vaaay child in atelutiwn to instill the spirit of "What you really want to asek, it interested me amenakichn.

Reader - 7 August, 2011
Mr Bravo, because we like you guys are thinking we have nothing but Baiozeani ku like to come and do yertan, yertalen after the names will not be perfect.)

Tamar Gasparian - 7 August, 2011
I truly don't even care to read the comments of Garabed & Co like Mr. Baliozian calls them. To Varaz Syuni (161) - agree with you, they will never, never recognize the Genocide, although I pray for it, and I hope for it in my dreams. The only thing we need to do now is create a stroger and better Armenia. People in Armenia don't understand how bad their situation is. You have to leave, to look at yourself from the side, only then you can see how bad it is. So we must do something. It will takes years and years, a generation has to change so we can clear their sick thinking. All I will be doing is I will bring one young PhD a year to the US, show him/her how the country works and how people live respecting the law and send them back. They will go and teach their students. Kinda like what Jesus did. oh lord, I am not comparing myself to him, all I want to say is we have to be patient, and be aware, there we allways be demons amongst us. FYI: I think Jesus was a regular human being, but a GREAT one. He wasn't God's son. :)

bedo - 7 August, 2011
Sure...now everyone says they're ready to board the next bus to Yerevan, Artsakh and even western Armenia. What duplicity! What self-delusion! It's a convenient song we hear over and over again.

rahageets - 7 August, 2011
When you really analyze the prevailing mentality in Armenia and the diaspora you can only conclude that Armenians in both realities have more in common than they would like to accept. Diaspora Armenians want/demand that lands be "GIVEN" back to them without a fight and people in Armenia want their socio-economic situation to improve and the rule of law to be established "BY MIRACULOUS INTERVENTION" - by a savior, a messiah, whether in the guise of the benevolent west or some homegrown demagogue. In both cases, the people want others to do the dirty work for them. Both are living in a world of fairy tales. It is a national characteristic that has haunted of through history!

Sailand Duglas - 7 August, 2011
I read a very interesting article and I came to the conclusion that man alone, I finally understood what it means to Razmahayrenasirutyun

Noushik - 7 August, 2011
Opinion No. 186 Author: We grew up and brought up the same otherwise, and certainly not something you have done ... You are what you learn, you do it, which is natural, but at least I'll remind you that create an atmosphere, do not forget to create the same atmosphere and to instill hatred of the Germans, French, English and compressing all the other countries in friendly hands, do not forget ... especially in your teach the child some truths, which so far are all afraid that those days are anmiaban Armenians were never in that voskegrpan help voskegrich Armenian intellectuals, and leaving them helpless, to save their own skin, so that the editor of the Armenians had already left its national culture and identity, that music was such a great intellectual take up our own songs, which trkakan elements of the clean, anndhat trying to explain to people that our music is far from trkakan klklotsnerits and latsakumats elements that together with Daniel Varuzhan the poet to his grcheghbayrneri was to set up "Meheane" so that people wake up and once again remember our trkatsogh his Armenian roots, and that we in these days, and aninknaser otaramol we have so that our head of the genocide was "prkutiwn," and we still continue to be called in at least genocide and one of the reasons we have our faults and our mistakes that we continue to act until now ... It certainly would not justify the brutal and inhuman policy of the Ottoman government, but we can not justify our continuing the slaughter yentarkveln wrong moves most difficult task in their own awareness of guilt always, but it is a step in the rise and the real beginning can be a reasonable political action.

Garabed - 7 August, 2011
I help Armenia with all I can, and as a nationalist I have never put any distinction between Armenian children, unlike a hating shameless inhuman doctor Bedros Kojian who hates children and HMEM their organization. Don't like the song? stick it in your ears, no body is forcing you to hear it.

Garabed - 7 August, 2011
Tamar Gasparyan You don't care about my comments, while you forget that I could fart on your comments and you. You have to do something for Armenia I know, spiritless, spineless, sold out trash. Just like you said go and marry your children to Turks and you get also get married to one. The picture will be priceless, and we will have Armenian powerful nation. Oh and speaking about Jesus..., He loves you.. everyone from us thinks you are an A**hole.

Reader - 7 August, 2011
Nushik what atelutiwn own people: Yes, this is not knnadatutiwn atelutiwn: literary zartonke Constantinople, and awatetsav genocide that began due to come to a level which is now Eastern literature has not yet reached what I refer to klklotsnerin, then it is time live side by side and they have taken us many things: the music was not only clean, but was to bring classical level, dashanaworele: the amount already transferred kosmopolitnere What atelutiwn so people Vrezh: It is not clear is what tramabanutiwn is turkn has the right to kill me, hate, hate him, I do not have a right to the last one year, three severe spanutiwn it was your brother by the Turks, the Armenians killed in Turkey, I want to hipotetik patkeratsnem, if suddenly one skhaluer and Armenians in the Turkish officers , what would aneik, what would greik, not a murder case in all but silent. tramabanuteamb this is true, that we are yentarkuel genocide and not anmiabanutean. Ksanmekerord century, when the genocide are still, our thinkers soon as there are in your , and come finished our khosaktsutiwne, which is going to show you so atelutiwne own people, and I can not accept it. Neghwum I'm kotrwum and amenatsitsagheli the people that say "I do not hate Turks, I love my homeland, "This is what idiot nakhadasutiwn If you love your country as you do not hate you out of your country and your grandfathers kotorgh hanogh Turkey: this much: I write.

ara baliozian - 7 August, 2011
On the day brainwashed dupes begin to agree with me I will have no choice but to consider a career move by applying for a job in the sanitation department -- which may not be much of a move consisting as it does in collecting trash as opposed to exposing it. * The right word at the right time and place can make a difference. I have no doubt about that. If so far I have made no difference it may be because I have not yet found the right word; or, if I have found it, I have not delivered it at the right time and placed. This is why I intend to keep buggering on until I hit paydirt. In the meantime I console myself by saying if what I say annoys the hell out of some readers, I must be doing something right. * “What Africa needs,” I read today in a commentary, “is precisely such transmutations of tribal loyalties to the larger loyalties of nationhood.” Which simply means, we have no reason to believe we are ahead of Somalis, Ugandans, and Zulus? * The Tea Party in America reminds me of our partisans willing to drive the nation to bankruptcy rather than to compromise for the sake of consensus. * Compromise and consensus have become dirty words with us because God and all those who speak in His name have no use for compromise. Our partisans confuse ideology with theology… “and because it was a religious war, there were no survivors.” #

ara baliozian - 7 August, 2011
Garabed: you are an endless source of inspiration to me. please, keep it up. thank you!

Garabed - 7 August, 2011
Bailoz.. and you are an endless source of garbage and lies. Please stop it. You couldn't even answer one question so far, so let me gather your prospective answer. It's obvious you cannot err or make any mistakes, and calling other Armenians fascists you remain reigning high as a god, Don't you, you anti-nationalist scum.

Armen - 8 August, 2011
Nushik Post 185, please hasktsir batsatratss duck .... Yoduatsd was written in such a spirit, that any impartial reader can interpret it the opposite direction, to what extent were you that you try ardaratsel gratsnerd And I hawatam yetnord generation seed of genocide being that you, and nengamit kankhamtatsuats motetsum not, but even if it's a renegade read gratsd, it very easily to the Armenian Genocide chkmeghatsnogh, dissident voice and stuer netogh our srbaznagoyn fair trial. motetsumd I understand that first and then the other questions of national aysoruan solution, but neither I nor the other was not ready to hand in a conscious milionawor Sons, mikron assign a time constant pahanjatirutenen Political Genocide: Why is your take skimmed close hartserd internal problems are purely internal issues in the hangutsuats vichakneru are complex social, law violations, and other factors which antarberutean like me, I have known well: Genocide Recognition of Armenia and the Diaspora outside referral, and it reminded me a good Arab is famous wise aratse (?? ??? ????? ??? ?????, a victims right dzerkd dzakhid for) the wrong version of the first great mistake that we in the Diaspora is the only genocide that you raise, we have other Armenian schools, churches, cultural, sports, literary, Were, Why is scientific, intellectual and varied in other worlds, such as also preserving the Armenian identity yoyzh important question: Why manratsoytsin you see under the Genocide in Armenia, and from the Diaspora is indeed tgitutene about not being informed about the reason, and YES, I see no other person was going to keep our people informed about what happened. What is Hreaneren lesson you had to take a lot of time in the world where Al Kemal chanatsuats and hatutsouats Holocaust issue to renovate the world's eyes, so that their sacred chmortsui trial, but as the wise opinion of anontsme you. Repeat the other wrong, I said that Genocide can be constant, as we were, the Turks, too, AZERINERN Al and the world was well aware, that the Turks head with the black cloud soon as ever kakhuats Genocide (Approve or not), great for any kind of ban on their step, and especially now that their Armenian identity, in zinuats, and LAWAPES zinuats an Azeri or Turkish dog skirts pichere noynhetayn shansatak do if you take even a stone pordzuin Artsakh, as the Wolves only pampushti lezuen to understand them and their place in the seat. what is the case and chhartsnes zbaghuim ... ... ... .. As for domestic issues, immigration, angortsutiwn, kasharakerutiwn, Apathy, etc. etc. ... These government to solve all the issues are, and your government zhoghovurden is yerkinken not ijats, if they are to grab and easy migration diten when people goghnalov each other, lie, mistress keeping, Armenian hesitation towards the jighe pokats less drug addict and prostitute anget yeritasardutiwn his homeland only in his pockets ... all the gtne internal social problems, the issue of genocide pahanjatirutean FOREIGN KAWUTEAN NOKHAZ mi? make, but the resolution of internal issues and external hartserune himself is more than one person if they are real Hayu nerve, spirit and patiw has NO Right to dictate to us or that the Diaspora is a priority for our nation, as when all the nations of questions, all of our internal and external issues, time to find a final solution to aprin and a Turkish threat disappeared ... .. You gretsir is ... .. I also says that even if you had a thousand years ... but it persists the same time, we had a thousand years they hetapndoghn, I and my zawakners, and their zawaknere, and our grandchildren and generations to pursue the next tsornere and the Turkish government, and the intelligentsia and hasarakutiwne click on them vizen our pahanjatiruteamb, it just up to them in yaytnui Turkish government that committed the sin and come to accept its people and the nation named neroghutiwn tribute bend and tears him ask for something impossible to list all our azgen Vo?WR WILL ... .. there, there was WAY . (Where there's a will, there's a way). Let us at all skeptikner khndan, anti-national manklawikner, trkamol, hangstaser heshtamol for me that the Turks are not many tarberir.'s War days were over our khndatsin, tsaghretsin and started cursing, but yaghtets and its supporting Diaspora is strong tshnamiiin against him hundred times ... . This is an undeniable historical fact, and you agree in many questions being zoravig and even with hundred percent agree READER wrote in # 198.. For me, death is more acceptable than anpatiw life in a nation that has a mornay genocide ... I anpatiw national seed I do not like you, and he and I chellam even a rope to put away our hariwrameay tsawe, but that is not tsawi INTERNAL FORCE SOURCE suffering for us, this is all they understand.

Armen- 8 August, 2011
I wrote my last piece listening to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7SCkq1qzdk&feature=related , I hope and I believe that one day we will collectively see our collective freedom, unity, and realization of all HOPES.

Noushik Mikayelian - 8 August, 2011
Ms. 197: By now your best Because it was that you finally decide that they do not write such a limited mtatsoghnerin answering your time sense. It is what rights do you reserve, the others, people love the country or decided: First, know your size, your himarutyunnere hold you and keep your ignorant assumptions do ... I just write about the literary awakening and yes it was a intellectuals and the talent level of consciousness due to the nature of understanding, you still need to develop and krtvek "What kind of hatred towards their own people ..." Yes, maybe one of your nmanneri that today's problems are purely social. internal problems, and problems with voreve of chaprelov and the related lack of time, they consider themselves amenahayrenasern and haskatsoghe ... Speaking of the master record, you and your like, because we do not know what else is connected with revenge, revenge can not sit in Beirut I resolved never to do that ... it was like ... what turkn up and come in, and not a few weeks or months, but at least your country to join a few years later, many questions were more accurate will have the right to talk about something that I connected with Armenians killed in Turkey is a fact about which there is a protocol and even people who were present, can I yerkrordel: Hrant Dink's wife was invited to America and I attended the lecture. I look forward to hearing the words of this woman and say: told was so excited, showed a film about her husband's films, some of the audience after the lecture to ask him some questions, but one issue hetevyaln was "What is your opinion of the Armenian Genocide Question ... What we should do what you think ... "The answer was hetevyaln. "I think that to stop the genocide of the Armenians, and do not go forward." Assumptions, I leave you now ... It says a woman whose husband shot the twenty first century, and he stayed with his children and orphans abandoned, with its unspeakable tragedy is, he is a man filled with hatred towards his own people would kochek ... Decide for yourself.

Reader - 8 August, 2011
Hear Nushik, in difference to you, and then I azgis pnovelov this country get free invitations to the ramp and then do not come from the newspapers and dingy, there was enough there was much handurzhetsi viraworanknerd activate. Chapd chamachir hired scribe: I was so ignorant I was about Hrant Dink I do not speak and his wife, no, if you say something, then the absolute chshmartutiwn Or if Hrant Dink was killed, then his wife's words srbutiwn are three spanuel the last one year, I was not even hinted about Hrant Dink, so that diletantnere soon as you come in and enter the work, he was going to leave me nmannern natural to me where you live it is my decision: I must not decide one day you grpanid hashwin When I travel, the time you reserve the right to speak criticize hayrenakitsnerid, but because I have a groshnerov here, travel there and I danced to their tune, to speak with you I have nothing I want what verlutsutiwn the Alphabet yerevakayem Hagop Oshakann your pompous, academic and unknown language written grarumnerid SC where it was like hnarawutiwn: Awa ~ K: When a writer from yelatsn, hraparakakhos to our situation as it would be very easy to criticize and put the past, so now you see what I do, in addition to a house, - his drams here - there go to the meetings, and the froth If keankid the one I left with an example and bring, or the Armenian one, which I was beside her votanharuats to protect the rights, show Tour: Every meks our example we must show what we have done: You're welcome. Bring copies of everything Yeloytner and articles can also write the show and had this nakhadasuteamb tuetsir who lineld. Turks and fans known atoghe: I gratsd brings in ("What kind of hatred towards their own people ..." Yes, maybe one of your nmanneri) Nushik and I do not hate you, I pray that one day hayutiwnd mejd you wake up. I hate the Turks, but you show tuetsir, yes, the hate I azgid representative, has a different opinion: U ranits after iskapes awelord to continue, you hastatetsir Baliozeani follower lineld: So we still have a long struggle to have both of both external : Yargeli "trace" I've tried to hnaraworis another opinion, please install meknabanutiwns, viraworel me, I respond to.

Garabed - 8 August, 2011
Isn't this the Genocide continuation? Read the confession of a Turkish murderer. http://www.yerkir.am/am/news/10540.htm

ara baliozian- 8 August, 2011
i dedicate the following to my muses -- among them Garabed & Co. /*/ When it comes to politics and history, the average man (this is especially true of Armenians and Turks) tends to adopt a dogmatic stance. His views become an integral part of a belief system and as everyone knows, the problem with belief systems and those who hold them is that they are never wrong – very much like the Pope of Rome (in the eyes of Catholics), Kemal (in the eyes of Kemalists), Hitler (in the eyes of Nazis), Stalin (in the eyes of Stalinists), Mussolini (in the eyes of Italian fascists), Mao (in the eyes of Maoists), and last but not least, Marx (in the eyes of Marxists – though Marx himself is quoted as having said, “I am not a Marxist”). * I was brought up as a Catholic, and as a Catholic it never even occurred to me to question the Pope’s infallibility. But I changed my mind the moment I began thinking for myself -- as opposed to saying “Yes, sir!” to whatever I was told by my superiors, whom I now consider the scum of the earth). * The problem with believers is that they suffer from one of the most dangerous psychological aberrations known to man, namely, infantilism. They hate to grow up. They hate anyone who dares to contradict them. Above all they hate to think for themselves, which means, they hate to use that which happens to be their most valuable possession: their brain. * Believing in gods (there have been ten thousand of them, we are told) is bad enough. Believing in men is infinitely worse. #

Garabed - 8 August, 2011
To the grumpy clowns that keep imposing their anti-Armenian pro-Turkish propaganda on us I present historical facts as reference so they could consider it "dogma" as much as they wish:.... "The NEW YORK Times, March 20, 1915, WHOLE PLAIN STREWN BY ARMENIAN BODIES - Turks and Kurds Reported to Have Massacred Men, Women and Children. LONDON, March 19.-Appalling accounts of conditions in Armenia have reached the officials in London of the Armenian Red Cross Fund and have been given out by them. The latest recital is from an Armenian doctor named Derderian, who says that the whole plain of Alashgerd is virtually covered with the bodies of men, women and children. When the Russian forces retreated from this district the Kurds fell upon the helpless people and shut them up in mosques. The men were killed and the women were carried away to the mountains. The organizers of the Red Cross Fund say there are 120,000 destitute Armenians now in the Caucasus. "

Garabed - 8 August, 2011
New York Times: August 20, 1915, Burn 1000 Armenians.. Turks Lock Them In a Wooden Building and Then Apply the Torch London -- A Reuter dispatch from Petrograd says: Almost unbelievable details of Turkish massacres of Armenians in Bitlis have reached Petrograd. In one village 1,000 men, women and children are reported to have been locked in a wooden building and burned to death. In another large village only thirty six persons, it is said, escaped massacre. In still another instance, it is asserted, several scores of men and women were tied together by chains and thrown into Lake Van. ARMENIANS EXPELLED Sofia -- About 40 notable Armenian families consisting only of women, children, and old men, from Constantinople, arrived this morning at Philippopolis, their menfolk having been exiled to the interior of Asia Minor.

Grigor - 9 August, 2011
I follow the comments in passing, but I see that passion has more character development for the coming 12 days tevats discussions are absurd.., MP, on-hargeliners, freedom of speech does not mean freedom to aggressiveness, REALIZE full graknnutyuyun, people with degenerative brain laundry do not allow yerevakvi: Morality rules have not changed, they are only filled in with new ones: What would azgaser named his patriotic spirit, to tell, has no idea that was taken in its true essence / my house, teghs, hoghamass / critical lragrutyue the immature brain, everything, seeing only the material interests of this case, what is the connection editor inaccurate in origin: A friend has a mania to attack and insult everyone who does not like to think that many of our compatriots from getting acquainted with the opportunities provided by new technologies, reading patriotic appeals, are excited, they do not pay attention to context, apakoghmnoroshvum in Turkey is not a damn solid patriotism: As followers of the Tartar Mongols, their last road back to civilization shprtvel 50-100 years and more, they do not enjoy unetsl nvazagun Intelligence civilization nvachunere , were destroyed, burned and destroyed everything: the time limit to human progress in their religion, they are just as consumers, but to integrate kghakakrtutyane, but their own gene says: leaflet nerkayanam-world nations, there are many. elegant and French-educated, rational and virtuous English, punctual and disciplined German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, etc. If you give me more than 20 hnaravurutyun born again, born again I only like it in all angamnern I am proud to be an Armenian name. What name is given the world, gives a talk and I will give the nation: 50 years tekhnokrat person I have seen many problems, I do not have a successful business, accumulated capital, but even I do not think for a moment to live in another result: I'm not the only one : The gene has an obvious advantage, and let no one, no one should doubt the / 157 th comment / on the fate of Armenia: toh Hazaramyaknri bohov pass and goyatevele random phenomenon and is not supported by the nation's spirit, which are and will be The current difficulties in the history chronologically experience: in Armenia, there vonetsogh negative yerevuytnere fact, and do not argue with the facts they need to conspire to fix the situation hakaerevuytner Every individual has a 2-5 -10 years of incomplete observations, one or two result of failure to conclusions and terhavatutyun instill in the society, and not subject to these provocations stable tarree It is that no one chlki homeland, but it is a decision-making problem: the lack of freedom in the homeland of the living spirit filled increased.

Noushik Mikayelian - 9 August, 2011
"This is for those people who lie a lot — and knowingly — for personal gain. These people may have a diagnosis called antisocial personality disorder, also known as being a sociopath, and often get into scrapes with the law. Lying often gets worse with the passage of time. When you get away with a lie it often impels you to continue your deceptions. Also, liars often find themselves perpetrating more untruths to cover themselves. "

Noushik Mikayelian - 9 August, 2011
Slander is the revenge of a coward, and dissimulation of his defense...

ara baliozian - 9 August, 2011
What a man believes is his own business. It becomes our business only when his belief system promotes intolerance, legitimizes prejudice, and issues licenses to kill. * A belief system that relies on charlatans to exploit dupes might as well be a criminal conspiracy. I am not spinning theories and scenarios based on abstractions. I am talking about facts and historical reality – what happened to our parents in the Ottoman Empire, to our brothers in the Soviet Union; and what’s happening today in the Middle East and Africa. * “Yes, sir!” may be said to be the two most dangerous words known to man. If it weren’t for these two monosyllables, we would have no organized religions and armies, that is to say, wars and massacres. #
Garabed - 9 August, 2011
So, you Ara Baliozian, consider fighting for justice in attempt of recognition to the Armenian Genocide as such, as 'intolerance', 'prejudice' and a 'license to kill.' I understand, ... now you are a source of inspiration for me and us.

someonefromturkey - 10 August, 2011
Some Armenians have the same mentality as the Zionists of Israel. If they had enough power they would attack Turkey, to take (not to take back) eastern territories of Turkey, by killing everyone resisting them, making millions of them refugees. World has many of these people, among Turks, Jews, Armenians, individuals of any nation. Justice, human rights are only tools for them as long as they serve their intentions. They have at least two faces while talking of genocide recognition as well as so called liberation of Western Armenia, the college education, cool english and citizenship of western countries cannot overlap this fact. Most of these "Zionists" would not mind historical Armenian lands much if Armenians were granted Trebizond and as it was planned for the Wilsonian Armenia.

ara baliozian - 10 August, 2011
We like to believe we are eminently adaptable survivors. There is some truth in that but also a contradiction. We are so adaptable in fact that in France we could easily pass for Frenchmen, in Russia for Russians, in Greece for Greeks, in Italy for Italians, in Israel for Jews, and so on…and I have even met Armenians who could easily identify themselves as Mongols in Mongolia and get away with it. As for being survivors: let us not forget that a great many of us, especially the best and the brightest, did not survive – compliments of Talaat, Stalin, and our Levantine philistines in the Diaspora. * And speaking of Levantines: one of the worst things that happened to us in the New World is allowing Levantines to be in charge of our institutions on the grounds that they are more authentic and less assimilated Armenians than the average native. These gentlemen (if you will forgive the overstatement) have done more harm to the integrity of our communities than all “social, political, and economic factors beyond our control” combined. * We like to believe we are smart. Yes, some of us may well be smart, but only in the marketplace. Our political I.Q. or the way we conduct our affairs might as well be negative. We are as tribal as the most backward African dysfunctional nation. Put two Armenians on a desert island and they will build three churches – the third being the one they don’t go to. * What will save us? What can save us? As for as I can see, only prayer – and I speak as an atheist. “Our Father who art in Heaven…” #

ara baliozian - 10 August, 2011
Garabed 212: even when you read me, you read yourself...and in doing so, you expose yourself.

Garabed - 10 August, 2011
No I read you, prove me otherwise. You are the one who exposed himself as an "Armenian" who is ready to sell the country to Azerbaijan and Turkey for two cents of fame. What have you WRITTEN FOR THE GENOCIDE RECOGNITION?, RESTITUTION? Demand for justice? Nothing! I could spit on you and your types you Turkish thug.

Garabed - 10 August, 2011
Oh wow, balioz is pro-Turkish, Anti-Armenian, calling our demands for justice 'fascism', our cause as 'intolerance', our voices as 'license to kill', and on the top of that he is a liar, slanderer, a coward like Noushik said, and now also an Atheist. ................ Priceless, ... Ara, anyone who told you to be yourself couldn't have given you worse advice.

ara baliozian - 10 August, 2011
GARABED: read my THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE AND THE WEST -- but only after you learn how to read and understand what you read.

ara baliozian - 10 August, 2011
dedicated to Garabed and his kind: VAMPIRES ********** There is a type of Turcocentric Armenian who judges his fellow Armenians by how much they hate Turks. To him the ideal Armenian is he whose favorite breakfast drink is neither coffee nor orange juice but Turkish blood.

talin - 10 August, 2011
@Ara, Don't waste your time with imbeciles like Garabet. They are so transparent and predictable with NOTHING to offer other than spewing vindictive and intolerance of other Armenians who don't tow their line of what a patriot is supposed to do and say. Their patriotism is hollow rhetoric and confined to sensless sloganerring with their other dupes in the ARF, a party whose time long since past into the dustbin of history. Don't ask Garabed to actually read your writings because he can't and if he could, he wouldn't bother to anyway. The facts would only serve to confuse his tiny brain. Let him crawl back under the rock he hides under.

ara baliozian - 10 August, 2011
In many traditional tales, legends and myths, he who looks back turns into stone or a pillar of salt. Perhaps we are too obsessed with the past to focus on our present problems. In some perverse way the Turks continue to be in charge of our destiny. We have not yet emancipated from our Ottoman phase.

ara baliozian - 10 August, 2011
We are brainwashed against our will but we remain brainwashed by consent.

ara baliozian - 10 August, 2011
Talin / 220: i know what you mean; the only reason i reply to Garabed and his kind is that there are so many of them...i will go further and say, 30 years ago i was one of them.

ara baliozian - 10 August, 2011
The validity of an idea may also be gauged by the number of fools who conspire to reject it.

ara baliozian - 10 August, 2011
The smaller the brain, the bigger the mouth.

ara baliozian - 10 August, 2011
Let the Turks deny our genocide all they want, but let us not deny the humanity of our fellow men (including Turks) because that would be genocide by other means. *

ara baliozian - 10 August, 2011
Derenik Demirjian: "Every Armenian has another Armenian whom he considers his mortal enemy." *

ara baliozian - 10 August, 2011
No matter how deep runs my contempt for some of my fellow Armenians, it will never be as deep and venomous as their contempt for all selfless intellectual labor.

Varaz Syuni (Amsterdam) - 10 August, 2011
ara baliozian - I agree with your comments 221-227, specially 221.

someonefromturkey- 10 August, 2011
Thank you Mr. Baliozian. I was watching the video of Turkish TV programme, the presenter was in Vakifli (the only Armenian village in Turkey). He was talking to locals, then he saw school children and started to talk to them. He asked one little Armenian boy what he would like to be when he grew up, the boy answered: "soldier or policeman". He was so naive, there was not hatred in his heart, he was not aware that they would not let him be a commander or policeman.

Garabed - 10 August, 2011
You brainless bugger and glory seeking filthy mouthpiece of the Turkish Government, are "emancipated" from your Ottoman past only to leave all pursuit of justice for all Genocide victims to sacrifice today's problems of Armenia, which have nothing to do with the relations of Turkey, to leave it your trashbin of the past. But your death is near, believe me, you will go down the trashbin of Armenian history, only to be elevated by the Turkish Government Armenian pretending 'spokespeople' . And do me a favor, write your next reply by dividing your words each into a single comment. It would surely show thyour "articulate" and "intelligent" arguments, Turkoglu bastard.

Garabed- 10 August, 2011
@ Talin, I am glad that you could read everything there is to read in one Armenian man who pursues the Genocide Recognition, other than an Armenian pretending streetwalker like you, I have my place where I live, but you should crawl under the Turkish f*** from under whom you came out. May be he can pay you more to defend their case.

Garabed - 10 August, 2011
On a close examination I realize that Ara is using different usernames to promote his support base. (Bringing in a "Talin" out of the blue) does not surprise me whatsoever

Garabed - 10 August, 2011
SomeonefromTurkey, Let me tell you something, Keep getting the support needed from some "Armenian"s (in spirit Turks), and you keep supporting them, and I guarantee you that millions of us will hate you and your types more and more, for missing the ISSUE and subsequent PAIN that we have, that you choose to ignore, forget and negate. Good job, keep doing it.

john - 11 August, 2011
I'd like to suggest Gostan Zarian for our righteous zealots for some more enlightening light reading into the Armenian psyche. They can start off with "The Traveller and his Road". Sorry guys, no pictures.

Garabed - 11 August, 2011
Correction to Balioz oglu (comment 228) you are not Armenian, and I could take a mightly s*** over your slefless "intellectual labor". You are no different than a Justin McCarthy or Heath Lowry.

Garabed - 11 August, 2011
???? HETQ , please check the 'IP addresses' of the following people: Ara Baliozian, john, Talin, Ano Nimbus, Tamar Gasparyan, Daniel, Gary, I wish to know if they have different IP addresses.

Garabed - 11 August, 2011
Please also check rahageets and john

Gary - 11 August, 2011
Someone please give Garabed a Prozac.

Garabed - 11 August, 2011
From Ara Baliozian's writings:...................... "The difference between the Pope of Rome and the average brainwashed Armenian: the Pope is infallible and the Armenian is never wrong." ..................... Now Mr. Balioz (a Turkish name btw) answer these questions for me 1) who is the "brainwashed"? someone who disagrees with you? 2) And why are you LABELing those who disagree with you with names? 3) And if you are an Armenian, how comes you are "never wrong" as you say?

Garabed - 11 August, 2011
From Ara Baliozian's writings: ......................... "Our knowledge is limited and our ignorance infinite. Only fools and fanatics forget this." ........................... 4) If your knowledge is limited and your ignorance infinite, AS YOU SAY: Is that pertaining to others only, or does it pertain to you also, that you might have INFINITE IGNORANCE?

Garabed - 11 August, 2011
From Ara Baliozian's writings: ............................ "I am beginning to think of death as liberation. Writing for Armenians may have something to do with this." ........................ Go and die, who is holding your hand? Are you going to blame Armenians for staying alive too?

Garabed - 11 August, 2011
From Ara Baliozian's writings: .................................. "Armenians who say Armenians are smart get on my nerves. I can imagine what they do to odars. Because to say we are smart is to imply the rest of the world is less smart." ...................... Priceless piece.... You should never hear any president of any nation (including Turkey your sponsor) that says that their people are smart..... That reads as "fascism" for you, doesn't it?

Garabed - 11 August, 2011
From Ara Baliozian writings: ....................... "There is a big difference between being the right man at the right time and the wrong man at the wrong time. Being an Armenian writer means being the wrong man at the wrong time everywhere and at all times." ...................... There are dozens of Armenian authors, writers, poets, that our people and nation are proud of in the likes of Taniel Varoujan, K. Zohrab, hayr Alishan, Khrimian Hayrig, Siamanto, Metdzarents, Bedros Tourian, Hagop Oshagan, and others and others, next to whom you don't qualify even as a dead fly.

Karen Meliksetyan - 11 August, 2011
ara baliozian on, you know if you read The esHayeren wrote: If yes, then please tell me what you think about NZHDEH ideology.

Garabed - 11 August, 2011
My God this idiot is unbelievable in his blind "logic"... From Ara Baliozian's writings: .............................. "Intolerance is quintessentially Ottoman. We should teach our children to be intolerant only of Ottomanism." ................... I guess you never heard about Kemalism, Aliyevism, Ergenekon, MHP, and any other Turks who live today and wish to see Armenia wiped off the map........ I guess you became an ostrich which sticks its head deep in the sand, and blames his countryman for all evil in the world, don't you?

Garabed - 11 August, 2011
Going on with our meathead philosopher .................... From Ara Baliozian's writings: "When a Turk says something bad about Armenians, I reject it as the opinion of a brainwashed hostile witness. But when an Armenian says something critical about his fellow Armenians, I examine my own heart on the grounds that nothing Armenian is alien to me." ................................. STOP RIGHT THERE! Does your words pertain also to YOU, or are you the Almighty know-it-all?

Garabed- 11 August, 2011
From Ara Baliozian's writings: "Propaganda is the medium of all power structures, ideologies, and political parties, and its aim is not to enhance tolerance and understanding, or to promote cooperation and peace, but to mislead the masses by appealing to their emotions. Propaganda is designed to lobotomize the brain." ..................... SO, for you, the battle to have the Armenian Genocide recognition (which is what I and us am/are fighting for) is PROPAGANDA, then I you have no difference than Yusuf Halacoglu.... Are there words called ETHICS, TRUTH and JUSTICE that exist in your dictionary?

Garabed - 11 August, 2011
Best of them yet... From Ara Baliozian's writings: "To say that Turks are bloodthirsty savages is as racist as to imply that Armenians are compassionate because they were the first nation to convert to Christianity." ....... You are such an insane F***up, that you are mixing between two unrelated events... Come and say that in ARTSAKH, and the Armenian soldiers will fire their bullets at YOU instead of an Azerbaijani, because they would not see any difference. ....... To call Turk savages, is "racist"... wow, you qualify to join the AZERBAIJANI AUTHORS UNION ... ????????? ????????? ?????????

Garabed - 11 August, 2011
Gostan Zarian wrote: "The Armenian nation is like a family whose members devour each other because of conflicting interests." ....... YES, HE HAD YOU FIRST IN HIS MIND, O PROPHET OF DARKNESS, since I see the great spirit of "reconciliation", "harmony" and "love" that you have and promoting in your NEGATIVE-FILLED black chest.

Garabed - 11 August, 2011
If GAREGIN NZHDEH or our fedayiis were alive today, they wouldn't have hesitated a second to SHOOT YOU. Go ahead call them all the names that you wish.

Garabed - 11 August, 2011
I found this online since I cannot type in Armenian letters without copy/paste: "??? And Nzhdeh lived, worked and died as ARF Dasshnaktsakan ..................... Go ahead and answer it you Azerbaijani author ... can you? I DARE YOU!

Garabed - 11 August, 2011
Ara Balioz OGLU, before you write negativism again against the Armenian Genocide and retrying your vain attempts to show us the "humanity" of Turks, and pretending to support solution of modern day Armenian issues, go and write against TURKS and AZERIS to lift the blockade against ARMENIA. ..... oops, how could you do such a thing? .... Now I am a "fascist" in your view to have asked that from you, .. I mean.. come on!... How dare we ask something from our Turkish and Azeri "masters"? They should destroy our land physically try to wipe it out, just like they did in 1894-6, 1909, 1915-1923, 1955, 1988, 1990, and when Hrant Dink, Lt. Gurgen Margaryan, Private Sevak Balikci, and others were murdered AFTER 2004, YOU with your gitty vain "intellect" help your "human" TURKS, by exonerating the killers and calling those who scream out for justice for the victims "Fascists"....

Tamar Gasparian - 11 August, 2011
I am delighted! Garabed is sweating; he really can’t believe that there can be so many people agreeing with Ara Baliozian. So, he is beging Hetq to help him, he can’t believe that he is the last one commenting and mumbling the same nonsense. His last hope is Hetq, but guess what I wish I had Ara Baliozian’s intellect and experience and I wish I actually knew all these people (Ara Baliozian, john, Talin, Ano Nimbus, Daniel, Gary) in person. We are the same you are right, because we think alike but sorry, your worst nightmare is actually real, it’s more than just one of us. And trust me, if it took Ara Baliozian 30 years to understand what he knows today, it took me only 10 years to come to the truth and wash my brain from dirt. With each generation the time is shorter and shorter. Give us another 5 years and we will clean the nation from viruses like Garabed that infect people. And Ara Baliozian is right, we must reply, that’s our attempt to cure the sick.

Armen - 11 August, 2011
Dear Karen, if Paliozeane Nzhdehi aprer days, did not manage, because the RPA yerbek would chuzer Turkin yandznel their ? Vatantash ? and anti-preacher Paliozeane, Karen and her behalf he might liberate a slave or a soldier, a fallen freedom-loving Armenian fetayi ... RPA only one bullet that will korsntsner him a much worse than an enemy of the Turks ....

Armen - 11 August, 2011
Today the Armenians (who are not engaged by the Turks with yeghbayrutean) tsawov should mention that because there were some who did not understand ... ... Armenian, all attention is papaketsay yandznel, XIII century history of the great philologist The Master Aygektsii ... ... ... ... ... .. ARYOITSE, his donkey and fox as a history of mental and dinner meal, you can joken ... yusam At least that is what history is ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ....... ...... ...... ... Lion fell ill and the doctors recommended that, if the hearts and ears yepen donkey, lion drinking water at home, kapakinvi, called fox and said, - Advertisement do, bring a donkey: - Yes, answered the fox, a donkey is well aware of this or that valley, now bear and go fox, found a donkey and says: - O Brother, wish you find your elder brother, who wants to see you, he is the king of beasts, and you shall reign with him, believed donkeys and went about a lion, a lion kametsav strangle him, but fled avanake reach behind him, Fox asked. Why I ran away - kissed tsavetsrets throat, answers avanake-violent love of that, Fox says, if you kiss him too much kurakhanas and ass kiss lion returned a grip donkey throat, killed him and lay him to rest. Aghvesn took the donkey's heart, cut the ears and ate, saying, "If this is medicine, then I need more than the lion." Then came the doctor and the lion, he said. - Not surprisingly, Donkey has no heart and no ear when they came near, they saw that was really very surprised - do not be surprised, says the fox, if he had the heart or ear, and listening to your mrnchyune refreshed after release did not return and did not fall into your hand to die and lsoghnere found that the fox is right.

Armen- 11 August, 2011
And this is dessert for the mental food that they ate ... And at this dinner as anusheghen so that their understanding of Mars into chmtnogh irakanutiwne ugheghen they eat Man OR IF IN ................ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=teVOTrBEJ9g&feature=related

Karen Meliksetyan - 11 August, 2011
Dear Hranto just me, the answer is clear: but, who brought us to this situation that the country that keeps us in the blockade of that country that wants to Armenia tkarutyune: And if one day you suddenly the above-mentioned countries cease to be THE supplier of a think about that, we'll come looking for famine kmatnvenk or naked tklik bulvarnerum: I was on ours, the local will. What concerns Green is also good S, but persuasive FOR ARMENIAN write: If there is no technical problem : HARGANKNERS.

Karen Meliksetyan - 11 August, 2011
Turkey's geographical area, but no nation is not automatically the Turks and Germans get along with people-namely that it is too gomik ataturkn was a freemason.

Karen Meliksetyan - 11 August, 2011
Hrantoin: enk we say the same thing, but "The" very little to fault it.

Armen - 11 August, 2011
Answer Hranto on. Dite all following arguments, Part A, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MF4Hl1QOU44&feature=related Part II, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NpnLOXIoCs&feature=related Part C http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJkdJ5nkHmM&feature=related Part D. Part D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Y5jpvo9F8A&feature = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXv8voKYxyM&NR=1 related

Armen - 11 August, 2011
Tamar Gasparian, viruses nkatuats If we have your side of the street, we have no viruses, but not for our nation, but an enemy of the Turks that it is ready to scratch your name in for just a name ... And since we are nkatuats VIRUS, you and your like trkakan flies, and arnetner you utichner Turkish bear servants and slaves, the same old tererun keavur shunere, whose leg heel lzoghnerd ..... Your presence and k?arataworek HAYu name.

Karo - 11 August, 2011
I wonder whether you'd still be an idiot if you'd had enough oxygen at birth?

Karo - 11 August, 2011
I forgot the address label, my comment is to Tamar the gasper! :) :) :) :)

another armenian - 11 August, 2011
Karo and other idiots not being able to have a discussion - can you please f-off from the forum ! it seems you are not able to understand that people can have different views and the ones disagreeing with you can be right. If you want to discuss something do politely or get yourselves lost. This does not mean I agree with Ara, Tamar or Varaz but it is their view and they have to speak up !

Karo - 11 August, 2011
Another armenian I just heard about your illness, let's hope its nothing trivial, why don't you go and f--- of your self, and lay by your dish? I was talking to Tamar, but when you insult me, I will return that favor back to you with joy.

ara baliozian - 11 August, 2011
They say “We don’t need critics,” because they hate to be exposed as incompetent fools. * They say “We need solutions,” thus admitting so far they have failed to come up with any. Imagine an economist saying to a street vendor: “I need a new fiscal policy.” * “We don’t need critics!” Translation: Shut-up! * They say they don’t need critics because they consider themselves beyond criticism. * They say they need solutions as if all of our literature dealt with the eternal snows of Mt. Ararat, nightingales serenading the moon, and the mutual torments of love. * You need solutions? Read Khorenatsi, Raffi, Baronian, Odian, Zarian, Massikian… and if you don’t like Armenian writers, read Greek, Russian, French, English, and American writers, because in the end they all speak against ignorance, intolerance, oppression, incompetence, dishonesty, and doubletalk. * “We need solutions!” I have never heard a speechifier deliver that line in public. What I have heard again and again and ad nauseam is “We need your moral and financial support!” – an obvious variation of the Panchoonie punch line “Mi kich pogh oughargetsek.” #

ara baliozian - 11 August, 2011
The morally depraved can also voice noble principles. * Life is constant and endless renewal. Only the morally irresponsible refuse to understand this. * Without renewal, a nation dies every hour, every minute. Our political parties either don't understand this or they have no desire to understand it. * A nation that fails to do what it can and must do has no right to expect foreign assistance. * Nations that are unwilling to defend their own interests condemn themselves to death. * When dealing with foreign powers and issues, our press adopts a permissive, forgiving, and subservient tone. With our own internal problems, however, it becomes arrogant, vindictive, vicious. #

Garabed - 11 August, 2011
For your information Mr. "know-it-all" Karekin Njdeh died in 1955 and not in 1957. STOP cutting and pasting to show us the intellect that you don't have anyways. But since you speak about Njdeh answer this quotation from him "the world amenaserakentron people of the Turks, whose shnabaroyutiwne Gender and pokhadruats to heaven, but such anaselioren Anar a: So what did I say, the Turks may ariwtsashun, ariwtsakapik kid, but never, ariwts : an yawitenakanutean feeling is inevitable retreat of the Turks and partutean, something that caused his heart to the Prophet fabulous ktake, according to the Koran should batsui shijanelen Osman after the race: the barbarian Turks, but barbarian said tgitutiwn, anbaroyutiwn and vakhkotutiwn: scary and barbaric, it tarberuteamb that he did not run away, but yardzakwum its vakhen: pain because he has a strong tendency, sadist, and his psychological type that is always scary as a crime back to the Turks, he is a slave and a coward is aware, grain, katarelapes becoming a slave and subjugate. Garegin Nzhdeh "Go ahead and say something against him.

bedo- 12 August, 2011
Our pseudo-nationalists remind me of those arm-chair ARF'ers who quote passages from Nzhdeh and other patriots of the day but were shitting in their pants when ASALA came and put them to shame and showed them up for the loudmouth do-nothing party that they were and still are. They just can't stand the heat of people with brains to think for themselves. They were the same ones who were calling the ASALA heroes traitors and foreign dupes just because Monte and the rest actually started to expose them for the blowhards that they are. They are the same ones who were accusing ASALA freedom fighters of conspiring with the enemy when our patriots talked of forging an alliance with progressive Turks and Kurds. These people are the real enemies of our liberation struggle because they are locked up in their own little world where they see themselves as the only true defenders of the nation. In truth, they are destined to the dust heap of history and will turn to dust in the diaspora where they live ghettoized lives devoid of any true understanding of what true patriotism means in pratice.

Garabed - 12 August, 2011
May you please display a detailed explanation of your "liberation struggle" instead of writing fairy tales, about ASALA, Mr. pseudo-ASALA lawyer gynecologist? We we do not see ourselves as the only true defenders of Armenia, you are regurgitating another soviet era lie about those who opposed their oppression. Keep shouting and barking. With your 'loving' and 'accommodative' attitude of hatred towards other Armenians you'll succeed. We will continue to raising youth in the knowledge and understanding of Armenian Nationalism here and in Armenia, while you could go and raise money for your dance parties, debutante events and beauty shows along with your Turkish friends. Continue your noise and one day you might "erase" the ARF and its strongholds from 32 countries into your wishful thinking "dustbin of history", in your little worthless head.

Karen Meliksetyan - 12 August, 2011
Internal enemies (GAREGIN NZHDEH) ancient history is this: He is not tsnwel yerek and will not die: I speak this means to tell the saddest pages in the history of our race is in the arms of his brother and enemy of the Armenian history, says zayroytov "Shapuh zorkere lead hayanun dawachannere, Armenia known positions and position. "Azgadawn he was about to speak vaghuay patmiche zzuankov black to Contact," Tachik zorkerin depi lead hayanun karmirnere of "independent national petutiwn Yerek he did not know today. internal enemy kashuits out of the foreign authority to justify and strengthen the foreign yoke, he acquitted Parskahayastanum, Tachkahayastanum, Eastern, tomorrow, and if the items came from our country, Tatars, and tomorrow if you live in a handful of Armenians had to force their yezidnern and ariutiwn gerishkhanutiwne - internal enemy, Anar Armenians, the homogeneity and applauded them.

George - 12 August, 2011
What a feeling of inferiority. Nmna ideas come to pass at least one time under the sword, this is a HARD place slide. Hetakrkira where the absolute absence of nationalism, or nationalism incha propose instead? Bnazde pulling our self-defense, get an imaginary peace. Btatsvats feelings always have a smile leads to fool human reason yentagitaktsutyune himnvatsa real dangers on the desired serving as the real world, we get unrealistic and far chgnatsogh ideas Balozeane I agree that one or two be wrong, but when they are wrong, you should look into yourself.

Garabed - 12 August, 2011
Turkey refuses to pay anything for Hrant Dink's family and calls Hrant Dink a nazi leader. http://www.aztagdaily.com/?p=24276

ara baliozian - 12 August, 2011
Just because Turks disagree with us it doesn’t necessarily follow that everyone who disagrees with us is a Turk or a Turcophile. * If outrage were an argument we all would be like David Anhaght – invincible. * I remember to have read somewhere that the criminal rate among politicians is much higher than among ordinary citizens. If international law were tougher, most politicians would be in jail. * Egocentrism: the misconception that what we say matters. * Turcocentrism: the fallacy that Turks continue to be in charge of our destiny as a nation. * No matter how hard I try I cannot trust a man who is incapable of speaking against his own interests. * Assad in Syria, Gadhafi in Libya: the more incompetent and corrupt a leader, the harder he will cling to power. Closer to home: how many of our own political leaders have resigned because they were not equal to the task? #

ara baliozian - 12 August, 2011
it's a chauvinist illusion to think that all the rhetoric in the world combined with all the derogatory remarks and insults hurled at our enemies will not get us a single red cent in reparations or a single square inch of real estate. as for the year in which Nejdeh died: we don't disagree. our sources disagree and both are based on hearsay. yes?

bedo - 13 August, 2011
ARF = Armenian Rhetorical Federation

Garabed - 13 August, 2011
Was the Artsakh War of 1988-1994 a chauvinist illusional rhetoric for you Mr. "know-it-all", when our boys smashed the enemy? WHERE IS YOUR SOURCE that Njdeh died in 1957? SHOW US! Njdeh died at the hands of your Bolshevik murderers hands on December 21, 1955 and that is a fact, it is history, maybe for you it is hearsay! How nice! even go and insist on you "sources" that you are ALWAYS CORRECT, you NEVER MAKE ANY MISTAKES, DON'T YOU? For a ultra-narcissistic obnoxious spiritually fascist person like you who hates any Armenian who disagrees with you, when they even helping our country and its army by financial, moral and all aspects is 'fascism', 'nazism', 'chauvinism' and other 'isms', you don't even qualify as a human being, let alone an educated unbiased author, let alone an Armenian author. (What "Armenian" author, when you cannot even read Armenian)... For it would be a major shame to put you next to any of our giants, and poets, authors, and novelists, who even with disagreements and contempt among themselves, they have denounced the ideas of others, BUT THEY NEVER have put their Armenian brethren down like your have so many times have displayed HATEFULLY. Even in the days of the Soviet Union when Antranig Dzarougian answered Gevorg Abov with his "Tought ar Yerevan". You are in the hateful propagandist likes of Gevorg Abov, you and Dr. Bedros Kojian, you clown, who have only pure hatred to the OTHER Armenian and love to the Turks. You hate the VERY people you confess to serve and belong, while in reality you SERVE the people who have sworn the destruction of Armenia, when Turks appear from right and left and thank you, the same Turks that are happy and glad that their forefathers, committed the Genocide, THEY are the one's who are thanking you today and tomorrow they will use the trash your produced as proof against Armenia. That is called indirect treason against your nation... . But believe me, I swear that YOUR POISON will never see the light of the day. For if you don't even have the basic human humility to accept a small mistake you made in 1955 vs. 1957..., how in the world would you accept the larger mistakes that you never saw, and would never see? Did the ARF make mistakes in its long history? OF COURSE, (I wrote it in large letters for your senile eyes to see), but it also gave Armenians so many others things that blinded people like you and KOJIAN in his office in Orange County cannot see and will often fail to see with their blind hate towards the ARF. When you Baliozian proclaim yourself to be the voice against hate. WHY DO YOU HATE your Armenian brethren?.... The ARF has sworn to fight for the stolen rights of the Armenian people in every corner of the world with its meager powers against the Turkish juggernaut, and that is why Turkey and 70 million Turks would love to see the ARF destroyed, Azerbaijan and 30 million Azeris would love to see the ARF destroyed, and ironically, people like you who call yourselves "Armenians" would like to see the ARF destoryed,...... ..... but KNOW THIS.. you Prophet of Darkness and traitor of our cause, that ONLY IN YOUR DREAMS YOU WILL SEE THE ARF and all other NATIONALIST parties and powers in Armenia destroyed... We will fight all our enemies, foerign and domestic that spread poison against the interests of Armenia, and will go on today and tomorrow, long after you, Kojian and your hateful types have rotten in your graves. Know this, you and your Turkish allies.... not even YOUR gODS will stop the Armenian people...

Garabed - 13 August, 2011
One more thing about your vain narcissism. You never answered my question about Njdeh in my comment # 271, or none of our questions as a matter of fact. You have your ears shut to voices of disagreement and only INSIST, INSIST, and KEEP INSISTING on your vain and vile (one size fits all) theories which do not carry out in the modern day reality that Armenia is facing. You think that you are ALWAYS RIGHT, and those who disagree with you are ALWAYS WRONG. The only thing I realize is that you are not a positive person in life, to treat the ills of society with understanding, love and hard work, but a miserable, burnt, hateful, rageful, crazed self-styled “author”, in actuality a propagandist, who is full of rage and hatred against Armenians …. Did you ever condemn Turkey and its genociadal policies for what it is doing to Hrant Dink, Sevak Balikci and other modern day victims in Turkey? (comment # 276) ...... NEVER! Why should you? When your focus of ABSOLUTE HATRED are the descendants of the Armenian Genocide victims, people like us, who are fighting for justice from Turkey and Turks who, not only denied our sacred cause, the crime that they committed against us and refuse to acknowledge it, but are killing more and more Armenians TODAY..... I do not hate you personally, neither do I hate any Turks persons, but I HATE your and their, words, thoughts and deeds..... Now go and make some more noise, by cutting and pasting from your old propaganda. SHAME ON YOU, I could only SPIT ON YOUR HONOR....., (something that you never had anyway. No wonder other Armenian authors have thrown your trash into the trash bin also.) ……………………. I will never argue with you anymore.... for in the words of Mark Twain ……. “Never argue with fools, for onlookers will never know the difference”…

The - 13 August, 2011
Latin writers do not understand what I write at least one interpreter.

ara baliozian - 13 August, 2011
There is a familiar type of loud-mouth and holier-than-thou superpatriot whose role models are our revolutionaries in the Ottoman Empire who promised heaven and earth and delivered hell. That’s the way it is with political leaders, especially revolutionary political leaders: the more they promise, the less they deliver, and the chances are, what they deliver is not fit for human consumption. * Rhetoric is a euphemism for verbiage and verbiage is another word for verbal garbage. If rhetoric were enough, we could be the mightiest empire in the history of mankind. * We have this in common with the Jews: history has not been on our side. Their victory over the Palestinians and ours over the Azeris have been moral catastrophes. The Jews have been accused of behaving like Nazis, and we have been accused of behaving like Turks. * We should teach our children to say: “I disagree with what you say, but I will neither raise my voice nor go down into the gutter to prove you wrong.” # p.s. i would like to end everything i write here with the words: "present company suspected."

- 13 August, 2011
Ara, if you writing for Armenian then you should know the language, if you have a mission and getting paid from some one else then I think we can not support you for your mission. Now suppose you are right then I guess what will be next, for sure I will your neighbor some where in USA or maybe Holland. But I am sure that for your boss and for easy report to your bosses your typing only in Latin letters, during my life I have see lot of your king of propagation on Russian language . Maybe better it you will select some other business? Because Armenians in Armenia have a big experience to not hear propagation.

- 13 August, 2011
links for armenian keyboard download - http://www.armsite.com/software/ http://zaven77.narod.ru/

ara baliozian - 13 August, 2011
A Turkish-Armenian is more Turkish and less Armenian. A Soviet-Armenian is more Soviet and less Armenian. An Armenian-American is more American and less Armenian. An Armenian from the Middle-East is more Levantine and less Armenian. Something similar could be said of French-Armenians, Greek-Armenians, Italian-Armenians (assuming there are some left), and so on. That’s because, in Krikor Zohrab’s words: “As impressionable as soft wax, the Armenian acquires indiscriminately the virtues as well as the vices of the country in which he happens to be living.” And I remember a retired Armenian schoolteacher in her eighties (may she rest in peace and may the blessing of the Lord be upon her) saying, “Armenians are fast learners of all the wrong things.” * When Isaac Babel was silenced by the Soviet regime, he said he had invented a new genre: “Silence.” * To those who brag about our survival, I say, I would like to hear the testimony of those who did not survive – victims of massacres, earthquakes, starvation, betrayal, and idiots pretending to be leaders of men. * Literature flatters no one. Propaganda flatters everyone — hence its popularity. * My severest critics are readers who have not yet mastered the difficult art of understanding simple sentences in the English language. * I have discovered that one of the hardest things to explain to a smart (self-assessed, of course) Armenian is this: to refuse to say “yes, sir!” to idiots is not treason. #

News - 13 August, 2011
I've seen guys that can not read a line Baliozyane ski Armenian writer and would like to receive the title of a Turkish tavuln Tavutoghlui wrestlers understand, and I see a table underneath it's a government money recipients.

ara baliozian - 13 August, 2011
to write in english means to reach the maximum number of readers. only a small fraction of readers read armenian. this is especially true of armenian-americans.

ara baliozian - 13 August, 2011
We remain hopelessly divided and fragmented today because we behave not as a nation but as a collection of tribes. This has been said before, many times, but it bears repeating. Listen to Nikol Aghpalian (1873-1947), statesman, literary scholar, educator: "We Armenians are products of the tribal mentality of Turks and Kurds, and this tribal mentality remains stubbornly rooted even among our leaders and elites." But our tribalism is not a final verdict without appeal. There is a way out. Those who say otherwise have understood nothing of our history and care even less about us. We were victimized at the turn of the century in the Ottoman Empire not as tribes but as a nation. We may go on behaving as tribes but history and our enemies have singled us out and defined us as a nation. I say therefore, if we can suffer as a nation, we have earned the right to behave as a nation. This is the best argument against those who divide us by exploiting our tribalism. I will go further and state that, we will acquire national consciousness only on the day we understand that all those who have divided us and continue to divide us today in the name of this or that ill-defined orthodoxy, doctrine, ideology, or policy, are our gravediggers regardless of what they profess, preach, or speechify. Again according to Nikol Aghpalian: "When man does not submit himself to the rule of law, he will have to submit himself to the rule of man, that is to say, cliques and gangs."

The - 13 August, 2011
Not and not, your reason out of any logic. This news site checking most of case Armenians with knowledge language for sure. If you are lazy to learn language that is another question. We have a need for self-nationalism gune our nationalism vochmeki ivnas not ivnas only enemy. Tseghaspanotyan time I spit I do not think that hatsrel are pro or not, but just as they are slaughtered.

ara baliozian - 13 August, 2011
We have made many more significant contributions to foreign empires (Byzantine, Ottoman, Soviet, American) than our own nation. I call that our "Gulbenkian complex" - give only 7% to your own people and 93% to odars.

levik - 13 August, 2011
@ Gagik "We have a need for self-nationalism gune" This is the very problem now in Armenia!!! Blind azgaynamolutyun that is just a bunch of empty rhetoric and officials who call themselves Nzhdehakan. We are our own worst enemy!! Ays eh darn irakanutyun @

rahageets - 14 August, 2011
100 years after the Genocide and we still act like a collection of tribes and clans. Just come to Hayastan and experience it in person. FRIGHTENING!!!

bedo - 14 August, 2011
Our super patriots living in the US are living a LIE. They continue to waste precious resources on lobbying efforts in Washington but continue to pay taxes to the U. S and by extension NATO which is Turkey's guarantor over maintaing control over eastern Anatolia (western Armenia). Do you actually believe that NATO will let this region break-away from Ankara to form an independent Kurdish state? Get your heads out of the sand. Instead of futile lobying efforts directed at the US administrtaion why not lobby the government of Armenia for: 1) The rule of law 2) Transparent and accountable governance 3) Freedom of speech and assembly 4) An independent judiciary and media ..... If you call yourselves "patriots" don ' t you believe this is your # 1 RESPONSIBILITY. Don't you believe you'd have more leverage in effecting real change directing your ire at the current regime in Armenia? Do you really need the "symbolic" recognition of Obama to validate the fact that the Genocide happened? And how would such a "symbolic" recognition change the everyday lives of Armenians, both in the homeland and in the diaspora. Time is a wasting. If you are really sincere in your patriotism, the very least you could do is stop paying taxes to the US, and, by extension, the NATO / Turkish occupation of historic Armenia. But that appears to be a line you super-patriots are not ready to cross!

The - 14 August, 2011
Shout out to bedo, I really do not understand what ideas are, of course, if I'm honest, you really do not know who tuke: Do you really believe that we can be friend of amoral turkish nation, even if we will forgot Mes Yeger (Armenian Genocide)? I will remind you Grigor Zorhap (friend of Tailat and killed by Tailat), Hrant Dinq (friend of all trurkish ad killed by all turkish) ... We can not first of all becoue they don't like it.

ara baliozian- 14 August, 2011
In matters dealing with faith and ideology, or religion and politics, whom to trust? The short answer is nobody! But if you are ever tempted to trust someone, remember this rule that recognizes no exceptions: The higher a man rises in a hierarchy, the bigger the lies he professes. * It is an easy assumption to make and we have all made it at one time or another, namely that, our "betters" know better. They don't! * If you want to know more about Gandhi, avoid reading Churchill who hated him. If you want to understand Hegel's philosophy, avoid reading Schopenhauer who called him a "charlatan" and a "fraud." If you want to understand why the Soviet Empire collapsed, don't read Soviet historians. * Everybody has an axe to grind and we are no exceptions. If you want to know the sinister role that Christianity has played in history, read Gibbon. If so far Christian historians have covered up the dark side of their religion it may be because (one) that's how they make a living and (two) all power structures misrepresent themselves by pretending to be better than they are. * For every expert who says one thing there will be another who will contradict him. Is our understanding of our history as taught to us by our own historians honest and objective? What about American, English, French, German, or Turkish history as taught by their own respective historians? * More questions: In a world where everyone lies, why should we be the only nation that speaks the truth? If you have a question, will you be satisfied with a wrong answer? Between being a dupe and thinking for yourself, what will your choice be? Be careful how you answer that question because your life may depend on it. * Between the torments of knowledge and the bliss of ignorance, can you really - are you capable of - choosing bliss? Remember our forefather in the Garden of Eden and the choice he made. *

ara baliozian - 14 August, 2011
a reader (Karine Tovmassian) writes: Put three Armenians in a room and you get 4 opinions, none of which compliment one another. Aghpalian nailed it. Ultimately, if we look at the conglomerate of countries that still abide by tribal mentality, we see they have no contribution to the world and exist as a raw wound. Every call for "higher thinking" has been, thus far, a call to someone's personal agenda. We are our own worst enemy, Ara.

The - 15 August, 2011
Do not mix religion and amoral turkish. I didnt read that books, and what is now? I know dark side Christian histore for Armenians and what is now what we should do now? Whats about we are talking? Have you read "Qag Nazar"?

Nicole Achtenburg - 15 August, 2011
Dear, dear ... Khosks Ara Baylozean the nyutid on this site, especially in Intolerance: I'd like to say that I understand you well, every single word that you wrote hogus close to what is in our intolerance, when the mud We lost in the past - the political parties and organizations, which kuyroren followers there, which is definitely not a good place to take our nation in a very serious, which leads to the disintegration of our nation, about ourselves, why-nots 80.000.000 Parskastann has 2 parties, and we are only 3.000.000 Armenia scale-nots, have more than 50 political parties when they wake up and feel that TRDAT to us now is one of the conditions was a disturbing, if not just khangaroghe E. When we feel that we have not been set, compared to what real hamakhmbutyane registered in the history of the world Amotali sense when something is not present, we kokhum duduk Armenian apricot and everything in it or be proud of the way we want to prove Stalin in that he did not speak amotali Rabizutyan, which reigns among the Armenians, the Armenians or Armenian, or, if spoken to, why not be a decisive solution: Dear Ara, was endowed with such a great national Paronyann ardarapasht mind, but unlike you, he wrote some hipnozatsnogh style, where the audience was a curse, but the audience were the ones on his crimes and was not criticized so much of you is an gushakets his future, and they did not understand that most people understood time to time he saw the massacre, but Yervant Odian yes, and wrote "Friend Panjuni in the deportations" of the current situation in the Diaspora hpartutyunners aside to accept that if one day the whole nation at the same time, some spit in Armenia direction, and can flood into korenk then 16 pcs 175 pcs Kirk and Charles Aznaurner Krikoryan can not save us, considering that we lost one already, our crime, and many facts that can be remembered, just do not want to kardatsoghi patience charashahem I repeat, Because you have not read, I'd like to read this yerktoghs about taratsvats painfully Armenian SUBYEKTIVUTYAN. genern only hope that maybe one day they change and become unanimous, strong and bareketsik as 40 years, we managed to Tigranes the Great in days, not counting the territorial advantage. ... Nicole

Mary Mikaelian, - 16 August, 2011
Baron this article, as well as other hodvatsners, perhaps the same aims: to give you material for reading: No, he did not aim to make your patriotic feelings Set by network is not in the spirit of conspiracy to mtahghatsel break with what I now do, that specific this man's thoughts are not acceptable for you too, my subject matter before writing at least two of them to be among you, who will be a step forward and kkhorhen a little of that perspective, though, and completely disagree with these thoughts: I think we it does not damage anything, a little mixed, jghayinatsek, cursing each other, how can you be so fierce, but what it is, it turns out to be a: If you read, know, decide to leave in silence, or anyone in your I do not like, does not mean that he will cease to exist, and you will stay the only right thing to do: tell the trial and error I'm not here, I left it to you, though naturally I have my own opinion in this regard you as someone they could not convince me, why should not this man or why I grei and has no right to publish this article, which is treated as if it were a dream for you a terrible night, which I wish to forget as soon as possible.

Armen - 16 August, 2011
IS THAT ALL YOU MARY GITEIR LRUTIWNE dreadful BARDZRADZAYN THE ANSWER IS INNOCENT VOTE ...... for MILIONAWOR LRETSUATS (your words that you have a dream, a terrible night, which I wish to forget as soon as possible.)

Reader - 16 August, 2011
read the open letter's Bakizeanin very interesting: http://vahanishkhanyan.wordpress.com/2005/12/31/balozian/

ara baliozian - 17 August, 2011
Vahan Ishkhanyan 31.12.2005 - TO ARA BALIOZIAN: why you write a letter in 1986, Mr. Ara hratarkvats your father's book, written material, that released Vahe Avetyan "Bnagir" site and "Bnagir" is, what prompted Avetyan published 20 years ago in the debate, following I will say now is a debate about the topic on the "original" set your tekse.

Ara Baliozyan Soviet literature and language periodical literature, I read the latest issue. "Despite our high appreciation of such writers, such as Hennessy Haykaz Henry Troyat, and junior captain Michael Arlen, Marietta Shahinian Arthur Adamove ? other writers of Armenian origin, who haghordaktsmanan way language is not as simple as a writer because of that the Armenian do not write, Rafael Ishkhanyan, "literature and language," "Soviet Literature," December, 1986 - This is not only anheteteutyun, but a simple nonsense: Worse.

This is dangerous nonsense is dangerous, because the emphasis antsoghike, denies haverzhakane It reminds me of a familiar adage. At first it was garbage at the end of what is literature, and more of everything, communication, and communication is not a small group of friends, or if you want one tseghakhmbi, or even with the nation, but of all mankind limited and classification nerdnele this field, to go against the spirit of a literary work and a higher purpose: What is the native language of only one communication means, what that means to obstruct the time factor between the writer and his vision is limited by the words: To those who say only language vocabulary , grammar, signs of a system are not limited to laws, but also reflects the nation's unique vision, spirit, culture and reflect the collective experience, I will say.

Yes, of course, I agree: if you want, I will say again, I am very worried that the observance of the language, as long as the "greatest hayrenasernern" and "makralezunere" So let's discover what the language makes it a unique communication tool, which we are all must adhere to poll What is the language: What is the Soviet language: What is the language, traditions, cultures, literatures difference: To what extent is Soviet, Soviet language and literature of writers committed to our character, spirit and collective experience: Why do have the Homeland writer writers differentiate as sovetahay, contradiction seems to be known simply: What is the sovetn in general, what is the essence of this question difficult to answer, I think no one can deny, if I say that is a so-called Soviet reality, which reflects the previous 70 years (only 70 years), and part of our nation's small (only a small part): We may add that it was a world, which adapt to Markse, Engels, Lenin and the genseke happens, the What common Markse, Engels, Lenin, and with all their descendants think we know already that it is connected with all things Soviet, has nothing to do with the Armenians, and even incompatible with the cultural values, which was founded by Mashtots, Narekatsi, gifted , Abovyan, Raffi, Durian, Paronyan, Zohrab, Odian, and many other writers and thinkers, who left the educational system out of the Soviet ideological neghmtutyan reason:

Let's also remember that the best of our so-called Soviet writers, the curse of the moral ideology, objectives, the "Bourges nationalist" and "enemy nation" and silenced, sometimes forever, and now the loan of literature about the values of serving the purpose of literature is, or disseminate them, but the humanity of ideas, principles, values and the re-establishment of this great writer because of his title does not stroke his tseghakhmbi self, but on the contrary. taken to tkarutyunnere, restrictions, blindness, prejudice, contradictions. Dikens, Flober, Zola, Dostoevski, Tolstoy, Chekhov, Show, Man, Joyce, Kazantsakis, Sartr, Solzhenitsin.

these and many other great writers, the tribes are considered "undesirable", "scheming", "converted" They are haunted, alienated, imprisoned, exiled, because they refused to disclose ambartavanutyune, envy, greed, and their compatriots sadizme stakhosutyunn that why I insist that the writer, who lives abroad and a foreign language, but faithful to our thousands of cognitive presence, may be in the spirit of the writer more than the Soviet-Armenian writer, who first raped his own mother tongue and the Soviet Marxist neologizmnerov anmakrutyamb , after the processing of waste and leninistakan chauvinistic propaganda for the idea of patriotism. Kichiner, Ontario, Canada in 1986 Yes, my father believes that literature is a rare art that is determined by the language, I agree with his point of view Yes, I think that when we say in German literature, referring to literature written in German I do not know any other example, that language is not German, Armenian or Russian or French book to be written in German literature and German literature in the subject in German schools the only books written in German. mejberats your writers, even those with the trappings of universal ideas, are some of the literature.

Thus, Dikense, Shaw, Joyse British writers is one reason why, writes in English because they are part of the history of English literature, through their schools as English writers. Flobere, Zolan, Sartre, French writers, because they are French and the French literature, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Chekhov, Solzhenitsyn, Russian writers, as are the Russian and Russian literature, German Mann, because he is German, Kazantsakise Greek writer, because his novels are Greek : Dear Baliozyan, you would like to say a simple thing, that if this sculptor in stone, clay, nkarchine, different kinds of paints, yerazhshtine, hnchyune, the language of the writer's material, there is no literature without language, and language is like a stone or paint "cosmopolitan", which is owned by a particular nation, is Armenian or English, or German. Yes, there is no parskern stone or paint, but there is parskern language, no matter how sad that this is for you to be a writer belonging to the writer of literature nationality is not determined, but what language he writes, for example, Dovlatovi father was Jewish, her mother was Armenian, but he's a writer, because he is Russian.

Kafkan also Jewish, but German writer, because he is German While, for example, by Karapentse U.S. citizen, but he was Armenian, so the writer, his gratse Armenian literature (in English gratsnere American literature can be viewed, at least, are not included in the history of literature), Bernard Malamude Jews and Jewish topics from the environment, but ameriatsi writer, because it's written in English, French composer of works signed Mr. Shahan Shahnure resigned from her post, that is, a name that is French, and it was referring to French literature French grvatsnere ) Joysn the Irish, but no matter how sad and irlandatsineri to Joyce, he is a British writer, Saroyan, American writer and is also included in American literature antologianerum where you can say that the spirit of Saroyan's, yes, but would not be a writer, because writing is a language, I repeat (and if deepen in this topic, it will become clear that the spirit of Saroyan is an American writer, because it continues the tradition of American literature, Steynbek Mark Tveyn, Shervud Anderson and others ) Another thing that Saroyan and Joyce analyzing disclosed their identity, analyzing how Gogol's Ukrainian identity, but this is another story.

The fate of the way enough that many writers who write in are not Armenian. They can be the representatives of Armenian literature. I do not know because some are restricted to only mistake the national writers gratsnere and Armenian issues and the wider community do not come out of the frame, maybe somehow they can be included into the Armenian culture. However, the fate of the Armenians, may be acceptable to your objections, that the Armenian chgrogh some writers, for example, you may be viewed as a writer, you ask, what is the language, then, that in the Soviet language, and begin to fight the Soviet language against, against something that actually is explain to you, not divided by language and hakasovetakani Soviet, Soviet Union collapsed, there is no longer, but we write and speak the same language, which writes and speaks to the Soviet era.

Now is the Soviet-Armenian It became the Republic of Armenia Armenian or Georgian language became independent in the Soviet Georgian or Russian, Soviet Russia became the Russian Federation, is a question that has given you another answer is: What is the language. language was entrusted with the average Armenian, Western and Eastern languages, literature, Western and Eastern dialects, and zhargonneri khosaktsakanneri entirety. Languages are not differentiated ideology, different structures, forms (by the way, during the Soviet times formalizme was considered a bourgeois theory, and your words, that the meaning of the language divide, a typical Soviet mentality in their fields in the language of distribution referred to as coarse sotsiologizm, Father of the classical spelling, and accused him of protecting the hakasovetakan spelling. My father was surprised and asked, whether they are union and hakasovetakan ughghagrutyunn. He wrote a short story, which is published in its "True Stories" collection: If you are interested, I might send this book): "What is literature," I leave the question unanswered, but I will say that the literature neghatsnum ( limit), the evaluations, you say, "Literature is not serving the purpose of national values, or disseminate them, but the humanity of ideas, principles, values and the re-establishment", so your words do not differ from that perspective, the literature of the values that serve as President? . view of literature as well as two tsarayatsnum are one of the nation, the other values, in your favorite Raffi, you mistakenly think you are not sending the Soviet educational system, to create the nation's only purpose is to serve this way.

Next. You attacked the Soviet educational system, but have no idea what it is, you give the names of writers who had been left out of educational programs. "Mashtots, Narekatsi, gifted, Abovyan, Raffi, Durian, Paronyan, Zohrab, Odian, and many other writers and thinkers, who are left out of the educational system, because of the Soviet ideological neghmtutyan" So teghekatsnem you that the mandatory program in the School of Literature Mashtots, Raffi, Narekatsi, gifted, Abovyan, Durian, Paronyan, Zohrab, I think your only Odian was named writers in that I do not remember too well, I think "Revolution makabuytsnere" was included in the program, but there was definitely higher in Odian it.

"Comrade Panjuni" was published, but is not considered hakasovetakan book is not for catching people Panjuni read: If you are interested in, I can tell that they were subject to censorship, and writers' works were not included in educational programs (eg Avedis Aharonian, Hamastegh, because the party was an exception to the Dashnaks Levon Shant, which Brezhnev tarierin published several works), but also touch upon the topic of my father he made a small text jghaynatsrel you so that you can attribute my ideas and thoughts that are in your quote and he never had any. Read my books, he wrote "The Eastern language literary history" book, which I think is 18-19, Eastern literature skzbnavorvum century, when Marxism or no effect or no literature on how to be a result your intellectual ethics to attribute to any thoughts that he expressed no more, my father has published about 40 books and 800 articles, and you do not find them in a line, mejberats markizmits I do not say this because apatsutsem that my father was right was that he did not accept marksizme no, Armenia kapitalistakanatsume increasingly marksizme modern and makes for sometimes close to me I say it, that appear on the truth, and I think that you are writing is not the evil, crushing mania to any other for revealing the truth and reality.

Besides, my father never said that literature should serve the nation. On the contrary, his most favorite writer Tolstoyn was absolutely lacking in the literature to serve the nation. Vahan Terian and Axel Rule has written works, which, As we know, the writers are among the least of the problems related to the topics you write. "Why do we need to differentiate as sovetahay homeland of writers, known simply as contradiction" Tell us please, where is my father and other distinguished writers sovetahayi place for writers: you can now, because my father did not write such a thing, so why you attribute to him things that he did not say I have not read your book, I am guided by Vahe Avetyan translation, so maybe you do not violate ethics, and Vahe text to translate out of context, a number of ideas as to where your order is being sent to my father against, I do not know, I do not know your texts to choose which is your style, but this text is now translated Vahe Avetyan, because me and her hamaraberutyunnere sharpened in a few months ago and my profile Vahe's debate so worsened that he tshnamatsav me? to express hostility to the Internet, filling pages of lies, for example, writes that I will not give my wife, Violet, communicate with, absolutely false, because our family no one can force another to communicate or chshpvel one with the reason is that the texts did not receive the Violet Vahe's attention, and he has put his new founded "Inknagir" literary magazine.

Vahe the distribution of the "Source text" and says the authorities are close, but close. that he could not put his texts "reader thread" Another absolute lie, "Original is" close to journalistic hamakhmbagirner Violet Grigoryan Armen Martirosyan, who believed that their cooperation has expired, and "Bnagir" site is still active, and every day, Vahe many of the texts put it, he does not want to look for failures in its texts, not outside, but among them, and is constantly looking to blame for the failure of his texts. Now, not content with spreading lies, digging in the archives and find my father's materials and publications, general Vahe's career is an integral part of the lie is spread that the pressure itself, that is an absolute lie, a lie of being overwhelmed by her need was granted political asylum in Sweden and become a citizen, he went to Sweden in 1991 or 1992, when Armenia had just gained its independence and political persecution were, in fact, many have been harassed, there are many political prisoners, but not all halatsvatsnern have gone west, but tens of thousands of people use and enjoy it hangamanakits that there are political pressures, and introducing western offices. shelter to get these people on the persecution of others are sitting makabuytsner such as a Swedish citizen Vahe Avetyan parasite that is now a fact of existing pressures for use itself halatsakan If the pressure had not, naturally, Oliva halatsakan the opportunity to present. simply did not believe his lies, but being a sucker is choice and that choice I do not blame, and run a human, but he still does not give a great rest of the obsession, which is a necessary condition of being persecuted almost every year has come, even at the public television (which, by the way, many people have no access because of their political views),

but sitting in Stockholm said that the subject is about political persecution were many publications do not halatsvatsnere, other journalists and other intellectuals, on the basis of the facts, and no one except him on Vahe's persecution claim, simply because in addition to his ambition and desire to be halatsakan no one is chasing him, a square, not a fact yet.

Bedros Kojian - 18 August, 2011
I gave my opinion on July 28 and since then a couple of times I have returned to the site and read some comments. And today while glancing over the last couple of comments, I was “impressed” to read Mr. Garabed’s opinion as to what kind of an Armenian I am based on that comment (12) and that I am a physician from Orange County. His conclusion, like Mr. Baliozian I “hate Armenia, Armenians and Tashnaks and I love Turkey, Turks and Azeris.” I guess that is why upon the declaration of the President of Artsakh, on July 12, 2011, the Prime Minister of Artsakh, Ara Harutiunyan awarded me and my colleague Sergey Urumyan with Artsakh’s Gratitude Medal, for our efforts to improve the health care delivery in Artsakh during the past 12 years, establishing laparoscopic surgical center, performing surgeries, teaching, giving hands on training, renovating and refurbishing a clinic in Nor Tagher etc.

ara baliozian - 18 August, 2011
Only Armenian writers writing in Armenian are eager to inform me that I don’t qualify as an Armenian writer because I write in English, as if being an Armenian writer were an honor and a privilege as opposed to being a curse and sometimes even a death sentence. * About the Genocide and its Recognition: either Turks are mean as well as obstinate (probably both) or we are incompetent and stupid (ditto). * And speaking of Genocide Recognition: where would this issue – so dear to all our hearts – be without the contribution of Armenian writers writing in odar languages? * Our patriotism teaches us to love our homeland and to hate our fellow men – including Armenians. As for criticizing Armenians in open forums accessible to our enemies: even when completely blind, our enemies acquire 20/20 vision when it comes to identifying our weaknesses and failings. That’s the way of the world and the jungle. I have every reason to believe Turks know more about us than we know ourselves. I doubt if I have ever said anything they didn’t already know. #

result - 19 August, 2011
go and stick your head in their asses.. again!

ara baliozian - 19 August, 2011
They believe to have the rare gift of judging someone they don’t know and criticizing a text they haven’t read. * Not only do they believe God to be an Armenian, they also believe His patience is without end. * They have a tendency to believe the absurd and to reject the evidence of their own eyes. * They may not be happier than us But for some incomprehensible reason they appear to be on better terms with themselves. #

Karo - 19 August, 2011
Save your breath Baliozian, you'll need it to blow your nose.

ara baliozian - 20 August, 2011
to result and Karo : smart of you to write only a single line: if you write two, you run the risk of being identified. by the way, what are you afraid of? you are among friends here. a hundred years ago your kind challenged the might of a ruthless empire. you are now afraid of your own shadow?

Karo - 20 August, 2011
Afraid? :) :) :) Are you always this idiot, of is it a special occasion for you? :) :) :) Did you expect mere proof to sway my opinion??? :) :) :) If I give a shit about what you say, you'd be the first person I'd give it to. :) :) :)

ara baliozian - 20 August, 2011
my enemies are my most dedicated readers.

ara baliozian - 20 August, 2011
No saint has ever assessed himself as a saint, and I have never heard a good man say "I am a good man." If you ever hear anyone say "I am a saint," you can be sure of one thing: he is a rascal. And yet there are those who think all they have to do to be a good Armenian is to assess themselves as one, or to think or to believe to be one. It never even occurs to them –and it doesn’t occur to them because they are stupid as well as dishonest -- that before one qualifies as a good Armenian one must first qualify as a good human being; and the criteria by which a man is seen as good are universally acknowledged. It follows that to be a good Armenian means to allow one’s actions and way of life to speak for themselves. Which is why, whenever an Armenian portrays himself as a patriotic Armenian, I immediately assume him to be a charlatan and a bloodsucker with political ambitions; and for reasons that I won’t bother explaining because they are obvious to any objective observer with some experience in Armenian affairs, no one can be as dogmatic, arrogant, narrow-minded, intolerant, and in one word, repellent than an Armenian with political ambitions.

ara baliozian - 20 August, 2011
The sentence, “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do,” could also be rephrased as, “Forgive them, Father, for they have been brainwashed.”

ara baliozian - 20 August, 2011
Notwithstanding the fact that I have dedicated an important fraction of my life translating and annotating Armenian writers, I am sometimes accused of being anti-Armenian by readers who know nothing and care even less about Armenian literature. * One of my initial ambitions was to edit and translate brief introductions to fifty important Armenian writers. When I outlined this project to a number of our cultural organizations, editors, and publishers, none of them was interested, perhaps because our cultural bureaucracies are staffed by writers who believe they are the only ones who deserve to be translated and read by English-speaking readers. * “You are a bad translator,” one of my gentle readers once said. When asked if he had read any one of my translations, he replied, “I have not and I don’t intend to because you are a bad writer, a worse translator, and the writers you have translated aren’t worth a sh**!” * Mischa Kudian was one of our foremost translators. When he could not find publishers for his translations, he published them himself. He could afford doing that because he was a dental surgeon by profession. I met him once. To put it as diplomatically and delicately as I can, he was not favorably disposed towards his fellow Armenians. It would be no exaggeration to say that he was one of the most disappointed and bitter men I have had the displeasure of meeting. * A partial list of the writers I have translated into English: Gostan Zarian, Avedik Issahakian, Zabel Yessayan, Krikor Zohrab, Puzant Granian, Charents, Baruir Massikian, Raffi, and Hagop Baronian. Only four of these translated writers have so far been published in book form. * Some of my critics sound like disgruntled ex-wives. Only men who have been through an ugly divorce will know what I am saying. * Most of life consists in taming the insanity within us or covering it up in order to appear harmless to others. Armenians are good at this game except when they deal with fellow Armenians anonymously and from a safe distance. That’s when the fiddler on the roof turns into Hitler in the soul. * Friends sometimes want to know why I waste my time writing about fools and dupes. My answer, because they represent a significant fraction of the nation. But this is true of all nations. Consider the number of Italians who supported Mussolini, Germans who idolized Hitler, Russians (not to say Armenians) who were taken in by Stalin, and Gringos who voted for Bush. Besides, Comrade Panchoonie is not exactly a smart Armenian, neither are Baronian’s or Massikian’s characters. #


Recent Posts From Ara Baliozian

Unlike fascists in Italy who believed
“Mussolini ha sempre ragione,”
Turks don’t say “Kemal is always right!”
but they think and live as if he were.
He isn’t! -- if only because Kemalism and democracy
are mutually exclusive concepts.
Turks: who are they?
The unvarnished and de-Kemalized answer is:
a bunch of thoroughly mongrelized Mongols
who have been brainwashed to classify themselves as Turks,
in the same way that Armenians and Kurds within Turkey
are classified as “Christian Turks”
and “Mountain Turks” respectively.
I have met many Armenians from Turkey
but none of them has ever identified himself as a Christian Turk;
and I suspect the only time a Kurd identifies himself
as a “Mountain Turk” is when he applies for a job
in the civil service.

When asked why he hates Germans,
a Jew is reported to have replied:
“I have seven million reasons.”
We may not have as many reasons,
but we have another: we are called liars
because we dare to speak the truth.
Talaat appears to be the role model of all war criminals.
First they run away to a foreign country
(as I write there are thirty of them in Canada alone)
and when they are identified, arrested, and brought to justice,
they plead not guilty.
They see themselves as patriots, not killers.
Like wolves, they view the slaughter of sheep
as an inevitable result of evolution.

July 23, 2011 RIFF-RAFF / II
A headline in my morning paper reads:
“James Murdoch on hot seat.”
And why?
Because he may have lied
when he testified before a parliamentary committee.
So what else is new?
Everybody lies – from muggers to presidents.
If everybody lies, it follows,
nobody sees anything wrong in lying to liars.
That’s why Turks have been lying for a hundred years
and they will continue to lie to the end of time.

July 14, 2011 ON KEMAL (III)
In asserting the reality of the Armenian genocide
I am not relying on Armenian historians and
eyewitness accounts by foreign diplomats and observers,
but Kemal’s own treatment of the perpetrators.
So that when brainwashed Turks call Armenians liars,
they are unknowingly also applying the same label on Kemal,
who may indeed have been one
but not in his treatment of the Ittihadist criminals.
The only other alternative is accusing Kemal
of gross incompetence, not to say criminal conduct,
in his persecution, prosecution, and execution
of high-ranking military and political leaders
whose actions were based on the firm belief that
they were following orders and acting
in the best interest of the nation.
Because if these gentlemen were innocent,
as Turkish denialists maintain,
then it goes without saying that
Kemal got away with murder.

July 10, 2011 POLITICS
You tell them what they want to hear
and when things don’t work out as planned,
you blame it on the opposition
or factors beyond your control.
If you promise them heaven
and you deliver hell,
you can always blame it on God – if, that is,
you run out of unpredictable hostile factors;
or, in the words of Louis XIV:
“Has God forgotten what I have done for Him?”
Everyone has his way of judging people and nations.
I judge them by the manner in which they treat writers.
History provides us with many precedents,
the most recent being Talaat’s Turkey
Stalin’s Soviet Union,
and our own faceless flunkies
who operate anonymously
from behind closed doors.
Being an Armenian writer
amounts to being a shoemaker in a country
where everyone prefers to go barefoot.

Not only was he not a denialist,
he also had some of the perpetrators
arrested, tried, and executed.
For more on this subject,
compiled by Vahakn Dadrian and Taner Akcam
(Istanbul: Bilgi University Press, 733 pages, 2010).
This much said let me add that
Kemal’s motives may not have been
love of justice or sympathy for the victims.
It is reasonable to assume that
like all men of power
his main concern was to keep and increase his power
and the only way he could do that
was by eliminating his Ittihadist competition.

June 24, 2011 THEM AND US (III)
As long as there are Armenians,
Turks will never be able to convince the world
they are a progressive and civilized nation
incapable of behaving like bloodthirsty Asiatic barbarians;
and as long as there are Kurds,
democracy and Turks will be perceived as
mutually exclusive concepts.
Americans will never use the word “genocide”
in reference to Armenians so long as Turks tell them:
“We did to our Armenians
what you did to your Indians.”
Tell me your favorite sport
and I will tell you who you are.
What’s ping pong to the Chinese,
hockey is to Canadians,
baseball is to Yanks,
massacre is to Turks,
and the blame-game is to Armenians.
Silencing dissent is a band-aid solution.
“An insult unanswered is the parent of many others.”
Cicero: “Do not hold the delusion that
your advancement is accomplished
by crushing others.”

June 11, 2011 ON TURKS (III)
Has anyone ever bothered to see
how many times the expression "human rights"
or "free speech" occurs in the many speeches
delivered by fascist leaders?
If you think today
what you thought ten years ago,
or if you still believe everything
your schoolteacher or imam taught you,
you can be sure of one thing:
the last ten years of your life
have been a waste of time
because you have learned nothing.
Where disagreement and dissent
are classified as criminal offenses,
the men at the top will be serial killers.
Wars, revolutions, and massacres
are also expressions of dissent and criticism.
The insane outnumber the sane
because reasonable men are in no position
to violate anyone's human right of free speech.
Where indoctrination is identified with education,
recycling propaganda will be identified with thinking.
No matter how corrupt, incompetent, and stupid,
a power structure will always have
its defenders, supporters, and dupes.
Whenever I am criticized by a brainwashed dupe,
I can only think of the Turkish expression:
“Yedii boka bak!” – if you will forgive my French.

June 09, 2011 ON TURKS
Armenians are not Christian Turks.
Neither are Kurds Mountain Turks.
Armenians and Kurds have been around much longer than Turks.
And the chances are they will be around long after.
Freedom is a fundamental human right.
It is the right and duty of all oppressed people
to rise against their oppressors.
Which is what the Kurds are doing today;
and which is what Armenians
and Turks themselves did
(together with several other nations)
at the turn of the last century.
At a critical point in their history, however,
Turks made the wrong decision by adopting the slogan
“Turkey for Turks,” which in reality meant
sultanism without the sultan,
fascism instead of democracy, and
massacre instead of compromise.
Had the Turks chosen multiculturalism
as opposed to monoculturalism,
they would now be a superpower
and a dominant force in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.
Because they went in the opposite direction
they are now vulnerable to Kurds
who will eventually bleed them to death
so that even a kick will be enough
to scatter the bones of the Ottoman skeleton.
Kemal may be the Father of the modern Turkey
but he is also its gravedigger.
Moral I: Every idea has its contradiction
and sometimes the contradiction is closer to the truth.
Moral II: Free speech matters because
it exposes fallacies and it doubles our options,
thus allowing us to make the better of two choices.
Moral III: Even the best ideas become destructive
when implemented in the name of consistency.
Moral IV: Tolerance and flexible moderation are preferable
to inflexibe fanatcicism and intolerance.

June 08, 2011 ON MIRACLES
As children we are brought up to rate
tribal loyalty above honesty,
and bias above objectivity.
Who believes what a Turk says about Turks?
Only another Turk.
Who believes what an Armenian says about Armenians?
Only another Armenian.
To an Armenian,
a Turk appears as the offspring
of bloodthirsty Asiatic barbarians.
To a Turk,
an Armenian appears
as the lowest form of animal life.
To expect or hope that some day
Turks and Armenians will come to terms with one another
is to believe in miracles.
I write as I do because I believe in miracles.
I believe both Turks and Armenians
are capable of rating truth over lies,
honesty above dishonesty,
loyalty to the human race above loyalty to the tribe,
and justice over injustice.
It may take a thousand years
but it will happen.
It will happen if only because
peace is better than war,
and life is better than death.

June 03, 2011 A CITY SET ON A HILL*
These days no one pleads guilty to murder one.
Instead they plead “not guilty” by reason of insanity,
or even self-defense and
a myriad other extenuating circumstances.
Faced with a charge of genocide,
Turks go one better by accusing their accusers
of the very same crime
on the grounds that they may succeed
in raising a reasonable doubt in the mind
of a single member of the jury
who may well be a Tuircophile
or even a murderer.
So far this tactic has worked.
The question is: can it work forever?
At this point three apposite quotations come to mind:
“No banquet under heaven is endless;”
“You can’t fool all the people all the time;” and
“A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.”

It doesn’t take much courage
to massacre defenseless old men, women, and children.
But it take courage to admit it.
Not only Turks have failed on that score
for nearly a century
but they could also qualify as just about
the most cowardly people on earth.
At all times and everywhere dupes outnumber those
who can think for themselves.
That’s because as children
we are brought up to believe
what our elders and betters tell us.
But you are no longer children.
That extenuating circumstance
is no longer available to you.
The aim of all slogans is to simplify complexities
in order to convince the simple-minded.
The slogan “Turkey for Turks”
immediately raises the questions:
Who is a Turk?
Does he exist?
Take a good look at yourself in the mirror:
if you don’t look like a Mongol you don’t qualify.

You don’t have to be a historian or a genealogist
to know that your family tree
has representatives of as many races, nations, and tribes
as your ancestors vanquished and raped.
You are probably more Kurd, Arab, Greek,
Serbian, Albanian, Egyptian, Hungarian,
Assyrian, and Armenian than Turk.
No need to take my word for it.
Have your DNA checked.
If Europe were to adopt the slogan
“Europe for Europeans,”
Turkey would be saddled with many more garbage collectors
than it needs; and providing for them
would probably bankrupt your economy,
assuming it is not already bankrupt.
All is not lost however.
You have a choice between being an authentic human being
or a bastardized phony Turk
and a dupe who believes what he is told
by politicians, nationalist historians, and propagandists,
that is to say professional charlatans
whose first and more important priority is their own power.

You can’t!
A Turk believes he can defeat
reason, common sense, reality itself
with the same daring that his ancestors
defeated their adversaries.
He chooses to ignore the fact that
the Ottoman Empire is dead, buried,
and cannot be resurrected.
There are two easy ways to win an argument alla Turca:
by ignoring the arguments of the opposition,
and by repeating the same argument
even after it has been exposed as
untenable, outgrageous irrational, and absurd.
It is a mistake to think that Armenians were punished
because they revolted against the Turks.
The undeniable fact is, the central authority was so rotten
that everyone within the Empire,
including Turks themselves,
revolted against it.
Armenians were selected for speciasl treatment
simply because they were there
and they made themselves an easy and convenient target.
To disagree with a Turk
is to understand where Armenian fanatics come from.
Kemal’s fallacy:
The idea that by eliminating the fez and the shalvar
The Turk could be de-Ottomanized.
Which amounts to saying,
what goes on inside a man’s mind
is an extension of his wardrobe.
No psychologist has ever dared to advance
such an insane theory.
If he did, his licence would be immediately revoked.

Counter Comments By Sukru Server Aya

Updated: 30 Jul 2011

2 Aug 2011 Update

Response By Ara Baliozian

August 02, 2011
Some Turks appear to be obsessed
with what they did to Armenians during World War I
as surely as some Armenians are.
They are Armenocentric to the same degree
that some Armenians are Turcocentric.
I have a Turkish friend
(he may no longer consider me a friend, but I do)
who has written a big book –
the biggest I know on the subject – in which
he attempts to prove that Armenians have
not only invented a genocide and
believed in it for almost a century
but they have also somehow succeeded in convincing
an important fraction of the civilized world,
including one of the greatest historian of all time
and several Nobel-Prize winners
(among them a Turkish one).
This friend of mine believes Talaat
was the best friend Armenians had;
and Kemal was a great statesman
who was never wrong (in his own words:
“he was right 99% of the time”).
By contrast, I was brought up to believe
Talaat was to Armenians what Hitler was to Jews.
All wrong! my Turkish friend is eager to inform me.
The only reason Talaat did what he did
is that Armenians returned his friendship
by trying to assassinate him.
But since (I assume) he could not arrest the perpetrators,
he took it out on defenseless civilians.
If attempted assassination were sufficient ground for genocide,
we would have genocides as frequently as soups du jour.
As for Kemal being a universally admired statesman
about whom even western historians have written
voluminous biographies:
my good friend may not be aware of the fact that
western historians have also written voluminous biographies
of Hitler and Stalin.
To my Turkish friend I say,
if I continue to call you a friend it’s because
(one) I don’t consider disagreement sufficient ground for divorce;
(two) I believe with Gandhi that no man is beyond redemption; and (three) convictions, even belief systems,
are subject to error and change.
So that I for one will not be surprised in the least
if we become friends once more.

3 Aug 2011 Update

Response by Sukru Server Aya

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( Des Plaines, Illinois, United States said...

I have enjoyed his writing in the past, nowadays he is getting nastier grumpy old man

See the following post:

July 23, 2011 RIFF-RAFF / II
A headline in my morning paper reads:
“James Murdoch on hot seat.”
And why?
Because he may have lied
when he testified before a parliamentary committee.
So what else is new?
Everybody lies – from muggers to presidents.
If everybody lies, it follows,
nobody sees anything wrong in lying to liars.
That’s why Turks have been lying for a hundred years and they will continue to lie to the end of time.

Can be easily adapted into:

That’s why Armenians have been lying for years and they will continue to lie to the end of time.

Simply because beggars cannot be choosers as they are in adesperately poor state

I do hope Ara becomes more choosy in his own words and gets back to the earth and not becoming a "low life" to please his genocidical liars as a knee jerk reaction

Or he senses his own coming soon ka·put/kəˈpo͝ot/ (Broken and useless; no longer working or effective) if not already

Edward, ( Los Angeles, California, United States said...

Everything has a reason to exist, with history that it comes from. I guess this discussion is less about Ara and more about Armenian nationalism. Those who are so fan of Ara, I am totally alright with it. Ara is a human being and with his innocent eyes looks like a good man. I am not sure about his history. Most likely his personal history influences his opinions about his Armenian identity a lot more than his historic identity.

This sure makes him more independent and not part of a unified cause.

And for Armenian nationalism? Every country under internal and external pressure could adopt nationalistic views. According to historic foot prints this is justifiable for Armenia. Today's Armenia is a by product of centuries of subjugation under various empires. But, no period was more significant than being a subject of the Ottoman empire and after that the denials,and recently advocating wrong version of Turkish history by turks to demonetize Armenians. In addition, harassment by Turks and pro-Turks who assault Armenians on every blog, and social network sites such as youtube.

Turkish propaganda is probably the biggest one, assisted by Azerbaijan who wants to attack the country. Small country sandwiched between two Turkish nations, Armenia is being hated more than ever by them and their supporters.

But, of course nationalism is big in Turkey and Azerbaijan as well. Even in Untied states nationalism is in the rise. It is the nationalist Turks and Azeris who harass Armenians on the social networks, and there is no end to their continual insult and their numbers are booming.

What do you expect Armenians to do? To put down their guard and comply to Turkish demands and criticisms, plus Ara's and likes of him self contradictions???

I agree on one thing Ara says: Armenia has literary giants. Very true.

The rest of his answeres reflect his enthusiasm to appeal to the non-Armenian fans, since he figured they are much larger than the 2 million in Armenia or even the 7 million outside of Armenia.

I don't oppose Ara's writing, but I really hope his types will not be a common form of Armenian personality who begin selling their country away like the Georgian neighbors do to the Azeris. We don't want a major case of turkishification to arrive into the Armenian borders.

Ara is as extrimist as the facists he claims Armenians are, which I question. His extremism must only exist as a part of diversity in opinions among Armenians and not to be educated widely to others so that it would grow into a compliant society to Turkish intentions for Armenians surrendring their historic facts and demands for reparations and land as a trade off for border advantage entitelments. This may bring relief to Turkey, but not heel the Armenian wounds.

I think Armenia can not afford any type of extremism.

Edward, ( Los Angeles, California, United States said...

According to Ara, Turks are way ahead of us, Nobel prize attesting it.

I guess he is unaware of what is going on in Turkey. And maybe he can not see why Turkey is being so cooperative.

The key hints that any person can recognize if they don't take things personally:

-Joining the EU, requires secular behavior, so put up the act.

Turks committed the genocide and they created propaganda and bribed others to stop educating on the genocide facts.

The Nobel prize winner is diluted by the many others in Turkey who are clearly anti-Armenian.

So, Ara's opinion that Turkey is way ahead of Armenia is just his opinion. Or is it???

Unknown said...

Ara is a lovely satirist and a greta thinker. he is neithe rpro-Amrneian nor anti-Turkish nor the reverse. There is also a subtle element of Buddhism to his thought. garabed and co are smalll minded ninkumpoops. Sukru is either working for the Turkish government or is severely insane. He made me laugh, though.
Peace to all.

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